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Previous Names:
Notts, Notts County, Notts County XI
Trent Bridge, Meadow Lane

Record against Notts County
Overall Home Away
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A P W D L F A P W D L F A
League Tier 1Oct 08, 1892Jan 11, 19924016111350482010552517206682531
League Tier 2Dec 25, 1913Feb 12, 19944419121369552211383022228953933
League Tier 3Dec 03, 1949Apr 22, 1950200214100112100102
FA CupNov 16, 1878Mar 03, 189463121110321072310248
League CupOct 25, 1977Aug 09, 2011220073220073000000
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish CupAug 07, 1976Aug 07, 1976101000101000000000
Anglo-Italian CupSep 15, 1993Sep 15, 1993101011101011000000
TotalNov 16, 1878Aug 09, 201196402630139121502511147147461515166874
United Counties LeagueJan 06, 1894Apr 29, 1895440093220020220073
World War ISep 11, 1915Apr 21, 19191775531299513211882421011
World War IIMar 02, 1940Apr 28, 194521103847381241727299621209
County CupOct 28, 1936Sep 02, 2001291955623022173252217223109
Notts Association CupApr 16, 1887Apr 14, 1964750222113201864301145
FriendlyMar 22, 1866Oct 14, 19866626221896833114611554335121674140
Pre-Season FriendlyJul 30, 2007Jul 19, 201753111070000005311107
TestimonialMar 30, 1889Jul 23, 201663121111210156421165
TotalMar 22, 1866Jul 19, 2017155773741288212814511251701237432261611889
TOTALMar 22, 1866Jul 19, 20172511176371427333131702239241170120474132186163

Competitive games against Notts County since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winAug 09, 201117 years, 6 months, 11 daysAug 09, 201117 years, 6 months, 11 daysAug 24, 1991227 years, 5 months, 27 days
Last drawSep 15, 1993425 years, 5 months, 5 daysSep 15, 1993325 years, 5 months, 5 daysMar 31, 1984334 years, 10 months, 20 days
Last lossFeb 12, 1994225 years, 8 daysJan 23, 1982737 years, 28 daysFeb 12, 1994125 years, 8 days
Last goal scoredAug 09, 201117 years, 6 months, 11 daysAug 09, 201117 years, 6 months, 11 daysFeb 12, 1994125 years, 8 days
Clean sheetOct 30, 1993325 years, 3 months, 21 daysOct 30, 1993225 years, 3 months, 21 daysAug 24, 1991227 years, 5 months, 27 days
Conceded Own Goal
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Conceded penalty
Scored penaltyOct 08, 189886120 years, 4 months, 12 daysOct 08, 189841120 years, 4 months, 12 days
Missed PenaltyNov 05, 19215897 years, 3 months, 15 daysNov 05, 19212797 years, 3 months, 15 days
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Notts County
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Arthur ShawSep 2005Eugene DadiDec 2005 Colin Lyman Colin Calderwood
Frank Guttridge Frank Guttridge Louis Laing
Ken Ledger Gibson McNaughton Paul Crichton
Teddy May Tom JohnsonJul 2009Brendan Moloney
Trevor ChristieMar 1893Harry DaftJan 2012Kieron FreemanMay 2012
Jan 1889Albert SmithMay 1897Alec StewartSep 2014Stephen McLaughlinOct 2014
Jan 1893Harry DaftAug 1944Tanner AllenJan 2017Jorge GrantMay 2017
Sep 1993Steve BlatherwickMay 1977Sammy ChapmanJul 2017Jorge GrantMay 2018
Jul 2001Darren WardMay 1982Justin Fashanu£140,000Aug 2017Ryan Yates
Sep 1987David Campbell

All 251 games against Notts County (Competitive: 96, Other: 155)
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Wed Jul 19, 2017Pre-Season FriendlyNotts CountyA2-0WinMeadow Lane
Sat Jul 23, 2016TestimonialNotts CountyA2-1WinMeadow LaneMike Edwards testimonial
Tue Aug 07, 2012Pre-Season FriendlyNotts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow Lane
96Tue Aug 09, 2011League CupNotts CountyH3-3WinWon 4-3 on penalties
Sat Jul 25, 2009Pre-Season FriendlyNotts CountyA1-2LossMeadow Lane
Sat Aug 02, 2008Pre-Season FriendlyNotts CountyA3-2WinMeadow Lane
Mon Jul 30, 2007Pre-Season FriendlyNotts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
Sun Sep 02, 2001County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Wed Nov 15, 2000County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Mon May 01, 2000County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Tue Aug 04, 1998County CupNotts CountyH5-0Win
Mon Aug 04, 1997County CupNotts CountyA6-1WinMeadow Lane
Wed Aug 07, 1996County CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
Wed Nov 23, 1994County CupNotts CountyH3-1Win
95Sat Feb 12, 1994League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-2LossMeadow Lane
94Sat Oct 30, 1993League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
93Wed Sep 15, 1993Anglo-Italian CupNotts CountyH1-1DrawAnglo-Italian Cup Qualifying Group 3
Tue May 11, 1993County CupNotts CountyH3-1WinFrank Clark's first game as manager
92Sat Jan 11, 1992League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-1Draw
91Sat Aug 24, 1991League Tier 1Notts CountyA4-0WinMeadow Lane
Sun Aug 11, 1991County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
Mon May 13, 1991TestimonialNotts CountyA1-2LossMeadow LaneMick Walker Testimonial
Sun Aug 13, 1989County CupNotts CountyH3-1Win
Sun Aug 21, 1988County CupNotts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
Sun Aug 09, 1987County CupNotts CountyH4-4Draw
Tue Oct 14, 1986FriendlyNotts CountyA5-2WinMeadow Lane
Tue Jul 08, 1986County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
Wed Sep 11, 1985County CupNotts CountyH1-2Loss
Tue Feb 26, 1985TestimonialNotts CountyA2-1WinMeadow LanePedro Richards Testimonial
90Sat Mar 31, 1984League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-0DrawMeadow Lane
89Sun Oct 16, 1983League Tier 1Notts CountyH3-1Win
Wed May 18, 1983County CupNotts CountyH4-3Win
88Sat Apr 23, 1983League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-1Win
87Sat Dec 04, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-3LossMeadow Lane
Tue May 18, 1982County CupNotts CountyH7-1Win
86Mon Apr 12, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
85Sat Jan 23, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-2Loss
Thu May 07, 1981TestimonialNotts CountyH3-1WinJimmy Gordon Testimonial
Mon Sep 08, 1980FriendlyNotts CountyA3-2WinMeadow Lane
Tue May 06, 1980County CupNotts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
Wed Apr 12, 1978TestimonialNotts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow LaneLes Bradd Testimonial
84Tue Oct 25, 1977League CupNotts CountyH4-0Win
Mon Aug 15, 1977County CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
83Sat Apr 09, 1977League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
82Tue Mar 08, 1977League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Tue Oct 26, 1976County CupNotts CountyA0-1LossMeadow Lane
81Sat Aug 07, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupNotts CountyH0-0DrawGroup 2
80Tue Apr 13, 1976League Tier 2Notts CountyA0-0DrawMeadow Lane
79Sat Aug 30, 1975League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-1Loss
Thu May 08, 1975County CupNotts CountyH0-1Loss
78Tue Mar 25, 1975League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow Lane
77Sat Dec 28, 1974League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-2LossAllan Brown's last game as manager
Mon May 06, 1974County CupNotts CountyH3-2Win
76Sun Mar 03, 1974League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-0Draw
75Wed Dec 26, 1973League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-0WinMeadow Lane
Wed May 02, 1973County CupNotts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
Wed May 10, 1972County CupNotts CountyA0-3Loss
Mon Nov 08, 1971FriendlyNotts CountyA2-0Win
Mon May 10, 1971FriendlyNotts CountyH3-1Win
Tue Apr 28, 1970County CupNotts CountyH2-0Win
Wed May 07, 1969County CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
Tue May 14, 1968County CupNotts CountyH3-0WinMeadow Lane
Tue May 09, 1967County CupNotts CountyH2-0Win
Tue Apr 14, 1964Notts Association CupNotts CountyA5-1Win
Mon May 27, 1963Notts Association CupNotts CountyH1-2Loss
Tue May 08, 1962Notts Association CupNotts CountyA2-1Win
Mon May 08, 1961Notts Association CupNotts CountyH4-3Win
Mon Oct 26, 1959FriendlyNotts CountyA1-3LossMeadow Lane
74Wed May 01, 1957League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-4Loss
73Sat Oct 20, 1956League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
72Sat Feb 11, 1956League Tier 2Notts CountyA3-1WinMeadow Lane
71Sat Oct 01, 1955League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-2Loss
70Sat Feb 12, 1955League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-4LossMeadow Lane
69Sat Sep 25, 1954League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-1Loss
68Sat Feb 27, 1954League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
67Sat Oct 10, 1953League Tier 2Notts CountyH5-0Win
66Sat Jan 03, 1953League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
65Sat Aug 30, 1952League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-3LossMeadow Lane
64Sat Jan 19, 1952League Tier 2Notts CountyH3-2Win
63Sat Sep 15, 1951League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow Lane
62Sat Apr 22, 1950League Tier 3Notts CountyA0-2LossMeadow Lane
61Sat Dec 03, 1949League Tier 3Notts CountyH1-2Loss
Wed Aug 15, 1945FriendlyNotts CountyH3-2Win
Sat Apr 28, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH2-5Loss
Sat Apr 21, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA3-1WinMeadow Lane
Mon Apr 02, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH6-0Win
Sat Feb 24, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA2-1WinMeadow LaneResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Feb 17, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH1-4LossResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Sep 30, 1944WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA-DrawMeadow Lane
Sat Sep 23, 1944WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH2-1Win
Mon Apr 10, 1944WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH3-0Win
Sat Jan 29, 1944WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA3-0WinMeadow LaneResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Jan 22, 1944WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH0-0DrawResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Nov 13, 1943WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH0-4Loss
Sat Nov 06, 1943WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA1-0WinMeadow Lane
Sat Apr 24, 1943WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA1-2DrawMeadow Lane
Sat Apr 17, 1943WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH1-1Loss
Sat Nov 14, 1942WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA3-1WinMeadow Lane
Sat Nov 07, 1942WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH3-5Loss
Sat Apr 12, 1941WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH1-3Loss
Sat Mar 15, 1941WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA4-0WinMeadow Lane
Wed Dec 25, 1940WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH2-4Loss
Sat May 25, 1940WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH6-2Win
Sat Mar 02, 1940WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA3-4LossMeadow Lane
Sat Oct 14, 1939FriendlyNotts CountyH2-1Win
Sat Aug 19, 1939FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1DrawJubilee Trust Fund
Sat Aug 20, 1938FriendlyNotts CountyH4-1WinJubilee Trust Fund
Wed Oct 13, 1937County CupNotts CountyH1-0Win
Wed Oct 28, 1936County CupNotts CountyA0-1Loss
Mon May 06, 1935Notts Association CupNotts CountyA2-3LossMeadow Lane
60Sat Feb 09, 1935League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-3Loss
59Sat Sep 29, 1934League Tier 2Notts CountyA5-3WinMeadow Lane
58Sat Feb 17, 1934League Tier 2Notts CountyA0-1LossMeadow Lane
57Sat Oct 07, 1933League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-0Win
56Sat Feb 18, 1933League Tier 2Notts CountyH3-0Win
55Sat Oct 08, 1932League Tier 2Notts CountyA4-2WinMeadow Lane
54Sat Feb 13, 1932League Tier 2Notts CountyA6-2WinMeadow Lane
53Sat Oct 03, 1931League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-1Win
52Sat Jan 04, 1930League Tier 2Notts CountyA0-0DrawMeadow Lane
51Sat Sep 07, 1929League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-1Draw
50Sat Mar 02, 1929League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-2Loss
49Sat Oct 20, 1928League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
48Wed Feb 22, 1928League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
47Sat Sep 17, 1927League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-1Win
46Sat Feb 05, 1927League Tier 2Notts CountyH2-0Win
45Sat Sep 18, 1926League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-1WinMeadow Lane
Wed Oct 28, 1925FriendlyNotts CountyA2-2DrawBenefit for Notts Cricket Club
44Sat Jan 24, 1925League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-0Draw
43Sat Sep 20, 1924League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-0DrawMeadow Lane
42Sat Sep 29, 1923League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-0Win
41Sat Sep 22, 1923League Tier 1Notts CountyA1-2LossMeadow Lane
40Mon Nov 14, 1921League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-0Draw
39Sat Nov 05, 1921League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
38Sat Sep 18, 1920League Tier 2Notts CountyA0-2LossMeadow Lane
37Sat Sep 11, 1920League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0Win
Mon Apr 21, 1919WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyA3-1WinMeadow Lane
Fri Apr 18, 1919WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH3-2Win
Thu Dec 26, 1918WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
Wed Dec 25, 1918WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH2-0Win
Mon Apr 01, 1918WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH0-3Loss
Fri Mar 29, 1918WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyA1-3LossMeadow Lane
Wed Dec 26, 1917WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH0-0Draw
Tue Dec 25, 1917WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyA1-0WinMeadow Lane
Sat Apr 14, 1917WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH2-3Loss
Sat Mar 24, 1917WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow Lane
Sat Dec 09, 1916WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow Lane
Sat Sep 02, 1916WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH4-3Win
Mon Apr 24, 1916WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH4-2Win
Sat Apr 01, 1916WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyA0-2LossMeadow Lane
Sat Mar 04, 1916WWI Second TournamentNotts CountyH3-0WinMeadow Lane
Sat Dec 11, 1915WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyA0-0DrawMeadow Lane
Sat Sep 11, 1915WWI Initial TournamentNotts CountyH3-5Loss
Sat Jan 31, 1914Notts Association CupNotts CountyA5-0Win
36Fri Dec 26, 1913League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-0WinGeorge Needham benefit
35Thu Dec 25, 1913League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-2DrawMeadow LaneBert Morley benefit
34Sat Dec 31, 1910League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-2Loss
33Sat Sep 03, 1910League Tier 1Notts CountyA1-1DrawMeadow Lane
32Sat Jan 08, 1910League Tier 1Notts CountyA1-4LossTrent Bridge
31Sat Sep 04, 1909League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-1Win
30Sat Mar 27, 1909League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-0Win
29Sat Nov 21, 1908League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-3LossTrent Bridge
28Sat Apr 04, 1908League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-2LossTrent Bridge
27Sat Dec 07, 1907League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-0Win
26Mon Dec 25, 1905League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-2Loss
25Sat Nov 04, 1905League Tier 1Notts CountyA1-1DrawTrent Bridge
24Sat Mar 25, 1905League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-1WinTrent Bridge
23Sat Nov 26, 1904League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-1Win
22Fri Dec 25, 1903League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-1Loss
21Sat Nov 28, 1903League Tier 1Notts CountyA3-1WinTrent Bridge
20Fri Dec 26, 1902League Tier 1Notts CountyA1-1DrawTrent Bridge
19Sat Nov 15, 1902League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-0Draw
18Thu Dec 26, 1901League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-0Win
17Sat Nov 16, 1901League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-3LossTrent Bridge
16Wed Dec 26, 1900League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-1LossTrent Bridge
15Sat Nov 24, 1900League Tier 1Notts CountyH5-0Win
14Sat Mar 17, 1900League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-3Loss
Tue Dec 26, 1899FriendlyNotts CountyA4-2Win
13Sat Nov 11, 1899League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-1WinTrent Bridge
Fri Mar 31, 1899FriendlyNotts CountyH1-5Loss
12Sat Feb 04, 1899League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-0Draw
11Sat Oct 08, 1898League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-2DrawTrent Bridge
Mon Dec 27, 1897FriendlyNotts CountyA1-0Win
10Sat Oct 09, 1897League Tier 1Notts CountyA3-1WinTrent Bridge
9Sat Sep 04, 1897League Tier 1Notts CountyH1-1DrawCity Ground (Town Ground)Harry Haslam's first game as manager
Sat Dec 26, 1896FriendlyNotts CountyA2-1Win
Sat Feb 15, 1896FriendlyNotts CountyH3-1WinTown Ground
Thu Dec 26, 1895FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1Draw
Mon Apr 29, 1895United Counties LeagueNotts CountyH1-0WinTown Ground
Sat Mar 30, 1895United Counties LeagueNotts CountyA3-0Win
Wed Dec 26, 1894FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1DrawTown Ground
Sat Oct 20, 1894FriendlyNotts CountyA2-0Win
Thu Apr 19, 1894United Counties LeagueNotts CountyA4-3WinTown Ground
8Sat Mar 03, 1894FA CupNotts CountyA1-4LossTrent Bridge
7Sat Feb 24, 1894FA CupNotts CountyH1-1DrawTown Ground
Sat Jan 06, 1894United Counties LeagueNotts CountyH1-0WinTown Ground
Tue Dec 26, 1893FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1Draw
Sat Nov 11, 1893FriendlyNotts CountyH1-2LossTown Ground
6Sat Feb 25, 1893League Tier 1Notts CountyH3-1WinTown Ground
Mon Dec 26, 1892FriendlyNotts CountyA1-0Win
5Sat Oct 08, 1892League Tier 1Notts CountyA0-3LossTrent Bridge
Sat Dec 26, 1891FriendlyNottsA1-0Win
Sat Oct 03, 1891FriendlyNottsH3-1WinTown Ground
Sat Apr 18, 1891FriendlyNottsH2-4LossTown Ground
Fri Dec 26, 1890FriendlyNottsA0-0Draw
Thu Dec 26, 1889FriendlyNottsA1-1DrawTrent Bridge
Sat Nov 30, 1889FriendlyNottsH2-4LossGregory Ground
Sat Mar 30, 1889TestimonialNotts CountyH2-5LossGregory GroundTestimonial for Norman (Forest) and Emmett (Notts)
Wed Dec 26, 1888FriendlyNotts CountyA1-4Loss
Sat Dec 01, 1888FriendlyNotts CountyH3-0WinGregory Ground
Mon Dec 26, 1887FriendlyNottsA0-0Draw
Sat Dec 03, 1887FriendlyNottsH0-1LossGregory Ground
4Sat Nov 26, 1887FA CupNotts CountyH2-1WinTown Ground
Sat Apr 16, 1887Notts Association CupNotts CountyH3-1WinGregory Ground
Sat Mar 19, 1887FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1DrawCastle Cricket Ground
Sat Feb 12, 1887FriendlyNotts CountyH1-2LossGregory Ground
Mon Dec 27, 1886FriendlyNotts CountyA2-0WinTrent Bridge
Sat Jan 16, 1886FriendlyNottsA0-5LossTrent Bridge
Sat Nov 28, 1885FriendlyNottsH1-4LossGregory Ground
Sat Apr 18, 1885FriendlyNotts CountyA2-3LossCastle Cricket Ground
Fri Dec 26, 1884FriendlyNottsH3-0WinTrent Bridge
Wed Dec 26, 1883FriendlyNottsA1-5Loss
3Sat Dec 01, 1883FA CupNotts CountyA0-3LossTrent Bridge
Sat Oct 20, 1883FriendlyNotts CountyH0-0DrawParkside Ground
Sat Jan 20, 1883FriendlyNottsH1-1DrawTrent Bridge
Sat Feb 11, 1882FriendlyNottsA2-1WinCastle Cricket Ground
Sat Dec 17, 1881FriendlyNottsH0-5LossTrent Bridge
Sat Mar 05, 1881FriendlyNotts CountyA0-1LossCastle Cricket Ground
Sat Oct 16, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH4-0WinTrent Bridge
Sat Jan 17, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH7-1WinTrent Bridge
2Sat Nov 08, 1879FA CupNotts CountyH4-0WinTown Ground
1Sat Nov 16, 1878FA CupNotts CountyA3-1WinTrent BridgeForest's first competitive game
Thu Feb 08, 1877FriendlyNottsA1-1Draw
Sat Nov 18, 1876FriendlyNottsH0-2LossForest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 26, 1876FriendlyNottsA0-1LossTrent Bridge
Mon Dec 13, 1875FriendlyNottsH2-1WinForest Recreation Ground
Fri Feb 19, 1875FriendlyNottsH5-1Win
Sat Dec 05, 1874FriendlyNotts County XIA0-0Draw
Sat Nov 14, 1874FriendlyNottsA0-0DrawTrent Bridge
Sat Feb 07, 1874FriendlyNottsA0-0DrawTrent Bridge
Sat Dec 27, 1873FriendlyNottsH0-0DrawForest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 04, 1873FriendlyNottsA0-0DrawMeadows Cricket Ground
Sat Dec 07, 1872FriendlyNottsH1-0WinForest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 24, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyH2-1Win
Tue Feb 13, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyA1-0WinMeadows Cricket Ground
Sat Mar 11, 1871FriendlyNotts CountyH1-1Draw
Sat Nov 13, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0LossForest Cricket GroundNotts won by 1 rouge to 0
Sat Nov 06, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0Draw
Thu Feb 28, 1867FriendlyNottsH0-1LossForest Recreation Ground
Thu Dec 13, 1866FriendlyNottsA1-1DrawMeadows Cricket Ground
Thu Apr 19, 1866FriendlyNottsA0-0Draw
Thu Mar 22, 1866FriendlyNottsH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundFirst recorded game

Home and away victories against Notts County
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1904-05Notts CountySat Nov 26, 1904H2-1Sat Mar 25, 1905A2-1
1926-27Notts CountySat Sep 18, 1926A2-1Sat Feb 05, 1927H2-0
1927-28Notts CountySat Sep 17, 1927H2-1Wed Feb 22, 1928A2-1
1931-32Notts CountySat Oct 03, 1931H2-1Sat Feb 13, 1932A6-2
1932-33Notts CountySat Oct 08, 1932A4-2Sat Feb 18, 1933H3-0