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Mansfield, Mansfield Town
Field Mill, One Call Stadium

Record against Mansfield Town
Overall Home Away
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A P W D L F A P W D L F A
League Tier 1
League Tier 2
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 10, 1953Jan 10, 1953110010000000110010
League CupAug 11, 1999Aug 24, 1999210131110030100101
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalJan 10, 1953Aug 24, 1999320141110030210111
World War IINov 11, 1939Mar 17, 19451790830288404181795041211
County CupNov 03, 1937Apr 15, 199716113241171072127106411147
Notts Association CupMay 05, 1961Jan 25, 1964330073220042110031
FriendlyMar 31, 1871May 10, 199414113036865101228620246
Pre-Season FriendlyJul 27, 2002Jul 22, 201754011130000005401113
TestimonialApr 28, 1897Sep 04, 1978220091000000220091
AbandonedJul 22, 2006Jul 22, 2006100001000000000000
TotalMar 31, 1871Jul 22, 201757406111346026183561313122367329
TOTALMar 31, 1871Jul 22, 201760426121386127193564313323377430

Competitive games against Mansfield Town since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winAug 11, 1999219 years, 6 months, 9 daysAug 11, 1999119 years, 6 months, 9 daysJan 10, 1953266 years, 1 month, 10 days
Last draw
Last lossAug 24, 1999119 years, 5 months, 27 daysAug 24, 1999119 years, 5 months, 27 days
Last goal scoredAug 11, 1999219 years, 6 months, 9 daysAug 11, 1999119 years, 6 months, 9 daysJan 10, 1953266 years, 1 month, 10 days
Clean sheetAug 11, 1999219 years, 6 months, 9 daysAug 11, 1999119 years, 6 months, 9 daysJan 10, 1953266 years, 1 month, 10 days
Conceded Own Goal
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Conceded penalty
Scored penalty
Missed Penalty
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Mansfield Town
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Harold Crawshaw Dave Hollins James McCaffrey Dimitar Evtimov
Jon Olav Hjelde Duncan McKenzie
Sep 1948Eddie Barks£1,000 Duncan McKenzie
Jan 1950Sid Ottewell Jack Blake
Apr 1998Lee Cowling Steve Sutton
Nov 2011Kieron FreemanJan 2012
Aug 2016Alex IacovittiMay 2017
Jun 2018Tyler WalkerMay 2019
Jan 2019Jorge GrantMay 2019
Jan 2019Jordan SmithMay 2019

All 60 games against Mansfield Town (Competitive: 3, Other: 57)
# Date Season Game H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Sat Jul 22, 20172017-18Pre-Season FriendlyA4-0WinOne Call Stadium
Sat Jul 13, 20132013-14Pre-Season FriendlyA1-0WinOne Call StadiumOne of two games played on this date
Sun Jul 29, 20122012-13Pre-Season FriendlyA1-2LossField MillSean O'Driscoll's first game as manager
Wed Jul 21, 20102010-11Pre-Season FriendlyA2-1WinField Mill
Sat Jul 22, 20062006-07Pre-Season FriendlyA0-1AbaField MillAbandoned due to rain
Sat Jul 27, 20022002-03Pre-Season FriendlyA3-0WinField Mill
3Tue Aug 24, 19991999-00League CupA0-1LossField MillWon 3-1 on aggregate
2Wed Aug 11, 1999League CupH3-0Win
Tue Apr 15, 19971996-97County CupA5-2WinField Mill
Tue May 10, 19941993-94FriendlyA3-3DrawField Mill
Wed Aug 22, 19901990-91County CupH5-1Win
Tue May 08, 19901989-90County CupA4-1WinField Mill
Sun Aug 17, 19861986-87County CupH1-1Draw
Sat Jul 05, 1986County CupA1-0WinField Mill
Fri May 18, 19841983-84County CupH3-1Win
Mon May 04, 19811980-81County CupH2-1Win
Wed May 23, 19791978-79County CupH3-1Win
Tue Sep 19, 1978County CupH4-1Win
Mon Sep 04, 1978TestimonialA6-1WinField MillSandy Pate Testimonial
Tue May 10, 19771976-77County CupA2-1WinField Mill
Fri Jan 23, 19761975-76County CupH2-1Win
Sat May 05, 19731972-73County CupA1-1DrawField Mill
Tue May 04, 19711970-71County CupH0-1Loss
Sat May 08, 19651964-65County CupH5-0Win
Sat Jan 25, 19641963-64Notts Association CupA3-1Win
Fri May 11, 19621961-62Notts Association CupH3-2Win
Fri May 05, 19611960-61Notts Association CupH1-0Win
Thu Apr 30, 19531952-53FriendlyA1-1Draw
1Sat Jan 10, 1953FA CupA1-0WinField Mill
Sat Mar 17, 19451944-45WWII Combined LeagueA0-1LossField MillResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Mar 10, 1945WWII Combined LeagueH2-1WinResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Oct 28, 1944WWII Main LeagueA2-4LossField Mill
Sat Oct 21, 1944WWII Main LeagueH2-5Loss
Sat Feb 12, 19441943-44WWII Combined LeagueH0-1LossResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Feb 05, 1944WWII Combined LeagueA1-0WinField MillResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Oct 02, 1943WWII Main LeagueA1-0WinField Mill
Sat Sep 25, 1943WWII Main LeagueH1-2Loss
Sat Jan 02, 19431942-43WWII Combined LeagueH3-1WinResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sun Dec 26, 1943WWII Combined LeagueA3-1WinField MillResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Oct 03, 1942WWII Main LeagueH3-1Win
Sat Sep 26, 1942WWII Main LeagueA1-0WinField Mill
Sat Mar 14, 19421941-42WWII Combined LeagueA3-1WinField MillResult also contributed to League Cup Qualifying
Thu Dec 25, 1941FriendlyH3-0WinOne of two games played on same day
Sat Dec 21, 19401940-41WWII Main LeagueH1-4Loss
Sat Dec 14, 1940WWII Main LeagueA1-2LossField Mill
Sat Mar 09, 19401939-40WWII Main LeagueA0-2LossField Mill
Sat Nov 11, 1939WWII Main LeagueH6-2Win
Wed Nov 02, 19381938-39County CupH2-2Draw
Wed Nov 03, 19371937-38County CupA1-2Loss
Wed Apr 28, 18971896-97TestimonialA3-0WinTestimonial for T Harper
Wed Mar 18, 18961895-96FriendlyA4-1Win
Thu Apr 25, 18951894-95FriendlyA3-1Win
Wed Sep 13, 18931893-94FriendlyA6-0Win
Wed Sep 09, 18911891-92FriendlyA4-0Win
Sat Jan 30, 18751874-75FriendlyH3-1Win
Sat Feb 28, 18741873-74FriendlyH3-1WinForest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 31, 1874FriendlyA2-0Win
Sat Jan 25, 18731872-73FriendlyA1-0Win
Sat Nov 02, 1872FriendlyH0-0DrawForest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 18, 18711871-72FriendlyH1-0WinForest Recreation Ground
Fri Mar 31, 18711870-71FriendlyH2-0WinForest Recreation Ground

Home and away victories against Mansfield Town
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score