The Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday

Record at Hillsborough
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Apr 09, 1901Dec 07, 199834113204657
League Tier 2Aug 30, 1920Jun 20, 202026106102829
League Tier 3
FA CupFeb 24, 1906Jan 08, 19948116716
League CupOct 13, 1999Oct 13, 1999100114
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalApr 09, 1901Jun 20, 20206922103782106
TotalDec 25, 1915Dec 02, 1944114341616
TOTALApr 09, 1901Jun 20, 20208026134198122

All Games at Hillsborough
# Date Season Game Opponent H/A Score Result Notes
May 01, 20212020-21League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA-
69Jun 20, 20202019-20League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
68Apr 09, 20192018-19League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-3Loss
67Sep 09, 20172017-18League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-3LossLive on Sky
66Sep 24, 20162016-17League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
65Oct 31, 20152015-16League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-1Loss
64Aug 30, 20142014-15League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
63Dec 07, 20132013-14League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
62Mar 02, 20132012-13League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
61Sep 12, 20092009-10League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
60Sep 30, 20082008-09League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-1Loss
59Dec 26, 20022002-03League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-2Loss
58Apr 06, 20022001-02League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-0Win
57Sep 13, 20002000-01League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
56Oct 13, 19991999-00League CupSheffield WednesdayA1-4Loss
55Dec 07, 19981998-99League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA2-3Loss
54Nov 18, 19961996-97League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-2Loss
53Mar 02, 19961995-96League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA3-1Win
52Apr 01, 19951994-95League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA7-1Win
51Jan 08, 19941993-94FA CupSheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
50Aug 19, 19921992-93League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-2Loss
49Sep 07, 19911991-92League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
48May 05, 19901989-90League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA3-0Win
47May 07, 19891988-89FA CupLiverpoolN1-3LossPlayed at Manchester United
46Apr 15, 1989FA CupLiverpoolN0-0AbaAbandoned due to Hillsborough Disaster
45Dec 31, 1988League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA3-0Win
44Apr 09, 19881987-88FA CupLiverpoolN1-2LossPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
43Mar 05, 1988League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
42Apr 14, 19871986-87League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA3-2Win
41Dec 07, 19851985-86League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
40Aug 25, 19841984-85League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-3Loss
39Sep 21, 19741974-75League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA3-2Win
38Dec 29, 19731973-74League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
37Oct 28, 19721972-73League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-1WinMatt Gillies's last game as manager
36Mar 21, 19701969-70League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
35Apr 07, 19691968-69League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
34Apr 20, 19681967-68League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-0Draw
33Apr 29, 19671966-67FA CupTottenham HotspurN1-2LossPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
32Mar 25, 1967League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA2-0Win
31Sep 11, 19651965-66League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-3Loss
30Apr 03, 19651964-65League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-0Draw
29Nov 09, 19631963-64League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-3Loss
28Oct 13, 19621962-63League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA2-2Draw
27Dec 02, 19611961-62League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-3Loss
26Feb 21, 19611960-61League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA0-1Loss
25Sep 16, 19591959-60League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
24Mar 14, 19591958-59FA CupAston VillaN1-0WinPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
23Aug 31, 19571957-58League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA2-1Win
22Sep 24, 19551955-56League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-1Win
21Dec 25, 19511951-52League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
20Mar 19, 19491948-49League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
19Sep 27, 19471947-48League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
18Apr 12, 19471946-47League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-2Loss
Dec 02, 19441944-45WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
Jan 08, 19441943-44WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA0-0DrawResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Mar 27, 19431942-43WWII Wartime CupSheffield WednesdayA1-5LossAlso contributed to Combined League
Jan 16, 1943WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-1DrawResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
May 09, 19421941-42WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-3Loss
Apr 19, 19411940-41WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
Apr 06, 19401939-40WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-2Loss
17Apr 15, 19391938-39League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Draw
16Nov 27, 19371937-38League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-0Win
15Mar 05, 19301929-30FA CupSheffield WednesdayA1-3Loss
14Mar 22, 19261925-26League Tier 2The WednesdayA0-2Loss
13Jan 23, 19231922-23FA CupSheffield UnitedN0-1LossPlayed at Sheffield Wednesday
12Feb 04, 19221921-22League Tier 2The WednesdayA4-0Win
11Aug 30, 19201920-21League Tier 2The WednesdayA0-0Draw
Nov 16, 19181918-19WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayA2-1Win
Sep 15, 19171917-18WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayA3-0Win
Jan 06, 19171916-17WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayA4-1Win
Dec 25, 19151915-16WWI Initial TournamentSheffield WednesdayA1-0Win
10Dec 03, 19101910-11League Tier 1The WednesdayA2-5Loss
9Dec 11, 19091909-10League Tier 1The WednesdayA3-4Loss
8Jan 23, 19091908-09League Tier 1The WednesdayA0-3Loss
7Mar 21, 19081907-08League Tier 1The WednesdayA1-2Loss
6Feb 24, 19061905-06FA CupThe WednesdayA1-4Loss
5Dec 27, 1905League Tier 1The WednesdayA0-1Loss
4Oct 08, 19041904-05League Tier 1The WednesdayA0-2Loss
3Oct 03, 19031903-04League Tier 1The WednesdayA1-2Loss
2Feb 28, 19031902-03League Tier 1The WednesdayA0-1Loss
1Mar 08, 19021901-02League Tier 1The WednesdayA2-0Win
0Apr 09, 19011900-01League Tier 1The WednesdayA1-4Loss