Since AH Smith, Arthur Goodyer and John Turner all scored on their 'debut' against Notts County on November 16 1878, a total of 97 players have scored in their first competitive outing.

That game against Notts was won 3-1 but, as it was Forest's first ever competitive game, technically every player was making their competitive debut (in fact all three of the scorers had played over 20 games already for Forest and all had already scored several goals.)

James Collins scored four on his debut against Wolves in 1893.

However in our record victory over Clapton in 1891, Alex Higgins went one better on his debut and scored five. Two other players (Neil McCallum and Tich Smith) also scored twice on their debuts in the same game. (Tinsley Lindley also scored 4 times in the game, although it wasn't his debut).

This is the full list of players who scored on their competitive debut
Season Date Opponent Game Type H/A Score Result Scorer Goals
1878-79Sat Nov 16, 1878Notts CountyFA CupA3-1WAH Smith1
-Arthur Goodyer1
-John Turner1
Sat Mar 22, 1879Old EtoniansFA CupN1-2LJ Bishop1
1882-83Sat Dec 02, 1882Sheffield HeeleyFA CupH7-2WHarry Fletcher1
1885-86Sat Oct 31, 1885MellorsFA CupH6-2WGeorge Tutin4
1887-88Sat Nov 26, 1887Notts CountyFA CupH2-1WFrank Burton1
1890-91Sat Jan 17, 1891ClaptonFA CupA14-0WAlex Higgins5
-Neil McCallum2
-William 'Tich' Smith2
1893-94Sat Sep 02, 1893Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1H7-1WJames Collins4
1896-97Sat Oct 24, 1896BurnleyLeague Tier 1H4-1WJoshua Hollis1
1899-00Sat Sep 02, 1899Preston North EndLeague Tier 1H3-1WJohn Calvey1
-Robert Beveridge1
1902-03Sat Oct 25, 1902EvertonLeague Tier 1A1-1DFred Warren1
1903-04Sat Oct 03, 1903The WednesdayLeague Tier 1A1-2LWilliam Shearman1
1909-10Sat Apr 02, 1910EvertonLeague Tier 1A4-0WJohn Derrick2
1910-11Thu Sep 01, 1910Preston North EndLeague Tier 1A2-0WJoe Ford1
Sat Dec 03, 1910The WednesdayLeague Tier 1A2-5LAlfred Fisher1
Mon Dec 26, 1910Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A4-1WJoe Bailey1
1911-12Sat Mar 16, 1912Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2H3-0WJack Williams1
1913-14Sat Feb 07, 1914Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2A1-1DFred Harris1
1914-15Wed Sep 02, 1914Birmingham CityLeague Tier 2H1-1DTim Coleman1
1919-20Sat Sep 06, 1919Rotherham CountyLeague Tier 2H4-1WHarry Bedford2
Sat Sep 20, 1919BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A2-2DHenry Newbigging1
Sat Feb 28, 1920Birmingham CityLeague Tier 2H1-2LJack Spaven1
1920-21Sat Aug 28, 1920Stoke CityLeague Tier 2H2-2DSandy Higgins1
Sat Feb 05, 1921Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 2H1-1DRichard Ashmore1
1921-22Sat Aug 27, 1921Crystal PalaceLeague Tier 2A1-4LWalter Tinsley1
Sat Mar 18, 1922Bradford Park AvenueLeague Tier 2H4-1WPatrick Nelis2
1922-23Sat Feb 03, 1923ArsenalLeague Tier 1H2-1WCharlie Flood1
1926-27Sat Oct 02, 1926Manchester CityLeague Tier 2H3-3DJoseph Laws1
1927-28Sat Aug 27, 1927Port ValeLeague Tier 2A2-2DHarold Wadsworth1
Sat Oct 22, 1927ReadingLeague Tier 2A2-0WErnest McLachlan1
Wed Feb 22, 1928Notts CountyLeague Tier 2A2-1WClive German1
1928-29Sat Sep 15, 1928Swansea TownLeague Tier 2A5-3WBilly Dickinson2
1931-32Sat Apr 23, 1932Swansea TownLeague Tier 2H6-1WJoseph Dulson2
1933-34Sat Sep 09, 1933Oldham AthleticLeague Tier 2H1-3LThomas Peacock1
1934-35Sat Aug 25, 1934Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 2H5-1WGeorge Burditt2
1935-36Sat Sep 07, 1935West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 2A2-5LCharlie Gardiner1
1936-37Sat Oct 31, 1936Bradford Park AvenueLeague Tier 2A2-3LJack Surtees1
1938-39Sat Sep 03, 1938BurnleyLeague Tier 2A1-2LJack Fryer1
1945-46Sat Jan 05, 1946WatfordFA CupH1-1DTony Allen1
1946-47Sat Aug 31, 1946BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A2-3LFrank O'Donnell1
-Sailor Brown1
Sat Oct 12, 1946West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2H1-1DRoland 'Tot' Leverton1
Sat Oct 26, 1946Leicester CityLeague Tier 2H2-0WColin Lyman1
1947-48Sat Aug 23, 1947BuryLeague Tier 2H2-1WGeorge Lee1
Sat Dec 27, 1947Doncaster RoversLeague Tier 2H4-2WGeorge Wilkins1
1948-49Sat Dec 04, 1948West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 2H3-0WBill Hullett1
1949-50Sat Aug 20, 1949Brighton and Hove AlbionLeague Tier 3A2-2DWally Ardron1
1950-51Sat Aug 19, 1950Newport CountyLeague Tier 3A2-0WCollin Collindridge1
1953-54Sat Jan 23, 1954Leicester CityLeague Tier 2H3-1WHugh McLaren2
1954-55Sat Oct 02, 1954Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2H2-0WPeter Small1
1955-56Sat Aug 20, 1955LiverpoolLeague Tier 2H1-3LPeter Higham1
Sat Mar 17, 1956MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 2H2-4LDoug Lishman1
1957-58Sat Aug 24, 1957Preston North EndLeague Tier 1H2-1WBilly Gray1
Sat Oct 05, 1957Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A4-3WJohnny Quigley1
1958-59Sat Aug 23, 1958Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A1-5LRoy Dwight1
1959-60Wed Sep 23, 1959St MirrenAnglo-Scottish CupH2-3LGeoff Vowden2
1960-61Sat Aug 20, 1960Manchester CityLeague Tier 1H2-2DLen Julians1
1961-62Sat Feb 03, 1962BlackpoolLeague Tier 1H3-4LJohn Winfield1
Sat Feb 17, 1962Cardiff CityLeague Tier 1H2-1WDavid Pleat1
1965-66Sat Apr 02, 1966Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A3-2WDave Stainwright1
1972-73Sat Dec 16, 1972FulhamLeague Tier 2A1-3LJohn Galley1
1973-74Sat Oct 20, 1973BlackpoolLeague Tier 2A2-2DIan Bowyer1
1975-76Sat Dec 27, 1975Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2A4-1WBert Bowery2
1976-77Sat Sep 25, 1976Carlisle UnitedLeague Tier 2H5-1WPeter Withe1
1981-82Wed Dec 02, 1981Tranmere RoversLeague CupH2-0WJurgen Roeber1
Sat Dec 12, 1981Swansea CityLeague Tier 1A2-1WWillie Young1
1982-83Sat Feb 05, 1983Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H1-2LDanny Wilson1
1985-86Sat Aug 17, 1985Luton TownLeague Tier 1A1-1DNeil Webb1
1986-87Sat Dec 13, 1986Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1A2-3LPhil Starbuck1
1990-91Sat Mar 30, 1991WimbledonLeague Tier 1A1-3LTony Loughlan1
1992-93Sat Aug 22, 1992Oldham AthleticLeague Tier 1A3-5LGary Bannister2
1997-98Mon Aug 11, 1997Doncaster RoversLeague CupA8-0WGeoff Thomas (1997-98)1
1999-00Sat Aug 28, 1999Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 2H1-1DIan Wright1
Wed Nov 24, 1999PortsmouthLeague Tier 2H2-0WStern John1
2000-01Wed Nov 29, 2000Sheffield UnitedLeague Tier 2H2-0WAndy Reid1
2002-03Wed Aug 14, 2002Preston North EndLeague Tier 2H2-2DEoin Jess1
Sat Mar 01, 2003WatfordLeague Tier 2A1-1DDarren Huckerby1
2003-04Sat Feb 14, 2004WalsallLeague Tier 2H3-3DAndy Impey1
2004-05Sat Jan 08, 2005Queens Park RangersFA CupA3-0WYoann Folly1
2005-06Sat Jan 14, 2006Oldham AthleticLeague Tier 3H3-0WGrant Holt1
2008-09Wed Aug 13, 2008MorecambeLeague CupH4-0WAdam Newbold1
2010-11Sat Dec 18, 2010Crystal PalaceLeague Tier 2H3-0WMarcus Tudgay1
2013-14Sat Feb 01, 2014Yeovil TownLeague Tier 2H3-1WRafik Djebbour1
2014-15Sat Aug 09, 2014BlackpoolLeague Tier 2H2-0WChris Burke1
-Michail Antonio1
2015-16Sat Sep 12, 2015Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 2A2-1WNelson Oliveira1
Sat Oct 24, 2015Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2H1-1DLiam Trotter1
2016-17Sat Aug 06, 2016Burton AlbionLeague Tier 2H4-3WThomas Lam1
Sat Feb 11, 2017Norwich CityLeague Tier 2A1-5LRoss McCormack1
2017-18Fri Aug 04, 2017MillwallLeague Tier 2H1-0WBarrie McKay1
Tue Aug 08, 2017Shrewsbury TownLeague CupH2-1WJason Cummings1
2018-19Sat Aug 11, 2018ReadingLeague Tier 2H1-0WHillal Soudani1
Tue Oct 30, 2018Burton AlbionLeague CupA2-3LArvin Appiah1