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Streaks - The longest Wins, Draws, Losses, Unbeaten and No-Win streaks
Attendances - Biggest home crowds and the progression of attendance records at home
Streaks (Start Of Season) - The longest Wins, Draws, Losses, Unbeaten and No-Win streaks at the start of each season
Game Milestones - The 1st, 100th, 200th game etc.
First Week - The first week we won, lost, or drew a game each season
Results on each day of the year - How we did on every day in the year
Abandoned Games - Abandoned games
92 Club - Have Forest visited every ground in the League?


Appearances - Player appearances
Ever Presents - Players who appeared in every game each season
Consecutive Appearances - Players who appeared in the most consecutive games
Substitutions - Who went on and off
Transfers - All players transfers
Player Of The Year - Player of the year for each season
Birthday Appearances - Players who made an appearance on their birthday
Goalkeeper records - Records for each goalkeeper
Nottingham-born Players - List of players from Nottingham and countries where other players are from
International Players - List of players who have played for their countries
Unused Players - List of players who only made bench appearances and never played a game
Guest Players - List of players who guested for Forest during War Time


Scoring Streaks - The most consecutive games with and without scoring
Top Goal Scorers - Overall Top Goalscorers
Top Goal Scorers for each season - Top Goalscorers for each season
Goals in Consecutive Games - Players who have scored in the most consecutive games
Goal Milestones - The 1st, 100th, 200th goal etc.
Debut Goalscorers - Players who scored on their debut
Hat Tricks - List of all hat tricks
Birthday Goals - Goals scored by players on their birthday
Never Lost When Scoring - Players who never lost a game they scored in


Opening Day - Results on the opening day of every season
Week by Week - Results on corresponding weeks every season
League Doubles - Times we've competed league doubles over opponents
Playoffs - Appearances in the league playoffs
Relegation and Promotion - Seasons where we've been promoted or relegated
42-Game Unbeaten Run - The 42-game unbeaten streak across the 1978 and 79 seasons


Wembley - Games played at Wembley Stadium
Cup byes - Cup byes
Penalty Shoot Outs - Games that have gone to penalties
Cup Knockouts - Who has knocked us out of all cups?
Brian Clough Trophy - All games against Derby County since 2007-08


Transfers by Player - All players transfers
Transfers by Date - All transfers ordered by Date
Transfers by Fee - All transfers ordered by Fee
Transfers by Club - Which clubs have we had most dealings with?


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European Cups - The 22 players who played in the three European Cup seasons


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Cup Names and Sponsors - Ever wonder what the Fairs Cup, Milk Cup, Simod Cup and Leyland DAF Trophy are?
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