These are all of Nottingham Forest's chairmen, from JS SCrimshaw when the club was founded in 1865 through Maurice Roworth in the 1980's to the Fawaz family and finally the current chairman Nicholas Randall, QC.
Where a chairman has also been a former player or manager, there is a link to their record.

Dates Chairman
1865-1866JS Scrimshaw
1866-1868WR Lymbery
1868-1874JS Milford
1874-1884A Barks
1879-1884Sam Weller Widdowson
1884-1886W Brown
1886-1894TG Howitt
1894-1895G Seldon
1895-1897J Cutts
1897-1920WT Hancock
1920-1948HR Cobbin
1948-1955JH Brentall
1955-1957GS Oscroft
1957-1960HW Alcock
1960-1963JH Wilmer
1963-1966GF Sisson
1966-1969A Wood
1969-1972H Levey
1972-1975JH Willmer
1975-1978BJ Appleby, QC
1978-1980Stuart Dryden
1980-1983Geoffrey McPherson
1983-1992Maurice Roworth
1992-1996Fred Reacher
1996-1997Irving Korn
1999-2002EM Barnes
2002-2011Nigel Doughty
2011-2012Frank Clark
2012-2012Omar Al-Hasawi
2012-2017Fawaz Al-Hasawi
2017-presentNicholas Randall, QC