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This is a list of the players who scored Own Goals for us. It's made even more interesting by the fact that most of our own goal scorers are defenders, so didn't score too many goals at the other end. For instance Bob McKinlay scored 10 Forest goals and 4 own goals, while Joe McDonald is only on the score sheet for 3 own goals.

But the record here ought go to poor Des Walker. His famous solitary goal on New Year's day in 1992 is in contrast to the 4 own goals he scored. One was in the 1991 FA Cup Final (we lost 2-1), another was in the 2003 playoff game to Sheffield United (we lost 5-4 on aggregate), another was in the League Cup loss to Portsmouth in 2003 and then there was one in the League game at Crystal Palace on Jan 8, 1992 - just 7 days after scoring his only goal for us.

Here's the list of all Forest players who scored an own goal, ordered by the players who scored most.
Player Own Goals Date Opponent Game H/A Score Goal # Minute
Bob McKinlay4Nov 15, 1958ArsenalLeague Tier 1A1-33
Dec 29, 1962West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1H3-44
Aug 28, 1963LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A2-11
Oct 26, 1963ArsenalLeague Tier 1A2-44
Des Walker4May 18, 1991Tottenham HotspurFA CupN1-2294
Jan 08, 1992Crystal PalaceLeague CupA1-1164
May 15, 2003Sheffield UnitedPlayoffsA3-44117
Oct 29, 2003PortsmouthLeague CupH2-4157
Luke Chambers4Sep 04, 2007Peterborough UnitedEFL TrophyH2-3251
Nov 09, 2010Coventry CityLeague Tier 2H2-1135
Apr 09, 2011ReadingLeague Tier 2H3-4490
Aug 28, 2011West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 2H1-4121
Bill Whare3Oct 19, 1957Leicester CityLeague Tier 1A1-33
Apr 18, 1959Leicester CityLeague Tier 1H1-44
Oct 10, 1959Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1A1-22
Joe McDonald3Sep 12, 1959EvertonLeague Tier 1H1-11
Apr 18, 1960Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A1-33
Sep 03, 1960Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1H0-22
John Winfield3Oct 26, 1968Manchester CityLeague Tier 1A3-3232
Jan 06, 1973Oxford UnitedLeague Tier 2A0-1130
Jan 13, 1973West Bromwich AlbionFA CupA1-1150
Kenny Burns3Nov 07, 1978EvertonLeague CupA3-2113
Jan 05, 1980Leeds UnitedFA CupA4-1162
Mar 18, 1981Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A1-1144
Larry Lloyd3May 09, 1979Manchester CityLeague Tier 1H3-11
Apr 05, 1980Aston VillaLeague Tier 1A2-3347
Dec 27, 1980Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H2-216
Liam O'Kane3Mar 14, 1970Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H1-315
Feb 17, 1971ChelseaLeague Tier 1A0-2112
Aug 18, 1971Leicester CityLeague Tier 1A1-2239
Peter Hindley3Oct 26, 1968Manchester CityLeague Tier 1A3-3340
Nov 15, 1969Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1A1-3355
Jan 22, 1972Leicester CityLeague Tier 1H1-2289
Sammy Chapman3Oct 04, 1969LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A1-1150
Feb 21, 1970BurnleyLeague Tier 1A0-5346
Jan 18, 1975Leyton OrientLeague Tier 2H2-2237
Alec Stewart2Jan 18, 1894EvertonLeague Tier 1H3-2115
Mar 06, 1897Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H2-44
Brian Laws2May 03, 1989MillwallLeague Tier 1H4-1158
May 07, 1989LiverpoolFA CupN1-3372
Bryn Gunn2Mar 21, 1981West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1A1-21
Oct 10, 1981MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 1A1-11
Calvin Palmer2Nov 19, 1960West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1A4-22
Feb 23, 1963FulhamLeague Tier 1A1-31
Chris Cohen2Nov 22, 2008Norwich CityLeague Tier 2H1-2273
Aug 15, 2009West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2H0-1153
Colin Foster2Mar 26, 1988Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A1-1116
Mar 30, 1988Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H2-1174
Horace Gager2Nov 28, 1953BuryLeague Tier 2A1-212
Apr 03, 1954BuryLeague Tier 2H2-2134
Ian Breckin2Jan 19, 2008Swindon TownLeague Tier 3A1-2282
Dec 28, 2008Norwich CityLeague Tier 2A3-2173
James Perch2Jan 19, 2008Swindon TownLeague Tier 3A1-2135
Feb 18, 2009Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2A1-2114
Jim Iley2Oct 22, 1960BlackpoolLeague Tier 1A0-44
Nov 12, 1960Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 1H2-22
Joe Worrall2Dec 09, 2017Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 2H3-2292
Jan 01, 2020Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2H3-2271
Kelvin Wilson2Nov 10, 2007Lincoln CityFA CupA1-1138
Mar 15, 2008WalsallLeague Tier 3H1-1154
Mark Crossley2Jan 19, 1991SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A1-1131
Sep 05, 1992Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 1A1-4462
Ted Blagg2Jan 05, 1946WatfordFA CupH1-1115
Jan 16, 1946WatfordFA CupN0-11105
Tobias Figueiredo2Jan 11, 2020ReadingLeague Tier 2A1-1197
Feb 15, 2020West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2A2-2265
Viv Anderson2Mar 08, 1977Notts CountyLeague Tier 2H1-2155
Mar 07, 1981Ipswich TownFA CupH3-3223
Wes Morgan2Aug 30, 2008Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 2A1-5229
Aug 29, 2009Derby CountyLeague Tier 2H3-2151
AH Smith1Mar 22, 1879Old EtoniansFA CupN1-22
Alan Wright1May 18, 2007Yeovil TownPlayoffsH2-5282
Andrew Omobamidele1Mar 10, 2024Brighton and Hove AlbionLeague Tier 1A0-1129
Andy Melville1May 08, 2005GillinghamLeague Tier 2H2-2161
Ben Olsen1Dec 23, 2000West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2A0-3235
Brice Samba1Dec 29, 2020Stoke CityLeague Tier 2A1-1118
Chris Gunter1Apr 21, 2012Hull CityLeague Tier 2A1-2158
Christian Edwards1Oct 28, 2000Stockport CountyLeague Tier 2A2-1148
Colin Barrett1Sep 04, 1976Luton TownLeague Tier 2A1-1189
Colin Cooper1Jan 01, 1996LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A2-4486
Craig Armstrong1Aug 27, 1997Doncaster RoversLeague CupH2-1172
Des Lyttle1Dec 17, 1996LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A2-4351
Djed Spence1Oct 24, 2021FulhamLeague Tier 2H0-417
Doug Fraser1Jan 29, 1972SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A1-4368
Elliot Ward1Nov 10, 2012Leicester CityLeague Tier 2A2-217
Gareth Edds1Mar 03, 2001Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 2A0-2148
Gareth Williams1Nov 30, 2002Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2H2-1189
Geoff Thomas (1944-60)1Jan 16, 1954Rotherham UnitedLeague Tier 2A0-3123
George Boateng1Jan 17, 2012Leicester CityFA CupA0-417
George Maltby1Oct 05, 1907Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A0-4246
George Needham1Jan 07, 1911Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A2-41
Henri Lansbury1Jan 17, 2015Derby CountyLeague Tier 2A2-1116
Ian Woan1Nov 22, 1997Charlton AthleticLeague Tier 2H5-2279
Jack Armstrong1Feb 29, 1908EvertonLeague Tier 1H5-22
Jack Hobbs1Feb 14, 2017FulhamLeague Tier 2A2-3372
Jack Hutchinson1Aug 30, 1947West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 2A1-2113
Jack Robinson1Jan 12, 2019ReadingLeague Tier 2A0-2287
Joe Garner1Dec 28, 2008Norwich CityLeague Tier 2A3-2290
John Barnwell1Nov 04, 1967SunderlandLeague Tier 1A0-1160
John Cottam1Sep 23, 1972Aston VillaLeague Tier 2H1-1157
John Curtis1Apr 30, 2005Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 2A1-2145
Jon Olav Hjelde1Nov 28, 2001PortsmouthLeague Tier 2A2-3110
Jordan Smith1Oct 31, 2017ReadingLeague Tier 2A1-3378
Julian Bennett1Mar 11, 2006GillinghamLeague Tier 3H1-118
Lee Camp1Sep 01, 2012Charlton AthleticLeague Tier 2H2-1188
Lee Glover1Jan 16, 1988Charlton AthleticLeague Tier 1H2-2171
Matt Mills1Feb 13, 2016Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2H0-2114
Matthieu Louis-Jean1Nov 29, 2003West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2H0-3244
Michael Mancienne1Dec 26, 2016Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2A1-2259
Murillo1Apr 07, 2024Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A1-3115
Nicklas Bendtner1Dec 11, 2016Derby CountyLeague Tier 2A0-3133
Nuno da Costa1Jul 22, 2020Stoke CityLeague Tier 2H1-4496
Paul Hart1Mar 03, 1984Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A0-1190
Paul Richardson1Mar 25, 1975Notts CountyLeague Tier 2A2-2259
Paul Smith (2006)1Aug 16, 2008Swansea CityLeague Tier 2A1-319
Ryan Yates1Dec 26, 2021MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 2A0-2117
Saidy Janko1Oct 30, 2018Burton AlbionLeague CupA2-3152
Steve Chettle1Jan 14, 1995Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 1A0-3388
Steve Hodge1Aug 30, 1989Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H2-1118
Stuart Pearce1Aug 17, 1991EvertonLeague Tier 1H2-1137
Terry Wilson1Nov 04, 1989Sheffield WednesdayLeague Tier 1H0-1180