Opening Day

These are the games played on every opening day of the 118 official league seasons so far.
Note: This does not include opening games in the War-time leagues

Opening day record:
Game P W D L F A
Opening Day118463339169162

Games on opening day since...
Home Away
Since Date Games Date Games
Last winAug 04, 20172Aug 09, 199710
Last drawAug 06, 20117Aug 04, 20182
Last lossAug 03, 20191Sep 12, 20201
Last goal scoredAug 03, 20191Aug 04, 20182
Clean sheetAug 04, 20172Aug 08, 20095
Conceded Own GoalAug 16, 197522Aug 20, 194936
Opponent Conceded Own Goal--
Conceded penalty--
Scored penalty-Aug 07, 19998
Missed Penalty--
Saved penalty--
Red card-Aug 08, 20095
Opponent red card--

Full list of opponents ordered by how many times we've played them on opening day:

Games Opponent P W D L F A
Sheffield United631298
Wolverhampton Wanderers62041616
Ipswich Town421133
Preston North End440082
Bristol City312021
Luton Town311154
Newcastle United312073
Stoke City301249
West Bromwich Albion310223
2Aston Villa201112
Birmingham City211054
Blackburn Rovers200213
Brighton and Hove Albion201123
Charlton Athletic210134
Coventry City220050
Grimsby Town201124
Huddersfield Town220031
Leicester Fosse200226
Manchester City201134
Port Vale211032
Queens Park Rangers201113
Rotherham United210123
Tottenham Hotspur201113
Bradford City110010
Burton Albion110043
Crystal Palace100114
Derby County101011
Leeds City110021
Leyton Orient110041
Newport County110020
Norwich City100112
Notts County101011
Plymouth Argyle110020
Sheffield Wednesday100113
Southend United101011
West Ham United110021
Wigan Athletic101011

Full list of games:

Season Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground
2020-21Sat Sep 12, 2020League Tier 2Queens Park RangersA0-2LossLoftus Road
2019-20Sat Aug 03, 2019League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-2Loss
2018-19Sat Aug 04, 2018League Tier 2Bristol CityA1-1DrawAshton Gate
2017-18Fri Aug 04, 2017League Tier 2MillwallH1-0Win
2016-17Sat Aug 06, 2016League Tier 2Burton AlbionH4-3Win
2015-16Fri Aug 07, 2015League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionA0-1LossAmerican Express Stadium
2014-15Sat Aug 09, 2014League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
2013-14Sat Aug 03, 2013League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-0Win
2012-13Sat Aug 18, 2012League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-0Win
2011-12Sat Aug 06, 2011League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-0Draw
2010-11Sat Aug 07, 2010League Tier 2BurnleyA0-1LossTurf Moor
2009-10Sat Aug 08, 2009League Tier 2ReadingA0-0DrawMadejski Stadium
2008-09Sun Aug 10, 2008League Tier 2ReadingH0-0Draw
2007-08Sat Aug 11, 2007League Tier 3BournemouthH0-0Draw
2006-07Sat Aug 05, 2006League Tier 3Bradford CityH1-0Win
2005-06Sat Aug 06, 2005League Tier 3Huddersfield TownH2-1Win
2004-05Sat Aug 07, 2004League Tier 2Wigan AthleticA1-1DrawDW Stadium
2003-04Sat Aug 09, 2003League Tier 2SunderlandH2-0Win
2002-03Sat Aug 10, 2002League Tier 2PortsmouthA0-2LossFratton Park
2001-02Sat Aug 11, 2001League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
2000-01Sat Aug 12, 2000League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH1-0Win
1999-00Sat Aug 07, 1999League Tier 2Ipswich TownA1-3LossPortman Road
1997-98Sat Aug 09, 1997League Tier 2Port ValeA1-0WinVale Park
1996-97Sat Aug 17, 1996League Tier 1Coventry CityA3-0WinHighfield Road
1995-96Sat Aug 19, 1995League Tier 1SouthamptonA4-3WinThe Dell
1994-95Sat Aug 20, 1994League Tier 1Ipswich TownA1-0WinPortman Road
1993-94Sun Aug 15, 1993League Tier 2Southend UnitedA1-1DrawRoots Hall
1992-93Sun Aug 16, 1992League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-0Win
1991-92Sat Aug 17, 1991League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
1990-91Sat Aug 25, 1990League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-1Draw
1989-90Sat Aug 19, 1989League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-1Draw
1988-89Sat Aug 27, 1988League Tier 1Norwich CityA1-2LossCarrow Road
1987-88Sat Aug 15, 1987League Tier 1Charlton AthleticA2-1WinThe Valley
1986-87Sat Aug 23, 1986League Tier 1EvertonA0-2LossGoodison Park
1985-86Sat Aug 17, 1985League Tier 1Luton TownA1-1DrawKenilworth Road
1984-85Sat Aug 25, 1984League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-3LossHillsborough
1983-84Sat Aug 27, 1983League Tier 1SouthamptonH0-1Loss
1982-83Sat Aug 28, 1982League Tier 1West Ham UnitedA2-1WinUpton Park
1981-82Sat Aug 29, 1981League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-1Win
1980-81Sat Aug 16, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA0-2LossWhite Hart Lane
1979-80Sat Aug 18, 1979League Tier 1Ipswich TownA1-0WinPortman Road
1978-79Sat Aug 19, 1978League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-1Draw
1977-78Sat Aug 20, 1977League Tier 1EvertonA3-1WinGoodison Park
1976-77Sat Aug 21, 1976League Tier 2FulhamA2-2DrawCraven Cottage
1975-76Sat Aug 16, 1975League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-0Win
1974-75Sat Aug 17, 1974League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-0Draw
1973-74Sat Aug 25, 1973League Tier 2Luton TownH4-0Win
1972-73Sat Aug 12, 1972League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-0Draw
1971-72Sat Aug 14, 1971League Tier 1LiverpoolA1-3LossAnfield
1970-71Sat Aug 15, 1970League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-0Win
1969-70Sat Aug 09, 1969League Tier 1Ipswich TownA0-0DrawPortman Road
1968-69Sat Aug 10, 1968League Tier 1BurnleyH2-2Draw
1967-68Sat Aug 19, 1967League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedA3-1WinBramall Lane
1966-67Sat Aug 20, 1966League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-2Loss
1965-66Sat Aug 21, 1965League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedA2-2DrawSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1964-65Sat Aug 22, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityH4-3Win
1963-64Sat Aug 24, 1963League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-1Loss
1962-63Sat Aug 18, 1962League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-1Win
1961-62Sat Aug 19, 1961League Tier 1ChelseaA2-2DrawStamford Bridge
1960-61Sat Aug 20, 1960League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-2Draw
1959-60Sat Aug 22, 1959League Tier 1Manchester CityA1-2LossMaine Road
1958-59Sat Aug 23, 1958League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA1-5LossMolineux
1957-58Sat Aug 24, 1957League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-1Win
1956-57Sat Aug 18, 1956League Tier 2Leyton OrientA4-1WinBrisbane Road
1955-56Sat Aug 20, 1955League Tier 2LiverpoolH1-3Loss
1954-55Sat Aug 21, 1954League Tier 2Luton TownA0-3LossKenilworth Road
1953-54Wed Aug 19, 1953League Tier 2EvertonH3-3Draw
1952-53Sat Aug 23, 1952League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-2Loss
1951-52Sat Aug 18, 1951League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-1WinMillmoor
1950-51Sat Aug 19, 1950League Tier 3Newport CountyA2-0WinSomerton Park
1949-50Sat Aug 20, 1949League Tier 3Brighton and Hove AlbionA2-2DrawGoldstone Ground
1948-49Sat Aug 21, 1948League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
1947-48Sat Aug 23, 1947League Tier 2BuryH2-1Win
1946-47Sat Aug 31, 1946League Tier 2BarnsleyA2-3LossOakwell
1939-40Sat Aug 26, 1939League Tier 2BarnsleyA1-4LossOakwell
1938-39Sat Aug 27, 1938League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH0-2Loss
1937-38Sat Aug 28, 1937League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedA1-2LossBramall Lane
1936-37Sat Aug 29, 1936League Tier 2BurnleyA0-3LossTurf Moor
1935-36Sat Aug 31, 1935League Tier 2BuryH2-2Draw
1934-35Sat Aug 25, 1934League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH5-1Win
1933-34Sat Aug 26, 1933League Tier 2BrentfordH1-1Draw
1932-33Sat Aug 27, 1932League Tier 2Grimsby TownA1-1DrawBlundell Park
1931-32Sat Aug 29, 1931League Tier 2Charlton AthleticA1-3LossThe Valley
1930-31Sat Aug 30, 1930League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH3-4Loss
1929-30Sat Aug 31, 1929League Tier 2ChelseaA0-2LossStamford Bridge
1928-29Sat Aug 25, 1928League Tier 2Stoke CityH1-5Loss
1927-28Sat Aug 27, 1927League Tier 2Port ValeA2-2DrawThe Old Recreation Ground
1926-27Sat Aug 28, 1926League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-0Win
1925-26Sat Aug 29, 1925League Tier 2DarlingtonA0-0DrawFeethams
1924-25Sat Aug 30, 1924League Tier 1ArsenalH0-2Loss
1923-24Sat Aug 25, 1923League Tier 1EvertonA1-2LossGoodison Park
1922-23Sat Aug 26, 1922League Tier 1SunderlandH1-0Win
1921-22Sat Aug 27, 1921League Tier 2Crystal PalaceA1-4LossThe Nest (Croydon)
1920-21Sat Aug 28, 1920League Tier 2Stoke CityH2-2Draw
1919-20Sat Aug 30, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-2LossMillmoor
1914-15Wed Sep 02, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
1913-14Wed Sep 03, 1913League Tier 2Leicester FosseH1-3Loss
1912-13Sat Sep 07, 1912League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-3LossFilbert Street
1911-12Sat Sep 02, 1911League Tier 2Leeds CityH2-1Win
1910-11Thu Sep 01, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndA2-0WinDeepdale
1909-10Wed Sep 01, 1909League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-0WinDeepdale
1908-09Sat Sep 05, 1908League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedA2-1WinBramall Lane
1907-08Mon Sep 02, 1907League Tier 1LiverpoolH3-1Win
1906-07Sat Sep 01, 1906League Tier 2Grimsby TownA1-3LossBlundell Park
1905-06Sat Sep 02, 1905League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
1904-05Sat Sep 03, 1904League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA2-3LossMolineux
1903-04Sat Sep 05, 1903League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-1Win
1902-03Mon Sep 01, 1902League Tier 1SunderlandA1-0WinRoker Park
1901-02Mon Sep 02, 1901League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA0-2LossMolineux
1900-01Sat Sep 01, 1900League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedA0-0DrawSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1899-00Sat Sep 02, 1899League Tier 1Preston North EndH3-1Win
1898-99Sat Sep 03, 1898League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-1Loss
1897-98Sat Sep 04, 1897League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-1DrawCity Ground (Town Ground)
1896-97Sat Sep 05, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-1DrawBaseball Ground
1895-96Thu Sep 05, 1895League Tier 1BuryH5-0WinTown Ground
1894-95Sat Sep 01, 1894League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1WinTown Ground
1893-94Sat Sep 02, 1893League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH7-1WinTown Ground
1892-93Sat Sep 03, 1892League Tier 1EvertonA2-2DrawGoodison Park