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Craven Cottage

Competitive games against Fulham since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winSat Apr 23, 201641 Years 6 MonthsFri Dec 04, 201531 Years 10 MonthsSat Apr 23, 201621 Years 6 Months
Last drawTue Sep 27, 201631 Years 1 MonthsTue Sep 27, 201621 Years 1 MonthsMon Apr 24, 2000517 Years 6 Months
Last lossTue Sep 26, 201711 Months 2 DaysTue Sep 26, 201711 Months 2 DaysTue Feb 14, 201718 Months 16 Days
Last goal scoredTue Sep 26, 201711 Months 2 DaysTue Sep 26, 201711 Months 2 DaysTue Feb 14, 201718 Months 16 Days
Clean sheetFri Dec 04, 201551 Years 10 MonthsFri Dec 04, 201531 Years 10 MonthsSat Oct 11, 1975742 Years 0 Months

Transfers between Forest and Fulham
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Tim Coleman
Aug 1958Roy Dwight
Dec 1959Tony Barton
Jul 2011Johnathon Greening

Record against Fulham
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Oct 03, 1959Apr 13, 1968175572630
LeagueLeague Tier 2Dec 23, 1911Sep 26, 20177223192998105
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupFeb 18, 1905Feb 10, 1975723287
Major CupLeague CupNov 10, 2004Nov 10, 2004100124
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Feb 18, 1905Sep 26, 201797302739134146
WartimeWorld War IIMay 18, 1940Dec 30, 1945302146
World War IIMain LeagueSep 12, 1945Dec 30, 1945202044
World War IIWartime CupMay 18, 1940May 18, 1940100102
FriendlyFriendlyOct 24, 1904Oct 24, 1904101011
AbandonedAbandonedDec 14, 1946Dec 14, 1946100010
Total:Oct 24, 1904Dec 30, 1945403157
TOTAL:Oct 24, 1904Sep 26, 2017101303040139153

All Games against Fulham
Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Sat Feb 03, 2018League Tier 2FulhamA-Craven Cottage
Tue Sep 26, 2017League Tier 2FulhamH1-3L
Tue Feb 14, 2017League Tier 2FulhamA2-3LCraven Cottage
Tue Sep 27, 2016League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Sat Apr 23, 2016League Tier 2FulhamA3-1WCraven Cottage
Fri Dec 04, 2015League Tier 2FulhamH3-0W
Sat Jan 24, 2015League Tier 2FulhamA2-3LCraven Cottage
Wed Sep 17, 2014League Tier 2FulhamH5-3W
Wed Nov 10, 2004League CupFulhamH2-4L
Sat Feb 17, 2001League Tier 2FulhamA0-1LCraven Cottage
Sat Sep 16, 2000League Tier 2FulhamH0-3L
Mon Apr 24, 2000League Tier 2FulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Wed Dec 15, 1999League Tier 2FulhamH0-0D
Sat Jan 22, 1977League Tier 2FulhamH3-0W
Sat Aug 21, 1976League Tier 2FulhamA2-2DCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 13, 1976League Tier 2FulhamH1-0W
Sat Oct 11, 1975League Tier 2FulhamA0-0DCraven Cottage
Mon Feb 10, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-2L
Wed Feb 05, 1975FA CupFulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Mon Feb 03, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-1D
Tue Jan 28, 1975FA CupFulhamA0-0DCraven Cottage
Sat Jan 11, 1975League Tier 2FulhamA1-0WCraven Cottage
Sat Dec 07, 1974League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Sat Mar 23, 1974League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Nov 10, 1973League Tier 2FulhamH3-0WDave Mackay's last game as manager
Sat Feb 24, 1973League Tier 2FulhamH2-1W
Sat Dec 16, 1972League Tier 2FulhamA1-3LCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 13, 1968League Tier 1FulhamH2-2D
Sat Nov 18, 1967League Tier 1FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat May 13, 1967League Tier 1FulhamA3-2WCraven Cottage
Tue Sep 06, 1966League Tier 1FulhamH2-1W
Tue Apr 26, 1966League Tier 1FulhamH1-2L
Sat Nov 13, 1965League Tier 1FulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Sat Jan 23, 1965League Tier 1FulhamA1-4LCraven Cottage
Sat Sep 19, 1964League Tier 1FulhamH2-3L
Sat Feb 22, 1964League Tier 1FulhamH2-0W
Sat Oct 12, 1963League Tier 1FulhamA0-0DCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 23, 1963League Tier 1FulhamA1-3LCraven Cottage
Sat Oct 06, 1962League Tier 1FulhamH3-1W
Sat Mar 03, 1962League Tier 1FulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Wed Sep 21, 1960League Tier 1FulhamH4-2W
Tue Sep 13, 1960League Tier 1FulhamA0-1LCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 20, 1960League Tier 1FulhamH2-2D
Sat Oct 03, 1959League Tier 1FulhamA1-3LCraven Cottage
Sat Dec 22, 1956League Tier 2FulhamA1-0WCraven Cottage
Sat Aug 25, 1956League Tier 2FulhamH3-1W
Wed May 02, 1956League Tier 2FulhamA3-4LCraven Cottage
Sat Oct 15, 1955League Tier 2FulhamH1-0W
Sat Apr 23, 1955League Tier 2FulhamH2-0W
Sat Dec 04, 1954League Tier 2FulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 13, 1954League Tier 2FulhamH4-1W
Sat Sep 26, 1953League Tier 2FulhamA1-3LCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 14, 1953League Tier 2FulhamA1-0WCraven Cottage
Sat Oct 25, 1952League Tier 2FulhamH0-1L
Sat Jan 01, 1949League Tier 2FulhamH0-2L
Sat Aug 28, 1948League Tier 2FulhamA0-4LCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 13, 1948League Tier 2FulhamH0-2L
Sat Oct 25, 1947League Tier 2FulhamA0-0DCraven Cottage
Mon May 26, 1947League Tier 2FulhamA1-1DCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 19, 1947League Tier 2FulhamH2-1W
Sat Dec 14, 1946League Tier 2FulhamA1-0AbaCraven CottageAbandoned due to fog
Sun Dec 30, 1945Main LeagueFulhamA3-3DCraven Cottage
Wed Sep 12, 1945Main LeagueFulhamH1-1D
Sat May 18, 1940Wartime CupFulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 11, 1939League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Sat Nov 05, 1938League Tier 2FulhamA2-2DCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 02, 1938League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Nov 20, 1937League Tier 2FulhamH0-1L
Sat Jan 02, 1937League Tier 2FulhamA2-5LCraven Cottage
Sat Sep 05, 1936League Tier 2FulhamH5-3W
Wed Sep 11, 1935League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Mon Sep 02, 1935League Tier 2FulhamA0-6LCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 23, 1935League Tier 2FulhamA1-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Oct 13, 1934League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Sat Apr 07, 1934League Tier 2FulhamA1-3LCraven Cottage
Sat Nov 25, 1933League Tier 2FulhamH2-0W
Sat May 06, 1933League Tier 2FulhamH1-0W
Sat Dec 24, 1932League Tier 2FulhamA1-0WCraven Cottage
Sat Jan 25, 1930FA CupFulhamH2-1W
Thu Sep 15, 1927League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Mon Aug 29, 1927League Tier 2FulhamH7-0W
Thu Oct 07, 1926League Tier 2FulhamH2-0W
Mon Aug 30, 1926League Tier 2FulhamA1-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 03, 1926League Tier 2FulhamA2-0WCraven Cottage
Sat Nov 21, 1925League Tier 2FulhamH2-2D
Tue Feb 28, 1922League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 25, 1922League Tier 2FulhamH0-0D
Sat Mar 19, 1921League Tier 2FulhamA1-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 12, 1921League Tier 2FulhamH5-1W
Sat Mar 27, 1920League Tier 2FulhamA0-1LCraven Cottage
Sat Mar 20, 1920League Tier 2FulhamH0-3L
Sat Mar 20, 1915League Tier 2FulhamH2-2D
Sat Nov 14, 1914League Tier 2FulhamA1-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 28, 1914League Tier 2FulhamH1-1D
Sat Oct 25, 1913League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 26, 1913League Tier 2FulhamH2-4L
Sat Dec 21, 1912League Tier 2FulhamA0-0DCraven Cottage
Sat Apr 27, 1912League Tier 2FulhamH1-1DHarry Haslam's last game as manager
Sat Dec 23, 1911League Tier 2FulhamA0-2LCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 03, 1906FA CupFulhamA3-1WCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 18, 1905FA CupFulhamA0-1LCraven Cottage
Mon Oct 24, 1904FriendlyFulhamH1-1D

Home and away victories against Fulham
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1932-33FulhamSat Dec 24, 1932A1-0Sat May 06, 1933H1-0
1956-57FulhamSat Aug 25, 1956H3-1Sat Dec 22, 1956A1-0
1966-67FulhamTue Sep 06, 1966H2-1Sat May 13, 1967A3-2
2015-16FulhamFri Dec 04, 2015H3-0Sat Apr 23, 2016A3-1