My favorite page. I love finding these statistics and they've all been derived from the City Ground database.
Some (like Wembley appearances, top goalscorers etc.) are obvious, but others (who scored on their birthday, which teams have knocked us out of cups and have we visited every ground in the league) are much more interesting. Let me know if there are any more good stats I can develop...

Every Game - Every game we've played (takes a while to load...)
Each Competition - A count of how many games we played in each competition
Win/Loss Records - Our Win/Draw/Loss record in each competition
Goals For and Against Records - Our goals scored v conceded record in each competition
Largest Wins and Losses - Biggest wins and worst losses
Game Milestones - The 1st, 100th, 200th game etc.
Full-Time and Half-Time
Full-Time Scorelines - How many times we've won, lost and drawn by every scoreline
Half-time Scorelines - How many times we've been winning, drawing and losing at half-time, by every scoreline
Half-time Stats - How we finished each game depending on the half-time result
Since and Streaks
Games Since... - Games we've played since certain milestones
Streaks - The longest Wins, Draws, Losses, Unbeaten and No-Win streaks
Streaks (Start Of Season) - The longest Wins, Draws, Losses, Unbeaten and No-Win streaks at the start of each season
Streaks (Start Of Year) - The longest Wins, Draws, Losses, Unbeaten and No-Win streaks at the start of each year (Jan onwards)
Results On Each Day Of The Year - How we did on every day of the year (Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3 etc.)
  Quick Links: New Years Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day
Results On Each Day Of The Week - How we did on every day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.)
Results In Each Month Of The Year - How we did in each month of the year
Results Of The First Game Each Calender Year - How we did in the first game each year
Results Of The Last Game Each Calender Year - How we did in the last game each year
Unchanged Lineups - How often have we had an unchanged lineup? And what is the most games without a change?
Fully Changed Lineups - How often have we had an fully changed lineup?
Abandoned Games - Abandoned games
Rescheduled Covid-19 games - Games rescheduled due to the 2020 outbreak of Covid-19
Neutral Grounds - Games we played at neutral grounds (cup replays, semi finals, finals etc.)
Consecutive Days - Games played on consecutive days!

Opening Day - Results on the opening day of every season
Each Week
Weekly Results - Results on corresponding weeks every season
Weekly Position - How our league position changed after every game
Weekly Points - How many points we had after each game
League Positions
Forest League Position - How we did based on our league position
Opposition League Position - How we did based on the opposition's league position
Time In Each Position - How long we spent in each league position
Final League Positions - How many times we finished in each league position
First League Week - The first week we won, lost, or drew a game each season
League Doubles - Times we've competed league doubles over opponents
Playoffs - Appearances in the league playoffs
Promotion and Relegation - Seasons where we've been promoted or relegated
First Game After Being Promoted - How we did in the first game after we've been promoted or relegated

Cup Knockouts By Us - Who have we knocked out of cups?
Cup Knockouts Against Us - Who has knocked us out of cups?
Against Holders - How we did when we were drawn against the current holders of the Major Cups
Cup Byes and Walkovers - Cup byes and walkovers
Two Legged Games - All the two-legged cup games we've been involved in
Extra Time - Games that went to extra time
Penalty Shoot Outs - Games that have gone to penalties
Replays - Games that needed replays
Wembley - Games played at Wembley Stadium
Various Cups
The FA Cup - A chart of our progress in the FA Cup each year
The League Cup - A chart of our progress in the League Cup each year
Brian Clough Trophy - All games against Derby County since 2007-08
Derek Pavis Trophy - All games against Notts County since 2017

Player Appearances - Player appearances from most to least
Ever Presents - Players who appeared in every game each season
Youngest and Oldest Players - Lists of our youngest and oldest players
Career Starts - How did players do in their first 21 games?
Consecutive Appearances - Players who appeared in the most consecutive games
Substitutions - Who came on and went off
Games with Debut Players - How we fared when playing with debutant players
Players With Multiple Spells - Players who left, and then came back to the City Ground
Player Of The Year - Player of the year for each season
Birthday Appearances - Players who made an appearance on their birthday
Goalkeeper Records - Records for each goalkeeper
Goalkeeper Substitutions - The times that a goalkeeper came off injured
Where They're From
Nottingham-born Players - List of players from Nottingham
Players Countries Of Birth - List of countries where players are from, ordered by country
Nationalities - List of the various nationalites who have played for Forest, ordered by appearance
Temp Players
Wartime Players - List of players who went to war
Loanees - Players who came to the City Ground on loan
Guest Players - List of players who guested for Forest during War Time
Unused Players - List of players who only made bench appearances and never played a game
Capped Players - List of players who have played for their countries
Players and Managers - The players who played under most managers
Players League Positions - How many league positions a player moved up (or down) during their Forest career

Games With A Full English Lineup - Which games had a starting eleven of all England players
Games With A Non-English Lineup - Which games had a starting eleven of non-England players
Each Squad Number - Who has worn each number
Games With Highest and Lowest Squad Numbers - Which games had the highest and lowest count of squad numbers

Every Goal - Every goal we've ever scored (takes a while to load...)
Top Goal Scorers - Our top goalscorers of all time
Goals Per Game - Our most (and least) prolific goalscorers
Top Goal Scorers for Each Season - Top goalscorers for each season
20 Goals In A Season - All players who scored 20 or more goals in a season
How Long Before Players Scored NEW - How long did it take each goalscorer to score his first goal
Ages Of Goal Scorers - Who were the oldest (and youngest) goal scorers for Forest?
Debut Goalscorers - Players who scored on their debut
Debut Goalscoring Streaks - Players who scored in their first 2, 3 or 4 games
Fastest Goals
Fastest Goals Scored - The fastest goals we've scored
Fastest Goals Conceded - The fastest goals we've conceded
Own Goals
Own Goals - All the Own Goals scored by us and by the opposition
Scoring Streaks - The most consecutive games with and without scoring
Players Scoring in Consecutive Games - Players who have scored in the most consecutive games
Longest Time Between Goals - The most minutes without scoring a goal
Goal Milestones - The 1st, 100th, 200th goal etc.
Multiple Goals
Hat Tricks - List of all hat tricks
Multiple Goals - List of all games where players scored 4 or more goals
Penalties - Penalties we've missed, saved, conceded and scored
Birthday Goals - Goals scored by players on their birthday
Scoring In Multiple Seasons NEW - The players who scored in at least 5 different seasons
Scoring On Every Day Of The Week - Who has scored on every day of the week, and who's close to doing it?
Scoring and Not Losing - Players who never lost a game when they scored

Managers Starts - The first 11 games for each manager
Managers Finishes - The last 10 games for each manager
Managers Of The Month - Forest's Manager Of The Month awards
Managers Ages - The oldest and youngest managers
Managers On Their Birthdays - How our bosses did on their birthdays
First Goals - Who went the most (and least) time before a goal was scored
Our Players Who Managed Us - Records for our players who went on to manage us
Our Players Who Managed Opponents - Records for our players who went on to manage opponents against us
Our Managers Who Previously Played Against Us - Records for our managers when they played against us
Our Managers Who Also Managed Against Us - Records for our managers when they managed against us

Yellow Cards - A list of players with most yellow cards
Red Cards - A list of all our sendings off
Red Cards (Opponent) - A list of all our opponent's sendings off
Most Yellow Cards - Games with the most yellow cards
Most Red Cards - Games with multiple red cards

Transfers by Player - All players transfers
Transfers by Date - All transfers ordered by Date
Transfers by Fee - All transfers ordered by Fee
Transfers by Club - Which clubs have we had most dealings with?

Our Opponents - All of the clubs we've played
Most Games Played - Who have we played the most?
Opponent Managers - The records against all the managers we've faced
Teams Never Beaten Or Lost To - All the teams we've never beaten, and those we've never lost to
Teams Who've Never Beaten Us At Home - All the teams who have never won, or lost, at The City Ground
Teams We've Never Scored Against Or Conceded To - All the teams we've never scored against, and those we've never conceded a goal to

Grounds We've Played At - All the grounds we've played at
Grounds Never Won Or Lost At - The grounds we've never won at, and those we've never lost at

Overall Attendance Records - Biggest home crowds and the progression of attendance records at home
Season Attendance Records - Each season's attendance records, with the opponents listed
92 Club - Have Forest visited every ground in the League?
Home Games Played At Meadow Lane In 1968 - The games played at Meadow Lane following a fire at The City Ground
Testimonials - All testimonial games we've been involved with
Referees - The records of all the referees we've had
International games - A list of the International games played at the City Ground

Videos - Game Videos (from YouTube)

European Cups 1979, 1980 and 1981 - The 22 players who played in the three European Cup seasons
League Title 1978 - The players who won the top tier title (First Division) in 1978
League Title 1998 - The players who won the second tier title (League Division One) in 1998
Premier League Promotion 2022 - The players who won promotion to the Premier League in 2022
FA Cup 1898 - The players who won the FA Cup by beating Derby 3-1 in 1898
FA Cup 1959 - The players who won the FA Cup by beating Luton 2-1 in 1959
League Cup 1978 and 1979 - The players who appeared in the two League cup final wins in 1978, 1979
League Cup 1989 and 1990 - The players who appeared in the two League cup final wins in 1989 and 1990

Chairmen - All our chairmen from JS Scrimshaw (in 1865) to Nicholas Randall, QC
Sponsors - All our sponsors, with records

On This Day - What happened on today's date in the past
League Tables On Any Day - Select a date for the League Tables on that day
On This Day (all of them) - All of our 'On This Day' stats throughout the year

News - All the newsworthy items that I've come across in the last few years. Kinda like a quick history.
Headlines - All the City Ground's inspiring and thoughtful headlines, that appear at the top of the page after each game
Did You Know? - All of our home page 'Did You Know?' Facts

Worst Start To The Season - What's been our worst start to a season? And was it 2021-22?
Worst Start To Best Finish - Was our move from bottom of the table to the Playoffs in 2021-22 a record?
Who We Relegated - A list of teams that we've relegated at the end of a season
42-Game Unbeaten Run - The 42-game unbeaten streak across the 1978 and 79 seasons
Brian Clough Games - How did Brian Clough do when he played against us?
Keith Cooper Games - How did we do when Steve Cooper's dad refereed a game for us?
Founding Members Of The League - Who were the 12 founding members of the Football League, and where are they now?

Historical Kits - Forest kits at Historical Kits

Cup Names and Sponsors - Ever wondered what the Fairs Cup, Milk Cup, Simod Cup and Leyland DAF Trophy are?
Division Names - Names of the four divisions over the years
Substitutes - History of substitutes


For the purpose of The City Ground's stats, all the games we've played in are divided into Competitive and Non-Competitive games.

Here's the list of what game type is in each group:
Competitive: League, Playoffs, FA Cup, League Cup, All European games, EFL Trophy, Anglo-Scottish Cup, Anglo-Italian Cup, Full Members Cup and Charity Shield
Non-Competitive: Football Alliance, World War I and World War II games, Friendlies, Testimonials etc.

Statistic Total Competitive Non-Competitive
Opp Managers1,043--