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Goodison Park

Competitive games against Everton since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 daysSep 17, 1995322 years, 6 months, 28 daysJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 days
Last drawJan 19, 19921126 years, 2 months, 26 daysAug 22, 19871130 years, 7 months, 23 daysJan 19, 1992626 years, 2 months, 26 days
Last lossSep 08, 1998219 years, 7 months, 6 daysSep 08, 1998119 years, 7 months, 6 daysFeb 01, 1997221 years, 2 months, 13 days
Last goal scoredJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 daysSep 17, 1995322 years, 6 months, 28 daysJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 days
Clean sheetJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 daysNov 25, 1989828 years, 4 months, 20 daysJan 30, 1999119 years, 2 months, 15 days
Conceded Own GoalSep 17, 1995622 years, 6 months, 28 daysSep 17, 1995322 years, 6 months, 28 daysAug 30, 1994423 years, 7 months, 15 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Scored penalty
Missed Penalty
Conceded penalty
Saved penalty
Red cardAug 30, 1994823 years, 7 months, 15 daysAug 30, 1994423 years, 7 months, 15 days
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Everton
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Frank WignallMar 2009Iain TurnerApr 2009Oct 1970Henry Newton£99,000
Joseph AshworthAug 2017Kieran DowellMay 2018Aug 1979Asa Hartford£308,000
Paul WilkinsonFeb 1999Scot Gemmill£250,000
Sep 1890Walter Cox
Aug 1893Alec Stewart
Mar 2004Paul Gerrard

Record against Everton
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Sep 03, 1892Jan 30, 1999112412249134181
LeagueLeague Tier 2Oct 18, 1930Dec 12, 195381431317
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupFeb 04, 1893Apr 08, 19675203712
Major CupLeague CupNov 07, 1978Nov 22, 1989220042
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members CupApr 30, 1989Apr 30, 1989110043
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Sep 03, 1892Jan 30, 1999128472655162215
WartimeWorld War IMay 10, 1919May 17, 1919211010
World War IInitial TournamentMay 10, 1919May 17, 1919211010
FriendlyFriendlyJan 25, 1890Mar 24, 18925023212
FriendlyPre-Season FriendlyJul 25, 2008Jul 25, 2008101011
Total:Jan 25, 1890Jul 25, 20088143413
TOTAL:Jan 25, 1890Jul 25, 2008136483058166228

All Games against Everton
Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Fri Jul 25, 2008Pre-Season FriendlyEvertonH1-1D
Sat Jan 30, 1999League Tier 1EvertonA1-0WGoodison Park
Tue Sep 08, 1998League Tier 1EvertonH0-2L
Sat Feb 01, 1997League Tier 1EvertonA0-2LGoodison Park
Mon Oct 28, 1996League Tier 1EvertonH0-1L
Sat Feb 24, 1996League Tier 1EvertonA0-3LGoodison Park
Sun Sep 17, 1995League Tier 1EvertonH3-2W
Wed Mar 08, 1995League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Tue Aug 30, 1994League Tier 1EvertonA2-1WGoodison Park
Sat Mar 13, 1993League Tier 1EvertonA0-3LGoodison Park
Sat Nov 07, 1992League Tier 1EvertonH0-1L
Sun Jan 19, 1992League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Sat Aug 17, 1991League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Sat Mar 23, 1991League Tier 1EvertonA0-0DGoodison Park
Sun Oct 07, 1990League Tier 1EvertonH3-1W
Wed Apr 04, 1990League Tier 1EvertonA0-4LGoodison Park
Sat Nov 25, 1989League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Wed Nov 22, 1989League CupEvertonH1-0W
Sun Apr 30, 1989Full Members CupEvertonN4-3WWembleyWon the Full Members Cup
Mon Jan 02, 1989League Tier 1EvertonH2-0W
Sat Sep 10, 1988League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Sun Jan 03, 1988League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Aug 22, 1987League Tier 1EvertonH0-0D
Sun Jan 25, 1987League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Aug 23, 1986League Tier 1EvertonA0-2LGoodison Park
Sat Apr 26, 1986League Tier 1EvertonH0-0D
Sat Nov 23, 1985League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Sat May 11, 1985League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Dec 15, 1984League Tier 1EvertonA0-5LGoodison Park
Wed Mar 14, 1984League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Nov 12, 1983League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Apr 02, 1983League Tier 1EvertonH2-0W
Tue Dec 28, 1982League Tier 1EvertonA1-3LGoodison Park
Tue Apr 20, 1982League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LGoodison Park
Sat Apr 03, 1982League Tier 1EvertonH0-1L
Sat Jan 31, 1981League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Aug 23, 1980League Tier 1EvertonA0-0DGoodison Park
Fri May 09, 1980League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Tue Jan 01, 1980League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Mar 10, 1979League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Tue Nov 07, 1978League CupEvertonA3-2WGoodison Park
Sat Nov 04, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH0-0D
Mon Jan 02, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH1-1D
Sat Aug 20, 1977League Tier 1EvertonA3-1WGoodison Park
Tue May 02, 1972League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Sat Dec 11, 1971League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Mar 20, 1971League Tier 1EvertonH3-2W
Sat Nov 07, 1970League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 28, 1970League Tier 1EvertonH1-1D
Sat Nov 01, 1969League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Fri Apr 25, 1969League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Aug 31, 1968League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LGoodison Park
Mon Apr 22, 1968League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Dec 02, 1967League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Apr 08, 1967FA CupEvertonH3-2W
Mon Dec 26, 1966League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Fri Dec 23, 1966League Tier 1EvertonA1-0WGoodison Park
Tue Mar 15, 1966League Tier 1EvertonA0-3LGoodison Park
Mon Dec 27, 1965League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Tue Sep 01, 1964League Tier 1EvertonH3-1W
Tue Aug 25, 1964League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Mar 14, 1964League Tier 1EvertonA1-6LGoodison Park
Sat Nov 16, 1963League Tier 1EvertonH2-2D
Sat Mar 09, 1963League Tier 1EvertonA0-2LGoodison Park
Tue Nov 13, 1962League Tier 1EvertonH3-4L
Sat Feb 24, 1962League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Sat Oct 07, 1961League Tier 1EvertonA0-6LGoodison Park
Sat Mar 18, 1961League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 29, 1960League Tier 1EvertonH1-2L
Sat Jan 23, 1960League Tier 1EvertonA1-6LGoodison Park
Sat Sep 12, 1959League Tier 1EvertonH1-1D
Sat Apr 11, 1959League Tier 1EvertonA3-1WGoodison Park
Sat Nov 22, 1958League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Sat Apr 26, 1958League Tier 1EvertonH0-3L
Sat Dec 14, 1957League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Sat Dec 12, 1953League Tier 2EvertonA3-3DGoodison Park
Wed Aug 19, 1953League Tier 2EvertonH3-3D
Sat Jan 31, 1953FA CupEvertonA1-4LGoodison Park
Sat Jan 17, 1953League Tier 2EvertonH3-3D
Sat Sep 06, 1952League Tier 2EvertonA0-3LGoodison Park
Wed Sep 12, 1951League Tier 2EvertonH2-0W
Wed Sep 05, 1951League Tier 2EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 21, 1931League Tier 2EvertonA0-2LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 18, 1930League Tier 2EvertonH2-2D
Sat Feb 28, 1925League Tier 1EvertonA1-3LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 25, 1924League Tier 1EvertonH0-1L
Sat Sep 01, 1923League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Sat Aug 25, 1923League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 28, 1922League Tier 1EvertonA2-4LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 21, 1922League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Sat May 17, 1919Initial TournamentEvertonA1-0WGoodison ParkChampionship Final 2nd Leg
Sat May 10, 1919Initial TournamentEvertonH0-0DChampionship Final 1st Leg
Fri Apr 14, 1911League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LGoodison Park
Sat Nov 26, 1910League Tier 1EvertonH1-1D
Sat Apr 02, 1910League Tier 1EvertonA4-0WGoodison Park
Sat Nov 20, 1909League Tier 1EvertonH1-0W
Wed Mar 24, 1909League Tier 1EvertonA3-3DGoodison Park
Sat Oct 31, 1908League Tier 1EvertonH1-2L
Sat Feb 29, 1908League Tier 1EvertonH5-2W
Sat Nov 02, 1907League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Apr 28, 1906League Tier 1EvertonA1-4LGoodison Park
Sat Dec 23, 1905League Tier 1EvertonH4-3W
Mon Apr 24, 1905League Tier 1EvertonH0-2L
Sat Nov 05, 1904League Tier 1EvertonA1-5LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 27, 1904League Tier 1EvertonH0-4L
Sat Oct 31, 1903League Tier 1EvertonA2-0WGoodison Park
Sat Oct 25, 1902League Tier 1EvertonA1-1DGoodison Park
Thu Oct 02, 1902League Tier 1EvertonH2-2D
Mon Mar 31, 1902League Tier 1EvertonA0-1LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 12, 1901League Tier 1EvertonH4-0W
Sat Mar 02, 1901League Tier 1EvertonA1-4LGoodison Park
Sat Oct 27, 1900League Tier 1EvertonH2-1W
Sat Feb 17, 1900League Tier 1EvertonH4-2W
Sat Oct 14, 1899League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 11, 1899FA CupEvertonA1-0WGoodison Park
Mon Jan 02, 1899League Tier 1EvertonA3-1WGoodison Park
Sat Oct 01, 1898League Tier 1EvertonH0-0D
Sat Apr 02, 1898League Tier 1EvertonA0-2LGoodison Park
Sat Mar 12, 1898League Tier 1EvertonH2-2DCity Ground (Town Ground)
Wed Mar 10, 1897League Tier 1EvertonH3-0WTown Ground
Sat Jan 09, 1897League Tier 1EvertonA1-3LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 01, 1896FA CupEvertonH0-2LTown Ground
Sat Oct 12, 1895League Tier 1EvertonH2-1WTown Ground
Sat Sep 07, 1895League Tier 1EvertonA2-6LGoodison Park
Sat Sep 22, 1894League Tier 1EvertonH2-3LTown Ground
Sat Sep 15, 1894League Tier 1EvertonA1-6LGoodison Park
Thu Jan 18, 1894League Tier 1EvertonH3-2WTown Ground
Mon Sep 04, 1893League Tier 1EvertonA0-4LGoodison Park
Sat Feb 04, 1893FA CupEvertonA2-4LGoodison Park
Thu Jan 12, 1893League Tier 1EvertonH2-1WTown Ground
Sat Sep 03, 1892League Tier 1EvertonA2-2DGoodison ParkFirst League game
Thu Mar 24, 1892FriendlyEvertonH1-2LTown Ground
Sat Dec 19, 1891FriendlyEvertonA0-0DTestimonial for Chadwick and Holt
Mon Sep 21, 1891FriendlyEvertonA0-2L
Mon Apr 20, 1891FriendlyEvertonA1-1D
Sat Jan 25, 1890FriendlyEvertonA0-7L

Home and away victories against Everton
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1909-10EvertonSat Nov 20, 1909H1-0Sat Apr 02, 1910A4-0
1958-59EvertonSat Nov 22, 1958H2-1Sat Apr 11, 1959A3-1
1966-67EvertonFri Dec 23, 1966A1-0Mon Dec 26, 1966H1-0
1994-95EvertonTue Aug 30, 1994A2-1Wed Mar 08, 1995H2-1