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Upton Park, London Stadium

Record against West Ham United
Overall Home Away
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A P W D L F A P W D L F A
League Tier 1Dec 15, 1923Feb 13, 199960251421918430169549253095164259
League Tier 2Apr 02, 1920Jan 21, 201244131120607222117430182224163054
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 14, 1911Jan 05, 201462041410210152300358
League CupSep 23, 1969Oct 23, 199664111254400111201114
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalJan 14, 1911Jan 05, 20141164426461771715832161095465711103678125
World War IIMar 09, 1946Mar 16, 1946211042101011110031
FriendlyApr 19, 1919Apr 19, 1919101000000000101000
TotalApr 19, 1919Mar 16, 1946312042101011211031
TOTALJan 14, 1911Jan 05, 20141194528461811735932171096475912113681126

Competitive games against West Ham United since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 01, 1997722 years, 1 month, 19 days
Last drawOct 22, 2003815 years, 3 months, 29 daysSep 19, 1998520 years, 5 months, 1 dayOct 22, 2003415 years, 3 months, 29 days
Last lossJan 21, 201227 years, 30 daysAug 28, 201127 years, 5 months, 23 daysJan 21, 201217 years, 30 days
Last goal scoredJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 21, 201217 years, 30 days
Clean sheetJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 01, 1997722 years, 1 month, 19 days
Conceded Own GoalApr 15, 19577361 years, 10 months, 5 daysApr 15, 19573761 years, 10 months, 5 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Conceded penalty
Scored penaltyJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 daysJan 05, 201415 years, 1 month, 15 days
Missed Penalty
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and West Ham United
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Fred WallbanksAug 1999Ian WrightOct 1999Sep 1989Colin Foster£750,000 Franz Carr
Jim BarrettFeb 2005Andy MelvilleAug 2005Nov 2003Marlon Harewood£500,000
Sid SugdenAug 2018Sam ByramMay 2019Sep 2015Michail Antonio£7,000,000
Nov 2004Adam Nowland£210,000

All 119 games against West Ham United (Competitive: 116, Other: 3)
# Date Season Game H/A Score Result Ground Notes
116Sun Jan 05, 20142013-14FA CupH5-0Win
115Sat Jan 21, 20122011-12League Tier 2A1-2LossUpton Park
114Sun Aug 28, 2011League Tier 2H1-4Loss
113Sun Jan 30, 20112010-11FA CupA2-3LossUpton Park
112Sun Dec 26, 20042004-05League Tier 2A2-3LossUpton Park
111Sun Sep 26, 2004League Tier 2H2-1Win
110Sun Dec 28, 20032003-04League Tier 2H0-2Loss
109Wed Oct 22, 2003League Tier 2A1-1DrawUpton Park
108Sat Jan 04, 20032002-03FA CupA2-3LossUpton Park
107Sat Feb 13, 19991998-99League Tier 1A1-2LossUpton Park
106Sat Sep 19, 1998League Tier 1H0-0Draw
105Wed Jan 01, 19971996-97League Tier 1A1-0WinUpton Park
104Wed Oct 23, 1996League CupA1-4LossUpton Park
103Sat Sep 21, 1996League Tier 1H0-2Loss
102Sat Feb 03, 19961995-96League Tier 1A0-1LossUpton Park
101Sat Aug 26, 1995League Tier 1H1-1Draw
100Sat Apr 08, 19951994-95League Tier 1H1-1Draw
99Sat Dec 31, 1994League Tier 1A1-3LossUpton Park
98Wed Oct 27, 19931993-94League CupH2-1Win
97Sat May 02, 19921991-92League Tier 1A0-3LossUpton Park
96Sat Sep 28, 1991League Tier 1H2-2Draw
95Sun Apr 14, 19911990-91FA CupN4-0WinVilla ParkPlayed at Aston Villa
94Thu May 18, 19891988-89League Tier 1H1-2Loss
93Sat Nov 12, 1988League Tier 1A3-3DrawUpton Park
92Wed Apr 20, 19881987-88League Tier 1H0-0Draw
91Sat Nov 21, 1987League Tier 1A2-3LossUpton Park
90Sat Feb 14, 19871986-87League Tier 1H1-1Draw
89Tue Sep 02, 1986League Tier 1A2-1WinUpton Park
88Wed Apr 02, 19861985-86League Tier 1H2-1Win
87Sat Sep 28, 1985League Tier 1A2-4LossUpton Park
86Sat Mar 30, 19851984-85League Tier 1H1-2Loss
85Sat Sep 22, 1984League Tier 1A0-0DrawUpton Park
84Sat May 12, 19841983-84League Tier 1A2-1WinUpton Park
83Sat Dec 17, 1983League Tier 1H3-0Win
82Sat Jan 15, 19831982-83League Tier 1H1-0Win
81Sat Aug 28, 1982League Tier 1A2-1WinUpton Park
80Sat Mar 27, 19821981-82League Tier 1A1-0WinUpton Park
79Sat Nov 07, 1981League Tier 1H0-0Draw
78Wed Dec 12, 19791979-80League CupH3-0Win
77Tue Dec 04, 1979League CupA0-0DrawUpton Park
76Sat Mar 04, 19781977-78League Tier 1H2-0Win
75Sat Oct 08, 1977League Tier 1A0-0DrawUpton Park
74Tue Aug 30, 1977League CupH5-0Win
73Sat Mar 18, 19721971-72League Tier 1A2-4LossUpton Park
72Sat Aug 21, 1971League Tier 1H1-0Win
71Sat Apr 10, 19711970-71League Tier 1H1-0Win
70Wed Feb 24, 1971League Tier 1A0-2LossUpton Park
69Sat Dec 27, 19691969-70League Tier 1A1-1DrawUpton Park
68Tue Sep 23, 1969League CupH1-0Win
67Sat Aug 30, 1969League Tier 1H1-0Win
66Sat Mar 08, 19691968-69League Tier 1H0-1Loss
65Sat Aug 17, 1968League Tier 1A0-1LossUpton Park
64Tue Apr 16, 19681967-68League Tier 1H1-1Draw
63Fri Apr 12, 1968League Tier 1A0-3LossUpton Park
62Sat Mar 18, 19671966-67League Tier 1H1-0Win
61Wed Oct 26, 1966League Tier 1A1-3LossUpton Park
60Sat Jan 01, 19661965-66League Tier 1A3-0WinUpton Park
59Sat Oct 09, 1965League Tier 1H5-0Win
58Sat Dec 19, 19641964-65League Tier 1H3-2Win
57Fri Aug 28, 1964League Tier 1A3-2WinUpton Park
56Tue Sep 17, 19631963-64League Tier 1H3-1Win
55Mon Sep 09, 1963League Tier 1A2-0WinUpton Park
54Mon Apr 22, 19631962-63League Tier 1A1-4LossUpton Park
53Sat Dec 29, 1962League Tier 1H3-4Loss
52Sat Jan 13, 19621961-62League Tier 1H3-0Win
51Sat Sep 02, 1961League Tier 1A2-3LossUpton Park
50Sat Apr 08, 19611960-61League Tier 1H1-1Draw
49Sat Nov 19, 1960League Tier 1A4-2WinUpton Park
48Sat Feb 27, 19601959-60League Tier 1H3-1Win
47Sat Dec 05, 1959League Tier 1A1-4LossUpton Park
46Sat Jan 31, 19591958-59League Tier 1A3-5LossUpton Park
45Sat Sep 13, 1958League Tier 1H4-0Win
44Mon Apr 15, 19571956-57League Tier 2H3-0Win
43Tue Dec 25, 1956League Tier 2A1-2LossUpton Park
42Wed Apr 18, 19561955-56League Tier 2H0-0Draw
41Sat Nov 19, 1955League Tier 2A2-1WinUpton Park
40Mon May 02, 19551954-55League Tier 2H1-1Draw
39Sat Oct 09, 1954League Tier 2A0-2LossUpton Park
38Sat Feb 20, 19541953-54League Tier 2A1-1DrawUpton Park
37Sat Oct 03, 1953League Tier 2H4-0Win
36Sat Mar 07, 19531952-53League Tier 2H0-0Draw
35Sat Oct 18, 1952League Tier 2A2-3LossUpton Park
34Sat Mar 22, 19521951-52League Tier 2A1-3LossUpton Park
33Sat Nov 03, 1951League Tier 2H0-0Draw
32Sat Apr 30, 19491948-49League Tier 2A5-0WinUpton Park
31Sat Dec 04, 1948League Tier 2H3-0Win
30Sat Jan 03, 19481947-48League Tier 2H2-1Win
29Sat Aug 30, 1947League Tier 2A1-2LossUpton Park
28Sat Apr 05, 19471946-47League Tier 2H4-3Win
27Sat Nov 30, 1946League Tier 2A2-2DrawUpton Park
Sat Mar 16, 19461945-46WWII Main LeagueA3-1WinUpton Park
Sat Mar 09, 1946WWII Main LeagueH1-1Draw
26Sat Feb 18, 19391938-39League Tier 2A0-5LossUpton Park
25Sat Oct 15, 1938League Tier 2H0-0Draw
24Sat Mar 19, 19381937-38League Tier 2A1-2LossUpton Park
23Sat Nov 06, 1937League Tier 2H0-0Draw
22Sat Feb 06, 19371936-37League Tier 2A2-2DrawUpton Park
21Sat Oct 03, 1936League Tier 2H1-0Win
20Sat Jan 04, 19361935-36League Tier 2H0-2Loss
19Sat Sep 07, 1935League Tier 2A2-5LossUpton Park
18Sat Jan 05, 19351934-35League Tier 2H2-0Win
17Sat Sep 01, 1934League Tier 2A1-3LossUpton Park
16Sat Feb 24, 19341933-34League Tier 2A1-2LossUpton Park
15Sat Oct 14, 1933League Tier 2H0-1Loss
14Sat Apr 15, 19331932-33League Tier 2A3-4LossUpton Park
13Sat Dec 03, 1932League Tier 2H2-2Draw
12Thu Apr 02, 19251924-25League Tier 1A0-0DrawUpton Park
11Sat Jan 31, 1925FA CupH0-2Loss
10Sat Oct 18, 1924League Tier 1H2-1Win
9Sat Dec 22, 19231923-24League Tier 1A2-3LossUpton Park
8Sat Dec 15, 1923League Tier 1H2-1Win
7Sat Oct 29, 19211921-22League Tier 2H2-0Win
6Sat Oct 22, 1921League Tier 2A0-1LossUpton Park
5Sat Apr 02, 19211920-21League Tier 2H1-0Win
4Sat Mar 26, 1921League Tier 2A0-3LossUpton Park
3Mon Apr 05, 19201919-20League Tier 2H2-1Win
2Fri Apr 02, 1920League Tier 2A1-5LossUpton Park
Sat Apr 19, 19191918-19FriendlyA0-0Draw
1Sat Jan 14, 19111910-11FA CupA1-2LossUpton Park

Home and away victories against West Ham United
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1948-49West Ham UnitedSat Dec 04, 1948H3-0Sat Apr 30, 1949A5-0
1963-64West Ham UnitedMon Sep 09, 1963A2-0Tue Sep 17, 1963H3-1
1964-65West Ham UnitedFri Aug 28, 1964A3-2Sat Dec 19, 1964H3-2
1965-66West Ham UnitedSat Oct 09, 1965H5-0Sat Jan 01, 1966A3-0
1982-83West Ham UnitedSat Aug 28, 1982A2-1Sat Jan 15, 1983H1-0
1983-84West Ham UnitedSat Dec 17, 1983H3-0Sat May 12, 1984A2-1