As of the end of the 2019-20 season there have been forty times when players have scored 20 or more goals in a season.

Grenville Morris did it four times in the early 1900's. Wally Ardron did it in four consecutive seasons in the early 1950's. The last player to score more than 20 in a season was Lewis Grabban in the 2019-20 season.

Three players made it to 20 goals before the end of the year - Wally Ardron (1950-51) and and Pierre van Hooijdonk (1997-98) made it by the end of December but David Johnson amazingly scored his 20th goal in 2002-03 on November 30th!

These are the players scoring more than 20 goals per season (competitive goals only), ordered by the most recent season:
Season Player Total Goals Num games to score
20 goals
20th Goal Date
2019-20Lewis Grabban2042July 11
2002-03Marlon Harewood2140April 5
David Johnson2923November 30
1997-98Kevin Campbell2340April 1
Pierre van Hooijdonk3428December 28
1994-95Stan Collymore2537April 1
1993-94Stan Collymore2527March 19
1991-92Teddy Sheringham2246March 11
1990-91Nigel Clough2051May 11
1988-89Nigel Clough2144April 12
1987-88Nigel Clough2234April 9
1978-79Garry Birtles2636March 17
1973-74Duncan McKenzie2837March 16
1970-71Ian Storey-Moore2232March 31
1967-68Joe Baker2145April 16
1966-67Ian Storey-Moore2440April 8
1962-63Colin Addison2042May 20
1958-59Roy Dwight2634February 23
Tommy Wilson2830February 14
1957-58Tommy Wilson2230January 29
1956-57Jim Barrett3021February 9
1952-53Wally Ardron2129March 21
1951-52Wally Ardron2926January 5
1950-51Tommy Capel2424January 13
Wally Ardron3624December 26
1949-50Wally Ardron2530February 11
1936-37David Martin3124February 3
1935-36Thomas Peacock2129February 22
1934-35Thomas Peacock2140May 4
1933-34Johnny Dent2731March 30
1931-32Billy Dickinson2326February 6
1930-31Johnny Dent2332April 3
1921-22Jack Spaven2243April 17
1912-13Thomas Gibson2130March 24
1909-10Grenville Morris2029April 16
1908-09Enoch West2536April 17
1907-08Enoch West2926February 8
1906-07Grenville Morris2233April 1
1905-06Grenville Morris2133April 16
1902-03Grenville Morris2627February 11