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Turf Moor

Competitive games against Burnley since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winSat Dec 08, 201274 Years 11 MonthsSat Dec 08, 201234 Years 11 MonthsTue Sep 16, 2003914 Years 2 Months
Last drawTue Oct 20, 201522 Years 1 MonthsTue Oct 20, 201512 Years 1 MonthsMon Apr 01, 201344 Years 7 Months
Last lossTue Feb 23, 201611 Years 9 MonthsTue Jan 31, 201245 Years 10 MonthsTue Feb 23, 201611 Years 9 Months
Last goal scoredTue Oct 20, 201522 Years 1 MonthsTue Oct 20, 201512 Years 1 MonthsSat Feb 22, 201423 Years 9 Months
Clean sheetSat Dec 08, 201274 Years 11 MonthsSat Dec 08, 201234 Years 11 MonthsTue Sep 16, 2003914 Years 2 Months

Transfers between Forest and Burnley
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Billy GrayApr 1911Frank Drabble Andy Marriott
Ernie SmithFeb 1997Steve Blatherwick Steve Guinan
Sep 2003Gareth Taylor£525,000Dec 1999Craig Armstrong£750,000Dec 2005David Johnson
Jul 2017Tendayi Darikwa

Record against Burnley
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Nov 26, 1892Feb 20, 1971481916137773
LeagueLeague Tier 2Sep 15, 1906Feb 23, 2016521611256773
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupFeb 16, 1935Feb 19, 1935201103
Major CupLeague CupJan 10, 1961Sep 24, 2013520378
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Nov 26, 1892Feb 23, 2016107372842151157
FriendlyFriendlyApr 23, 1886Dec 18, 189061231012
FriendlyPre-Season FriendlyJul 29, 2017Jul 29, 2017101011
Total:Apr 23, 1886Jul 29, 201771331113
TOTAL:Apr 23, 1886Jul 29, 2017114383145162170

All Games against Burnley
Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Sat Jul 29, 2017Pre-Season FriendlyBurnleyH1-1D
Tue Feb 23, 2016League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Tue Oct 20, 2015League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1D
Sat Feb 22, 2014League Tier 2BurnleyA1-3LTurf Moor
Sat Nov 23, 2013League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1D
Tue Sep 24, 2013League CupBurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Mon Apr 01, 2013League Tier 2BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Sat Dec 08, 2012League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0W
Tue Jan 31, 2012League Tier 2BurnleyH0-2L
Tue Sep 27, 2011League Tier 2BurnleyA1-5LTurf Moor
Tue Apr 12, 2011League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0W
Sat Aug 07, 2010League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Sat Mar 14, 2009League Tier 2BurnleyA0-5LTurf Moor
Sat Sep 13, 2008League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2L
Sat Apr 23, 2005League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0W
Sat Nov 13, 2004League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Wed Mar 17, 2004League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1D
Tue Sep 16, 2003League Tier 2BurnleyA3-0WTurf Moor
Mon Apr 21, 2003League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0W
Sat Dec 07, 2002League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Sat Feb 16, 2002League Tier 2BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Sat Oct 13, 2001League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0W
Sat Dec 02, 2000League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Wed Oct 25, 2000League Tier 2BurnleyH5-0W
Wed Oct 10, 1990League CupBurnleyA1-0WTurf MoorWon 5-1 on aggregate
Wed Sep 26, 1990League CupBurnleyH4-1W
Sat Apr 02, 1977League Tier 2BurnleyA1-0WTurf Moor
Sat Oct 23, 1976League Tier 2BurnleyH5-2W
Sat Mar 31, 1973League Tier 2BurnleyH3-0W
Sat Nov 25, 1972League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Sat Feb 20, 1971League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0W
Sat Nov 21, 1970League Tier 1BurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Sat Feb 21, 1970League Tier 1BurnleyA0-5LTurf Moor
Sat Oct 25, 1969League Tier 1BurnleyH1-1D
Sat Mar 01, 1969League Tier 1BurnleyA1-3LTurf Moor
Sat Aug 10, 1968League Tier 1BurnleyH2-2D
Sat Feb 24, 1968League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0W
Tue Oct 10, 1967League CupBurnleyA0-3LTurf Moor
Sat Oct 07, 1967League Tier 1BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Tue Mar 28, 1967League Tier 1BurnleyA2-0WTurf Moor
Mon Mar 27, 1967League Tier 1BurnleyH4-1W
Sat Mar 26, 1966League Tier 1BurnleyA1-4LTurf Moor
Tue Mar 08, 1966League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0W
Tue Sep 15, 1964League Tier 1BurnleyH3-1W
Tue Sep 08, 1964League Tier 1BurnleyA2-2DTurf Moor
Sat Apr 18, 1964League Tier 1BurnleyH1-3L
Sat Dec 07, 1963League Tier 1BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Sat Apr 20, 1963League Tier 1BurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Sat Dec 01, 1962League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1W
Tue Apr 03, 1962League Tier 1BurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Sat Nov 11, 1961League Tier 1BurnleyH3-2W
Mon Apr 03, 1961League Tier 1BurnleyH3-1W
Fri Mar 31, 1961League Tier 1BurnleyA1-4LTurf Moor
Tue Jan 10, 1961League CupBurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Sat Apr 09, 1960League Tier 1BurnleyH0-1L
Sat Nov 21, 1959League Tier 1BurnleyA0-8LTurf Moor
Sat Mar 21, 1959League Tier 1BurnleyH1-2L
Sat Nov 01, 1958League Tier 1BurnleyA2-0WTurf Moor
Wed Sep 18, 1957League Tier 1BurnleyH7-0W
Mon Sep 09, 1957League Tier 1BurnleyA1-3LTurf Moor
Thu Dec 26, 1946League Tier 2BurnleyH1-0W
Wed Dec 25, 1946League Tier 2BurnleyA0-3LTurf Moor
Sat Dec 31, 1938League Tier 2BurnleyH2-2D
Sat Sep 03, 1938League Tier 2BurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Wed Jan 26, 1938League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1D
Sat Sep 11, 1937League Tier 2BurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Sat Dec 26, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2L
Sat Aug 29, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyA0-3LTurf MoorHarold Wightman's first game as manager
Sat Feb 22, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0W
Sat Oct 19, 1935League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Sat Mar 23, 1935League Tier 2BurnleyH5-0W
Tue Feb 19, 1935FA CupBurnleyA0-3LTurf Moor
Sat Feb 16, 1935FA CupBurnleyH0-0D
Sat Nov 10, 1934League Tier 2BurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Sat Jan 06, 1934League Tier 2BurnleyH0-2L
Sat Sep 02, 1933League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Tue Jan 31, 1933League Tier 2BurnleyA3-3DTurf Moor
Sat Sep 17, 1932League Tier 2BurnleyH1-1D
Sat May 07, 1932League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LTurf Moor
Thu Oct 01, 1931League Tier 2BurnleyH1-2L
Wed Sep 17, 1930League Tier 2BurnleyH3-3D
Mon Sep 08, 1930League Tier 2BurnleyA2-5LTurf Moor
Sat Mar 28, 1925League Tier 1BurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Sat Nov 22, 1924League Tier 1BurnleyH0-0DHarold Bulling benefit
Sat Sep 15, 1923League Tier 1BurnleyH0-0D
Sat Sep 08, 1923League Tier 1BurnleyA4-2WTurf Moor
Sat Nov 11, 1922League Tier 1BurnleyH1-0W
Sat Nov 04, 1922League Tier 1BurnleyA2-8LTurf Moor
Sat Jan 25, 1913League Tier 2BurnleyA5-3WTurf Moor
Sat Sep 28, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH2-1W
Sat Feb 10, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH0-1L
Sat Oct 07, 1911League Tier 2BurnleyA0-2LTurf Moor
Sat Jan 19, 1907League Tier 2BurnleyH2-0W
Sat Sep 15, 1906League Tier 2BurnleyA1-2LTurf Moor
Sat Apr 28, 1900League Tier 1BurnleyH4-0W
Sat Dec 23, 1899League Tier 1BurnleyA2-2DTurf Moor
Mon Mar 06, 1899League Tier 1BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Sat Oct 29, 1898League Tier 1BurnleyH0-1L
Sat Oct 24, 1896League Tier 1BurnleyH4-1WTown Ground
Sat Sep 19, 1896League Tier 1BurnleyA2-2DTurf Moor
Sat Mar 07, 1896League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1WTown Ground
Sat Dec 21, 1895League Tier 1BurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Sat Oct 27, 1894League Tier 1BurnleyA1-0WTurf Moor
Sat Sep 01, 1894League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1WTown Ground
Sat Nov 04, 1893League Tier 1BurnleyA1-3LTurf Moor
Sat Sep 16, 1893League Tier 1BurnleyH5-0WTown Ground
Sat Dec 10, 1892League Tier 1BurnleyH2-2DTown Ground
Sat Nov 26, 1892League Tier 1BurnleyA1-1DTurf Moor
Thu Dec 18, 1890FriendlyBurnleyH3-4LTown Ground
Fri Mar 30, 1888FriendlyBurnleyA1-3L
Tue Feb 14, 1888FriendlyBurnleyH1-2LGregory Ground
Fri Apr 08, 1887FriendlyBurnleyA0-0DTurf Moor
Tue Feb 22, 1887FriendlyBurnleyH1-1DGregory Ground
Fri Apr 23, 1886FriendlyBurnleyA4-2W

Home and away victories against Burnley
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1894-95BurnleySat Sep 01, 1894H2-1Sat Oct 27, 1894A1-0
1912-13BurnleySat Sep 28, 1912H2-1Sat Jan 25, 1913A5-3
1966-67BurnleyMon Mar 27, 1967H4-1Tue Mar 28, 1967A2-0
1976-77BurnleySat Oct 23, 1976H5-2Sat Apr 02, 1977A1-0