The FA Cup is the premier cup competition in England and open to all clubs in the top 10 tiers of the English league system. A total of 736 teams entered the cup in the 2016-17 season.
First played for in 1871, Forest have played in every season since 1878.
We've won it twice (1898 and 1959) and were losing finalists in 1991.

FA Cup Record
Cup First Game Last Game Seasons P W D L F A
FA CupNov 16, 1878Jan 23, 202113340116497131634516

Round by round
Cup Round Name First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
FA CupQual 6Qualifying round 6Dec 19, 1914Dec 19, 19141161
FA Cup11st roundNov 16, 1878Nov 27, 2007573113131286112
FA Cup22nd roundDec 21, 1878Dec 11, 2007442191478539
FA Cup33rd round (last 64)Jan 28, 1879Jan 09, 202112453274419616327
FA Cup44th round (last 32)Feb 19, 1880Jan 23, 202168271823978818
FA Cup55th round (last 16)Jan 07, 1888Feb 16, 201440151411615414
FA CupQuarterQuarter-final (last 8)Feb 25, 1879Mar 13, 199638111116385812
FA CupSemiSemi-finalMar 22, 1879Apr 14, 19911735920295
FA CupFinalFinalApr 16, 1898May 18, 199132164

Forest tier v opponent tier
This is how Forest did against teams with respect to which tier of the league they were in.
Cup Forest
First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
Tier: 1
FA Cup11Feb 04, 1893Jan 26, 19979641233213912323
FA Cup12Feb 10, 1894Jan 02, 199954261216916413
FA Cup13Jan 04, 1958Feb 15, 1997116321763
FA Cup14Jan 06, 1962Jan 26, 199255133
FA Cup1Non-LeagueJan 21, 1893Jan 24, 195918104434184
Tier: 2
FA Cup21Feb 01, 1913Jan 05, 2020601121286510322
FA Cup22Jan 12, 1907Jan 23, 202153141524628215
FA Cup23Jan 30, 1926Jan 03, 201523154440164
FA Cup2Non-LeagueJan 18, 1913Jan 05, 1957431176
Tier: 3
FA Cup31Jan 06, 2007Jan 28, 200721123
FA Cup33Nov 26, 1949Dec 11, 200752387
FA Cup34Dec 03, 2005Nov 27, 20073111451
FA Cup3Non-LeagueNov 05, 2005Dec 12, 20065321122
FA CupNon-League1Feb 14, 1891Mar 09, 189251225112
FA CupNon-LeagueNon-LeagueNov 16, 1878Jan 16, 194648251013122628

All FA Cup games
1878-79Sat Nov 16, 1878Notts County1A3-1WinTrent BridgeForest's first competitive game
Sat Dec 21, 1878Sheffield FC2H2-0WinTown Ground
Tue Jan 28, 1879Old Harrovians3A2-0WinKennington Oval
Tue Feb 25, 1879Oxford UniversityQuarterA2-1WinKennington Oval
Sat Mar 22, 1879Old EtoniansSemiN1-2LossKennington Oval
1879-80Sat Nov 08, 1879Notts County1H4-0WinTown Ground
Sat Dec 13, 1879Turton2A6-0WinThomason Fold
Sat Jan 31, 1880Blackburn Rovers3H6-0WinTown Ground
Thu Feb 19, 1880Sheffield FC4H2-2DrawTown GroundSheffield disqualified
Mon Mar 01, 1880Quarter-ByeForest received a bye in this round
Sat Mar 27, 1880Oxford UniversitySemiN0-1LossKennington Oval
1880-81Mon Nov 01, 1880Caius College1H-WalkForest received a walkover after Caius scratched
Sat Dec 04, 1880Aston Villa2H1-2LossTown Ground
1881-82Sat Nov 05, 1881Aston Villa1A1-4LossPerry Barr
1882-83Wed Nov 01, 1882Brigg Britannia1H-WalkForest received a walkover after Brigg Britannia scratched
Sat Dec 02, 1882Sheffield Heeley2H7-2WinTown Ground
Sat Jan 06, 1883Sheffield Wednesday3H2-2DrawTrent Bridge
Sat Jan 13, 1883Sheffield Wednesday3RA2-3LossBramall Lane
1883-84Mon Nov 12, 1883Redcar1H-WalkForest received a walkover after Redcar scratched
Sat Dec 01, 1883Notts County2A0-3LossTrent Bridge
1884-85Sat Nov 08, 1884Rotherham1H5-0WinParkside Ground
Sat Dec 06, 1884Sheffield Heeley2H4-1WinParkside Ground
Thu Jan 01, 18855-ByeForest received a bye in this round
Sat Jan 03, 1885The Wednesday3A2-1WinOlive Grove
Sat Jan 24, 1885Swifts4A1-0WinDolphin Ground
Sat Feb 21, 1885Old EtoniansQuarterA2-0Win
Sat Mar 14, 1885Queen's ParkSemiN1-1DrawDerby Cricket Ground
Sat Mar 28, 1885Queen's ParkSemiRN0-3LossMerchiston Castle School
1885-86Sat Oct 31, 1885Mellors1H6-2WinGregory Ground
Sat Nov 21, 1885Notts Olympic2H4-1WinGregory Ground
Sat Dec 12, 1885Staveley3A1-2LossForest Recreation Ground
1886-87Sat Oct 30, 1886Notts Olympic1H3-0WinGregory Ground
Sat Nov 13, 1886Grimsby Town2H2-2DrawGregory Ground
Sat Nov 20, 1886Grimsby Town2RA1-0WinBlundell Park
Sat Dec 11, 1886Lockwood Brothers3A1-2LossBramall Lane
1887-88Sat Oct 15, 1887Notts Swifts1H2-1WinTown Ground
Sat Nov 05, 1887Mellors2H2-0WinTown Ground
Sat Nov 26, 1887Notts County3H2-1WinTown Ground
Sat Dec 17, 1887Old Etonians4H6-0WinTown Ground
Sat Jan 07, 1888The Wednesday5H2-4LossTown Ground
1888-89Sat Feb 02, 1889Linfield Athletic1H2-2DrawGregory GroundLinfield scratched after the game and before the replay
Sat Feb 16, 1889Chatham2A1-1DrawMaidstone Road
Sat Feb 23, 1889Chatham2RH2-2DrawGregory Ground
Thu Feb 28, 1889Chatham2R 2N2-3LossKennington Oval
1889-90Sat Jan 18, 1890Derby Midland1A0-3Loss
1890-91Sat Jan 17, 1891Clapton1A14-0WinSpotted Dog Ground
Sat Jan 31, 1891Sunderland Albion2A1-1DrawBlue House Field
Sat Feb 07, 1891Sunderland Albion2RH3-3DrawTown Ground
Wed Feb 11, 1891Sunderland Albion2R 2N5-0WinBramall Lane
Sat Feb 14, 1891SunderlandQuarterA0-4LossNewcastle Road
1891-92Sat Jan 16, 1892Newcastle East End1H2-1WinTown Ground
Sat Jan 30, 1892Sunderland Albion2A1-0WinBlue House Field
Sat Feb 13, 1892Preston North EndQuarterH2-0WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 27, 1892West Bromwich AlbionSemiN1-1DrawMolineux
Sat Mar 05, 1892West Bromwich AlbionSemiRN0-0DrawMolineux
Wed Mar 09, 1892West Bromwich AlbionSemiR 2N2-6LossBaseball Ground
1892-93Sat Jan 21, 1893Casuals1H4-0WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 04, 1893Everton2A2-4LossGoodison Park
1893-94Sat Jan 27, 1894Heanor Town1H1-0WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 10, 1894Middlesbrough Ironopolis2H2-0WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 24, 1894Notts CountyQuarterH1-1DrawTown Ground
Sat Mar 03, 1894Notts CountyQuarterRA1-4LossTrent Bridge
1894-95Sat Feb 02, 1895Southampton St Mary's1A4-1WinAntelope Ground
Sat Feb 16, 1895Liverpool2A2-0WinAnfield
Sat Mar 02, 1895Aston VillaQuarterA2-6LossPerry Barr
1895-96Sat Feb 01, 1896Everton1H0-2LossTown Ground
1896-97Sat Jan 30, 1897The Wednesday1A1-0WinOlive Grove
Sat Feb 13, 1897Sunderland2A3-1WinNewcastle Road
Sat Feb 27, 1897LiverpoolQuarterA1-1DrawAnfield
Wed Mar 03, 1897LiverpoolQuarterRH0-1LossTown Ground
1897-98Sat Jan 29, 1898Grimsby Town1H4-0WinCity Ground (Town Ground)
Sat Feb 12, 1898Gainsborough Trinity2H4-0WinCity Ground (Town Ground)
Sat Feb 26, 1898West Bromwich AlbionQuarterA3-2WinStoney Lane
Sat Mar 19, 1898Southampton St Mary'sSemiN1-1DrawBramall LanePlayed at Sheffield United
Thu Mar 24, 1898Southampton St Mary'sSemiRN2-0WinCrystal PalacePlayed at Crystal Palace
Sat Apr 16, 1898Derby CountyFinalN3-1WinCrystal PalacePlayed at Crystal Palace
1898-99Sat Jan 28, 1899Aston Villa1H2-1WinNew attendance record
Sat Feb 11, 1899Everton2A1-0WinGoodison Park
Sat Feb 25, 1899Sheffield UnitedQuarterH0-1LossNew attendance record
1899-00Sat Jan 27, 1900Grimsby Town1H3-0Win
Sat Feb 10, 1900Sunderland2H3-0Win
Sat Feb 24, 1900Preston North EndQuarterA0-0DrawDeepdale
Wed Feb 28, 1900Preston North EndQuarterRH1-0Win
Sat Mar 24, 1900BurySemiN1-1DrawVictoria Ground
Thu Mar 29, 1900BurySemiRN2-3LossBramall Lane
1900-01Sat Feb 09, 1901Leicester Fosse1H5-1Win
Sat Feb 23, 1901Aston Villa2A0-0DrawVilla Park
Wed Feb 27, 1901Aston Villa2RH1-3Loss
1901-02Sat Jan 25, 1902Glossop North End1A3-1WinPriestfield Stadium
Sat Feb 08, 1902Manchester City2A2-0WinHyde Road
Sat Feb 22, 1902Stoke CityQuarterH2-0Win
Sat Mar 15, 1902SouthamptonSemiN1-3LossWhite Hart LanePlayed at Tottenham Hotspur
1902-03Sat Feb 07, 1903Reading1H0-0Draw
Wed Feb 11, 1903Reading1RA6-3WinElm Park
Sat Feb 21, 1903Stoke City2H0-0Draw
Thu Feb 26, 1903Stoke City2RA0-2LossVictoria Ground
1903-04Wed Feb 10, 1904West Bromwich Albion1A1-1DrawThe Hawthorns
Sat Feb 13, 1904West Bromwich Albion1RH3-1Win
Sat Feb 20, 1904Blackburn Rovers2A1-3LossEwood Park
1904-05Sat Feb 04, 1905Sheffield United1H2-0Win
Sat Feb 18, 1905Fulham2A0-1LossCraven Cottage
1905-06Sat Jan 13, 1906Bury1A1-1DrawGigg Lane
Wed Jan 17, 1906Bury1RH6-2Win
Sat Feb 03, 1906Fulham2A3-1WinCraven Cottage
Sat Feb 24, 1906The Wednesday3A1-4LossHillsborough
1906-07Sat Jan 12, 1907Barnsley1H1-1Draw
Thu Jan 17, 1907Barnsley1RA1-2LossOakwell
1907-08Sat Jan 11, 1908Newcastle United1A0-2LossSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1908-09Sat Jan 16, 1909Aston Villa1H2-0Win
Sat Feb 06, 1909Brentford2H1-0Win
Sat Feb 20, 1909Millwall3H3-1Win
Sat Mar 13, 1909Derby CountyQuarterA0-3LossBaseball Ground
1909-10Sat Jan 15, 1910Sheffield United1H3-2Win
Sat Feb 05, 1910Northampton Town2A0-0DrawCounty Ground (Northampton)
Wed Feb 09, 1910Northampton Town2RH1-0Win
Sat Feb 19, 1910Coventry City3A1-3LossHighfield Road
1910-11Sat Jan 14, 1911West Ham United1A1-2LossUpton Park
1911-12Sat Jan 13, 1912Bradford Park Avenue1H0-1Loss
1912-13Sat Jan 18, 1913Chesterfield1A4-1WinSaltergate
Sat Feb 01, 1913Oldham Athletic2A1-5LossBoundary Park
1913-14Sat Jan 10, 1914Clapton Orient1A2-2DrawMillfields Road
Wed Jan 14, 1914Clapton Orient1RH0-1Loss
1914-15Sat Dec 19, 1914Shrewsbury TownQual 6H6-1Win
Sat Jan 09, 1915Norwich City1H1-4Loss
1919-20Sat Jan 10, 1920Bradford Park Avenue1A0-3LossHorton Park Avenue
1920-21Sat Jan 08, 1921Newcastle United1A1-1DrawSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Wed Jan 12, 1921Newcastle United1RA0-2LossSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1921-22Sat Jan 07, 1922Bristol City1A0-0DrawAshton Gate
Wed Jan 11, 1922Bristol City1RH3-1Win
Sat Jan 28, 1922Hull City2H3-0Win
Sat Feb 18, 1922Cardiff City3A1-4LossNinian Park
1922-23Sat Jan 13, 1923Sheffield United1H0-0Draw
Wed Jan 17, 1923Sheffield United1RA0-0DrawBramall Lane
Mon Jan 22, 1923Sheffield United1R 2N1-1DrawMeadow LanePlayed at Notts County
Tue Jan 23, 1923Sheffield United1R 3N0-1LossHillsboroughPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
1923-24Sat Jan 12, 1924Manchester City1A0-2LossHyde Road
1924-25Sat Jan 10, 1925Clapton Orient1H1-0Win
Sat Jan 31, 1925West Ham United2H0-2Loss
1925-26Sat Jan 09, 1926Bradford City3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 30, 1926Swindon Town4H2-0Win
Sat Feb 20, 1926Southend United5A1-0WinGreyhound Park
Sat Mar 06, 1926Bolton WanderersQuarterH2-2Draw
Wed Mar 10, 1926Bolton WanderersQuarterRA0-0DrawBurnden Park
Mon Mar 15, 1926Bolton WanderersQuarterR 2N0-1LossOld TraffordPlayed at Manchester United
1926-27Sat Jan 08, 1927Ashington3A2-0WinPortland Park
Sat Jan 29, 1927Wolverhampton Wanderers4A0-2LossMolineux
1927-28Sat Jan 14, 1928Tranmere Rovers3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 28, 1928Derby County4A0-0DrawBaseball Ground
Wed Feb 01, 1928Derby County4RH2-0Win
Sat Feb 18, 1928Cardiff City5H2-1Win
Sat Mar 03, 1928Sheffield UnitedQuarterA0-3LossBramall Lane
1928-29Sat Jan 12, 1929Swansea Town3H1-2Loss
1929-30Sat Jan 11, 1930Rotherham United3A5-0WinMillmoor
Sat Jan 25, 1930Fulham4H2-1Win
Sat Feb 15, 1930Sunderland5A2-2DrawRoker Park
Wed Feb 19, 1930Sunderland5RH3-1Win
Sat Mar 01, 1930Sheffield WednesdayQuarterH2-2Draw
Wed Mar 05, 1930Sheffield WednesdayQuarterRA1-3LossHillsborough
1930-31Sat Jan 10, 1931Newcastle United3A0-4LossSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1931-32Sat Jan 09, 1932Chesterfield3A2-5LossSaltergate
1932-33Sat Jan 14, 1933Bury3A2-2DrawGigg Lane
Wed Jan 18, 1933Bury3RH1-2Loss
1933-34Sat Jan 13, 1934Queens Park Rangers3H4-0Win
Sat Jan 27, 1934Chelsea4A1-1DrawStamford Bridge
Wed Jan 31, 1934Chelsea4RH0-3Loss
1934-35Sat Jan 12, 1935Chester City3A4-0WinDeva Stadium
Sat Jan 26, 1935Manchester United4H0-0Draw
Wed Jan 30, 1935Manchester United4RA3-0WinOld Trafford
Sat Feb 16, 1935Burnley5H0-0Draw
Tue Feb 19, 1935Burnley5RA0-3LossTurf Moor
1935-36Sat Jan 11, 1936Doncaster Rovers3A2-1WinBelle Vue
Sat Jan 25, 1936Derby County4A0-2LossBaseball Ground
1936-37Sat Jan 16, 1937Sheffield United3H2-4Loss
1937-38Sat Jan 08, 1938Southampton3H3-1Win
Sat Jan 22, 1938Middlesbrough4H1-3Loss
1938-39Wed Jan 11, 1939Huddersfield Town3A0-0DrawLeeds Road
Mon Jan 16, 1939Huddersfield Town3RH0-3Loss
1945-46Sat Jan 05, 1946Watford3H1-1Draw
Wed Jan 09, 1946Watford3A1-1AbaVicarage RoadAbandoned in extra time due to weather
Wed Jan 16, 1946Watford3RN0-1LossWhite Hart LaneReplay played at White Hart Lane
1946-47Sat Jan 11, 1947Lincoln City3A1-0WinSincil Bank
Sat Jan 25, 1947Manchester United4A2-0WinOld Trafford
Sat Feb 08, 1947Middlesbrough5H2-2Draw
Wed Feb 12, 1947Middlesbrough5RA2-6LossAyresome Park
1947-48Sat Jan 10, 1948Liverpool3A1-4LossAnfield
1948-49Sat Jan 08, 1949Liverpool3H2-2Draw
Sat Jan 15, 1949Liverpool3RA0-4LossAnfield
1949-50Sat Nov 26, 1949Bristol City1H1-0Win
Sat Dec 10, 1949Stockport County2H0-2Loss
1950-51Sat Nov 25, 1950Torquay United1H6-1Win
Sat Dec 09, 1950Rotherham United2A1-3LossMillmoor
1951-52Sat Jan 12, 1952Blackburn Rovers3H2-2Draw
Wed Jan 16, 1952Blackburn Rovers3RA0-2LossEwood Park
1952-53Sat Jan 10, 1953Mansfield Town3A1-0WinField Mill
Sat Jan 31, 1953Everton4A1-4LossGoodison Park
1953-54Sat Jan 09, 1954Plymouth Argyle3A0-2LossHome Park
1954-55Sat Jan 08, 1955Sheffield United3A3-1WinBramall Lane
Sat Jan 29, 1955Hartlepool United4A1-1DrawVictoria Park
Wed Feb 02, 1955Hartlepool United4RH2-1Win
Sat Feb 19, 1955Newcastle United5H1-1Draw
Mon Feb 28, 1955Newcastle United5RA2-2DrawSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Wed Mar 02, 1955Newcastle United5R 2A1-2LossSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1955-56Sat Jan 07, 1956Doncaster Rovers3A0-3LossBelle Vue
1956-57Sat Jan 05, 1957Goole Town3H6-0Win
Sat Jan 26, 1957Portsmouth4A3-1WinFratton Park
Sat Feb 16, 1957Barnsley5A2-1WinOakwell
Sat Mar 02, 1957Birmingham CityQuarterA0-0DrawSt. Andrews
Thu Mar 07, 1957Birmingham CityQuarterRH0-1Loss
1957-58Sat Jan 04, 1958Gillingham3H2-0Win
Sat Jan 25, 1958West Bromwich Albion4A3-3DrawThe Hawthorns
Wed Jan 29, 1958West Bromwich Albion4RH1-5Loss
1958-59Sat Jan 10, 1959Tooting and Mitcham United3A2-2DrawImperial Fields
Sat Jan 24, 1959Tooting and Mitcham United3RH3-0Win
Wed Jan 28, 1959Grimsby Town4H4-1Win
Sat Feb 14, 1959Birmingham City5A1-1DrawSt. Andrews
Wed Feb 18, 1959Birmingham City5RH1-1Draw
Mon Feb 23, 1959Birmingham City5R 2N5-0WinFilbert StreetPlayed at Leicester City
Sat Feb 28, 1959Bolton WanderersQuarterH2-1Win
Sat Mar 14, 1959Aston VillaSemiN1-0WinHillsboroughPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
Sat May 02, 1959Luton TownFinalN2-1WinWembleyPlayed at Wembley
1959-60Sat Jan 09, 1960Reading3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 30, 1960Sheffield United4A0-3LossBramall Lane
1960-61Sat Jan 07, 1961Birmingham City3H0-2Loss
1961-62Sat Jan 06, 1962Workington3A2-1WinBorough Park
Sat Jan 27, 1962Sheffield Wednesday4H0-2Loss
1962-63Tue Jan 29, 1963Wolverhampton Wanderers3H4-3Win
Wed Mar 06, 1963West Bromwich Albion4A0-0DrawThe Hawthorns
Mon Mar 11, 1963West Bromwich Albion4RH2-1Win
Tue Mar 19, 1963Leeds United5H3-0Win
Sat Mar 30, 1963SouthamptonQuarterH1-1Draw
Wed Apr 03, 1963SouthamptonQuarterRA3-3DrawThe Dell
Mon Apr 08, 1963SouthamptonQuarterR 2N0-5LossWhite Hart LanePlayed at Tottenham Hotspur
1963-64Sat Jan 04, 1964Preston North End3H0-0Draw
Mon Jan 13, 1964Preston North End3RA0-1LossDeepdale
1964-65Sat Jan 09, 1965Norwich City3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 30, 1965Sunderland4A3-1WinRoker Park
Sat Feb 20, 1965Crystal Palace5A1-3LossSelhurst Park
1965-66Sat Jan 22, 1966Northampton Town3A2-1WinCounty Ground (Northampton)
Sat Feb 12, 1966Hull City4A0-2LossBoothferry Park
1966-67Sat Jan 28, 1967Plymouth Argyle3H2-1Win
Sat Feb 18, 1967Newcastle United4H3-0Win
Sat Mar 11, 1967Swindon Town5H0-0Draw
Tue Mar 14, 1967Swindon Town5RA1-1DrawCounty Ground (Swindon)
Mon Mar 20, 1967Swindon Town5R 2N3-0WinCounty Ground (Swindon)Played at Aston Villa
Sat Apr 08, 1967EvertonQuarterH3-2Win
Sat Apr 29, 1967Tottenham HotspurSemiN1-2LossHillsboroughPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
1967-68Sat Jan 27, 1968Bolton Wanderers3H4-2Win
Sat Feb 17, 1968Leeds United4A1-2LossElland Road
1968-69Sat Jan 04, 1969Preston North End3A0-3LossDeepdaleMatt Gillies's first game as manager
1969-70Sat Jan 03, 1970Carlisle United3H0-0Draw
Tue Jan 06, 1970Carlisle United3RA1-2LossBrunton Park
1970-71Sat Jan 02, 1971Luton Town3H1-1Draw
Mon Jan 11, 1971Luton Town3RA4-3WinKenilworth Road
Sat Jan 23, 1971Leyton Orient4H1-1Draw
Mon Jan 25, 1971Leyton Orient4RA0-0AbaAbandoned due to waterlogged pitch
Mon Feb 01, 1971Leyton Orient4RA1-0WinBrisbane Road
Sat Feb 13, 1971Tottenham Hotspur5A1-2LossWhite Hart Lane
1971-72Sat Jan 15, 1972Millwall3A1-3LossThe Den
1972-73Sat Jan 13, 1973West Bromwich Albion3A1-1DrawThe Hawthorns
Tue Jan 16, 1973West Bromwich Albion3RH1-1Draw
Mon Jan 22, 1973West Bromwich Albion3R 2H0-0Draw
Mon Jan 29, 1973West Bromwich Albion3R 3N1-3LossFilbert StreetPlayed at Leicester City
1973-74Sun Jan 06, 1974Bristol Rovers3H4-3Win
Sun Jan 27, 1974Manchester City4H4-1Win
Sun Feb 17, 1974Portsmouth5H1-0Win
Wed Mar 06, 1974Newcastle UnitedQuarterA3-4AbaSt. James Park (Newcastle)Abandoned after pitch invasion
Mon Mar 18, 1974Newcastle UnitedQuarterRN0-0DrawGoodison ParkPlayed at Everton
Thu Mar 21, 1974Newcastle UnitedQuarterR 2N0-1LossGoodison ParkPlayed at Everton
1974-75Sat Jan 04, 1975Tottenham Hotspur3H1-1DrawBill Anderson acted as caretaker manager
Wed Jan 08, 1975Tottenham Hotspur3RA1-0WinWhite Hart LaneBrian Clough's first game as manager
Tue Jan 28, 1975Fulham4A0-0DrawCraven Cottage
Mon Feb 03, 1975Fulham4RH1-1Draw
Wed Feb 05, 1975Fulham4R 2A1-1DrawCraven Cottage
Mon Feb 10, 1975Fulham4R 3H1-2Loss
1975-76Thu Jan 01, 1976Peterborough United3H0-0Draw
Wed Jan 07, 1976Peterborough United3RA0-1LossLondon Road
1976-77Sat Jan 08, 1977Bristol Rovers3H1-1Draw
Tue Jan 11, 1977Bristol Rovers3RA1-1DrawEastville Stadium
Tue Jan 18, 1977Bristol Rovers3R 2N6-0WinVilla ParkPlayed at Aston Villa
Sat Jan 29, 1977Southampton4H3-3Draw
Tue Feb 01, 1977Southampton4RA1-2LossThe Dell
1977-78Sat Jan 07, 1978Swindon Town3H4-1Win
Tue Jan 31, 1978Manchester City4H2-1Win
Sat Feb 18, 1978Queens Park Rangers5A1-1DrawLoftus Road
Mon Feb 27, 1978Queens Park Rangers5RH1-1Draw
Thu Mar 02, 1978Queens Park Rangers5R 2H3-1Win
Sat Mar 11, 1978West Bromwich AlbionQuarterA0-2LossThe Hawthorns
1978-79Wed Jan 10, 1979Aston Villa3H2-0Win
Sat Jan 27, 1979York City4H3-1Win
Mon Feb 26, 1979Arsenal5H0-1Loss
1979-80Sat Jan 05, 1980Leeds United3A4-1WinElland Road
Sat Jan 26, 1980Liverpool4H0-2Loss
1980-81Sat Jan 03, 1981Bolton Wanderers3H3-3Draw
Tue Jan 06, 1981Bolton Wanderers3RA1-0WinBurnden Park
Sat Jan 24, 1981Manchester United4H1-0Win
Sat Feb 14, 1981Bristol City5H2-1Win
Sat Mar 07, 1981Ipswich TownQuarterH3-3Draw
Tue Mar 10, 1981Ipswich TownQuarterRA0-1LossPortman Road
1981-82Sat Jan 02, 1982Wrexham3H1-3Loss
1982-83Sat Jan 08, 1983Derby County3A0-2LossBaseball Ground
1983-84Sat Jan 07, 1984Southampton3H1-2Loss
1984-85Sun Jan 06, 1985Newcastle United3H1-1Draw
Wed Jan 09, 1985Newcastle United3RA3-1WinSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Sat Jan 26, 1985Wimbledon4H0-0Draw
Wed Jan 30, 1985Wimbledon4RA0-1LossPlough Lane
1985-86Sat Jan 04, 1986Blackburn Rovers3H1-1Draw
Mon Jan 13, 1986Blackburn Rovers3RA2-3LossEwood Park
1986-87Sun Jan 11, 1987Crystal Palace3A0-1LossSelhurst Park
1987-88Sat Jan 09, 1988Halifax Town3A4-0WinThe Shay
Sat Jan 30, 1988Leyton Orient4A2-1WinBrisbane Road
Sat Feb 20, 1988Birmingham City5A1-0WinSt. Andrews
Sat Mar 12, 1988ArsenalQuarterA2-1WinHighbury
Sat Apr 09, 1988LiverpoolSemiN1-2LossHillsboroughPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
1988-89Sat Jan 07, 1989Ipswich Town3H3-0Win
Sat Jan 28, 1989Leeds United4H2-0Win
Sun Feb 19, 1989Watford5A3-0WinVicarage Road
Sat Mar 18, 1989Manchester UnitedQuarterA1-0WinOld Trafford
Sat Apr 15, 1989LiverpoolSemiN0-0AbaHillsboroughAbandoned due to Hillsborough Disaster
Sun May 07, 1989LiverpoolSemiN1-3LossHillsboroughPlayed at Manchester United
1989-90Sun Jan 07, 1990Manchester United3H0-1Loss
1990-91Sun Jan 06, 1991Crystal Palace3A0-0DrawSelhurst Park
Mon Jan 21, 1991Crystal Palace3RH2-2Draw
Mon Jan 28, 1991Crystal Palace3R 2H3-0Win
Wed Feb 13, 1991Newcastle United4A2-2DrawSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Mon Feb 18, 1991Newcastle United4RH3-0Win
Mon Feb 25, 1991Southampton5A1-1DrawThe Dell
Mon Mar 04, 1991Southampton5RH3-1Win
Sat Mar 09, 1991Norwich CityQuarterA1-0WinCarrow Road
Sun Apr 14, 1991West Ham UnitedSemiN4-0WinVilla ParkPlayed at Aston Villa
Sat May 18, 1991Tottenham HotspurFinalN1-2LossWembleyPlayed at Wembley
1991-92Sat Jan 04, 1992Wolverhampton Wanderers3H1-0Win
Sun Jan 26, 1992Hereford United4H2-0Win
Sat Feb 15, 1992Bristol City5H4-1Win
Sat Mar 07, 1992PortsmouthQuarterA0-1LossFratton Park
1992-93Sun Jan 03, 1993Southampton3H2-1Win
Sat Jan 23, 1993Middlesbrough4H1-1Draw
Wed Feb 03, 1993Middlesbrough4RA3-0WinAyresome Park
Sat Feb 13, 1993Arsenal5A0-2LossHighbury
1993-94Sat Jan 08, 1994Sheffield Wednesday3A1-1DrawHillsborough
Wed Jan 19, 1994Sheffield Wednesday3RH0-2Loss
1994-95Sat Jan 07, 1995Plymouth Argyle3H2-0Win
Sat Jan 28, 1995Crystal Palace4H1-2Loss
1995-96Sat Jan 06, 1996Stoke City3A1-1DrawVictoria Ground
Wed Jan 17, 1996Stoke City3RH2-0Win
Wed Feb 07, 1996Oxford United4H1-1Draw
Tue Feb 13, 1996Oxford United4RA3-0WinManor Ground
Wed Feb 28, 1996Tottenham Hotspur5H2-2Draw
Sat Mar 09, 1996Tottenham Hotspur5RA1-1WinWhite Hart LaneWon 3-1 on penalties
Wed Mar 13, 1996Aston VillaQuarterH0-1Loss
1996-97Sat Jan 04, 1997Ipswich Town3H3-0Win
Sun Jan 26, 1997Newcastle United4A2-1WinSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Sat Feb 15, 1997Chesterfield5A0-1LossSaltergate
1997-98Sat Jan 03, 1998Charlton Athletic3A1-4LossThe Valley
1998-99Sat Jan 02, 1999Portsmouth3H0-1LossDave Bassett's last game as manager
1999-00Fri Dec 10, 1999Oxford United3H1-1Draw
Sat Jan 08, 2000Oxford United3RA3-1WinManor Ground
Wed Jan 19, 2000Chelsea4A0-2LossStamford Bridge
2000-01Sun Jan 07, 2001Wolverhampton Wanderers3H0-1Loss
2001-02Sat Jan 05, 2002Sheffield United3A0-1LossBramall Lane
2002-03Sat Jan 04, 2003West Ham United3A2-3LossUpton Park
2003-04Sat Jan 03, 2004West Bromwich Albion3H1-0Win
Sun Jan 25, 2004Sheffield United4H0-3Loss
2004-05Sat Jan 08, 2005Queens Park Rangers3A3-0WinLoftus RoadMick Harford's last game as manager
Sat Jan 29, 2005Peterborough United4H1-0Win
Sun Feb 20, 2005Tottenham Hotspur5A1-1DrawWhite Hart Lane
Wed Mar 02, 2005Tottenham Hotspur5RH0-3Loss
2005-06Sat Nov 05, 2005Weymouth1H1-1Draw
Mon Nov 14, 2005Weymouth1RA2-0WinWessex Stadium
Sat Dec 03, 2005Chester City2A0-3LossDeva Stadium
2006-07Sat Nov 11, 2006Yeading1H5-0Win
Sun Dec 03, 2006Salisbury City2A1-1DrawRaymond MacEnhill Stadium
Tue Dec 12, 2006Salisbury City2RH2-0Win
Sat Jan 06, 2007Charlton Athletic3H2-0Win
Sun Jan 28, 2007Chelsea4A0-3LossStamford Bridge
2007-08Sat Nov 10, 2007Lincoln City1A1-1DrawSincil Bank
Tue Nov 27, 2007Lincoln City1RH3-1Win
Tue Dec 11, 2007Luton Town2A0-1LossKenilworth Road
2008-09Sat Jan 03, 2009Manchester City3A3-0WinEtihad StadiumJohn Pemberton's last game as manager
Fri Jan 23, 2009Derby County4A1-1DrawPride Park
Wed Feb 04, 2009Derby County4RH2-3Loss
2009-10Sat Jan 02, 2010Birmingham City3H0-0Draw
Tue Jan 12, 2010Birmingham City3RA0-1LossSt. Andrews
2010-11Sat Jan 08, 2011Preston North End3A2-1WinDeepdale
Sun Jan 30, 2011West Ham United4A2-3LossUpton Park
2011-12Sat Jan 07, 2012Leicester City3H0-0Draw
Tue Jan 17, 2012Leicester City3RA0-4LossWalkers Stadium
2012-13Sat Jan 05, 2013Oldham Athletic3H2-3Loss
2013-14Sun Jan 05, 2014West Ham United3H5-0Win
Fri Jan 24, 2014Preston North End4H0-0Draw
Wed Feb 05, 2014Preston North End4RA2-0WinDeepdale
Sun Feb 16, 2014Sheffield United5A1-3LossBramall Lane
2014-15Sat Jan 03, 2015Rochdale3A0-1LossSpotland
2015-16Sat Jan 09, 2016Queens Park Rangers3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 30, 2016Watford4H0-1Loss
2016-17Sat Jan 07, 2017Wigan Athletic3A0-2LossDW Stadium
2017-18Sun Jan 07, 2018Arsenal3H4-2Win
Sat Jan 27, 2018Hull City4A1-2LossKCOM Stadium
2018-19Sat Jan 05, 2019Chelsea3A0-2LossStamford BridgeAitor Karanka's last game as manager
2019-20Sun Jan 05, 2020Chelsea3A0-2LossStamford Bridge
2020-21Sat Jan 09, 2021Cardiff City3H1-0Win
Sat Jan 23, 2021Swansea City4A1-5LossLiberty Stadium