City Ground

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Record at City Ground
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Sep 03, 1898May 16, 199999448025525916041101
League Tier 2Sep 08, 1906Aug 17, 2019118659030728920661341
League Tier 3Aug 24, 1949May 03, 200811370241920877
PlayoffsMay 10, 2003May 12, 20114022610
FA CupJan 28, 1899Jan 07, 2018150754233256155
League CupOct 06, 1960Aug 13, 201999651519229112
European CupSep 13, 1978Oct 01, 19809612207
Fairs CupOct 04, 1961Oct 31, 1967320176
UEFA CupSep 14, 1983Mar 19, 19961063195
Super CupJan 30, 1980Nov 25, 1980220031
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members CupFeb 22, 1989Feb 26, 19924400105
Associate Members CupOct 31, 2006Sep 04, 2007310266
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish CupSep 23, 1959Dec 15, 197685211911
Anglo-Italian CupSep 15, 1993Sep 15, 1993101011
TotalSep 03, 1898Aug 17, 20192586130665262844442838
World War ISep 11, 1915May 10, 1919704591615366
World War IIOct 28, 1939Apr 23, 1946115502936233173
Brian Clough TrophyFeb 04, 2009Feb 25, 2019125341816
County CupOct 08, 1936Sep 02, 20013325538535
Notts Association CupMay 05, 1961May 27, 1963430197
FriendlyMar 31, 1899May 08, 19965425111813089
Pre-Season FriendlyNov 29, 1966Jul 26, 2019341211114749
TestimonialSep 23, 1957May 07, 19816420124
AbandonedNov 06, 1961Aug 28, 2007400073
TotalMar 31, 1899Jul 26, 20193161646785669423
TOTALSep 03, 1898Aug 17, 20192902147071971351133261

All Games at City Ground
Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground
May 02, 2020League Tier 2Stoke CityH-
Apr 18, 2020League Tier 2Swansea CityH-
Apr 10, 2020League Tier 2FulhamH-
Mar 21, 2020League Tier 2Bristol CityH-
Mar 18, 2020League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH-
Mar 07, 2020League Tier 2MillwallH-
Feb 22, 2020League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH-
Feb 11, 2020League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH-
Feb 08, 2020League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH-
Jan 18, 2020League Tier 2Luton TownH-
Jan 01, 2020League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH-
Dec 29, 2019League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH-
Dec 14, 2019League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH-
Dec 10, 2019League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH-
Nov 30, 2019League Tier 2Cardiff CityH-
Nov 09, 2019League Tier 2Derby CountyH-
Oct 26, 2019League Tier 2ReadingH-
Oct 23, 2019League Tier 2Hull CityH-
Oct 05, 2019League Tier 2BrentfordH-
Sep 21, 2019League Tier 2BarnsleyH-
Aug 31, 2019League Tier 2Preston North EndH-
Aug 27, 2019League CupDerby CountyH-
Aug 17, 2019League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-0Win
Aug 13, 2019League CupFleetwood TownH1-0Win
Aug 03, 2019League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
Jul 26, 2019Pre-Season FriendlyReal SociedadH2-2Draw
Jul 19, 2019Pre-Season FriendlyCrystal PalaceH1-0Win
May 05, 2019League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH1-0Win
Apr 22, 2019League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH3-0Win
Apr 13, 2019League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Mar 30, 2019League Tier 2Swansea CityH2-1Win
Mar 13, 2019League Tier 2Aston VillaH1-3Loss
Mar 09, 2019League Tier 2Hull CityH3-0Win
Feb 25, 2019League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-0Win
Feb 09, 2019League Tier 2BrentfordH2-1Win
Jan 26, 2019League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH3-1Win
Jan 19, 2019League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-1Loss
Jan 01, 2019League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH4-2Win
Dec 22, 2018League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH0-1Loss
Dec 08, 2018League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1Loss
Dec 01, 2018League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Nov 10, 2018League Tier 2Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Nov 03, 2018League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-0Win
Oct 20, 2018League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-2Loss
Oct 03, 2018League Tier 2MillwallH2-2Draw
Sep 26, 2018League CupStoke CityH3-2Win
Sep 22, 2018League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH1-0Win
Sep 19, 2018League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Aug 29, 2018League CupNewcastle UnitedH3-1Win
Aug 25, 2018League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-2Draw
Aug 14, 2018League CupBuryH1-1Win
Aug 11, 2018League Tier 2ReadingH1-0Win
Aug 07, 2018League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-1Draw
Jul 28, 2018Pre-Season FriendlyBournemouthH2-0Win
Apr 28, 2018League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Apr 24, 2018League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-0Win
Apr 14, 2018League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Apr 10, 2018League Tier 2BrentfordH0-1Loss
Mar 11, 2018League Tier 2Derby CountyH0-0Draw
Mar 03, 2018League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-1Win
Feb 20, 2018League Tier 2ReadingH1-1Draw
Feb 10, 2018League Tier 2Hull CityH0-2Loss
Jan 30, 2018League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-3Loss
Jan 13, 2018League Tier 2Aston VillaH0-1Loss
Jan 07, 2018FA CupArsenalH4-2Win
Dec 30, 2017League Tier 2SunderlandH0-1Loss
Dec 26, 2017League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-3Loss
Dec 09, 2017League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-2Win
Nov 26, 2017League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-2Loss
Nov 21, 2017League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-0Win
Nov 04, 2017League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH4-0Win
Oct 21, 2017League Tier 2Burton AlbionH2-0Win
Sep 30, 2017League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 26, 2017League Tier 2FulhamH1-3Loss
Sep 16, 2017League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-2Loss
Aug 26, 2017League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH0-2Loss
Aug 19, 2017League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH2-1Win
Aug 08, 2017League CupShrewsbury TownH2-1Win
Aug 04, 2017League Tier 2MillwallH1-0Win
Jul 29, 2017Pre-Season FriendlyBurnleyH1-1Draw
Jul 25, 2017Pre-Season FriendlyGironaH2-1Win
May 07, 2017League Tier 2Ipswich TownH3-0Win
Apr 22, 2017League Tier 2ReadingH3-2Win
Apr 14, 2017League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH0-1Loss
Apr 08, 2017League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH2-0Win
Mar 18, 2017League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2Draw
Mar 07, 2017League Tier 2BrentfordH2-3Loss
Mar 04, 2017League Tier 2Brighton And Hove AlbionH3-0Win
Feb 18, 2017League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-2Loss
Feb 04, 2017League Tier 2Aston VillaH2-1Win
Jan 31, 2017League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0Win
Jan 21, 2017League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Jan 02, 2017League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-1Loss
Dec 17, 2016League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-2Loss
Dec 14, 2016League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Dec 02, 2016League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH2-1Win
Nov 05, 2016League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Oct 22, 2016League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Oct 14, 2016League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
Sep 27, 2016League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Sep 20, 2016League CupArsenalH0-4Loss
Sep 17, 2016League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-2Loss
Aug 27, 2016League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH3-1Win
Aug 20, 2016League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH4-3Win
Aug 06, 2016League Tier 2Burton AlbionH4-3Win
Jul 30, 2016Pre-Season FriendlyHull CityH1-2Loss
Apr 30, 2016League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-1Draw
Apr 19, 2016League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Apr 11, 2016League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH1-2Loss
Apr 02, 2016League Tier 2BrentfordH0-3Loss
Mar 12, 2016League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-3Loss
Mar 08, 2016League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-0Win
Feb 27, 2016League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-2Loss
Feb 13, 2016League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH0-2Loss
Jan 30, 2016FA CupWatfordH0-1Loss
Jan 26, 2016League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Jan 16, 2016League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-0Draw
Jan 12, 2016League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Jan 09, 2016FA CupQueens Park RangersH1-0Win
Dec 27, 2015League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Dec 19, 2015League Tier 2Milton Keynes DonsH2-1Win
Dec 04, 2015League Tier 2FulhamH3-0Win
Nov 28, 2015League Tier 2ReadingH3-1Win
Nov 06, 2015League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-0Win
Oct 24, 2015League Tier 2Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Oct 20, 2015League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1Draw
Oct 03, 2015League Tier 2Hull CityH0-1Loss
Sep 19, 2015League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-2Loss
Aug 29, 2015League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Aug 18, 2015League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-0Draw
Aug 15, 2015League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-1Win
Aug 11, 2015League CupWalsallH3-4Loss
Aug 01, 2015Pre-Season FriendlyAston VillaH3-3Draw
Jul 25, 2015Pre-Season FriendlySwansea CityH1-1Draw
May 02, 2015League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Apr 15, 2015League Tier 2WatfordH1-3Loss
Apr 11, 2015League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH0-1Loss
Apr 03, 2015League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-2Loss
Mar 18, 2015League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 07, 2015League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH2-1Win
Feb 25, 2015League Tier 2BournemouthH2-1Win
Feb 21, 2015League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH4-1Win
Feb 11, 2015League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH3-0Win
Jan 31, 2015League Tier 2MillwallH0-1Loss
Jan 10, 2015League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-2Loss
Dec 28, 2014League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-3Loss
Dec 20, 2014League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Dec 06, 2014League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-1Draw
Nov 08, 2014League Tier 2Norwich CityH2-1Win
Nov 05, 2014League Tier 2BrentfordH1-3Loss
Oct 25, 2014League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-3Loss
Oct 05, 2014League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-2Draw
Sep 27, 2014League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-0Draw
Sep 17, 2014League Tier 2FulhamH5-3Win
Sep 14, 2014League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1Draw
Aug 23, 2014League Tier 2ReadingH4-0Win
Aug 09, 2014League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
Aug 02, 2014Pre-Season FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
May 03, 2014League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH1-2Loss
Apr 19, 2014League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Apr 08, 2014League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH3-3Draw
Apr 05, 2014League Tier 2MillwallH1-2Loss
Mar 25, 2014League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-1Loss
Mar 15, 2014League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH0-0Draw
Mar 01, 2014League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH1-4Loss
Feb 19, 2014League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-2Draw
Feb 01, 2014League Tier 2Yeovil TownH3-1Win
Jan 28, 2014League Tier 2WatfordH4-2Win
Jan 24, 2014FA CupPreston North EndH0-0Draw
Jan 18, 2014League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH4-1Win
Jan 05, 2014FA CupWest Ham UnitedH5-0Win
Dec 29, 2013League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH2-1Win
Dec 26, 2013League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH2-0Win
Dec 14, 2013League Tier 2Ipswich TownH0-0Draw
Nov 29, 2013League Tier 2ReadingH2-3Loss
Nov 23, 2013League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1Draw
Nov 02, 2013League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-1Loss
Oct 19, 2013League Tier 2BournemouthH1-1Draw
Sep 28, 2013League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-0Win
Sep 17, 2013League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH2-2Draw
Sep 14, 2013League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-2Win
Aug 28, 2013League CupMillwallH2-1Win
Aug 17, 2013League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-0Win
Aug 06, 2013League CupHartlepool UnitedH3-1Win
Aug 03, 2013League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-0Win
Jul 20, 2014Pre-Season FriendlyRoyal AntwerpH2-2Draw
May 04, 2013League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-3Loss
Apr 20, 2013League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
Apr 06, 2013League Tier 2BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Mar 30, 2013League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH2-2Draw
Mar 09, 2013League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Mar 05, 2013League Tier 2Ipswich TownH1-0Win
Feb 19, 2013League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH6-1Win
Feb 16, 2013League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH1-1Draw
Jan 26, 2013League Tier 2WatfordH0-3Loss
Jan 12, 2013League Tier 2Peterborough UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 05, 2013FA CupOldham AthleticH2-3Loss
Dec 29, 2012League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-2Draw
Dec 26, 2012League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH4-2Win
Dec 08, 2012League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0Win
Dec 01, 2012League Tier 2Hull CityH1-2Loss
Nov 17, 2012League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Nov 06, 2012League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH0-0Draw
Nov 03, 2012League Tier 2MillwallH1-4Loss
Oct 20, 2012League Tier 2Cardiff CityH3-1Win
Oct 03, 2012League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH0-0Draw
Sep 30, 2012League Tier 2Derby CountyH0-1Loss
Sep 15, 2012League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-2Draw
Sep 01, 2012League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH2-1Win
Aug 28, 2012League CupWigan AthleticH1-4Loss
Aug 18, 2012League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Aug 11, 2012Pre-Season FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Aug 05, 2012Pre-Season FriendlyAston VillaH3-1Win
Apr 28, 2012League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-0Win
Apr 14, 2012League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Apr 07, 2012League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-1Loss
Mar 24, 2012League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH1-1Draw
Mar 10, 2012League Tier 2MillwallH3-1Win
Mar 06, 2012League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH1-2Loss
Feb 18, 2012League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-0Win
Feb 11, 2012League Tier 2WatfordH1-1Draw
Jan 31, 2012League Tier 2BurnleyH0-2Loss
Jan 14, 2012League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-3Loss
Jan 07, 2012FA CupLeicester CityH0-0Draw
Dec 31, 2011League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-1Loss
Dec 26, 2011League Tier 2Peterborough UnitedH0-1Loss
Dec 10, 2011League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH0-1Loss
Nov 29, 2011League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH0-4Loss
Nov 19, 2011League Tier 2Ipswich TownH3-2Win
Nov 01, 2011League Tier 2ReadingH1-0Win
Oct 29, 2011League Tier 2Hull CityH0-1Loss
Oct 18, 2011League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH2-0Win
Oct 02, 2011League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-3Loss
Sep 20, 2011League CupNewcastle UnitedH3-4Loss
Sep 17, 2011League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-2Loss
Aug 28, 2011League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH1-4Loss
Aug 20, 2011League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-2Draw
Aug 09, 2011League CupNotts CountyH3-3Win
Aug 06, 2011League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
Jul 28, 2011Pre-Season FriendlyPSV EindhovenH1-3Loss
May 12, 2011PlayoffsSwansea CityH0-0Draw
Apr 30, 2011League Tier 2Scunthorpe UnitedH5-1Win
Apr 22, 2011League Tier 2Leicester CityH3-2Win
Apr 12, 2011League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0Win
Apr 09, 2011League Tier 2ReadingH3-4Loss
Mar 12, 2011League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH0-0Draw
Mar 05, 2011League Tier 2Hull CityH0-1Loss
Feb 22, 2011League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2Draw
Feb 19, 2011League Tier 2Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Feb 05, 2011League Tier 2WatfordH1-0Win
Jan 25, 2011League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Jan 15, 2011League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-1Win
Jan 01, 2011League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-2Draw
Dec 29, 2010League Tier 2Derby CountyH5-2Win
Dec 18, 2010League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH3-0Win
Nov 13, 2010League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Nov 09, 2010League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-1Win
Oct 23, 2010League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Oct 19, 2010League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Sep 28, 2010League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Sep 25, 2010League Tier 2Swansea CityH3-1Win
Sep 11, 2010League Tier 2MillwallH1-1Draw
Aug 28, 2010League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-1Draw
Aug 15, 2010League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Jul 28, 2010Pre-Season FriendlyOlympique LyonnaisH1-3Loss
May 11, 2010PlayoffsBlackpoolH3-4Loss
Apr 24, 2010League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH3-0Win
Apr 10, 2010League Tier 2Ipswich TownH3-0Win
Apr 05, 2010League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-0Draw
Mar 23, 2010League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-0Win
Mar 20, 2010League Tier 2Peterborough UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 06, 2010League Tier 2Swansea CityH1-0Win
Feb 20, 2010League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Feb 16, 2010League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-0Win
Feb 06, 2010League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Jan 26, 2010League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH5-0Win
Jan 16, 2010League Tier 2ReadingH2-1Win
Jan 02, 2010FA CupBirmingham CityH0-0Draw
Dec 28, 2009League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-0Win
Dec 19, 2009League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-0Win
Dec 05, 2009League Tier 2Leicester CityH5-1Win
Nov 28, 2009League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH4-1Win
Nov 07, 2009League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Oct 20, 2009League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-0Win
Oct 17, 2009League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH1-0Win
Sep 30, 2009League Tier 2Scunthorpe UnitedH2-0Win
Sep 22, 2009League CupBlackburn RoversH0-1Loss
Sep 19, 2009League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-1Loss
Aug 29, 2009League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-2Win
Aug 25, 2009League CupMiddlesbroughH2-1Win
Aug 18, 2009League Tier 2WatfordH2-4Loss
Aug 15, 2009League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
Aug 12, 2009League CupBradford CityH3-0Win
Aug 02, 2009Pre-Season FriendlyBirmingham CityH2-1Win
Jul 29, 2009Pre-Season FriendlyStoke CityH1-1Draw
May 03, 2009League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-1Win
Apr 18, 2009League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-0Win
Apr 11, 2009League Tier 2Bristol CityH3-2Win
Mar 21, 2009League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-1Loss
Mar 07, 2009League Tier 2Swansea CityH1-1Draw
Mar 03, 2009League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-1Win
Feb 21, 2009League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-3Loss
Feb 07, 2009League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH2-2Draw
Feb 04, 2009FA CupDerby CountyH2-3Loss
Jan 27, 2009League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Jan 17, 2009League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
Dec 26, 2008League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH2-4Loss
Dec 13, 2008League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Dec 09, 2008League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-1Loss
Nov 29, 2008League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-0Win
Nov 22, 2008League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-2Loss
Nov 08, 2008League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Oct 25, 2008League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-1Loss
Oct 21, 2008League Tier 2Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Oct 04, 2008League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH0-2Loss
Sep 20, 2008League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-0Draw
Sep 13, 2008League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2Loss
Aug 27, 2008League CupSunderlandH1-2Loss
Aug 23, 2008League Tier 2WatfordH3-2Win
Aug 13, 2008League CupMorecambeH4-0Win
Aug 10, 2008League Tier 2ReadingH0-0Draw
Jul 30, 2008Pre-Season FriendlySunderlandH0-1Loss
Jul 25, 2008Pre-Season FriendlyEvertonH1-1Draw
May 03, 2008League Tier 3Yeovil TownH3-2Win
Apr 19, 2008League Tier 3Luton TownH1-0Win
Apr 08, 2008League Tier 3Bristol RoversH1-1Draw
Apr 05, 2008League Tier 3Cheltenham TownH3-1Win
Mar 24, 2008League Tier 3Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-0Draw
Mar 15, 2008League Tier 3WalsallH1-1Draw
Mar 03, 2008League Tier 3Carlisle UnitedH0-1Loss
Feb 16, 2008League Tier 3Swindon TownH1-0Win
Feb 09, 2008League Tier 3MillwallH2-0Win
Jan 29, 2008League Tier 3Swansea CityH0-0Draw
Jan 12, 2008League Tier 3Leyton OrientH4-0Win
Jan 01, 2008League Tier 3Huddersfield TownH2-1Win
Dec 22, 2007League Tier 3Port ValeH2-0Win
Dec 15, 2007League Tier 3Northampton TownH2-2Draw
Nov 27, 2007FA CupLincoln CityH3-1Win
Nov 24, 2007League Tier 3Crewe AlexandraH2-0Win
Nov 06, 2007League Tier 3Southend UnitedH4-1Win
Nov 03, 2007League Tier 3Tranmere RoversH2-0Win
Oct 30, 2007League Tier 3Oldham AthleticH0-0Draw
Oct 20, 2007League Tier 3Doncaster RoversH0-0Draw
Oct 06, 2007League Tier 3Hartlepool UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 22, 2007League Tier 3GillinghamH4-0Win
Sep 18, 2007League CupLeicester CityH2-3Loss
Sep 04, 2007Associate Members CupPeterborough UnitedH2-3Loss
Aug 28, 2007League CupLeicester CityH1-0Aba
Aug 25, 2007League Tier 3Leeds UnitedH1-2Loss
Aug 11, 2007League Tier 3BournemouthH0-0Draw
May 18, 2007PlayoffsYeovil TownH2-5Loss
May 05, 2007League Tier 3Crewe AlexandraH0-0Draw
Apr 21, 2007League Tier 3BournemouthH3-0Win
Apr 09, 2007League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 24, 2007League Tier 3Cheltenham TownH3-0Win
Mar 17, 2007League Tier 3GillinghamH1-0Win
Mar 06, 2007League Tier 3Doncaster RoversH0-1Loss
Mar 03, 2007League Tier 3Huddersfield TownH5-1Win
Feb 20, 2007League Tier 3BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Feb 10, 2007League Tier 3Northampton TownH1-0Win
Jan 13, 2007League Tier 3Yeovil TownH1-0Win
Jan 06, 2007FA CupCharlton AthleticH2-0Win
Dec 30, 2006League Tier 3Tranmere RoversH1-1Draw
Dec 26, 2006League Tier 3Port ValeH3-0Win
Dec 16, 2006League Tier 3Leyton OrientH1-3Loss
Dec 12, 2006FA CupSalisbury CityH2-0Win
Nov 29, 2006Associate Members CupBristol CityH2-2Loss
Nov 25, 2006League Tier 3MillwallH3-1Win
Nov 11, 2006FA CupYeadingH5-0Win
Nov 04, 2006League Tier 3BrentfordH2-0Win
Oct 31, 2006Associate Members CupBrentfordH2-1Win
Oct 21, 2006League Tier 3Bristol CityH1-0Win
Oct 07, 2006League Tier 3Scunthorpe UnitedH0-4Loss
Sep 30, 2006League Tier 3Swansea CityH3-1Win
Sep 16, 2006League Tier 3Carlisle UnitedH0-0Draw
Sep 12, 2006League Tier 3Oldham AthleticH0-2Loss
Sep 02, 2006League Tier 3ChesterfieldH4-0Win
Aug 19, 2006League Tier 3Brighton and Hove AlbionH2-1Win
Aug 05, 2006League Tier 3Bradford CityH1-0Win
Jul 29, 2006Pre-Season FriendlyLeeds UnitedH2-3Loss
Apr 29, 2006League Tier 3BournemouthH1-1Draw
Apr 17, 2006League Tier 3Yeovil TownH2-1Win
Apr 08, 2006League Tier 3Colchester UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 25, 2006League Tier 3Milton Keynes DonsH3-0Win
Mar 11, 2006League Tier 3GillinghamH1-1Draw
Feb 25, 2006League Tier 3Swindon TownH7-1Win
Feb 11, 2006League Tier 3Swansea CityH1-2Loss
Jan 27, 2006League Tier 3BarnsleyH0-2Loss
Jan 14, 2006League Tier 3Oldham AthleticH3-0Win
Dec 31, 2005League Tier 3ChesterfieldH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 2005League Tier 3Doncaster RoversH4-0Win
Dec 10, 2005League Tier 3WalsallH1-1Draw
Dec 06, 2005League Tier 3Port ValeH1-0Win
Nov 19, 2005League Tier 3Southend UnitedH2-0Win
Nov 05, 2005FA CupWeymouthH1-1Draw
Oct 29, 2005League Tier 3Bradford CityH1-0Win
Oct 15, 2005League Tier 3Hartlepool UnitedH2-0Win
Oct 01, 2005League Tier 3Tranmere RoversH1-0Win
Sep 27, 2005League Tier 3BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Sep 20, 2005League Tier 3Bristol CityH3-1Win
Sep 17, 2005League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedH2-0Win
Sep 03, 2005League Tier 3BrentfordH1-2Loss
Aug 23, 2005League CupMacclesfield TownH2-3Loss
Aug 20, 2005League Tier 3Scunthorpe UnitedH0-1Loss
Aug 06, 2005League Tier 3Huddersfield TownH2-1Win
May 08, 2005League Tier 2GillinghamH2-2Draw
Apr 23, 2005League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0Win
Apr 12, 2005League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 09, 2005League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH0-3Loss
Mar 19, 2005League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH1-1Draw
Mar 16, 2005League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Mar 02, 2005FA CupTottenham HotspurH0-3Loss
Feb 26, 2005League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2Draw
Feb 23, 2005League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-0Win
Jan 29, 2005FA CupPeterborough UnitedH1-0Win
Jan 15, 2005League Tier 2MillwallH1-2Loss
Jan 01, 2005League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-0Win
Dec 28, 2004League Tier 2SunderlandH1-2Loss
Dec 17, 2004League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-1Draw
Dec 04, 2004League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH2-1Win
Nov 20, 2004League Tier 2ReadingH1-0Win
Nov 10, 2004League CupFulhamH2-4Loss
Nov 03, 2004League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-2Draw
Oct 30, 2004League Tier 2WatfordH1-2Loss
Oct 15, 2004League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win
Sep 29, 2004League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-1Loss
Sep 26, 2004League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 22, 2004League CupRotherham UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 11, 2004League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-0Draw
Aug 28, 2004League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-4Loss
Aug 25, 2004League CupScunthorpe UnitedH2-0Win
Aug 14, 2004League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH2-2Draw
Aug 11, 2004League Tier 2Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Jul 31, 2004Pre-Season FriendlyTottenham HotspurH0-0Draw
Jul 27, 2004Pre-Season FriendlyMiddlesbroughH1-4Loss
May 01, 2004League Tier 2Wigan AthleticH1-0Win
Apr 17, 2004League Tier 2MillwallH2-2Draw
Apr 10, 2004League Tier 2Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Mar 27, 2004League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH2-0Win
Mar 17, 2004League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1Draw
Mar 13, 2004League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH3-2Win
Feb 28, 2004League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-1Win
Feb 25, 2004League Tier 2GillinghamH0-0Draw
Feb 14, 2004League Tier 2WalsallH3-3Draw
Feb 07, 2004League Tier 2Coventry CityH0-1Loss
Jan 25, 2004FA CupSheffield UnitedH0-3Loss
Jan 17, 2004League Tier 2ReadingH0-1Loss
Jan 03, 2004FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
Dec 28, 2003League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-2Loss
Dec 03, 2003League Tier 2Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Nov 29, 2003League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-3Loss
Nov 08, 2003League Tier 2WatfordH1-1Draw
Oct 29, 2003League CupPortsmouthH2-4Loss
Oct 18, 2003League Tier 2WimbledonH6-0Win
Oct 14, 2003League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-2Draw
Oct 01, 2003League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1Loss
Sep 27, 2003League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1Draw
Sep 13, 2003League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH3-1Win
Aug 30, 2003League Tier 2Norwich CityH2-0Win
Aug 23, 2003League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Aug 09, 2003League Tier 2SunderlandH2-0Win
Jul 24, 2003Pre-Season FriendlyAjaxH2-2Draw
May 10, 2003PlayoffsSheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 26, 2003League Tier 2MillwallH3-3Draw
Apr 21, 2003League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0Win
Apr 11, 2003League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-2Draw
Mar 22, 2003League Tier 2Norwich CityH4-0Win
Mar 19, 2003League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0Win
Mar 10, 2003League Tier 2Grimsby TownH2-2Draw
Feb 22, 2003League Tier 2Stoke CityH6-0Win
Feb 08, 2003League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-1Win
Jan 18, 2003League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-1Draw
Jan 01, 2003League Tier 2WalsallH1-1Draw
Dec 28, 2002League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-2Loss
Dec 21, 2002League Tier 2ReadingH2-0Win
Nov 30, 2002League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Nov 27, 2002League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH3-2Win
Nov 16, 2002League Tier 2Bradford CityH3-0Win
Nov 02, 2002League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH3-0Win
Oct 26, 2002League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-2Draw
Oct 02, 2002League CupWalsallH1-2Loss
Sep 28, 2002League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH3-2Win
Sep 18, 2002League Tier 2GillinghamH4-1Win
Sep 14, 2002League Tier 2WatfordH0-1Loss
Sep 11, 2002League CupKidderminster HarriersH4-0Win
Aug 28, 2002League Tier 2WimbledonH2-0Win
Aug 17, 2002League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH4-0Win
Aug 14, 2002League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2Draw
Jul 31, 2002Pre-Season FriendlyNewcastle UnitedH3-1Win
Apr 13, 2002League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH2-2Draw
Apr 01, 2002League Tier 2WalsallH2-3Loss
Mar 22, 2002League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
Mar 09, 2002League Tier 2WimbledonH0-0Draw
Mar 06, 2002League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-2Draw
Feb 23, 2002League Tier 2Grimsby TownH0-0Draw
Feb 09, 2002League Tier 2MillwallH1-2Loss
Jan 30, 2002League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-1Loss
Jan 12, 2002League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
Dec 29, 2001League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-1Win
Dec 26, 2001League Tier 2Norwich CityH2-0Win
Dec 08, 2001League Tier 2GillinghamH2-2Draw
Dec 01, 2001League Tier 2WatfordH0-0Draw
Nov 17, 2001League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Oct 31, 2001League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
Oct 28, 2001League Tier 2Manchester CityH1-1Draw
Oct 17, 2001League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-0Draw
Oct 13, 2001League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0Win
Sep 29, 2001League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-1Win
Sep 20, 2001League Tier 2Bradford CityH1-0Win
Sep 17, 2001League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0Win
Sep 12, 2001League CupStockport CountyH1-1Win
Sep 02, 2001County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Aug 25, 2001League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH4-2Win
Aug 11, 2001League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Aug 01, 2001Pre-Season FriendlySouthamptonH2-1Win
Jul 28, 2001Pre-Season FriendlyIndia XIH2-0Win
Apr 28, 2001League Tier 2GillinghamH0-1Loss
Apr 16, 2001League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-0Win
Mar 31, 2001League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Mar 17, 2001League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH0-2Loss
Mar 07, 2001League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-0Win
Feb 24, 2001League Tier 2Grimsby TownH3-1Win
Feb 21, 2001League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
Feb 10, 2001League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH2-1Win
Jan 14, 2001League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH0-3Loss
Jan 07, 2001FA CupWolverhampton WanderersH0-1Loss
Dec 30, 2000League Tier 2Norwich CityH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 2000League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH1-0Win
Dec 13, 2000League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-3Loss
Dec 09, 2000League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-0Win
Nov 29, 2000League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH2-0Win
Nov 25, 2000League Tier 2Tranmere RoversH3-1Win
Nov 18, 2000League Tier 2WimbledonH1-2Loss
Nov 15, 2000County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Nov 04, 2000League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-1Win
Oct 25, 2000League Tier 2BurnleyH5-0Win
Oct 21, 2000League Tier 2WatfordH0-2Loss
Sep 30, 2000League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Sep 16, 2000League Tier 2FulhamH0-3Loss
Sep 06, 2000League CupDarlingtonH1-2Loss
Aug 26, 2000League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-2Loss
Aug 12, 2000League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
Jul 29, 2000Pre-Season FriendlyLeeds UnitedH1-2Loss
May 01, 2000County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Apr 29, 2000League Tier 2Port ValeH2-0Win
Apr 22, 2000League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 08, 2000League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-1Draw
Mar 25, 2000League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH0-1Loss
Mar 18, 2000League Tier 2Tranmere RoversH1-1Draw
Mar 08, 2000League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-1Draw
Mar 04, 2000League Tier 2Swindon TownH3-1Win
Feb 19, 2000League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-0Win
Feb 05, 2000League Tier 2Manchester CityH1-3Loss
Jan 22, 2000League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Dec 28, 1999League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Dec 18, 1999League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH1-0Win
Dec 15, 1999League Tier 2FulhamH0-0Draw
Dec 10, 1999FA CupOxford UnitedH1-1Draw
Dec 05, 1999League Tier 2Ipswich TownH0-1Loss
Nov 24, 1999League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-0Win
Nov 14, 1999League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-3Loss
Oct 27, 1999League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH1-1Draw
Oct 23, 1999League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-1Draw
Oct 01, 1999League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-0Win
Sep 19, 1999League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-1Draw
Sep 15, 1999League CupBristol CityH2-1Win
Sep 04, 1999League Tier 2WalsallH4-1Win
Aug 28, 1999League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Aug 14, 1999League Tier 2Grimsby TownH2-1Win
Aug 11, 1999League CupMansfield TownH3-0Win
May 16, 1999League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-0Win
May 01, 1999League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH2-0Win
Apr 17, 1999League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-1Loss
Apr 05, 1999League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-2Draw
Mar 20, 1999League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-2Loss
Mar 10, 1999League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-2Loss
Feb 20, 1999League Tier 1ChelseaH1-3Loss
Feb 06, 1999League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-8Loss
Jan 16, 1999League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Jan 02, 1999FA CupPortsmouthH0-1Loss
Dec 28, 1998League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-1Draw
Dec 19, 1998League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-2Draw
Nov 28, 1998League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Nov 16, 1998League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-2Draw
Nov 07, 1998League Tier 1WimbledonH0-1Loss
Oct 27, 1998League CupCambridge UnitedH3-3Draw
Oct 17, 1998League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Oct 03, 1998League Tier 1Charlton AthleticH0-1Loss
Sep 22, 1998League CupLeyton OrientH0-0Draw
Sep 19, 1998League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Sep 08, 1998League Tier 1EvertonH0-2Loss
Aug 22, 1998League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-0Win
Aug 04, 1998County CupNotts CountyH5-0Win
Apr 26, 1998League Tier 2ReadingH1-0Win
Apr 13, 1998League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-0Win
Apr 05, 1998League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Apr 01, 1998League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH3-0Win
Mar 14, 1998League Tier 2BuryH3-0Win
Mar 04, 1998League Tier 2SunderlandH0-3Loss
Mar 01, 1998League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH4-0Win
Feb 17, 1998League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH3-0Win
Jan 31, 1998League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH1-3Loss
Jan 10, 1998League Tier 2Port ValeH2-1Win
Dec 26, 1997League Tier 2Swindon TownH3-0Win
Dec 20, 1997League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-1Win
Dec 06, 1997League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-2Draw
Nov 22, 1997League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH5-2Win
Nov 15, 1997League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Nov 01, 1997League Tier 2Crewe AlexandraH3-1Win
Oct 21, 1997League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
Oct 18, 1997League Tier 2Tranmere RoversH2-2Draw
Sep 27, 1997League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-0Win
Sep 20, 1997League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-0Win
Sep 17, 1997League CupWalsallH0-1Loss
Sep 03, 1997League Tier 2Manchester CityH1-3Loss
Aug 30, 1997League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH4-0Win
Aug 27, 1997League CupDoncaster RoversH2-1Win
Aug 15, 1997League Tier 2Norwich CityH4-1Win
Aug 02, 1997Pre-Season FriendlyLeeds UnitedH1-0Win
May 03, 1997League Tier 1WimbledonH1-1Draw
Apr 19, 1997League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 05, 1997League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-3Loss
Mar 15, 1997League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Mar 05, 1997League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-3Loss
Feb 22, 1997League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-0Draw
Jan 29, 1997League Tier 1Coventry CityH0-1Loss
Jan 19, 1997League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-1Win
Jan 11, 1997League Tier 1ChelseaH2-0Win
Jan 04, 1997FA CupIpswich TownH3-0Win
Dec 26, 1996League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-4Loss
Dec 21, 1996League Tier 1ArsenalH2-1Win
Dec 09, 1996League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Nov 25, 1996League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-2Draw
Oct 28, 1996League Tier 1EvertonH0-1Loss
Oct 19, 1996League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1Draw
Sep 21, 1996League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-2Loss
Sep 18, 1996League CupWycombe WanderersH1-0Win
Sep 07, 1996League Tier 1Leicester CityH0-0Draw
Aug 24, 1996League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Aug 21, 1996League Tier 1SunderlandH1-4Loss
Aug 07, 1996County CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
Aug 04, 1996Pre-Season FriendlyManchester UnitedH1-3Loss
Aug 03, 1996Pre-Season FriendlyChelseaH0-0Draw
May 08, 1996FriendlyNewcastle UnitedH6-5Win
May 05, 1996League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH3-0Win
May 02, 1996League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 17, 1996League Tier 1Coventry CityH0-0Draw
Apr 13, 1996League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-5Loss
Apr 06, 1996League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-1Win
Mar 23, 1996League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
Mar 19, 1996UEFA CupBayern MunichH1-5Loss
Mar 13, 1996FA CupAston VillaH0-1Loss
Feb 28, 1996FA CupTottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Feb 10, 1996League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Feb 07, 1996FA CupOxford UnitedH1-1Draw
Jan 31, 1996League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 17, 1996FA CupStoke CityH2-0Win
Jan 13, 1996League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-0Win
Dec 30, 1995League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Dec 26, 1995League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Dec 10, 1995League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Nov 27, 1995League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Nov 21, 1995UEFA CupOlympique LyonnaisH1-0Win
Nov 06, 1995League Tier 1WimbledonH4-1Win
Oct 31, 1995UEFA CupAuxerreH0-0Draw
Oct 21, 1995League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH3-2Win
Oct 04, 1995League CupBradford CityH2-2Draw
Sep 30, 1995League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-0Win
Sep 26, 1995UEFA CupMalmo FFH1-0Win
Sep 17, 1995League Tier 1EvertonH3-2Win
Aug 26, 1995League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Aug 23, 1995League Tier 1ChelseaH0-0Draw
May 06, 1995League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-0Win
Apr 17, 1995League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-0Win
Apr 08, 1995League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 22, 1995League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH3-0Win
Mar 18, 1995League Tier 1SouthamptonH3-0Win
Mar 08, 1995League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
Mar 04, 1995League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Feb 04, 1995League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Jan 28, 1995FA CupCrystal PalaceH1-2Loss
Jan 21, 1995League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-2Loss
Jan 07, 1995FA CupPlymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
Jan 02, 1995League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH1-0Win
Dec 27, 1994League Tier 1Norwich CityH1-0Win
Dec 10, 1994League Tier 1Ipswich TownH4-1Win
Dec 03, 1994League Tier 1ArsenalH2-2Draw
Nov 30, 1994League CupMillwallH0-2Loss
Nov 23, 1994County CupNotts CountyH3-1Win
Nov 19, 1994League Tier 1ChelseaH0-1Loss
Nov 07, 1994League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 29, 1994League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-2Loss
Oct 17, 1994League Tier 1WimbledonH3-1Win
Oct 02, 1994League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH3-2Win
Sep 21, 1994League CupHereford UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 10, 1994League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH4-1Win
Aug 27, 1994League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-0Win
Aug 22, 1994League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
May 08, 1994League Tier 2SunderlandH2-2Draw
Apr 24, 1994League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Apr 04, 1994League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Mar 30, 1994League Tier 2WatfordH2-1Win
Mar 19, 1994League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-2Win
Mar 16, 1994League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-1Win
Mar 05, 1994League Tier 2Luton TownH2-0Win
Mar 02, 1994League Tier 2Peterborough UnitedH2-0Win
Feb 19, 1994League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH1-1Draw
Feb 06, 1994League Tier 2Leicester CityH4-0Win
Jan 26, 1994League CupTranmere RoversH1-1Draw
Jan 23, 1994League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Jan 19, 1994FA CupSheffield WednesdayH0-2Loss
Jan 01, 1994League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-1Draw
Dec 27, 1993League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Dec 19, 1993League Tier 2Southend UnitedH2-0Win
Dec 04, 1993League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Dec 01, 1993League CupManchester CityH0-0Draw
Nov 03, 1993League Tier 2MillwallH1-3Loss
Oct 30, 1993League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
Oct 27, 1993League CupWest Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 20, 1993League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 16, 1993League Tier 2Tranmere RoversH2-1Win
Oct 06, 1993League CupWrexhamH3-1Win
Oct 02, 1993League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-1Draw
Sep 19, 1993League Tier 2Stoke CityH2-3Loss
Sep 15, 1993Anglo-Italian CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
Aug 21, 1993League Tier 2Grimsby TownH5-3Win
Aug 18, 1993League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1Draw
May 11, 1993County CupNotts CountyH3-1Win
May 01, 1993League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH0-2Loss
Apr 12, 1993League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-1Win
Apr 07, 1993League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-3Loss
Apr 04, 1993League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-1Loss
Mar 21, 1993League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 17, 1993League Tier 1Norwich CityH0-3Loss
Mar 03, 1993League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH1-1Draw
Feb 27, 1993League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-2Loss
Feb 24, 1993League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-0Win
Jan 30, 1993League Tier 1Oldham AthleticH2-0Win
Jan 23, 1993FA CupMiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Jan 16, 1993League Tier 1ChelseaH3-0Win
Jan 03, 1993FA CupSouthamptonH2-1Win
Dec 20, 1992League Tier 1WimbledonH1-1Draw
Dec 02, 1992League CupTottenham HotspurH2-0Win
Nov 28, 1992League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-2Loss
Nov 07, 1992League Tier 1EvertonH0-1Loss
Oct 31, 1992League Tier 1Ipswich TownH0-1Loss
Oct 21, 1992League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Oct 17, 1992League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Oct 07, 1992League CupStockport CountyH2-1Win
Sep 21, 1992League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-1Draw
Sep 14, 1992FriendlyDerby CountyH0-2Loss
Sep 12, 1992League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-2Loss
Aug 29, 1992League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-2Loss
Aug 16, 1992League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
Apr 25, 1992League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Apr 22, 1992League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Apr 18, 1992League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-0Win
Apr 04, 1992League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-2Loss
Mar 21, 1992League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-0Win
Mar 18, 1992League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 14, 1992League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-0Win
Feb 26, 1992Full Members CupLeicester CityH2-1Win
Feb 22, 1992League Tier 1ChelseaH1-1Draw
Feb 15, 1992FA CupBristol CityH4-1Win
Feb 09, 1992League CupTottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Feb 05, 1992League CupCrystal PalaceH4-2Win
Feb 01, 1992League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-5Loss
Jan 26, 1992FA CupHereford UnitedH2-0Win
Jan 11, 1992League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-1Draw
Jan 04, 1992FA CupWolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win
Jan 01, 1992League Tier 1Luton TownH1-1Draw
Dec 22, 1991League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 08, 1991League Tier 1ArsenalH3-2Win
Dec 04, 1991League CupSouthamptonH0-0Draw
Nov 23, 1991League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH5-1Win
Nov 16, 1991League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-0Win
Oct 30, 1991League CupBristol RoversH2-0Win
Oct 26, 1991League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-3Loss
Sep 28, 1991League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-2Draw
Sep 25, 1991League CupBolton WanderersH4-0Win
Sep 14, 1991League Tier 1WimbledonH4-2Win
Aug 31, 1991League Tier 1Oldham AthleticH3-1Win
Aug 28, 1991League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-3Loss
Aug 17, 1991League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
Aug 11, 1991County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
May 11, 1991League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH4-3Win
May 06, 1991League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-1Win
Apr 24, 1991League Tier 1Norwich CityH5-0Win
Apr 20, 1991League Tier 1ChelseaH7-0Win
Apr 10, 1991League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0Win
Apr 01, 1991League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 16, 1991League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 04, 1991FA CupSouthamptonH3-1Win
Feb 23, 1991League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Feb 18, 1991FA CupNewcastle UnitedH3-0Win
Feb 02, 1991League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH0-1Loss
Jan 28, 1991FA CupCrystal PalaceH3-0Win
Jan 21, 1991FA CupCrystal PalaceH2-2Draw
Jan 12, 1991League Tier 1Coventry CityH3-0Win
Dec 29, 1990League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-3Loss
Dec 26, 1990League Tier 1WimbledonH2-1Win
Dec 01, 1990League Tier 1Luton TownH2-2Draw
Nov 21, 1990Full Members CupNewcastle UnitedH2-1Win
Nov 17, 1990League Tier 1SunderlandH2-0Win
Oct 27, 1990League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Oct 07, 1990League Tier 1EvertonH3-1Win
Sep 26, 1990League CupBurnleyH4-1Win
Sep 22, 1990League Tier 1ArsenalH0-2Loss
Sep 08, 1990League Tier 1SouthamptonH3-1Win
Aug 25, 1990League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Aug 22, 1990County CupMansfield TownH5-1Win
May 02, 1990League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH4-0Win
Apr 16, 1990League Tier 1Luton TownH3-0Win
Apr 07, 1990League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-3Loss
Mar 31, 1990League Tier 1WimbledonH0-1Loss
Mar 10, 1990League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-4Loss
Mar 03, 1990League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-0Win
Feb 17, 1990League Tier 1ChelseaH1-1Draw
Feb 11, 1990League CupCoventry CityH2-1Win
Feb 03, 1990League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH3-1Win
Jan 17, 1990League CupTottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Jan 13, 1990League Tier 1MillwallH3-1Win
Jan 07, 1990FA CupManchester UnitedH0-1Loss
Jan 01, 1990League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-2Draw
Dec 17, 1989League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-0Win
Dec 09, 1989League Tier 1Norwich CityH0-1Loss
Nov 29, 1989Full Members CupManchester CityH3-2Win
Nov 25, 1989League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Nov 22, 1989League CupEvertonH1-0Win
Nov 04, 1989League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
Nov 01, 1989League CupCrystal PalaceH5-0Win
Oct 28, 1989League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH2-2Draw
Sep 30, 1989League Tier 1Charlton AthleticH2-0Win
Sep 20, 1989League CupHuddersfield TownH1-1Draw
Sep 16, 1989League Tier 1ArsenalH1-2Loss
Aug 30, 1989League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1Win
Aug 19, 1989League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Aug 13, 1989County CupNotts CountyH3-1Win
May 18, 1989League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-2Loss
May 13, 1989League Tier 1Charlton AthleticH4-0Win
May 03, 1989League Tier 1MillwallH4-1Win
Apr 12, 1989League Tier 1SouthamptonH3-0Win
Apr 05, 1989League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-0Win
Mar 27, 1989League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 22, 1989League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Mar 15, 1989League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Feb 22, 1989Full Members CupCrystal PalaceH3-1Win
Feb 15, 1989League CupBristol CityH1-1Draw
Feb 11, 1989League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Jan 28, 1989FA CupLeeds UnitedH2-0Win
Jan 21, 1989League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-0Win
Jan 18, 1989League CupQueens Park RangersH5-2Win
Jan 07, 1989FA CupIpswich TownH3-0Win
Jan 02, 1989League Tier 1EvertonH2-0Win
Dec 18, 1988League Tier 1WimbledonH0-1Loss
Dec 14, 1988League CupLeicester CityH2-1Win
Dec 03, 1988League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-2Draw
Nov 19, 1988League Tier 1Coventry CityH0-0Draw
Nov 06, 1988League Tier 1ArsenalH1-4Loss
Nov 02, 1988League CupCoventry CityH3-2Win
Oct 26, 1988League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-1Win
Oct 01, 1988League Tier 1Luton TownH0-0Draw
Sep 28, 1988League CupChester CityH6-0Win
Sep 17, 1988League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1Draw
Sep 03, 1988League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-1Draw
May 15, 1988League Tier 1Luton TownH1-1Draw
May 07, 1988League Tier 1Oxford UnitedH5-3Win
May 04, 1988League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-0Win
Apr 30, 1988League Tier 1WimbledonH0-0Draw
Apr 20, 1988League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 02, 1988League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-1Win
Mar 30, 1988League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1Win
Mar 19, 1988League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-0Draw
Feb 06, 1988League Tier 1ChelseaH3-2Win
Jan 16, 1988League Tier 1Charlton AthleticH2-2Draw
Jan 01, 1988League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-2Loss
Dec 28, 1987League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-1Win
Dec 13, 1987League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH4-0Win
Nov 14, 1987League Tier 1PortsmouthH5-0Win
Oct 24, 1987League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH3-0Win
Oct 17, 1987League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH3-0Win
Sep 23, 1987League CupHereford UnitedH5-0Win
Sep 12, 1987League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Sep 02, 1987League Tier 1SouthamptonH3-3Draw
Aug 22, 1987League Tier 1EvertonH0-0Draw
Aug 19, 1987League Tier 1WatfordH1-0Win
Aug 09, 1987County CupNotts CountyH4-4Draw
May 15, 1987FriendlyDerby CountyH1-1Draw
May 09, 1987League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-1Win
May 02, 1987League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-0Win
Apr 20, 1987League Tier 1Norwich CityH1-1Draw
Apr 04, 1987League Tier 1Coventry CityH0-0Draw
Mar 22, 1987League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-1Win
Mar 07, 1987League Tier 1Oxford UnitedH2-0Win
Feb 28, 1987League Tier 1ChelseaH0-1Loss
Feb 14, 1987League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Jan 25, 1987League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Jan 01, 1987League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Dec 28, 1986League Tier 1Luton TownH2-2Draw
Dec 20, 1986League Tier 1SouthamptonH0-0Draw
Dec 06, 1986League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-0Win
Nov 22, 1986League Tier 1WimbledonH3-2Win
Nov 05, 1986League CupCrystal PalaceH1-0Win
Nov 01, 1986League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH3-2Win
Oct 18, 1986League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-0Win
Oct 08, 1986League CupBrighton and Hove AlbionH3-0Win
Oct 04, 1986League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Sep 27, 1986League Tier 1ArsenalH1-0Win
Sep 13, 1986League Tier 1Aston VillaH6-0Win
Aug 30, 1986League Tier 1WatfordH1-1Draw
Aug 27, 1986League Tier 1Charlton AthleticH4-0Win
Aug 20, 1986Pre-Season FriendlyTorpedo MoscowH0-2Loss
Aug 17, 1986County CupMansfield TownH1-1Draw
Jul 08, 1986County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
Apr 26, 1986League Tier 1EvertonH0-0Draw
Apr 12, 1986League Tier 1ChelseaH0-0Draw
Apr 02, 1986League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Mar 31, 1986League Tier 1Birmingham CityH3-0Win
Mar 22, 1986League Tier 1Leicester CityH4-3Win
Mar 15, 1986League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Feb 08, 1986League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-2Loss
Feb 01, 1986League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH4-0Win
Jan 15, 1986FriendlyPSV EindhovenH0-4Loss
Jan 04, 1986FA CupBlackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Jan 01, 1986League Tier 1Coventry CityH5-2Win
Dec 28, 1985League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Dec 14, 1985League Tier 1Luton TownH2-0Win
Dec 01, 1985League Tier 1Oxford UnitedH1-1Draw
Nov 16, 1985League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-2Loss
Nov 03, 1985League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Oct 26, 1985League Tier 1ArsenalH3-2Win
Oct 05, 1985League Tier 1Ipswich TownH3-1Win
Sep 25, 1985League CupBolton WanderersH4-0Win
Sep 21, 1985League Tier 1WatfordH3-2Win
Sep 14, 1985League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-1Loss
Sep 11, 1985County CupNotts CountyH1-2Loss
Aug 31, 1985League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-3Loss
Aug 24, 1985League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-1Win
Aug 21, 1985League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
May 11, 1985League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
May 04, 1985League Tier 1WatfordH1-1Draw
Apr 20, 1985League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-0Win
Apr 10, 1985League Tier 1ChelseaH2-0Win
Mar 30, 1985League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-2Loss
Mar 20, 1985League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-0Draw
Mar 16, 1985League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
Mar 09, 1985League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Feb 23, 1985League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-0Win
Feb 09, 1985League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH2-0Win
Jan 26, 1985FA CupWimbledonH0-0Draw
Jan 06, 1985FA CupNewcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Dec 29, 1984League Tier 1Aston VillaH3-2Win
Dec 26, 1984League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Dec 08, 1984League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH3-2Win
Nov 25, 1984League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-1Win
Nov 18, 1984FriendlyAustraliaH0-0Draw
Nov 10, 1984League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Oct 31, 1984League CupSunderlandH1-1Draw
Oct 28, 1984League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-2Loss
Oct 10, 1984League CupPortsmouthH3-0Win
Oct 06, 1984League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-1Draw
Sep 29, 1984League Tier 1Norwich CityH3-1Win
Sep 19, 1984UEFA CupBruggeH0-0Draw
Sep 16, 1984League Tier 1Luton TownH3-1Win
Sep 01, 1984League Tier 1SunderlandH3-1Win
Aug 29, 1984League Tier 1ArsenalH2-0Win
May 18, 1984County CupMansfield TownH3-1Win
May 16, 1984League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
May 07, 1984League Tier 1WatfordH5-1Win
Apr 28, 1984League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Apr 21, 1984League Tier 1Birmingham CityH5-1Win
Apr 11, 1984UEFA CupAnderlechtH2-0Win
Apr 07, 1984League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-1Win
Mar 14, 1984League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Mar 07, 1984UEFA CupSturm GrazH1-0Win
Feb 25, 1984League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Feb 04, 1984League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Jan 21, 1984League Tier 1Norwich CityH3-0Win
Jan 07, 1984FA CupSouthamptonH1-2Loss
Dec 31, 1983League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Dec 28, 1983League Tier 1Coventry CityH3-0Win
Dec 17, 1983League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-0Win
Dec 04, 1983League Tier 1Leicester CityH3-2Win
Nov 23, 1983UEFA CupCelticH0-0Draw
Nov 19, 1983League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Nov 05, 1983League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH5-0Win
Nov 02, 1983UEFA CupPSV EindhovenH1-0Win
Oct 29, 1983League Tier 1SunderlandH1-1Draw
Oct 26, 1983League CupWimbledonH1-1Draw
Oct 16, 1983League Tier 1Notts CountyH3-1Win
Sep 24, 1983League Tier 1Luton TownH1-0Win
Sep 14, 1983UEFA CupVorwartsH2-0Win
Sep 10, 1983League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH3-2Win
Sep 07, 1983League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Aug 27, 1983League Tier 1SouthamptonH0-1Loss
May 18, 1983County CupNotts CountyH4-3Win
May 07, 1983League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-2Draw
May 02, 1983League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
Apr 23, 1983League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-1Win
Apr 09, 1983League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Apr 02, 1983League Tier 1EvertonH2-0Win
Mar 26, 1983League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-2Loss
Mar 12, 1983League Tier 1Luton TownH0-1Loss
Feb 19, 1983League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Feb 05, 1983League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-2Loss
Jan 15, 1983League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Jan 01, 1983League Tier 1SunderlandH0-0Draw
Dec 27, 1982League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-2Win
Dec 11, 1982League Tier 1Swansea CityH2-1Win
Dec 01, 1982League CupBrentfordH2-0Win
Nov 27, 1982League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-0Win
Nov 10, 1982League CupWatfordH7-3Win
Nov 06, 1982League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Oct 23, 1982League Tier 1ArsenalH3-0Win
Oct 16, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Oct 06, 1982League CupWest Bromwich AlbionH6-1Win
Oct 02, 1982League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-0Win
Sep 18, 1982League Tier 1WatfordH2-0Win
Sep 04, 1982League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH4-0Win
Sep 01, 1982League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-3Loss
May 18, 1982County CupNotts CountyH7-1Win
May 12, 1982League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-0Win
May 08, 1982League Tier 1Swansea CityH0-2Loss
May 05, 1982League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-1Loss
Apr 24, 1982League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Apr 10, 1982League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH0-1Loss
Apr 03, 1982League Tier 1EvertonH0-1Loss
Mar 17, 1982League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Mar 13, 1982League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-1Draw
Feb 27, 1982League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Jan 30, 1982League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Jan 23, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-2Loss
Jan 09, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
Jan 04, 1982FriendlyLuton TownH5-1Win
Jan 02, 1982FA CupWrexhamH1-3Loss
Dec 05, 1981League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-2Loss
Dec 02, 1981League CupTranmere RoversH2-0Win
Nov 21, 1981League Tier 1ArsenalH1-2Loss
Nov 07, 1981League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 31, 1981League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 28, 1981League CupBirmingham CityH2-1Win
Oct 17, 1981League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-1Win
Oct 11, 1981FriendlyVancouver WhitecapsH2-2Draw
Sep 26, 1981League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH2-1Win
Sep 23, 1981League Tier 1SunderlandH2-0Win
Sep 12, 1981League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Aug 29, 1981League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-1Win
May 07, 1981TestimonialNotts CountyH3-1Win
May 04, 1981County CupMansfield TownH2-1Win
May 02, 1981League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-1Draw
Apr 20, 1981League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win
Apr 11, 1981League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-0Draw
Mar 28, 1981League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-1Win
Mar 14, 1981League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH4-1Win
Mar 07, 1981FA CupIpswich TownH3-3Draw
Mar 03, 1981League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Feb 21, 1981League Tier 1ArsenalH3-1Win
Feb 14, 1981FA CupBristol CityH2-1Win
Feb 04, 1981FriendlyRed Star BelgradeH1-3Loss
Jan 31, 1981League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Jan 24, 1981FA CupManchester UnitedH1-0Win
Jan 03, 1981FA CupBolton WanderersH3-3Draw
Dec 27, 1980League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Dec 20, 1980League Tier 1SunderlandH3-1Win
Dec 06, 1980League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH3-0Win
Nov 25, 1980Super CupValenciaH2-1Win
Nov 22, 1980League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-2Loss
Nov 15, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-3Loss
Nov 01, 1980League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-1Win
Oct 22, 1980League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 18, 1980League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Oct 13, 1980FriendlyTampa Bay RowdiesH7-1Win
Oct 04, 1980League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-2Loss
Oct 01, 1980European CupCSKA SofiaH0-1Loss
Sep 20, 1980League Tier 1Leicester CityH5-0Win
Sep 13, 1980League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-2Win
Aug 30, 1980League Tier 1Stoke CityH5-0Win
Aug 27, 1980League CupPeterborough UnitedH3-0Win
Aug 20, 1980League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
May 16, 1980TestimonialLeicester CityH0-0Draw
May 09, 1980League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
May 03, 1980League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH4-0Win
Apr 30, 1980League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-0Win
Apr 19, 1980League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0Win
Apr 09, 1980European CupAjaxH2-0Win
Apr 02, 1980League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 22, 1980League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-0Win
Mar 11, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH4-0Win
Mar 05, 1980European CupDynamo BerlinH0-1Loss
Feb 23, 1980League Tier 1Manchester CityH4-0Win
Feb 16, 1980League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-2Draw
Feb 09, 1980League Tier 1Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Jan 30, 1980Super CupBarcelonaH1-0Win
Jan 26, 1980FA CupLiverpoolH0-2Loss
Jan 22, 1980League CupLiverpoolH1-0Win
Jan 12, 1980League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-1Win
Dec 26, 1979League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-1Win
Dec 12, 1979League CupWest Ham UnitedH3-0Win
Dec 01, 1979League Tier 1ArsenalH1-1Draw
Nov 17, 1979League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-1Loss
Nov 14, 1979League CupBristol CityH3-0Win
Nov 03, 1979League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Oct 24, 1979European CupArges PitestiH2-0Win
Oct 20, 1979League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH5-2Win
Oct 06, 1979League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-2Win
Sep 29, 1979League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
Sep 19, 1979European CupOsters VaxjoH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1979League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Sep 05, 1979League CupBlackburn RoversH6-1Win
Aug 25, 1979League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-1Win
Aug 22, 1979League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-0Win
May 23, 1979County CupMansfield TownH3-1Win
May 09, 1979League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-1Win
May 02, 1979League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-0Win
Apr 28, 1979League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-0Draw
Apr 18, 1979League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 16, 1979League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 11, 1979European CupCologneH3-3Draw
Apr 04, 1979League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-0Win
Mar 31, 1979League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-1Draw
Mar 28, 1979League Tier 1ChelseaH6-0Win
Mar 24, 1979League Tier 1Coventry CityH3-0Win
Mar 14, 1979League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-1Win
Mar 07, 1979European CupGrasshoppers ZurichH4-1Win
Feb 26, 1979FA CupArsenalH0-1Loss
Feb 24, 1979League Tier 1Bristol CityH2-0Win
Jan 27, 1979FA CupYork CityH3-1Win
Jan 17, 1979League CupWatfordH3-1Win
Jan 10, 1979FA CupAston VillaH2-0Win
Dec 26, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1Draw
Dec 16, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Dec 13, 1978League CupBrighton and Hove AlbionH3-1Win
Nov 18, 1978League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Nov 04, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH0-0Draw
Nov 01, 1978European CupAEK AthensH5-1Win
Oct 21, 1978League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-0Win
Oct 07, 1978League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Sep 23, 1978League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-2Draw
Sep 19, 1978County CupMansfield TownH4-1Win
Sep 13, 1978European CupLiverpoolH2-0Win
Sep 09, 1978League Tier 1ArsenalH2-1Win
Sep 06, 1978League CupOldham AthleticH4-2Win
Sep 02, 1978League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Aug 19, 1978League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
May 01, 1978TestimonialDerby CountyH2-1Win
Apr 29, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-0Draw
Apr 18, 1978League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-0Win
Apr 15, 1978League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 01, 1978League Tier 1ChelseaH3-1Win
Mar 25, 1978League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 14, 1978League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-0Win
Mar 04, 1978League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 02, 1978FA CupQueens Park RangersH3-1Win
Feb 27, 1978FA CupQueens Park RangersH1-1Draw
Feb 22, 1978League CupLeeds UnitedH4-2Win
Feb 04, 1978League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH2-0Win
Jan 31, 1978FA CupManchester CityH2-1Win
Jan 21, 1978League Tier 1ArsenalH2-0Win
Jan 07, 1978FA CupSwindon TownH4-1Win
Jan 02, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH1-1Draw
Dec 26, 1977League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Dec 10, 1977League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-1Win
Nov 29, 1977League CupAston VillaH4-2Win
Nov 26, 1977League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Nov 12, 1977League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 29, 1977League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH4-0Win
Oct 25, 1977League CupNotts CountyH4-0Win
Oct 15, 1977League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-1Win
Oct 04, 1977League Tier 1Ipswich TownH4-0Win
Oct 01, 1977League Tier 1Norwich CityH1-1Draw
Sep 17, 1977League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-0Win
Sep 12, 1977TestimonialLeicester CityH0-0Draw
Aug 30, 1977League CupWest Ham UnitedH5-0Win
Aug 27, 1977League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-0Win
Aug 23, 1977League Tier 1Bristol CityH1-0Win
Aug 15, 1977County CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
May 07, 1977League Tier 2MillwallH1-0Win
Apr 27, 1977League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH3-0Win
Apr 23, 1977League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-1Loss
Apr 06, 1977League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-1Win
Mar 29, 1977League Tier 2Leyton OrientH3-0Win
Mar 26, 1977League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-0Win
Mar 22, 1977League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-1Win
Mar 12, 1977League Tier 2Hull CityH2-0Win
Mar 08, 1977League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Feb 12, 1977League Tier 2Luton TownH1-2Loss
Jan 29, 1977FA CupSouthamptonH3-3Draw
Jan 22, 1977League Tier 2FulhamH3-0Win
Jan 08, 1977FA CupBristol RoversH1-1Draw
Dec 18, 1976League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-1Draw
Dec 15, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupLeyton OrientH4-0Win
Dec 04, 1976League Tier 2Bristol RoversH4-2Win
Nov 20, 1976League Tier 2ChelseaH1-1Draw
Nov 06, 1976League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH3-0Win
Oct 23, 1976League Tier 2BurnleyH5-2Win
Oct 20, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupAyr UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 09, 1976League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH6-1Win
Sep 25, 1976League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH5-1Win
Sep 21, 1976League CupCoventry CityH0-3Loss
Sep 14, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupKilmarnockH2-1Win
Sep 11, 1976League Tier 2Hereford UnitedH4-3Win
Aug 28, 1976League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-3Loss
Aug 25, 1976League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-1Draw
Aug 14, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupBristol CityH4-2Win
Aug 11, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupWest Bromwich AlbionH3-2Win
Aug 07, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupNotts CountyH0-0Draw
Apr 26, 1976TestimonialDon Revie's All-StarsH3-2Win
Apr 24, 1976League Tier 2Bristol RoversH3-0Win
Apr 20, 1976League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-0Win
Apr 10, 1976League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH4-0Win
Mar 27, 1976League Tier 2Leyton OrientH1-0Win
Mar 17, 1976League Tier 2SunderlandH2-1Win
Mar 13, 1976League Tier 2FulhamH1-0Win
Feb 28, 1976League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH4-3Win
Feb 07, 1976League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-0Win
Jan 23, 1976County CupMansfield TownH2-1Win
Jan 17, 1976League Tier 2ChelseaH1-3Loss
Jan 01, 1976FA CupPeterborough UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 1975League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Dec 13, 1975League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-1Loss
Nov 29, 1975League Tier 2York CityH1-0Win
Nov 15, 1975League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Nov 01, 1975League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH4-0Win
Oct 21, 1975League Tier 2Luton TownH0-0Draw
Oct 18, 1975League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-1Win
Sep 27, 1975League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH1-2Loss
Sep 24, 1975League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-2Loss
Sep 13, 1975League Tier 2Hull CityH1-2Loss
Sep 10, 1975League CupPlymouth ArgyleH1-0Win
Aug 30, 1975League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-1Loss
Aug 27, 1975League CupRotherham UnitedH5-1Win
Aug 16, 1975League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
May 08, 1975County CupNotts CountyH0-1Loss
Apr 26, 1975League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Apr 12, 1975League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-0Draw
Apr 01, 1975League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Mar 22, 1975League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH0-1Loss
Mar 08, 1975League Tier 2Aston VillaH2-3Loss
Feb 22, 1975League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-0Draw
Feb 10, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-2Loss
Feb 08, 1975League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH2-3Loss
Feb 03, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-1Draw
Jan 18, 1975League Tier 2Leyton OrientH2-2Draw
Jan 04, 1975FA CupTottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Dec 28, 1974League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-2Loss
Dec 21, 1974League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Dec 07, 1974League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Nov 23, 1974League Tier 2York CityH2-1Win
Nov 09, 1974League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-0Win
Oct 29, 1974FriendlyCoventry CityH1-1Draw
Oct 26, 1974League Tier 2Bristol RoversH1-0Win
Oct 12, 1974League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-3Loss
Sep 28, 1974League Tier 2SunderlandH1-1Draw
Sep 17, 1974League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-2Loss
Sep 14, 1974League Tier 2Hull CityH4-0Win
Sep 10, 1974League CupNewcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Aug 31, 1974League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH1-2Loss
Aug 27, 1974League Tier 2MillwallH2-1Win
Aug 17, 1974League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Aug 10, 1974Pre-Season FriendlyLeicester CityH1-3Loss
May 13, 1974FriendlyLeicester CityH1-1Draw
May 06, 1974County CupNotts CountyH3-2Win
Apr 20, 1974League Tier 2Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Apr 16, 1974League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Apr 06, 1974League Tier 2SunderlandH2-2Draw
Mar 30, 1974League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH1-2Loss
Mar 26, 1974League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-0Win
Mar 16, 1974League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
Mar 03, 1974League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-0Draw
Feb 26, 1974League Tier 2Leyton OrientH2-1Win
Feb 17, 1974FA CupPortsmouthH1-0Win
Feb 02, 1974League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH5-1Win
Jan 27, 1974FA CupManchester CityH4-1Win
Jan 12, 1974League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-4Loss
Jan 06, 1974FA CupBristol RoversH4-3Win
Jan 01, 1974League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH1-1Draw
Dec 22, 1973League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-2Win
Nov 17, 1973League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH2-0Win
Nov 10, 1973League Tier 2FulhamH3-0Win
Oct 27, 1973League Tier 2Aston VillaH1-2Loss
Oct 23, 1973League Tier 2Hull CityH0-0Draw
Oct 16, 1973League CupMillwallH1-3Loss
Oct 06, 1973League Tier 2MillwallH3-0Win
Sep 22, 1973League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Sep 18, 1973League Tier 2Swindon TownH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1973League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Aug 25, 1973League Tier 2Luton TownH4-0Win
Apr 24, 1973League Tier 2SunderlandH1-0Win
Apr 14, 1973League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-3Loss
Mar 31, 1973League Tier 2BurnleyH3-0Win
Mar 24, 1973League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH3-0Win
Mar 13, 1973League Tier 2Hull CityH1-2Loss
Mar 10, 1973League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Feb 24, 1973League Tier 2FulhamH2-1Win
Feb 10, 1973League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Jan 22, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Jan 20, 1973League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 16, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH1-1Draw
Dec 23, 1972League Tier 2BlackpoolH4-0Win
Dec 02, 1972League Tier 2Leyton OrientH2-1Win
Nov 18, 1972League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1Loss
Nov 04, 1972League Tier 2MillwallH3-2Win
Oct 21, 1972League Tier 2Swindon TownH2-2Draw
Oct 07, 1972League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-1Draw
Sep 23, 1972League Tier 2Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Sep 19, 1972League Tier 2Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Sep 09, 1972League Tier 2Luton TownH0-1Loss
Sep 05, 1972League CupAston VillaH0-1Loss
Aug 29, 1972League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH1-0Win
Aug 26, 1972League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH2-1Win
Aug 12, 1972League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-0Draw
Aug 07, 1972Pre-Season FriendlyKaiserslauternH2-2Draw
Apr 25, 1972League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-3Loss
Apr 22, 1972League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 08, 1972League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 25, 1972League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-0Win
Mar 14, 1972League Tier 1ChelseaH2-1Win
Mar 11, 1972League Tier 1Ipswich TownH0-2Loss
Feb 12, 1972League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-1Loss
Jan 22, 1972League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-2Loss
Jan 08, 1972League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH0-1Loss
Dec 27, 1971League Tier 1ArsenalH1-1Draw
Dec 11, 1971League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Nov 27, 1971League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-2Loss
Nov 13, 1971League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH4-1Win
Oct 30, 1971League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-2Loss
Oct 16, 1971League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-3Loss
Oct 06, 1971League CupChelseaH1-1Draw
Oct 02, 1971League Tier 1Huddersfield TownH1-2Loss
Sep 18, 1971League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-2Draw
Sep 07, 1971League CupAldershotH5-1Win
Sep 04, 1971League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-3Loss
Aug 31, 1971League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Aug 24, 1971League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-3Loss
Aug 21, 1971League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Aug 07, 1971FriendlyHannover 96H3-2Win
May 10, 1971FriendlyNotts CountyH3-1Win
May 04, 1971County CupMansfield TownH0-1Loss
Apr 27, 1971League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Apr 24, 1971League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Apr 13, 1971League Tier 1ArsenalH0-3Loss
Apr 10, 1971League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 27, 1971League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH3-1Win
Mar 20, 1971League Tier 1EvertonH3-2Win
Mar 06, 1971League Tier 1Huddersfield TownH1-3Loss
Feb 20, 1971League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0Win
Feb 06, 1971League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-0Win
Jan 23, 1971FA CupLeyton OrientH1-1Draw
Jan 16, 1971League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 02, 1971FA CupLuton TownH1-1Draw
Dec 19, 1970League Tier 1Ipswich TownH0-1Loss
Dec 12, 1970League Tier 1ChelseaH1-1Draw
Nov 28, 1970League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-4Loss
Nov 14, 1970League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-2Loss
Oct 31, 1970League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-1Loss
Oct 10, 1970League Tier 1BlackpoolH3-1Win
Sep 26, 1970League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Sep 16, 1970League CupHuddersfield TownH2-0Win
Sep 14, 1970Anglo-Scottish CupAirdrieoniansH2-2Draw
Sep 12, 1970League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-1Loss
Aug 29, 1970League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH4-1Win
Aug 18, 1970League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-3Draw
Aug 15, 1970League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-0Win
Aug 07, 1970Pre-Season FriendlyHamburg SVH1-0Win
Apr 28, 1970County CupNotts CountyH2-0Win
Apr 14, 1970FriendlyDen HaagH2-4Loss
Apr 10, 1970League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-0Win
Apr 07, 1970League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-4Loss
Mar 31, 1970League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-2Loss
Mar 28, 1970League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-2Draw
Mar 14, 1970League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-3Loss
Feb 28, 1970League Tier 1EvertonH1-1Draw
Jan 31, 1970League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
Jan 24, 1970League Tier 1SunderlandH2-1Win
Jan 03, 1970FA CupCarlisle UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 1969League Tier 1ArsenalH1-1Draw
Dec 20, 1969League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH4-2Win
Dec 06, 1969League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Nov 22, 1969League Tier 1ChelseaH1-1Draw
Nov 17, 1969FriendlyRot-Weiss EssenH1-0Win
Nov 08, 1969League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Oct 25, 1969League Tier 1BurnleyH1-1Draw
Oct 15, 1969League CupOxford UnitedH0-1Loss
Oct 11, 1969League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-2Draw
Sep 27, 1969League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH0-0Draw
Sep 23, 1969League CupWest Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Sep 13, 1969League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-1Win
Aug 30, 1969League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Aug 26, 1969League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
Aug 16, 1969League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-4Loss
Aug 12, 1969League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
May 07, 1969County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
Apr 25, 1969League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Apr 12, 1969League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-2Loss
Apr 08, 1969League Tier 1ChelseaH1-2Loss
Mar 31, 1969League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-1Loss
Mar 24, 1969League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-0Win
Mar 22, 1969League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-0Win
Mar 11, 1969League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-0Win
Mar 08, 1969League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-1Loss
Mar 04, 1969League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-0Win
Feb 25, 1969League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-2Loss
Jan 18, 1969League Tier 1Leicester CityH0-0Draw
Dec 14, 1968League Tier 1SunderlandH1-0Win
Nov 30, 1968League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Nov 16, 1968League Tier 1ArsenalH0-2Loss
Aug 24, 1968League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Aba
Aug 20, 1968League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-0Draw
Aug 10, 1968League Tier 1BurnleyH2-2Draw
Apr 22, 1968League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Apr 16, 1968League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 13, 1968League Tier 1FulhamH2-2Draw
Mar 30, 1968League Tier 1SunderlandH0-3Loss
Mar 19, 1968League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-1Win
Mar 16, 1968League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-0Draw
Mar 05, 1968FriendlyDerby CountyH1-2Loss
Feb 24, 1968League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0Win
Feb 10, 1968League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-2Draw
Jan 27, 1968FA CupBolton WanderersH4-2Win
Jan 20, 1968League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-2Win
Jan 06, 1968League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-3Loss
Dec 26, 1967League Tier 1Stoke CityH3-0Win
Dec 16, 1967League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-0Win
Dec 09, 1967League Tier 1Leicester CityH0-1Aba
Nov 25, 1967League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-2Loss
Nov 11, 1967League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Oct 31, 1967Fairs CupFC ZurichH2-1Win
Oct 28, 1967League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH3-1Win
Oct 17, 1967Fairs CupEintracht FrankfurtH4-0Win
Oct 14, 1967League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-0Draw
Sep 23, 1967League Tier 1ChelseaH3-0Win
Sep 09, 1967League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH4-0Win
Sep 05, 1967League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Aug 26, 1967League Tier 1ArsenalH2-0Win
Aug 22, 1967League Tier 1Coventry CityH3-3Draw
May 09, 1967County CupNotts CountyH2-0Win
May 02, 1967League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-0Win
Apr 15, 1967League Tier 1Aston VillaH3-0Win
Apr 08, 1967FA CupEvertonH3-2Win
Apr 01, 1967League Tier 1SouthamptonH3-1Win
Mar 27, 1967League Tier 1BurnleyH4-1Win
Mar 18, 1967League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 11, 1967FA CupSwindon TownH0-0Draw
Feb 25, 1967League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-0Win
Feb 18, 1967FA CupNewcastle UnitedH3-0Win
Feb 04, 1967League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Jan 28, 1967FA CupPlymouth ArgyleH2-1Win
Jan 14, 1967League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-0Win
Dec 31, 1966League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH3-1Win
Dec 26, 1966League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Dec 10, 1966League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-1Draw
Nov 29, 1966Pre-Season FriendlyDukla PragueH3-1Win
Nov 26, 1966League Tier 1ArsenalH2-1Win
Nov 12, 1966League Tier 1SunderlandH3-1Win
Oct 29, 1966League Tier 1BlackpoolH2-0Win
Oct 15, 1966League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
Oct 01, 1966League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH4-1Win
Sep 17, 1966League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH3-0Win
Sep 13, 1966League CupBirmingham CityH1-1Draw
Sep 06, 1966League Tier 1FulhamH2-1Win
Sep 03, 1966League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Aug 30, 1966League Tier 1ChelseaH0-0Draw
Aug 20, 1966League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-2Loss
Aug 13, 1966FriendlyVarna XIH0-1Loss
May 10, 1966League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-1Draw
May 07, 1966League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Apr 26, 1966League Tier 1FulhamH1-2Loss
Apr 23, 1966League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-3Loss
Apr 12, 1966League Tier 1ChelseaH1-2Loss
Mar 29, 1966FriendlyPartick ThistleH1-1Draw
Mar 19, 1966League Tier 1Stoke CityH4-3Win
Mar 08, 1966League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0Win
Feb 19, 1966League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-4Loss
Jan 29, 1966League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-2Loss
Jan 08, 1966League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-0Win
Dec 27, 1965League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Dec 18, 1965League Tier 1SunderlandH0-0Draw
Dec 04, 1965League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-0Win
Nov 20, 1965League Tier 1BlackpoolH2-1Win
Nov 06, 1965League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-0Win
Oct 23, 1965League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-2Loss
Oct 09, 1965League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH5-0Win
Sep 28, 1969FriendlyValenciaH1-1Draw
Sep 18, 1965League Tier 1Northampton TownH1-1Draw
Sep 07, 1965League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Aug 28, 1965League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-2Win
Aug 24, 1965League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH4-2Win
May 08, 1965County CupMansfield TownH5-0Win
Apr 24, 1965League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH0-2Loss
Apr 19, 1965League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 12, 1965FriendlyCelticH3-0Win
Apr 10, 1965League Tier 1BlackpoolH2-0Win
Apr 01, 1965League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-2Draw
Mar 13, 1965League Tier 1ArsenalH3-0Win
Feb 27, 1965League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-1Win
Feb 13, 1965League Tier 1Stoke CityH3-1Win
Feb 06, 1965League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Jan 16, 1965League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-2Draw
Jan 09, 1965FA CupNorwich CityH1-0Win
Dec 26, 1964League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Dec 19, 1964League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-2Win
Dec 05, 1964League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-5Loss
Nov 21, 1964League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH2-2Draw
Nov 07, 1964League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-2Win
Oct 24, 1964League Tier 1SunderlandH5-2Win
Oct 10, 1964League Tier 1ChelseaH2-2Draw
Sep 19, 1964League Tier 1FulhamH2-3Loss
Sep 15, 1964League Tier 1BurnleyH3-1Win
Sep 05, 1964League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-0Draw
Sep 01, 1964League Tier 1EvertonH3-1Win
Aug 22, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityH4-3Win
Apr 20, 1964FriendlyNew Zealand XIH8-0Win
Apr 18, 1964League Tier 1BurnleyH1-3Loss
Apr 04, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityH4-0Win
Mar 31, 1964League Tier 1ChelseaH0-1Loss
Mar 21, 1964League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH3-2Win
Mar 07, 1964League Tier 1ArsenalH2-0Win
Feb 22, 1964League Tier 1FulhamH2-0Win
Feb 15, 1964League Tier 1BlackpoolH0-1Loss
Jan 18, 1964League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-0Draw
Jan 04, 1964FA CupPreston North EndH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 1963League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH3-3Draw
Dec 21, 1963League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Nov 30, 1963League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-3Loss
Nov 16, 1963League Tier 1EvertonH2-2Draw
Nov 02, 1963League Tier 1Ipswich TownH3-1Win
Oct 19, 1963League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-2Loss
Oct 08, 1963League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-0Win
Sep 28, 1963League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Sep 21, 1963League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH3-1Win
Sep 17, 1963League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-1Win
Sep 07, 1963League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-0Win
Sep 03, 1963League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-0Draw
Aug 24, 1963League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-1Loss
May 27, 1963Notts Association CupNotts CountyH1-2Loss
May 20, 1963League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH3-2Win
May 18, 1963League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
May 14, 1963League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-2Draw
May 10, 1963League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-1Win
Apr 30, 1963League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH2-0Win
Apr 15, 1963League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-1Draw
Apr 13, 1963League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
Mar 30, 1963FA CupSouthamptonH1-1Draw
Mar 19, 1963FA CupLeeds UnitedH3-0Win
Mar 16, 1963League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-0Win
Mar 11, 1963FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH2-1Win
Mar 02, 1963League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-3Loss
Feb 19, 1963League Tier 1Leicester CityH0-2Loss
Jan 29, 1963FA CupWolverhampton WanderersH4-3Win
Dec 29, 1962League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-4Loss
Dec 01, 1962League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1Win
Nov 17, 1962League Tier 1ArsenalH3-0Win
Nov 13, 1962League Tier 1EvertonH3-4Loss
Nov 03, 1962League Tier 1Leyton OrientH1-1Draw
Oct 06, 1962League Tier 1FulhamH3-1Win
Sep 22, 1962League Tier 1Aston VillaH3-1Win
Sep 11, 1962League Tier 1BlackpoolH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1962League Tier 1LiverpoolH3-1Win
Aug 28, 1962League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-0Win
Aug 18, 1962League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
May 11, 1962Notts Association CupMansfield TownH3-2Win
Apr 24, 1962League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-0Win
Apr 21, 1962League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH3-1Win
Apr 07, 1962League Tier 1ArsenalH0-1Loss
Mar 24, 1962League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-1Draw
Mar 20, 1962League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 10, 1962League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-2Loss
Feb 24, 1962League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
Feb 17, 1962League Tier 1Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Feb 03, 1962League Tier 1BlackpoolH3-4Loss
Jan 27, 1962FA CupSheffield WednesdayH0-2Loss
Jan 13, 1962League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-0Win
Dec 16, 1961League Tier 1ChelseaH3-0Win
Dec 09, 1961League Tier 1Leicester CityH0-0Draw
Nov 25, 1961League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH0-1Loss
Nov 14, 1961League CupBlackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Nov 11, 1961League Tier 1BurnleyH3-2Win
Nov 06, 1961TestimonialMalmo FFH5-1Aba
Oct 28, 1961League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH4-4Draw
Oct 14, 1961League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Oct 04, 1961Fairs CupValenciaH1-5Loss
Sep 23, 1961League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-0Win
Sep 19, 1961League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Sep 11, 1961League CupGillinghamH4-1Win
Sep 09, 1961League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Aug 26, 1961League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-0Win
Aug 22, 1961League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
May 08, 1961Notts Association CupNotts CountyH4-3Win
May 05, 1961Notts Association CupMansfield TownH1-0Win
Apr 22, 1961League Tier 1Leicester CityH2-2Draw
Apr 08, 1961League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 03, 1961League Tier 1BurnleyH3-1Win
Mar 25, 1961League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-1Draw
Mar 11, 1961League Tier 1BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Feb 25, 1961League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH3-2Win
Feb 11, 1961League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Jan 21, 1961League Tier 1Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Jan 07, 1961FA CupBirmingham CityH0-2Loss
Dec 31, 1960League Tier 1ArsenalH3-5Loss
Dec 24, 1960League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-0Win
Dec 10, 1960League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-0Win
Nov 26, 1960League Tier 1ChelseaH2-1Win
Nov 15, 1960League CupBristol CityH2-1Win
Nov 12, 1960League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH2-2Draw
Oct 29, 1960League Tier 1EvertonH1-2Loss
Oct 15, 1960League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-4Loss
Oct 06, 1960League CupHalifax TownH2-0Win
Oct 01, 1960League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH1-2Loss
Sep 21, 1960League Tier 1FulhamH4-2Win
Sep 17, 1960League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
Sep 03, 1960League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-2Loss
Aug 31, 1960League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Aug 20, 1960League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-2Draw
Apr 23, 1960League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH3-0Win
Apr 19, 1960League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Apr 09, 1960League Tier 1BurnleyH0-1Loss
Mar 26, 1960League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Mar 12, 1960League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-3Loss
Feb 27, 1960League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH3-1Win
Feb 20, 1960League Tier 1FulhamH2-2Draw
Feb 06, 1960League Tier 1Luton TownH2-0Win
Jan 16, 1960League Tier 1BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Jan 09, 1960FA CupReadingH1-0Win
Dec 28, 1959League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
Dec 19, 1959League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-2Loss
Dec 12, 1959League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-5Loss
Nov 28, 1959League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH4-1Win
Nov 14, 1959League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-0Win
Oct 31, 1959League Tier 1ChelseaH3-1Win
Oct 17, 1959League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
Sep 26, 1959League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH2-0Win
Sep 23, 1959Anglo-Scottish CupSt MirrenH2-3Loss
Sep 12, 1959League Tier 1EvertonH1-1Draw
Sep 09, 1959League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Aug 29, 1959League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-2Draw
Aug 26, 1959League Tier 1ArsenalH0-3Loss
Apr 22, 1959League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-3Loss
Apr 20, 1959League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-0Win
Apr 18, 1959League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-4Loss
Apr 15, 1959League Tier 1ChelseaH1-3Loss
Apr 04, 1959League Tier 1ArsenalH1-1Draw
Mar 31, 1959League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Mar 21, 1959League Tier 1BurnleyH1-2Loss
Mar 07, 1959League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-7Loss
Feb 28, 1959FA CupBolton WanderersH2-1Win
Feb 18, 1959FA CupBirmingham CityH1-1Draw
Feb 07, 1959League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH3-0Win
Jan 28, 1959FA CupGrimsby TownH4-1Win
Jan 24, 1959FA CupTooting and Mitcham UnitedH3-0Win
Dec 27, 1958League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH3-0Win
Dec 20, 1958League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-3Loss
Dec 06, 1958League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-1Draw
Nov 22, 1958League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
Nov 08, 1958League Tier 1Manchester CityH4-0Win
Oct 25, 1958League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1Loss
Oct 11, 1958League Tier 1Luton TownH3-1Win
Oct 04, 1958League Tier 1BlackpoolH2-0Win
Sep 13, 1958League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH4-0Win
Sep 10, 1958League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Aug 30, 1958League Tier 1PortsmouthH5-0Win
Aug 27, 1958League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-3Loss
Apr 26, 1958League Tier 1EvertonH0-3Loss
Apr 12, 1958League Tier 1Luton TownH1-0Win
Apr 07, 1958League Tier 1ChelseaH1-1Draw
Mar 29, 1958League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH0-0Draw
Mar 15, 1958League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-4Loss
Mar 01, 1958League Tier 1Leicester CityH3-1Win
Feb 15, 1958League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Feb 01, 1958League Tier 1PortsmouthH2-0Win
Jan 29, 1958FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH1-5Loss
Jan 18, 1958League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Jan 04, 1958FA CupGillinghamH2-0Win
Dec 28, 1957League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH5-2Win
Dec 26, 1957League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-3Loss
Dec 07, 1957League Tier 1SunderlandH2-0Win
Nov 23, 1957League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-1Win
Nov 09, 1957League Tier 1ArsenalH4-0Win
Oct 26, 1957League Tier 1BlackpoolH1-2Loss
Oct 12, 1957League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-2Loss
Sep 28, 1957League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Sep 23, 1957TestimonialAll Stars XIH4-0Win
Sep 18, 1957League Tier 1BurnleyH7-0Win
Sep 07, 1957League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-1Win
Aug 28, 1957League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Aug 24, 1957League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-1Win
May 01, 1957League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-4Loss
Apr 22, 1957League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
Apr 15, 1957League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH3-0Win
Apr 13, 1957League Tier 2Grimsby TownH2-1Win
Mar 30, 1957League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-2Loss
Mar 16, 1957League Tier 2Stoke CityH4-0Win
Mar 07, 1957FA CupBirmingham CityH0-1Loss
Feb 21, 1957League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH0-0Draw
Feb 09, 1957League Tier 2BarnsleyH7-1Win
Jan 19, 1957League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH3-1Win
Jan 05, 1957FA CupGoole TownH6-0Win
Dec 29, 1956League Tier 2Swansea TownH4-3Win
Dec 15, 1956League Tier 2Leyton OrientH1-2Loss
Dec 08, 1956League Tier 2LiverpoolH1-0Win
Nov 24, 1956League Tier 2Bristol RoversH1-1Draw
Nov 10, 1956League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH0-4Loss
Oct 27, 1956League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH2-1Win
Oct 13, 1956League Tier 2BuryH5-1Win
Sep 22, 1956League Tier 2Port ValeH4-2Win
Sep 08, 1956League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
Sep 06, 1956League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH2-1Win
Aug 30, 1956League Tier 2Bristol CityH2-2Draw
Aug 25, 1956League Tier 2FulhamH3-1Win
May 04, 1956FriendlyNottingham Rugby ClubH4-3Win
Apr 28, 1956League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-1Draw
Apr 25, 1956FriendlyArsenalH1-1Draw
Apr 18, 1956League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Apr 14, 1956League Tier 2BuryH0-2Loss
Apr 03, 1956League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-2Draw
Mar 31, 1956League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 17, 1956League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH2-4Loss
Mar 03, 1956League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH1-0Win
Feb 04, 1956League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
Jan 14, 1956League Tier 2Bristol RoversH1-1Draw
Dec 26, 1955League Tier 2Hull CityH2-1Win
Dec 24, 1955League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH3-1Win
Dec 10, 1955League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-1Win
Nov 26, 1955League Tier 2Port ValeH2-2Draw
Nov 12, 1955League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-2Loss
Oct 29, 1955League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-0Win
Oct 15, 1955League Tier 2FulhamH1-0Win
Oct 01, 1955League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-2Loss
Sep 17, 1955League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH5-0Win
Sep 03, 1955League Tier 2Stoke CityH2-3Loss
Aug 31, 1955League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-0Win
Aug 20, 1955League Tier 2LiverpoolH1-3Loss
May 05, 1955FriendlyNottingham Rugby ClubH3-0Win
May 02, 1955League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 23, 1955League Tier 2FulhamH2-0Win
Apr 09, 1955League Tier 2LiverpoolH3-1Win
Apr 08, 1955League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH0-2Loss
Mar 26, 1955League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH3-1Win
Mar 12, 1955League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
Feb 19, 1955FA CupNewcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Feb 05, 1955League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Feb 02, 1955FA CupHartlepool UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 15, 1955League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
Dec 27, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
Dec 18, 1954League Tier 2Luton TownH1-5Loss
Dec 11, 1954League Tier 2Swansea TownH0-0Draw
Nov 27, 1954League Tier 2Bristol RoversH1-0Win
Nov 13, 1954League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0Win
Oct 30, 1954League Tier 2Port ValeH2-3Loss
Oct 16, 1954League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Oct 02, 1954League Tier 2Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Sep 25, 1954League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-1Loss
Sep 15, 1954League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH4-2Win
Sep 11, 1954League Tier 2BuryH2-3Loss
Aug 28, 1954League Tier 2Hull CityH0-1Loss
Aug 25, 1954League Tier 2Stoke CityH0-3Loss
Apr 17, 1954League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH0-1Loss
Apr 16, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Apr 03, 1954League Tier 2BuryH2-2Draw
Mar 20, 1954League Tier 2BrentfordH2-1Win
Mar 06, 1954League Tier 2Lincoln CityH4-2Win
Feb 13, 1954League Tier 2FulhamH4-1Win
Jan 30, 1954FriendlyAston VillaH0-2Loss
Jan 23, 1954League Tier 2Leicester CityH3-1Win
Jan 02, 1954League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-1Win
Dec 25, 1953League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH5-2Win
Dec 05, 1953League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-1Draw
Nov 21, 1953League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH2-2Draw
Nov 07, 1953League Tier 2Derby CountyH4-2Win
Oct 24, 1953League Tier 2Bristol RoversH3-1Win
Oct 10, 1953League Tier 2Notts CountyH5-0Win
Oct 03, 1953League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH4-0Win
Sep 19, 1953League Tier 2Stoke CityH5-4Win
Sep 16, 1953League Tier 2Hull CityH2-0Win
Sep 05, 1953League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-1Win
Sep 02, 1953League Tier 2Luton TownH2-1Win
Aug 22, 1953League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH3-0Win
Aug 19, 1953League Tier 2EvertonH3-3Draw
Apr 29, 1953League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-3Loss
Apr 18, 1953League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
Apr 15, 1953FriendlyClydeH6-0Win
Apr 06, 1953League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 04, 1953League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH2-1Win
Mar 21, 1953League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-3Win
Mar 07, 1953League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Feb 21, 1953League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-0Win
Feb 07, 1953League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH2-2Draw
Jan 17, 1953League Tier 2EvertonH3-3Draw
Jan 03, 1953League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
Dec 26, 1952League Tier 2Hull CityH4-1Win
Dec 06, 1952League Tier 2BuryH4-1Win
Nov 22, 1952League Tier 2Luton TownH4-3Win
Nov 08, 1952League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH3-1Win
Oct 25, 1952League Tier 2FulhamH0-1Loss
Oct 11, 1952League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-3Loss
Sep 27, 1952League Tier 2Swansea TownH6-4Win
Sep 17, 1952League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
Sep 13, 1952League Tier 2BrentfordH3-0Win
Sep 03, 1952League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-0Win
Aug 23, 1952League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Apr 26, 1952League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH3-1Win
Apr 12, 1952League Tier 2Hull CityH4-0Win
Apr 11, 1952League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 29, 1952League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-2Loss
Mar 15, 1952League Tier 2Coventry CityH3-1Win
Mar 01, 1952League Tier 2BuryH1-0Win
Feb 23, 1952FriendlyBolton WanderersH3-3Draw
Jan 26, 1952League Tier 2BrentfordH2-0Win
Jan 19, 1952League Tier 2Notts CountyH3-2Win
Jan 12, 1952FA CupBlackburn RoversH2-2Draw
Dec 29, 1951League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-1Loss
Dec 26, 1951League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Dec 15, 1951League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-2Win
Dec 01, 1951League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-0Win
Nov 17, 1951League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-3Draw
Nov 03, 1951League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 20, 1951League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-2Draw
Oct 06, 1951League Tier 2Luton TownH2-0Win
Sep 29, 1951League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH1-1Draw
Sep 12, 1951League Tier 2EvertonH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1951League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-2Draw
Aug 25, 1951League Tier 2Cardiff CityH2-3Loss
Aug 22, 1951League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-0Win
May 12, 1951FriendlyRC MalinesH3-1Win
May 02, 1951League Tier 3Newport CountyH2-1Win
Apr 28, 1951League Tier 3Southend UnitedH3-0Win
Apr 25, 1951League Tier 3Northampton TownH2-2Draw
Apr 18, 1951League Tier 3Swindon TownH2-1Win
Apr 14, 1951League Tier 3Bournemouth and Boscombe AthleticH1-0Win
Mar 31, 1951League Tier 3Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Mar 26, 1951League Tier 3Bristol RoversH2-1Win
Mar 17, 1951League Tier 3WatfordH2-1Win
Mar 03, 1951League Tier 3Leyton OrientH0-1Loss
Feb 03, 1951League Tier 3Torquay UnitedH3-1Win
Jan 20, 1951League Tier 3ReadingH1-1Draw
Jan 06, 1951League Tier 3Crystal PalaceH1-0Win
Dec 25, 1950League Tier 3Colchester UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 02, 1950League Tier 3Exeter CityH2-2Draw
Nov 25, 1950FA CupTorquay UnitedH6-1Win
Nov 18, 1950League Tier 3GillinghamH9-2Win
Nov 04, 1950League Tier 3MillwallH2-0Win
Oct 21, 1950League Tier 3WalsallH4-0Win
Oct 07, 1950League Tier 3Ipswich TownH0-0Draw
Sep 30, 1950League Tier 3AldershotH7-0Win
Sep 09, 1950League Tier 3Port ValeH2-1Win
Sep 06, 1950League Tier 3Plymouth ArgyleH4-1Win
Aug 26, 1950League Tier 3Norwich CityH4-2Win
Aug 23, 1950League Tier 3Brighton and Hove AlbionH4-0Win
Apr 29, 1950League Tier 3Port ValeH2-0Win
Apr 25, 1950FriendlyTilburyH1-1Draw
Apr 15, 1950League Tier 3Southend UnitedH1-2Loss
Apr 10, 1950League Tier 3Newport CountyH3-0Win
Apr 01, 1950League Tier 3Bournemouth and Boscombe AthleticH3-0Win
Mar 18, 1950League Tier 3WatfordH0-1Loss
Mar 04, 1950League Tier 3Leyton OrientH2-1Win
Feb 18, 1950League Tier 3Ipswich TownH2-0Win
Jan 21, 1950League Tier 3Torquay UnitedH1-2Loss
Dec 31, 1949League Tier 3MillwallH3-1Win
Dec 27, 1949League Tier 3Norwich CityH0-1Loss
Dec 17, 1949League Tier 3Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-1Loss
Dec 10, 1949FA CupStockport CountyH0-2Loss
Dec 03, 1949League Tier 3Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Nov 26, 1949FA CupBristol CityH1-0Win
Nov 19, 1949League Tier 3Bristol RoversH2-0Win
Nov 05, 1949League Tier 3Crystal PalaceH2-0Win
Oct 22, 1949League Tier 3ReadingH1-2Loss
Oct 08, 1949League Tier 3Exeter CityH5-0Win
Sep 24, 1949League Tier 3AldershotH3-0Win
Sep 14, 1949League Tier 3Northampton TownH0-1Loss
Sep 10, 1949League Tier 3Swindon TownH2-1Win
Aug 27, 1949League Tier 3WalsallH1-0Win
Aug 24, 1949League Tier 3Bristol CityH3-0Win
May 07, 1949League Tier 2BuryH1-0Win
Apr 23, 1949League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Apr 15, 1949League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-0Win
Apr 09, 1949League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-1Win
Mar 26, 1949League Tier 2Coventry CityH3-0Win
Mar 12, 1949League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
Feb 19, 1949League Tier 2Queens Park RangersH0-0Draw
Jan 22, 1949League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-0Win
Jan 08, 1949FA CupLiverpoolH2-2Draw
Jan 01, 1949League Tier 2FulhamH0-2Loss
Dec 25, 1948League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-1Win
Dec 04, 1948League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH3-0Win
Nov 20, 1948League Tier 2BrentfordH1-2Loss
Nov 06, 1948League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 23, 1948League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-2Loss
Oct 09, 1948League Tier 2ChesterfieldH0-1Loss
Oct 02, 1948League Tier 2Luton TownH2-0Win
Sep 18, 1948League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-0Draw
Sep 15, 1948League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-1Loss
Sep 04, 1948League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-0Win
Sep 01, 1948League Tier 2Grimsby TownH0-0Draw
Aug 21, 1948League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
Apr 24, 1948League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-1Draw
Apr 10, 1948League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH3-1Win
Mar 29, 1948League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-1Draw
Mar 27, 1948League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Mar 13, 1948League Tier 2FulhamH0-2Loss
Feb 28, 1948League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-0Win
Feb 14, 1948League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-0Draw
Jan 31, 1948League Tier 2MillwallH5-2Win
Jan 24, 1948FriendlyArsenalH2-3Loss
Jan 03, 1948League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Dec 27, 1947League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH4-2Win
Dec 13, 1947League Tier 2Luton TownH1-2Loss
Nov 29, 1947League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-1Draw
Nov 15, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
Nov 01, 1947League Tier 2Coventry CityH4-0Win
Oct 18, 1947League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-0Win
Oct 04, 1947League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Sep 20, 1947League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-0Win
Sep 17, 1947League Tier 2BrentfordH2-0Win
Sep 06, 1947League Tier 2ChesterfieldH1-3Loss
Aug 27, 1947League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-2Loss
Aug 23, 1947League Tier 2BuryH2-1Win
Jun 14, 1947League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH4-0Win
May 31, 1947League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH5-1Win
May 27, 1947League Tier 2ChesterfieldH1-0Win
May 10, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
May 03, 1947League Tier 2Swansea TownH1-1Draw
Apr 19, 1947League Tier 2FulhamH2-1Win
Apr 07, 1947League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Apr 05, 1947League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH4-3Win
Feb 08, 1947FA CupMiddlesbroughH2-2Draw
Jan 18, 1947League Tier 2SouthamptonH6-0Win
Dec 28, 1946League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-1Win
Dec 26, 1946League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0Win
Dec 21, 1946League Tier 2BuryH2-0Win
Dec 07, 1946League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-2Draw
Nov 09, 1946League Tier 2MillwallH1-2Loss
Oct 26, 1946League Tier 2Leicester CityH2-0Win
Oct 12, 1946League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-1Draw
Sep 28, 1946League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-0Win
Sep 21, 1946League Tier 2Luton TownH4-2Win
Sep 07, 1946League Tier 2Newport CountyH6-1Win
Sep 05, 1946League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-2Loss
Apr 23, 1946WWII Main LeagueNewport CountyH7-2Win
Apr 22, 1946WWII Main LeagueTottenham HotspurH0-2Loss
Apr 20, 1946WWII Main LeagueBrentfordH2-0Win
Apr 06, 1946WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Mar 30, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Mar 09, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Ham UnitedH1-1Draw
Jan 26, 1946WWII Main LeagueSwansea TownH2-2Draw
Jan 19, 1946WWII Main LeaguePortsmouthH3-0Win
Jan 05, 1946FA CupWatfordH1-1Draw
Dec 25, 1945WWII Main LeagueCharlton AthleticH0-2Loss
Dec 22, 1945WWII Main LeagueArsenalH3-2Win
Dec 08, 1945WWII Main LeagueAston VillaH1-3Loss
Nov 24, 1945WWII Main LeagueLuton TownH0-2Loss
Nov 03, 1945WWII Main LeagueCoventry CityH0-0Draw
Oct 27, 1945WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH1-1Draw
Oct 06, 1945WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH1-1Draw
Sep 29, 1945WWII Main LeagueSouthamptonH4-0Win
Sep 17, 1945WWII Main LeaguePlymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
Sep 12, 1945WWII Main LeagueFulhamH1-1Draw
Sep 08, 1945WWII Main LeagueMillwallH2-2Draw
Sep 01, 1945WWII Main LeagueChelseaH0-1Loss
Aug 16, 1945FriendlyDerby CountyH1-4Loss
Aug 15, 1945FriendlyNotts CountyH3-2Win
May 26, 1945WWII Combined LeagueBirmingham CityH0-0Draw
Apr 28, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH2-5Loss
Apr 07, 1945WWII Combined LeagueCoventry CityH1-1Draw
Apr 02, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH6-0Win
Mar 10, 1945WWII Combined LeagueMansfield TownH2-1Win
Feb 17, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH1-4Loss
Feb 10, 1945WWII Combined LeagueChesterfieldH1-1Draw
Jan 06, 1945WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-1Draw
Dec 30, 1944WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityH0-0Draw
Dec 23, 1944WWII Main LeagueGrimsby TownH1-2Loss
Dec 09, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Nov 18, 1944WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH2-2Draw
Nov 11, 1944WWII Main LeagueRotherham UnitedH1-2Loss
Oct 21, 1944WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH2-5Loss
Oct 14, 1944WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldH2-1Win
Sep 23, 1944WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH2-1Win
Sep 16, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedH2-2Draw
Aug 26, 1944WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH0-0Draw
May 06, 1944WWII Wartime CupWest Bromwich AlbionH3-4Loss
Apr 15, 1944WWII Wartime CupNorthampton TownH5-0Win
Apr 10, 1944WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH3-0Win
Apr 01, 1944WWII Wartime CupCoventry CityH4-1Win
Mar 25, 1944WWII Combined LeagueWalsallH2-0Win
Mar 11, 1944WWII Combined LeagueWest Bromwich AlbionH3-2Win
Feb 19, 1944WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityH1-0Win
Feb 12, 1944WWII Combined LeagueMansfield TownH0-1Loss
Jan 22, 1944WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH0-0Draw
Jan 01, 1944WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-1Draw
Dec 18, 1943WWII Main LeagueNorthampton TownH2-2Draw
Dec 11, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH1-1Draw
Nov 20, 1943WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH1-0Win
Nov 13, 1943WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH0-4Loss
Oct 23, 1943WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH4-3Win
Oct 16, 1943WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedH4-0Win
Sep 25, 1943WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH1-2Loss
Sep 18, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH8-1Win
Aug 28, 1943WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldH1-2Loss
Apr 26, 1943WWII Combined LeagueGrimsby TownH4-4Draw
Apr 17, 1943WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH1-1Loss
Apr 10, 1943WWII Combined LeagueDoncaster RoversH1-2Loss
Mar 20, 1943WWII Wartime CupSheffield WednesdayH1-0Win
Mar 06, 1943WWII Wartime CupLeicester CityH0-1Loss
Feb 27, 1943WWII Combined LeagueLincoln CityH3-2Win
Feb 06, 1943WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH4-1Win
Jan 23, 1943WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityH0-5Loss
Jan 09, 1943WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-1Draw
Jan 02, 1943WWII Combined LeagueMansfield TownH3-1Win
Dec 25, 1942WWII Main LeagueNorthampton TownH1-2Loss
Dec 05, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH4-1Win
Nov 28, 1942WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH1-1Draw
Nov 07, 1942WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH3-5Loss
Oct 31, 1942WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldH6-1Win
Oct 10, 1942WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH5-1Win
Oct 03, 1942WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH3-1Win
Sep 12, 1942WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedH0-3Loss
Sep 05, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH0-1Loss
May 02, 1942WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayH2-1Win
Apr 25, 1942FriendlyRAF XIH4-0Win
Apr 18, 1942WWII Wartime CupGrimsby TownH1-5Loss
Apr 06, 1942WWII Wartime CupLincoln CityH4-2Win
Mar 28, 1942WWII Combined LeagueLuton TownH3-1Win
Mar 21, 1942WWII Combined LeagueNorthampton TownH0-1Loss
Feb 21, 1942WWII Combined LeagueStoke CityH1-0Win
Jan 10, 1942WWII Combined LeagueChesterfieldH1-0Win
Dec 27, 1941WWII Combined LeagueSheffield UnitedH3-3Draw
Dec 25, 1941FriendlyMansfield TownH3-0Win
Dec 20, 1941WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH2-3Loss
Dec 06, 1941WWII Main LeagueWolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Nov 29, 1941WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH0-1Loss
Nov 08, 1941WWII Main LeagueNorwich CityH0-2Loss
Nov 01, 1941FriendlyRAF XIH3-1Win
Oct 18, 1941WWII Main LeagueWalsallH4-0Win
Sep 27, 1941FriendlyRAF XIH1-2Loss
Sep 13, 1941WWII Main LeagueNorthampton TownH2-3Loss
Sep 06, 1941WWII Main LeagueLuton TownH4-1Win
Apr 12, 1941WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH1-3Loss
Apr 05, 1941WWII Main LeagueStoke CityH3-2Win
Mar 01, 1941WWII Wartime CupLeicester CityH0-2Loss
Feb 22, 1941WWII Wartime CupWalsallH8-1Win
Jan 11, 1941WWII Midland CupLincoln CityH4-2Win
Dec 25, 1940WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH2-4Loss
Dec 21, 1940WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH1-4Loss
Nov 09, 1940FriendlyRAF XIH1-4Loss
Oct 26, 1940WWII Main LeagueStoke CityH3-3Draw
Oct 12, 1940WWII Main LeagueNorthampton TownH1-0Win
Sep 28, 1940WWII Main LeagueWalsallH2-0Win
Sep 14, 1940WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH6-3Win
Aug 31, 1940WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityH2-3Loss
May 25, 1940WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH6-2Win
May 13, 1940WWII Main LeagueGrimsby TownH1-1Draw
May 04, 1940WWII Wartime CupSouthend UnitedH3-1Win
Apr 20, 1940WWII Wartime CupCharlton AthleticH1-0Win
Apr 13, 1940FriendlyStoke CityH2-3Loss
Mar 30, 1940WWII Main LeagueRotherham UnitedH4-1Win
Mar 26, 1940WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedH4-1Win
Mar 25, 1940WWII Main LeagueBarnsleyH1-0Win
Mar 16, 1940FriendlyArmy XIH3-0Win
Jan 13, 1940FriendlyBirmingham International XIH0-1Loss
Jan 06, 1940WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldH2-2Draw
Dec 26, 1939FriendlyLeicester CityH3-1Win
Dec 16, 1939FriendlyStockport CountyH6-0Win
Dec 09, 1939WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-1Draw
Nov 25, 1939WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH0-1Loss
Nov 11, 1939WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH6-2Win
Oct 28, 1939WWII Main LeagueDoncaster RoversH1-1Draw
Oct 14, 1939FriendlyNotts CountyH2-1Win
Oct 07, 1939FriendlySheffield WednesdayH1-2Loss
Sep 23, 1939FriendlyGrimsby TownH1-2Loss
Sep 02, 1939League Tier 2Newport CountyH2-1Win
Aug 31, 1939League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH2-0Win
Apr 29, 1939League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-1Win
Apr 22, 1939League Tier 2ChesterfieldH0-1Loss
Apr 08, 1939League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-0Win
Apr 07, 1939League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH2-0Win
Mar 25, 1939League Tier 2MillwallH3-0Win
Mar 11, 1939League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Feb 25, 1939League Tier 2BuryH1-1Draw
Feb 15, 1939League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH2-0Win
Feb 08, 1939League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-2Loss
Feb 04, 1939League Tier 2Tranmere RoversH2-2Draw
Jan 16, 1939FA CupHuddersfield TownH0-3Loss
Dec 31, 1938League Tier 2BurnleyH2-2Draw
Dec 26, 1938League Tier 2Luton TownH2-4Loss
Dec 10, 1938League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH3-3Draw
Nov 26, 1938League Tier 2Manchester CityH3-4Loss
Nov 12, 1938League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-3Loss
Nov 02, 1938County CupMansfield TownH2-2Draw
Oct 29, 1938League Tier 2Swansea TownH1-2Loss
Oct 15, 1938League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 12, 1938County CupNewarkH6-3Win
Sep 24, 1938League Tier 2Coventry CityH3-0Win
Sep 10, 1938League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH2-1Win
Sep 07, 1938League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-0Win
Aug 27, 1938League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-2Loss
Aug 20, 1938FriendlyNotts CountyH4-1Win
Apr 23, 1938League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-0Win
Apr 15, 1938League Tier 2Luton TownH1-0Win
Apr 09, 1938League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-1Loss
Mar 26, 1938League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-1Win
Mar 12, 1938League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-0Win
Feb 26, 1938League Tier 2Norwich CityH1-2Loss
Feb 05, 1938League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-1Win
Jan 26, 1938League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1Draw
Jan 22, 1938FA CupMiddlesbroughH1-3Loss
Jan 08, 1938FA CupSouthamptonH3-1Win
Jan 01, 1938League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
Dec 28, 1937League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH2-3Loss
Dec 18, 1937League Tier 2ChesterfieldH4-2Win
Dec 04, 1937League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH3-1Win
Nov 20, 1937League Tier 2FulhamH0-1Loss
Nov 06, 1937League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 23, 1937League Tier 2Aston VillaH0-2Loss
Oct 13, 1937County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Oct 09, 1937League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Oct 02, 1937League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-1Win
Sep 18, 1937League Tier 2BuryH1-0Win
Sep 15, 1937League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-1Win
Sep 04, 1937League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH3-1Win
Sep 01, 1937League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-2Loss
Apr 21, 1937League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH3-0Win
Apr 17, 1937League Tier 2BuryH1-0Win
Apr 03, 1937League Tier 2BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Mar 29, 1937League Tier 2Swansea TownH6-1Win
Mar 20, 1937League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Mar 06, 1937League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH3-2Win
Feb 20, 1937League Tier 2Norwich CityH3-4Loss
Feb 03, 1937League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-3Loss
Jan 16, 1937FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-4Loss
Jan 09, 1937League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH2-1Win
Dec 26, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2Loss
Dec 25, 1936League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-1Win
Dec 19, 1936League Tier 2Leicester CityH0-3Loss
Dec 05, 1936League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH2-0Win
Nov 07, 1936League Tier 2BarnsleyH4-1Win
Oct 24, 1936League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-2Loss
Oct 10, 1936League Tier 2ChesterfieldH2-2Draw
Oct 08, 1936County CupNewarkH3-1Win
Oct 03, 1936League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Sep 19, 1936League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-1Draw
Sep 16, 1936League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-1Draw
Sep 05, 1936League Tier 2FulhamH5-3Win
Sep 02, 1936League Tier 2Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Apr 18, 1936League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 10, 1936League Tier 2Norwich CityH2-2Draw
Apr 04, 1936League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH1-2Loss
Mar 21, 1936League Tier 2Hull CityH0-0Draw
Mar 07, 1936League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH0-1Loss
Feb 22, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0Win
Feb 08, 1936League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-1Loss
Jan 30, 1936League Tier 2Leicester CityH0-1Loss
Jan 04, 1936League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-2Loss
Dec 26, 1935League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH6-2Win
Dec 21, 1935League Tier 2Bradford CityH1-0Win
Dec 07, 1935League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH4-1Win
Nov 23, 1935League Tier 2Port ValeH9-2Win
Nov 09, 1935League Tier 2BarnsleyH6-0Win
Oct 26, 1935League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-0Draw
Oct 12, 1935League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-0Win
Oct 03, 1935League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-2Draw
Sep 28, 1935League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-0Win
Sep 14, 1935League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-2Draw
Sep 11, 1935League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Aug 31, 1935League Tier 2BuryH2-2Draw
May 04, 1935League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-0Win
Apr 20, 1935League Tier 2BarnsleyH4-1Win
Apr 19, 1935League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-3Loss
Apr 06, 1935League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH2-2Draw
Mar 23, 1935League Tier 2BurnleyH5-0Win
Mar 09, 1935League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH0-1Loss
Feb 28, 1935League Tier 2BrentfordH0-0Draw
Feb 16, 1935FA CupBurnleyH0-0Draw
Feb 09, 1935League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-3Loss
Feb 06, 1935League Tier 2BuryH1-4Loss
Jan 26, 1935FA CupManchester UnitedH0-0Draw
Jan 05, 1935League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-0Win
Dec 25, 1934League Tier 2Norwich CityH5-2Win
Dec 15, 1934League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
Dec 01, 1934League Tier 2Port ValeH2-0Win
Nov 17, 1934League Tier 2Swansea TownH1-0Win
Nov 03, 1934League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH4-0Win
Oct 20, 1934League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-1Win
Oct 13, 1934League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Oct 04, 1934League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-2Draw
Sep 22, 1934League Tier 2Hull CityH2-1Win
Sep 08, 1934League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Aug 25, 1934League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH5-1Win
Apr 28, 1934League Tier 2Bradford CityH1-2Loss
Apr 14, 1934League Tier 2SouthamptonH4-1Win
Apr 02, 1934League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH2-2Draw
Mar 31, 1934League Tier 2Hull CityH0-1Loss
Mar 17, 1934League Tier 2Lincoln CityH6-2Win
Mar 03, 1934League Tier 2Swansea TownH4-2Win
Feb 10, 1934League Tier 2Grimsby TownH4-2Win
Feb 07, 1934League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-3Loss
Jan 31, 1934FA CupChelseaH0-3Loss
Jan 13, 1934FA CupQueens Park RangersH4-0Win
Jan 06, 1934League Tier 2BurnleyH0-2Loss
Dec 26, 1933League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-1Win
Dec 23, 1933League Tier 2Port ValeH6-1Win
Dec 09, 1933League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Nov 25, 1933League Tier 2FulhamH2-0Win
Nov 11, 1933League Tier 2BuryH7-2Win
Oct 28, 1933League Tier 2MillwallH2-0Win
Oct 14, 1933League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH0-1Loss
Oct 07, 1933League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-0Win
Sep 23, 1933League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH3-0Win
Sep 09, 1933League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-3Loss
Sep 07, 1933League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH1-1Draw
Aug 26, 1933League Tier 2BrentfordH1-1Draw
May 06, 1933League Tier 2FulhamH1-0Win
Apr 22, 1933League Tier 2SouthamptonH4-2Win
Apr 14, 1933League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH3-2Win
Apr 08, 1933League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-2Draw
Mar 25, 1933League Tier 2Port ValeH1-1Draw
Mar 16, 1933League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-1Loss
Mar 11, 1933League Tier 2Bradford CityH3-1Win
Feb 18, 1933League Tier 2Notts CountyH3-0Win
Feb 04, 1933League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-1Draw
Jan 21, 1933League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-1Win
Jan 18, 1933FA CupBuryH1-2Loss
Dec 31, 1932League Tier 2Grimsby TownH3-2Win
Dec 27, 1932League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-0Win
Dec 17, 1932League Tier 2MillwallH0-0Draw
Dec 03, 1932League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-2Draw
Nov 19, 1932League Tier 2BuryH0-2Loss
Nov 05, 1932League Tier 2ChesterfieldH2-3Loss
Oct 22, 1932League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-2Draw
Oct 01, 1932League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-1Draw
Sep 17, 1932League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1Draw
Sep 03, 1932League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH2-3Loss
Aug 29, 1932League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH3-1Win
Apr 23, 1932League Tier 2Swansea TownH6-1Win
Apr 09, 1932League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-1Win
Mar 26, 1932League Tier 2Port ValeH2-1Win
Mar 25, 1932League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-0Win
Mar 12, 1932League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH2-0Win
Feb 27, 1932League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH3-2Win
Feb 06, 1932League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-3Loss
Jan 27, 1932League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH6-1Win
Jan 02, 1932League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH3-2Win
Dec 26, 1931League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-1Draw
Dec 19, 1931League Tier 2BuryH0-2Loss
Dec 05, 1931League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH3-3Draw
Nov 21, 1931League Tier 2MillwallH1-1Draw
Nov 07, 1931League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-2Loss
Oct 24, 1931League Tier 2Bristol CityH3-1Win
Oct 10, 1931League Tier 2ChesterfieldH4-0Win
Oct 03, 1931League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-1Win
Oct 01, 1931League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2Loss
Sep 19, 1931League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH2-1Win
Sep 16, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2Draw
Sep 05, 1931League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-0Win
May 02, 1931League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-1Win
Apr 25, 1931League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH4-3Win
Apr 11, 1931League Tier 2BuryH3-0Win
Apr 06, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-4Loss
Mar 28, 1931League Tier 2Swansea TownH3-0Win
Mar 14, 1931League Tier 2Port ValeH1-0Win
Feb 28, 1931League Tier 2Cardiff CityH3-1Win
Feb 14, 1931League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Feb 07, 1931League Tier 2Bristol CityH6-1Win
Jan 24, 1931League Tier 2MillwallH2-1Win
Jan 03, 1931League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-0Win
Dec 25, 1930League Tier 2ReadingH1-1Draw
Dec 13, 1930League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-3Draw
Nov 29, 1930League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-6Loss
Nov 15, 1930League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH1-1Draw
Nov 01, 1930League Tier 2Bradford CityH4-1Win
Oct 18, 1930League Tier 2EvertonH2-2Draw
Sep 27, 1930League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH4-1Win
Sep 17, 1930League Tier 2BurnleyH3-3Draw
Sep 13, 1930League Tier 2Stoke CityH3-0Win
Aug 30, 1930League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-4Loss
May 03, 1930League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Apr 21, 1930League Tier 2BuryH1-2Loss
Apr 19, 1930League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-4Loss
Apr 05, 1930League Tier 2Swansea TownH1-0Win
Mar 22, 1930League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH5-2Win
Mar 08, 1930League Tier 2Hull CityH2-1Win
Mar 01, 1930FA CupSheffield WednesdayH2-2Draw
Feb 22, 1930League Tier 2ReadingH5-0Win
Feb 19, 1930FA CupSunderlandH3-1Win
Feb 08, 1930League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH0-0Draw
Feb 05, 1930League Tier 2MillwallH1-1Draw
Jan 25, 1930FA CupFulhamH2-1Win
Dec 28, 1929League Tier 2ChelseaH0-0Draw
Dec 25, 1929League Tier 2BarnsleyH4-0Win
Dec 21, 1929League Tier 2Bristol CityH5-2Win
Dec 07, 1929League Tier 2Cardiff CityH3-1Win
Nov 23, 1929League Tier 2Bradford CityH2-1Win
Nov 09, 1929League Tier 2Stoke CityH2-1Win
Oct 26, 1929League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH0-2Loss
Oct 12, 1929League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Oct 03, 1929League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-1Draw
Sep 28, 1929League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-5Loss
Sep 14, 1929League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-2Loss
Sep 07, 1929League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-1Draw
Apr 27, 1929League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH3-1Win
Apr 13, 1929League Tier 2Preston North EndH4-1Win
Mar 30, 1929League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Mar 29, 1929League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
Mar 16, 1929League Tier 2Port ValeH2-2Draw
Mar 02, 1929League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Feb 23, 1929League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Feb 20, 1929League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-1Win
Feb 09, 1929League Tier 2ChelseaH3-0Win
Jan 12, 1929FA CupSwansea TownH1-2Loss
Jan 05, 1929League Tier 2Grimsby TownH0-1Loss
Dec 26, 1928League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-1Win
Dec 22, 1928League Tier 2Hull CityH3-1Win
Dec 08, 1928League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Nov 24, 1928League Tier 2ReadingH1-2Loss
Nov 10, 1928League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-1Draw
Oct 27, 1928League Tier 2MillwallH0-4Loss
Oct 06, 1928League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-3Loss
Sep 22, 1928League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1928League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH3-2Win
Sep 05, 1928League Tier 2Clapton OrientH0-0Draw
Aug 25, 1928League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-5Loss
Apr 28, 1928League Tier 2Stoke CityH0-2Loss
Apr 26, 1928League Tier 2Port ValeH0-2Loss
Apr 14, 1928League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-2Loss
Apr 09, 1928League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-1Draw
Mar 31, 1928League Tier 2ChelseaH2-2Draw
Mar 29, 1928League Tier 2ReadingH5-3Win
Mar 17, 1928League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH2-1Win
Feb 25, 1928League Tier 2Swansea TownH0-2Loss
Feb 18, 1928FA CupCardiff CityH2-1Win
Feb 11, 1928League Tier 2Hull CityH1-1Draw
Feb 01, 1928FA CupDerby CountyH2-0Win
Jan 21, 1928League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH2-2Draw
Jan 14, 1928FA CupTranmere RoversH1-0Win
Dec 26, 1927League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-2Win
Dec 24, 1927League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-1Draw
Dec 10, 1927League Tier 2Clapton OrientH4-3Win
Nov 26, 1927League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Nov 12, 1927League Tier 2BlackpoolH4-1Win
Oct 29, 1927League Tier 2Grimsby TownH5-2Win
Oct 08, 1927League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-1Win
Sep 24, 1927League Tier 2Manchester CityH4-5Loss
Sep 17, 1927League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-1Win
Sep 03, 1927League Tier 2South ShieldsH7-2Win
Aug 29, 1927League Tier 2FulhamH7-0Win
May 07, 1927League Tier 2Port ValeH0-3Loss
Apr 23, 1927League Tier 2Bradford CityH3-0Win
Apr 15, 1927League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-1Draw
Apr 09, 1927League Tier 2Preston North EndH7-0Win
Mar 26, 1927League Tier 2Hull CityH3-1Win
Mar 12, 1927League Tier 2Clapton OrientH1-1Draw
Feb 26, 1927League Tier 2DarlingtonH5-1Win
Feb 12, 1927League Tier 2BarnsleyH3-1Win
Feb 05, 1927League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-0Win
Jan 22, 1927League Tier 2ReadingH5-1Win
Dec 27, 1926League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-0Win
Dec 11, 1926League Tier 2SouthamptonH3-1Win
Nov 27, 1926League Tier 2ChelseaH4-1Win
Nov 13, 1926League Tier 2South ShieldsH4-2Win
Oct 30, 1926League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-1Draw
Oct 16, 1926League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH4-3Win
Oct 07, 1926League Tier 2FulhamH2-0Win
Oct 02, 1926League Tier 2Manchester CityH3-3Draw
Sep 11, 1926League Tier 2Swansea TownH2-2Draw
Sep 06, 1926League Tier 2Grimsby TownH1-1Draw
Aug 28, 1926League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
Apr 24, 1926League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-2Loss
Apr 21, 1926League Tier 2Hull CityH4-0Win
Apr 10, 1926League Tier 2South ShieldsH4-1Win
Apr 05, 1926League Tier 2Clapton OrientH1-0Win
Mar 27, 1926League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-0Win
Mar 13, 1926League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-0Win
Mar 06, 1926FA CupBolton WanderersH2-2Draw
Feb 27, 1926League Tier 2Swansea TownH0-2Loss
Feb 13, 1926League Tier 2Bradford CityH0-0Draw
Jan 30, 1926FA CupSwindon TownH2-0Win
Jan 23, 1926League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-2Loss
Jan 09, 1926FA CupBradford CityH1-0Win
Jan 02, 1926League Tier 2DarlingtonH2-0Win
Dec 25, 1925League Tier 2BarnsleyH4-2Win
Dec 19, 1925League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH1-1Draw
Dec 05, 1925League Tier 2Preston North EndH4-0Win
Nov 21, 1925League Tier 2FulhamH2-2Draw
Nov 07, 1925League Tier 2PortsmouthH3-1Win
Oct 24, 1925League Tier 2The WednesdayH2-0Win
Oct 10, 1925League Tier 2Port ValeH2-0Win
Sep 26, 1925League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-2Loss
Sep 19, 1925League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-4Loss
Sep 05, 1925League Tier 2BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Aug 31, 1925League Tier 2ChelseaH1-5Loss
Apr 18, 1925League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
Apr 10, 1925League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-2Loss
Apr 04, 1925League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH4-0Win
Mar 21, 1925League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1Loss
Mar 07, 1925League Tier 1SunderlandH1-1Draw
Feb 14, 1925League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-3Loss
Feb 04, 1925League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Jan 31, 1925FA CupWest Ham UnitedH0-2Loss
Jan 24, 1925League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-0Draw
Jan 10, 1925FA CupClapton OrientH1-0Win
Jan 03, 1925League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-3Loss
Dec 26, 1924League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-1Draw
Dec 20, 1924League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-0Win
Dec 06, 1924League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Nov 22, 1924League Tier 1BurnleyH0-0Draw
Nov 08, 1924League Tier 1Cardiff CityH2-1Win
Oct 25, 1924League Tier 1EvertonH0-1Loss
Oct 18, 1924League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Oct 04, 1924League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH1-1Draw
Oct 02, 1924League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-2Loss
Sep 13, 1924League Tier 1BuryH2-0Win
Sep 08, 1924League Tier 1Huddersfield TownH0-1Loss
Aug 30, 1924League Tier 1ArsenalH0-2Loss
Apr 26, 1924League Tier 1Huddersfield TownH1-1Draw
Apr 21, 1924League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Apr 12, 1924League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-0Draw
Mar 29, 1924League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-0Draw
Mar 15, 1924League Tier 1ArsenalH2-1Win
Mar 08, 1924League Tier 1SunderlandH1-2Loss
Feb 23, 1924League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-0Win
Feb 09, 1924League Tier 1Manchester CityH1-2Loss
Jan 26, 1924League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Dec 29, 1923League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 25, 1923League Tier 1ChelseaH2-0Win
Dec 15, 1923League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Dec 01, 1923League Tier 1Cardiff CityH0-1Loss
Nov 17, 1923League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-2Loss
Nov 03, 1923League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-0Draw
Oct 27, 1923League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-1Loss
Oct 13, 1923League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH3-1Win
Sep 29, 1923League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-0Win
Sep 15, 1923League Tier 1BurnleyH0-0Draw
Sep 01, 1923League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Aug 27, 1923League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH1-1Draw
Apr 21, 1923League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-0Win
Apr 07, 1923League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-1Loss
Mar 30, 1923League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-1Win
Mar 24, 1923League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-0Win
Mar 03, 1923League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-4Loss
Feb 24, 1923FriendlyCorinthiansH1-2Loss
Feb 17, 1923League Tier 1Cardiff CityH3-2Win
Feb 03, 1923League Tier 1ArsenalH2-1Win
Jan 20, 1923League Tier 1Aston VillaH3-1Win
Jan 13, 1923FA CupSheffield UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 30, 1922League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-1Loss
Dec 26, 1922League Tier 1ChelseaH0-4Loss
Dec 23, 1922League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-3Loss
Dec 09, 1922League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-1Loss
Nov 25, 1922League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Nov 11, 1922League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0Win
Oct 21, 1922League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
Oct 07, 1922League Tier 1Preston North EndH3-0Win
Oct 05, 1922League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-1Draw
Sep 23, 1922League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-0Win
Sep 16, 1922League Tier 1Oldham AthleticH1-0Win
Sep 04, 1922League Tier 1Huddersfield TownH0-1Loss
Aug 26, 1922League Tier 1SunderlandH1-0Win
Apr 29, 1922League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-0Win
Apr 22, 1922League Tier 2Stoke CityH3-1Win
Apr 17, 1922League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-1Draw
Apr 01, 1922League Tier 2Clapton OrientH2-0Win
Mar 18, 1922League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH4-1Win
Mar 11, 1922League Tier 2BlackpoolH0-0Draw
Feb 25, 1922League Tier 2FulhamH0-0Draw
Feb 11, 1922League Tier 2The WednesdayH2-0Win
Feb 08, 1922League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH1-0Win
Jan 28, 1922FA CupHull CityH3-0Win
Jan 14, 1922League Tier 2BuryH1-2Loss
Jan 11, 1922FA CupBristol CityH3-1Win
Dec 26, 1921League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Dec 17, 1921League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
Dec 10, 1921League Tier 2South ShieldsH1-0Win
Nov 19, 1921League Tier 2Port ValeH1-1Draw
Nov 14, 1921League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-0Draw
Oct 29, 1921League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-0Win
Oct 15, 1921League Tier 2Leicester CityH0-0Draw
Oct 01, 1921League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0Win
Sep 17, 1921League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-0Win
Sep 03, 1921League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-1Win
Aug 29, 1921League Tier 2Hull CityH3-2Win
May 14, 1921FriendlyH Bulling XIH4-3Win
May 07, 1921League Tier 2Coventry CityH0-2Loss
Apr 30, 1921League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-0Win
Apr 16, 1921League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Apr 02, 1921League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH1-0Win
Mar 25, 1921League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-1Draw
Mar 12, 1921League Tier 2FulhamH5-1Win
Feb 26, 1921League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-2Loss
Feb 12, 1921League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-2Loss
Feb 05, 1921League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-1Draw
Jan 15, 1921League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-1Win
Dec 25, 1920League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH6-1Win
Dec 18, 1920League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
Dec 11, 1920League Tier 2Hull CityH2-0Win
Nov 27, 1920League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-1Loss
Nov 13, 1920League Tier 2South ShieldsH1-2Loss
Oct 30, 1920League Tier 2BuryH4-2Win
Oct 09, 1920League Tier 2Port ValeH1-4Loss
Oct 07, 1920League Tier 2The WednesdayH4-2Win
Sep 25, 1920League Tier 2Clapton OrientH1-1Draw
Sep 11, 1920League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
Aug 28, 1920League Tier 2Stoke CityH2-2Draw
Apr 17, 1920League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-2Loss
Apr 05, 1920League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-1Win
Apr 03, 1920League Tier 2Coventry CityH2-1Win
Mar 20, 1920League Tier 2FulhamH0-3Loss
Mar 06, 1920League Tier 2Leicester CityH0-0Draw
Feb 28, 1920League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-2Loss
Feb 18, 1920League Tier 2Port ValeH0-1Loss
Feb 14, 1920League Tier 2Grimsby TownH2-0Win
Jan 28, 1920League Tier 2Stoke CityH0-2Loss
Jan 03, 1920League Tier 2BuryH1-0Win
Dec 26, 1919League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-1Win
Dec 06, 1919League Tier 2Clapton OrientH2-1Win
Nov 22, 1919League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
Nov 08, 1919League Tier 2South ShieldsH0-0Draw
Oct 25, 1919League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win
Oct 11, 1919League Tier 2Hull CityH0-2Loss
Oct 03, 1919League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
Sep 27, 1919League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-1Draw
Sep 13, 1919League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-1Loss
Sep 06, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH4-1Win
Sep 01, 1919League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-2Loss
May 10, 1919WWI Initial TournamentEvertonH0-0Draw
Apr 18, 1919WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH3-2Win
Apr 05, 1919WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseH0-2Loss
Mar 22, 1919WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH1-3Loss
Mar 08, 1919WWI Initial TournamentHull CityH2-1Win
Feb 22, 1919WWI Initial TournamentSheffield UnitedH3-1Win
Feb 08, 1919WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityH0-2Loss
Jan 25, 1919WWI Initial TournamentBradford Park AvenueH3-0Win
Jan 11, 1919WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseH1-1Draw
Dec 28, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBarnsleyH2-0Win
Dec 25, 1918WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH2-0Win
Dec 14, 1918WWI Initial TournamentCoventry CityH0-1Loss
Dec 07, 1918WWI Initial TournamentHuddersfield TownH1-0Win
Nov 23, 1918WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayH3-1Win
Nov 09, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBradford CityH6-1Win
Oct 26, 1918WWI Initial TournamentGrimsby TownH6-1Win
Oct 05, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH1-1Draw
Sep 21, 1918WWI Initial TournamentRotherham UnitedH3-1Win
Sep 07, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Apr 06, 1918WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseH2-0Win
Apr 01, 1918WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH0-3Loss
Mar 23, 1918WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Mar 09, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBarnsleyH1-0Win
Feb 23, 1918WWI Initial TournamentSheffield UnitedH0-1Loss
Feb 09, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityH0-1Loss
Jan 12, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseH2-0Win
Dec 29, 1917WWI Initial TournamentHull CityH5-1Win
Dec 26, 1917WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH0-0Draw
Nov 24, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH2-1Win
Nov 10, 1917WWI Initial TournamentGrimsby TownH5-0Win
Oct 27, 1917WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH0-1Loss
Oct 13, 1917WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH1-3Loss
Oct 06, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBradford CityH2-0Win
Sep 22, 1917WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayH3-0Win
Sep 08, 1917WWI Initial TournamentHuddersfield TownH3-0Win
Apr 14, 1917WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH2-3Loss
Apr 06, 1917WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH3-3Draw
Mar 31, 1917WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseH1-0Win
Mar 03, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBradford CityH0-1Loss
Feb 17, 1917WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityH3-3Draw
Feb 03, 1917WWI Initial TournamentChesterfieldH3-0Win
Jan 27, 1917WWI Initial TournamentHull CityH3-0Win
Jan 13, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBradford Park AvenueH0-1Loss
Dec 30, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH2-0Win
Dec 25, 1916WWI Initial TournamentGrimsby TownH5-1Win
Dec 16, 1916WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH2-3Loss
Dec 02, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseH2-0Win
Nov 18, 1916WWI Initial TournamentSheffield UnitedH0-0Draw
Nov 04, 1916WWI Initial TournamentBarnsleyH3-0Win
Oct 14, 1916WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH0-4Loss
Sep 30, 1916WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayH5-1Win
Sep 16, 1916WWI Initial TournamentHuddersfield TownH0-1Loss
Sep 02, 1916WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH4-3Win
Apr 24, 1916WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH4-2Win
Apr 21, 1916WWI Second TournamentChesterfieldH8-1Win
Apr 15, 1916WWI Second TournamentStoke CityH3-1Win
Mar 25, 1916WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseH4-0Win
Mar 11, 1916WWI Second TournamentStoke CityH1-0Win
Feb 05, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseH1-0Win
Jan 15, 1916WWI Initial TournamentHull CityH4-1Win
Jan 01, 1916WWI Initial TournamentBradford Park AvenueH0-0Draw
Dec 27, 1915WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayH1-1Draw
Dec 18, 1915WWI Initial TournamentDerby CountyH5-0Win
Dec 04, 1915WWI Initial TournamentGrimsby TownH2-0Win
Nov 27, 1915WWI Initial TournamentHuddersfield TownH2-0Win
Nov 13, 1915WWI Initial TournamentSheffield UnitedH2-0Win
Oct 30, 1915WWI Initial TournamentBarnsleyH5-0Win
Oct 23, 1915WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH3-2Win
Oct 09, 1915WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityH2-0Win
Sep 11, 1915WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH3-5Loss
Apr 17, 1915League Tier 2Clapton OrientH0-1Loss
Apr 03, 1915League Tier 2Hull CityH1-0Win
Mar 20, 1915League Tier 2FulhamH2-2Draw
Mar 06, 1915League Tier 2Glossop North EndH1-0Win
Feb 20, 1915League Tier 2Leicester FosseH1-3Loss
Feb 13, 1915League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-1Win
Feb 04, 1915League Tier 2BuryH1-1Draw
Jan 16, 1915League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH3-2Win
Jan 09, 1915FA CupNorwich CityH1-4Loss
Dec 25, 1914League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2Draw
Dec 19, 1914FA CupShrewsbury TownH6-1Win
Dec 05, 1914League Tier 2Leeds CityH3-1Win
Nov 21, 1914League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-1Draw
Nov 18, 1914League Tier 2ArsenalH1-1Draw
Nov 07, 1914League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Oct 24, 1914League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-1Win
Oct 03, 1914League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Oct 01, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH3-2Win
Sep 19, 1914League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-1Loss
Sep 05, 1914League Tier 2Grimsby TownH4-2Win
Sep 02, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Apr 18, 1914League Tier 2Glossop North EndH1-2Loss
Apr 13, 1914League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-0Win
Apr 04, 1914League Tier 2Leeds CityH2-1Win
Mar 21, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
Mar 07, 1914League Tier 2Woolwich ArsenalH0-0Draw
Feb 28, 1914League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Feb 14, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-1Win
Jan 24, 1914League Tier 2BuryH1-1Draw
Jan 14, 1914FA CupClapton OrientH0-1Loss
Jan 03, 1914League Tier 2Hull CityH1-2Loss
Dec 26, 1913League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
Dec 20, 1913League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-2Draw
Dec 06, 1913League Tier 2Clapton OrientH1-1Draw
Nov 22, 1913League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Nov 08, 1913League Tier 2Grimsby TownH4-1Win
Oct 18, 1913League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-0Win
Oct 04, 1913League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-1Draw
Sep 20, 1913League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-2Loss
Sep 06, 1913League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-3Loss
Sep 03, 1913League Tier 2Leicester FosseH1-3Loss
Apr 26, 1913League Tier 2FulhamH2-4Loss
Apr 12, 1913League Tier 2Grimsby TownH1-2Loss
Mar 29, 1913League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH0-1Loss
Mar 21, 1913League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-2Loss
Mar 15, 1913League Tier 2Bristol CityH4-1Win
Feb 22, 1913League Tier 2Clapton OrientH0-0Draw
Feb 08, 1913League Tier 2Hull CityH5-0Win
Feb 05, 1913League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-2Loss
Dec 28, 1912League Tier 2Leicester FosseH4-2Win
Dec 25, 1912League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-0Win
Dec 14, 1912League Tier 2BuryH1-1Draw
Nov 30, 1912League Tier 2Leeds CityH1-2Loss
Nov 16, 1912League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
Nov 02, 1912League Tier 2BlackpoolH1-1Draw
Oct 26, 1912League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-2Loss
Oct 12, 1912League Tier 2Glossop North EndH3-2Win
Oct 03, 1912League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-0Win
Sep 28, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH2-1Win
Sep 14, 1912League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-1Win
Apr 27, 1912League Tier 2FulhamH1-1Draw
Apr 13, 1912League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-2Loss
Apr 08, 1912League Tier 2Stockport CountyH1-2Loss
Mar 30, 1912League Tier 2Glossop North EndH0-1Loss
Mar 16, 1912League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH3-0Win
Mar 02, 1912League Tier 2Bristol CityH2-0Win
Feb 17, 1912League Tier 2ChelseaH2-3Loss
Feb 10, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH0-1Loss
Jan 27, 1912League Tier 2Gainsborough TrinityH2-0Win
Jan 13, 1912FA CupBradford Park AvenueH0-1Loss
Jan 06, 1912League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 1911League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-3Loss
Dec 16, 1911League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-1Win
Dec 02, 1911League Tier 2Hull CityH0-0Draw
Nov 18, 1911League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-1Win
Nov 04, 1911League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-1Loss
Oct 21, 1911League Tier 2Clapton OrientH3-0Win
Oct 12, 1911FriendlyHillhurst AthleticH4-1Win
Sep 30, 1911League Tier 2Grimsby TownH1-0Win
Sep 16, 1911League Tier 2Leicester FosseH4-1Win
Sep 02, 1911League Tier 2Leeds CityH2-1Win
Apr 17, 1911FriendlyQueen's ParkH1-2Loss
Apr 08, 1911League Tier 1The WednesdayH0-1Loss
Apr 05, 1911League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-1Loss
Mar 25, 1911League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-0Draw
Mar 04, 1911League Tier 1Bradford CityH0-2Loss
Feb 18, 1911League Tier 1SunderlandH1-3Loss
Feb 04, 1911League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-2Loss
Jan 21, 1911League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-0Win
Dec 31, 1910League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-2Loss
Dec 27, 1910League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-1Draw
Dec 24, 1910League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-2Loss
Dec 10, 1910League Tier 1Bristol CityH3-3Draw
Nov 26, 1910League Tier 1EvertonH1-1Draw
Nov 12, 1910League Tier 1Oldham AthleticH4-1Win
Nov 05, 1910League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH5-2Win
Oct 22, 1910League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH2-3Loss
Oct 08, 1910League Tier 1Aston VillaH3-1Win
Oct 06, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-3Loss
Sep 24, 1910League Tier 1BuryH1-2Loss
Sep 10, 1910League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-1Win
Apr 23, 1910League Tier 1The WednesdayH0-6Loss
Apr 09, 1910League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
Mar 26, 1910League Tier 1SunderlandH1-3Loss
Mar 25, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-0Draw
Mar 19, 1910League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH0-1Loss
Mar 05, 1910League Tier 1ChelseaH0-0Draw
Mar 02, 1910League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH1-1Draw
Feb 09, 1910FA CupNorthampton TownH1-0Win
Jan 22, 1910League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-1Loss
Jan 15, 1910FA CupSheffield UnitedH3-2Win
Jan 01, 1910League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-4Loss
Dec 27, 1909League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-2Draw
Dec 18, 1909League Tier 1Bristol CityH0-0Draw
Dec 04, 1909League Tier 1Bradford CityH1-1Draw
Nov 20, 1909League Tier 1EvertonH1-0Win
Nov 03, 1909League Tier 1BuryH3-3Draw
Oct 30, 1909League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-4Loss
Oct 16, 1909League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH2-0Win
Oct 02, 1909League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-3Loss
Sep 18, 1909League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-4Loss
Sep 04, 1909League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-1Win
Apr 24, 1909League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH4-1Win
Apr 21, 1909League Tier 1Leicester FosseH12-0Win
Apr 12, 1909League Tier 1BuryH0-2Loss
Apr 10, 1909League Tier 1Bristol CityH1-1Draw
Mar 27, 1909League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-0Win
Feb 27, 1909League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
Feb 20, 1909FA CupMillwallH3-1Win
Feb 13, 1909League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-1Win
Feb 06, 1909FA CupBrentfordH1-0Win
Jan 30, 1909League Tier 1SunderlandH4-0Win
Jan 16, 1909FA CupAston VillaH2-0Win
Jan 02, 1909League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH0-2Loss
Dec 28, 1908League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-2Loss
Dec 12, 1908League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1Draw
Nov 28, 1908League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-4Loss
Nov 14, 1908League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH0-1Loss
Oct 31, 1908League Tier 1EvertonH1-2Loss
Oct 17, 1908League Tier 1Bradford CityH2-1Win
Oct 03, 1908League Tier 1ChelseaH2-1Win
Oct 01, 1908League Tier 1LiverpoolH5-1Win
Sep 19, 1908League Tier 1The WednesdayH1-2Loss
Sep 12, 1908League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-2Loss
Apr 25, 1908League Tier 1BuryH1-2Loss
Apr 20, 1908League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Apr 17, 1908League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-0Win
Apr 11, 1908League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-1Win
Mar 28, 1908League Tier 1Bristol CityH3-1Win
Mar 14, 1908League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH1-0Win
Feb 29, 1908League Tier 1EvertonH5-2Win
Feb 15, 1908League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-0Win
Jan 25, 1908League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH0-0Draw
Dec 26, 1907League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Dec 21, 1907League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-2Draw
Dec 07, 1907League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-0Win
Nov 23, 1907League Tier 1The WednesdayH2-2Draw
Nov 09, 1907League Tier 1SunderlandH4-1Win
Oct 26, 1907League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
Oct 12, 1907League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH3-2Win
Sep 21, 1907League Tier 1ChelseaH6-0Win
Sep 07, 1907League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH0-3Loss
Sep 02, 1907League Tier 1LiverpoolH3-1Win
Apr 24, 1907League Tier 2Lincoln CityH3-1Win
Apr 13, 1907League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH3-1Win
Apr 02, 1907League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
Mar 30, 1907League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-0Win
Mar 16, 1907League Tier 2Hull CityH2-1Win
Mar 02, 1907League Tier 2Gainsborough TrinityH3-1Win
Feb 16, 1907League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win
Jan 19, 1907League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0Win
Jan 12, 1907FA CupBarnsleyH1-1Draw
Dec 29, 1906League Tier 2Grimsby TownH0-3Loss
Dec 25, 1906League Tier 2Burton UnitedH2-0Win
Dec 15, 1906League Tier 2Leicester FosseH2-1Win
Dec 01, 1906League Tier 2Bradford CityH3-0Win
Nov 17, 1906League Tier 2Glossop North EndH2-0Win
Nov 03, 1906League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-1Win
Oct 20, 1906League Tier 2Clapton OrientH4-0Win
Oct 06, 1906League Tier 2ChelseaH3-1Win
Oct 04, 1906League Tier 2ChesterfieldH3-1Win
Sep 22, 1906League Tier 2Leeds CityH3-0Win
Sep 08, 1906League Tier 2Burslem Port ValeH2-2Draw
Apr 21, 1906League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
Apr 17, 1906League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-0Draw
Apr 16, 1906League Tier 1The WednesdayH3-4Loss
Apr 07, 1906League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
Mar 24, 1906League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH4-0Win
Mar 14, 1906League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-2Loss
Feb 10, 1906League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-1Win
Jan 27, 1906League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-1Win
Jan 17, 1906FA CupBuryH6-2Win
Jan 06, 1906League Tier 1Manchester CityH0-1Loss
Dec 25, 1905League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Dec 23, 1905League Tier 1EvertonH4-3Win
Dec 09, 1905League Tier 1SunderlandH1-2Loss
Nov 25, 1905League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH3-1Win
Nov 11, 1905League Tier 1Stoke CityH3-1Win
Oct 28, 1905League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH4-1Win
Oct 14, 1905League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-2Draw
Sep 30, 1905League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-0Win
Sep 16, 1905League Tier 1BuryH3-2Win
Sep 02, 1905League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
Apr 24, 1905League Tier 1EvertonH0-2Loss
Apr 01, 1905League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-2Loss
Mar 18, 1905League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-1Win
Feb 04, 1905FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-0Win
Jan 14, 1905League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
Dec 31, 1904League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH2-2Draw
Dec 27, 1904League Tier 1Woolwich ArsenalH0-3Loss
Dec 26, 1904League Tier 1