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Small Heath Alliance, Small Heath, Birmingham, Birmingham City
Muntz Street, St. Andrews

Record against Birmingham City
Overall Home Away
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A P W D L F A P W D L F A
League Tier 1Dec 22, 1894Mar 31, 19865021161375672512853929259883638
League Tier 2Nov 04, 1911Feb 02, 20195217132256742689929322694132742
League Tier 3
FA CupMar 02, 1957Jan 12, 2010924386402214412122
League CupSep 13, 1966Oct 28, 1981521288211032310256
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalDec 22, 1894Feb 02, 2019116423440147155572120167267582014247088
Football AllianceNov 02, 1889Apr 16, 189252121010311165210145
World War IOct 14, 1916Mar 29, 19191243515206312811612379
World War IIAug 31, 1940Apr 13, 19466114611311133300338
FriendlyMar 11, 1876May 17, 1995261457554195222310179353231
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 02, 2009Aug 02, 20091100211100210000
AbandonedFeb 22, 1908Feb 22, 190810001100000000
TotalMar 11, 1876Aug 02, 2009502210188883221156423028115124653
TOTALMar 11, 1876Feb 02, 2019166644458235238793225221149786311936116141

Competitive games against Birmingham City since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winMar 03, 2018311 months, 17 daysMar 03, 2018211 months, 17 daysSep 15, 201543 years, 5 months, 5 days
Last drawAug 25, 201825 months, 26 daysAug 25, 201815 months, 26 daysJan 14, 201732 years, 1 month, 6 days
Last lossFeb 02, 2019118 daysDec 28, 201454 years, 1 month, 23 daysFeb 02, 2019118 days
Last goal scoredAug 25, 201825 months, 26 daysAug 25, 201815 months, 26 daysSep 15, 201543 years, 5 months, 5 days
Clean sheetJan 14, 201752 years, 1 month, 6 daysApr 19, 201464 years, 10 months, 1 dayJan 14, 201732 years, 1 month, 6 days
Conceded Own GoalSep 15, 2012146 years, 5 months, 5 daysSep 15, 201276 years, 5 months, 5 daysApr 15, 20001318 years, 10 months, 5 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Conceded penaltyMar 21, 19982720 years, 10 months, 30 daysMar 21, 19981420 years, 10 months, 30 days
Scored penaltyFeb 02, 2013136 years, 18 daysFeb 02, 201376 years, 18 days
Missed Penalty
Saved penalty
Red cardFeb 02, 2019118 daysJan 12, 201643 years, 1 month, 8 daysFeb 02, 2019118 days
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Birmingham City
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until

All games against Birmingham City
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
119Sat Feb 01, 2020League Tier 2Birmingham CityA-St. Andrews
118Sat Aug 17, 2019League Tier 2Birmingham CityH-
117Sat Feb 02, 2019League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
116Sat Aug 25, 2018League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-2DrawLive on Sky
115Sat Mar 03, 2018League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-1Win
114Sat Nov 18, 2017League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-1LossSt. Andrews
113Sat Jan 14, 2017League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-0DrawSt. Andrews
112Fri Oct 14, 2016League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
111Tue Jan 12, 2016League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
110Tue Sep 15, 2015League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-0WinSt. Andrews
109Sun Dec 28, 2014League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-3Loss
108Sat Nov 29, 2014League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
107Sat Apr 19, 2014League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
106Sat Dec 21, 2013League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-0DrawSt. Andrews
105Sat Feb 02, 2013League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-2LossSt. AndrewsAlex McLeish's last game as manager
104Sat Sep 15, 2012League Tier 2Birmingham CityH2-2Draw
103Sat Feb 25, 2012League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-1WinSt. Andrews
102Sun Oct 02, 2011League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-3LossSteve MacLaren's last game as manager
101Tue Jan 12, 2010FA CupBirmingham CityA0-1LossSt. Andrews
100Sat Jan 02, 2010FA CupBirmingham CityH0-0Draw
Sun Aug 02, 2009Pre-Season FriendlyBirmingham CityH2-1Win
99Sat Feb 14, 2009League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
98Sat Nov 08, 2008League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
97Tue Jan 01, 2002League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
96Wed Oct 17, 2001League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-0Draw
95Mon Jan 01, 2001League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
94Sat Aug 26, 2000League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-2Loss
93Sat Apr 15, 2000League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-0WinSt. Andrews
92Tue Dec 28, 1999League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
91Sat Mar 21, 1998League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-1WinSt. Andrews
90Sat Nov 15, 1997League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
Wed May 17, 1995FriendlyBirmingham CityA4-1WinSt. Andrews
89Sat Dec 04, 1993League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-0Win
88Sat Nov 06, 1993League Tier 2Birmingham CityA3-0WinSt. Andrews
87Sat Feb 20, 1988FA CupBirmingham CityA1-0WinSt. Andrews
86Mon Mar 31, 1986League Tier 1Birmingham CityH3-0Win
85Thu Dec 26, 1985League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-0WinSt. Andrews
84Sat Apr 21, 1984League Tier 1Birmingham CityH5-1Win
83Mon Dec 26, 1983League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-1WinSt. Andrews
82Sat Feb 26, 1983League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
81Sat Oct 16, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
80Sat Jan 09, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
79Wed Oct 28, 1981League CupBirmingham CityH2-1WinWon 5-3 on aggregate
78Tue Oct 06, 1981League CupBirmingham CityA3-2WinSt. Andrews
77Sat Sep 05, 1981League Tier 1Birmingham CityA3-4LossSt. Andrews
76Tue Nov 11, 1980League Tier 1Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
75Wed Aug 20, 1980League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
74Sat Apr 21, 1979League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
73Sat Dec 16, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-0Win
72Sat Apr 29, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-0Draw
71Sat Dec 03, 1977League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
70Tue Oct 06, 1970League CupBirmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
69Tue Sep 20, 1966League CupBirmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
68Tue Sep 13, 1966League CupBirmingham CityH1-1Draw
67Sat Dec 12, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
66Sat Aug 22, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityH4-3Win
65Sat Apr 04, 1964League Tier 1Birmingham CityH4-0Win
64Sat Nov 23, 1963League Tier 1Birmingham CityA3-3DrawSt. Andrews
63Sat Apr 13, 1963League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
62Sat Nov 10, 1962League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-2DrawSt. Andrews
61Wed Aug 30, 1961League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
60Tue Aug 22, 1961League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
59Sat Feb 11, 1961League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-0Win
58Sat Jan 07, 1961FA CupBirmingham CityH0-2Loss
57Sat Sep 24, 1960League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-3LossSt. Andrews
56Sat Mar 05, 1960League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-4LossSt. Andrews
55Sat Oct 17, 1959League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
54Sat Mar 07, 1959League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-7Loss
53Mon Feb 23, 1959FA CupBirmingham CityN5-0WinFilbert StreetPlayed at Leicester City
52Wed Feb 18, 1959FA CupBirmingham CityH1-1Draw
51Sat Feb 14, 1959FA CupBirmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
50Sat Oct 18, 1958League Tier 1Birmingham CityA3-0WinSt. Andrews
49Wed Sep 04, 1957League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
48Wed Aug 28, 1957League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
47Thu Mar 07, 1957FA CupBirmingham CityH0-1Loss
46Sat Mar 02, 1957FA CupBirmingham CityA0-0DrawSt. Andrews
45Mon Dec 27, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
44Sat Dec 25, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-0WinSt. Andrews
43Mon Apr 19, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-2DrawSt. Andrews
42Fri Apr 16, 1954League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
41Sat Apr 18, 1953League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
40Sat Nov 29, 1952League Tier 2Birmingham CityA5-0WinSt. Andrews
39Sat Dec 29, 1951League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-1Loss
38Sat Sep 01, 1951League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
37Sat Apr 03, 1948League Tier 2Birmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
36Sat Nov 15, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-2Loss
35Sat May 10, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
34Sat Oct 05, 1946League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-4LossSt. Andrews
Sat Apr 13, 1946WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
Sat Apr 06, 1946WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Sat May 26, 1945WWII Combined LeagueBirmingham CityH0-0Draw
Thu Apr 19, 1945WWII Combined LeagueBirmingham CityA1-4LossSt. Andrews
Sat Sep 07, 1940WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityA1-2LossSt. Andrews
Sat Aug 31, 1940WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityH2-3Loss
33Sat Apr 11, 1925League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
32Sat Dec 06, 1924League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
31Sat Jan 26, 1924League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
30Sat Jan 19, 1924League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-0WinSt. Andrews
29Sat Nov 25, 1922League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
28Sat Nov 18, 1922League Tier 1Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
27Sat Apr 16, 1921League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
26Sat Apr 09, 1921League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-3LossSt. Andrews
25Wed Mar 10, 1920League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-8LossSt. Andrews
24Sat Feb 28, 1920League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-2Loss
Sat Mar 29, 1919WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityA0-1LossSt. Andrews
Sat Mar 22, 1919WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH1-3Loss
Sat Sep 14, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityA3-2WinSt. Andrews
Sat Sep 07, 1918WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Sat Mar 23, 1918WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH1-0Win
Sat Mar 16, 1918WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityA0-0DrawSt. Andrews
Sat Dec 01, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityA1-1DrawSt. Andrews
Sat Nov 24, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH2-1Win
Mon Apr 09, 1917WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityA3-4LossSt. Andrews
Fri Apr 06, 1917WWI Second TournamentBirmingham CityH3-3Draw
Sat Jan 20, 1917WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityA0-1LossSt. Andrews
Sat Oct 14, 1916WWI Initial TournamentBirmingham CityH0-4Loss
23Mon Dec 28, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-3LossSt. Andrews
22Wed Sep 02, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
21Sat Mar 21, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
20Sat Nov 15, 1913League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
19Sat Mar 22, 1913League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-2LossSt. Andrews
18Sat Nov 16, 1912League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-1Win
17Sat Mar 09, 1912League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-4LossSt. Andrews
16Sat Nov 04, 1911League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-1Loss
15Mon Mar 30, 1908League Tier 1Birmingham CityA0-1LossSt. Andrews
14Sat Feb 22, 1908League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-1AbaSt. AndrewsAbandoned due to ground issues
13Sat Oct 26, 1907League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-1Draw
12Sat Apr 21, 1906League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-1Win
11Sat Dec 16, 1905League Tier 1Birmingham CityA0-5LossMuntz Street
10Sat Mar 11, 1905League Tier 1Small HeathA2-1WinMuntz Street
9Sat Nov 12, 1904League Tier 1Small HeathH0-2Loss
8Sat Oct 24, 1903League Tier 1Small HeathH0-1Loss
7Mon Sep 07, 1903League Tier 1Small HeathA3-3DrawMuntz Street
6Sat Apr 05, 1902League Tier 1Small HeathA1-1DrawMuntz Street
5Sat Oct 26, 1901League Tier 1Small HeathH1-1Draw
Tue Apr 30, 1901FriendlySmall HeathA1-3Loss
4Sat Nov 09, 1895League Tier 1Small HeathA0-1LossMuntz Street
3Sat Sep 21, 1895League Tier 1Small HeathH3-0WinTown Ground
2Sat Jan 26, 1895League Tier 1Small HeathH2-0WinTown Ground
1Sat Dec 22, 1894League Tier 1Small HeathA2-1WinMuntz Street
Sat Mar 10, 1894FriendlySmall HeathA2-2Draw
Sat Mar 04, 1893FriendlySmall HeathA3-2Win
Sat Apr 16, 1892Football AllianceSmall HeathA2-1WinMuntz StreetForest secure the Alliance title
Thu Oct 08, 1891Football AllianceSmall HeathH2-0WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 28, 1891Football AllianceSmall HeathA2-4LossMuntz Street
Thu Feb 26, 1891Football AllianceSmall HeathH4-5LossTown Ground
Sat Mar 08, 1890FriendlySmall HeathA0-12LossMuntz Street
Sat Nov 02, 1889Football AllianceSmall HeathH0-0DrawTown Ground
Sat Mar 16, 1889FriendlySmall HeathA0-3Loss
Sat Sep 18, 1886FriendlySmall Heath AllianceA2-0WinCoventry Road
Sat Mar 13, 1886FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH1-2LossGregory GroundOne of two games played on same day
Sat Apr 11, 1885FriendlySmall Heath AllianceA-Draw
Sat Jan 10, 1885FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH3-0WinParkside Ground
Sat Feb 23, 1884FriendlySmall HeathA2-3Loss
Sat Sep 22, 1883FriendlySmall HeathH3-2WinGregory GroundFirest game played at Gregory Ground
Sat Apr 07, 1883FriendlySmall HeathA2-0Win
Sat Sep 23, 1882FriendlySmall HeathA4-0Win
Sat Oct 01, 1881FriendlySmall HeathH3-2WinTrent Bridge
Sat Sep 24, 1881FriendlySmall HeathA2-1Win
Sat Oct 25, 1879FriendlyBirminghamH6-0WinTrent Bridge
Sat Feb 15, 1879FriendlyBirminghamH6-1WinTrent Bridge
Sat Nov 09, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA3-1WinAston Lower Grounds
Mon Oct 28, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA1-2LossPlayed with electric lights
Sat Mar 09, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA3-0WinAston Lower Grounds
Sat Feb 23, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA1-1DrawAston Lower Grounds
Sat Nov 17, 1877FriendlyBirminghamH1-1DrawForest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 24, 1877FriendlyBirmingham CityA2-0WinAston Lower Grounds
Sat Nov 04, 1876FriendlyBirminghamH0-2LossForest Recreation Ground
Sat Mar 11, 1876FriendlyBirminghamH0-0DrawForest Recreation Ground

Home and away victories against Birmingham City
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1978-79Birmingham CitySat Dec 16, 1978H1-0Sat Apr 21, 1979A2-0
1983-84Birmingham CityMon Dec 26, 1983A2-1Sat Apr 21, 1984H5-1
1985-86Birmingham CityThu Dec 26, 1985A1-0Mon Mar 31, 1986H3-0
1993-94Birmingham CitySat Nov 06, 1993A3-0Sat Dec 04, 1993H1-0
1997-98Birmingham CitySat Nov 15, 1997H1-0Sat Mar 21, 1998A2-1
1999-00Birmingham CityTue Dec 28, 1999H1-0Sat Apr 15, 2000A1-0