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Competitive games against Preston North End since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winMar 08, 201662 years, 9 months, 0 daysMar 08, 201642 years, 9 months, 0 daysFeb 05, 201444 years, 10 months, 3 days
Last drawDec 23, 2017311 months, 15 daysDec 14, 201631 year, 11 months, 24 daysDec 23, 2017111 months, 15 days
Last lossDec 08, 201810 daysDec 08, 201810 daysNov 03, 201533 years, 1 month, 5 days
Last goal scoredDec 23, 2017311 months, 15 daysDec 14, 201631 year, 11 months, 24 daysDec 23, 2017111 months, 15 days
Clean sheetMar 08, 201662 years, 9 months, 0 daysMar 08, 201642 years, 9 months, 0 daysFeb 05, 201444 years, 10 months, 3 days
Conceded Own GoalDec 14, 201651 year, 11 months, 24 daysDec 14, 201631 year, 11 months, 24 daysSep 16, 2008810 years, 2 months, 22 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Scored penaltyMar 13, 2010138 years, 8 months, 25 daysNov 04, 20001318 years, 1 month, 4 daysMar 13, 201078 years, 8 months, 25 days
Missed Penalty
Conceded penaltyJan 30, 2018210 months, 8 daysJan 30, 2018210 months, 8 days
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Preston North End
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
David RussellMar 2008Brett OrmerodMay 2008 Steve Elliott Nigel Jemson
Eric JonesSep 1977Sean Haslegrave£25,000 Paul McGregor
George LyallApr 2002Andy Gray
Aug 1955Peter Higham
Dec 1989Nigel Jemson£132,000
Jul 2001Mikael Antoine-Curier
Jul 2007Kelvin Wilson£315,000
Jul 2009Paul McKenna£700,000

Record against Preston North End
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Sep 17, 1892Dec 26, 1960441510195563
LeagueLeague Tier 2Sep 21, 1912Dec 08, 2018491315217580
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupFeb 13, 1892Feb 05, 2014943275
Major CupLeague Cup
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Feb 13, 1892Dec 08, 2018102322842137148
FriendlyFriendlyJan 30, 1886Oct 24, 18896204720
Total:Jan 30, 1886Oct 24, 18896204720
TOTAL:Jan 30, 1886Dec 08, 2018108342846144168

All games against Preston North End
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
103Sat Feb 16, 2019League Tier 2Preston North EndA-Deepdale
102Sat Dec 08, 2018League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1L
101Tue Jan 30, 2018League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-3L
100Sat Dec 23, 2017League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
99Sat Apr 01, 2017League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
98Wed Dec 14, 2016League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1D
97Tue Mar 08, 2016League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-0W
96Tue Nov 03, 2015League Tier 2Preston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
95Wed Feb 05, 2014FA CupPreston North EndA2-0WDeepdale
94Fri Jan 24, 2014FA CupPreston North EndH0-0D
93Tue Feb 22, 2011League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2D
92Sat Jan 08, 2011FA CupPreston North EndA2-1WDeepdale
91Tue Sep 14, 2010League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-1WDeepdale
90Sat Mar 13, 2010League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-3LDeepdale
89Sat Dec 19, 2009League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-0W
88Tue Mar 03, 2009League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-1W
87Tue Sep 16, 2008League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-2LDeepdale
86Wed Feb 23, 2005League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-0W
85Sat Oct 23, 2004League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-3LDeepdale
84Mon Apr 12, 2004League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-2DDeepdale
83Wed Oct 01, 2003League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1L
82Sat Jan 25, 2003League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
81Wed Aug 14, 2002League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2D
80Sun Apr 21, 2002League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-2LDeepdale
79Sat Nov 17, 2001League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1D
78Sat Apr 14, 2001League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
77Sat Nov 04, 2000League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-1W
76Sun Feb 10, 1974League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-2LDeepdale
75Sat Sep 22, 1973League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1D
74Sat Apr 21, 1973League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-2LDeepdale
73Sat Nov 18, 1972League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-1L
72Sat Jan 04, 1969FA CupPreston North EndA0-3LDeepdaleMatt Gillies's first game as manager
71Mon Jan 13, 1964FA CupPreston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
70Sat Jan 04, 1964FA CupPreston North EndH0-0D
69Mon Dec 26, 1960League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-0WDeepdale
68Sat Dec 24, 1960League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-0W
67Sat Mar 26, 1960League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1D
66Sat Nov 07, 1959League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
65Mon Mar 16, 1959League Tier 1Preston North EndA5-3WDeepdale
64Sat Oct 25, 1958League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1L
63Sat Dec 21, 1957League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-2LDeepdale
62Sat Aug 24, 1957League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-1W
61Wed Feb 07, 1934League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-3L
60Sat Sep 16, 1933League Tier 2Preston North EndA0-4LDeepdale
59Sat Jan 21, 1933League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-1W
58Sat Sep 10, 1932League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-2LDeepdale
57Wed Sep 16, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-2D
56Mon Sep 07, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
55Mon Apr 06, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-4L
54Fri Apr 03, 1931League Tier 2Preston North EndA4-2WDeepdale
53Sat Apr 19, 1930League Tier 2Preston North EndH2-4L
52Sat Dec 14, 1929League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-1WDeepdale
51Sat Apr 13, 1929League Tier 2Preston North EndH4-1W
50Sat Dec 01, 1928League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-3LDeepdale
49Mon Mar 05, 1928League Tier 2Preston North EndA0-5LDeepdale
48Sat Oct 08, 1927League Tier 2Preston North EndH3-1W
47Sat Apr 09, 1927League Tier 2Preston North EndH7-0W
46Sat Nov 20, 1926League Tier 2Preston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
45Sat Apr 17, 1926League Tier 2Preston North EndA0-2LDeepdale
44Sat Dec 05, 1925League Tier 2Preston North EndH4-0W
43Sat Mar 21, 1925League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1L
42Sat Nov 15, 1924League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-3LDeepdale
41Mon Apr 21, 1924League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1D
40Sat Feb 02, 1924League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-3LDeepdale
39Sat Oct 14, 1922League Tier 1Preston North EndA2-2DDeepdale
38Sat Oct 07, 1922League Tier 1Preston North EndH3-0W
37Sat Feb 06, 1915League Tier 2Preston North EndA2-2DDeepdale
36Sat Oct 03, 1914League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-1D
35Wed Feb 05, 1913League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-2L
34Sat Sep 21, 1912League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
33Thu Oct 06, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-3L
32Thu Sep 01, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndA2-0WDeepdale
31Fri Mar 25, 1910League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-0D
30Wed Sep 01, 1909League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-0WDeepdaleFred Earp's first game as manager
29Sat Apr 17, 1909League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
28Sat Dec 12, 1908League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-1D
27Sat Apr 18, 1908League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-0WDeepdale
26Sat Dec 21, 1907League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-2D
25Sat Sep 30, 1905League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-0W
24Mon Sep 04, 1905League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-3LDeepdale
23Sat Dec 17, 1904League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-0WDeepdale
22Thu Oct 06, 1904League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1L
21Sat Dec 01, 1900League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-1DDeepdale
20Thu Oct 04, 1900League Tier 1Preston North EndH4-1W
19Wed Feb 28, 1900FA CupPreston North EndH1-0W
18Sat Feb 24, 1900FA CupPreston North EndA0-0DDeepdale
17Fri Dec 29, 1899League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-3LDeepdale
16Sat Sep 02, 1899League Tier 1Preston North EndH3-1W
15Sat Nov 19, 1898League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
14Thu Oct 06, 1898League Tier 1Preston North EndH2-2D
13Sat Dec 25, 1897League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-3LDeepdale
12Sat Nov 13, 1897League Tier 1Preston North EndH4-1WCity Ground (Town Ground)
11Thu Apr 08, 1897League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-0DTown Ground
10Sat Nov 07, 1896League Tier 1Preston North EndA2-3LDeepdale
9Sat Feb 22, 1896League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-6LDeepdale
8Sat Oct 26, 1895League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1LTown Ground
7Sat Mar 23, 1895League Tier 1Preston North EndA1-3LDeepdale
6Thu Oct 04, 1894League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-2LTown Ground
5Sat Mar 24, 1894League Tier 1Preston North EndH4-2WTown Ground
4Sat Dec 02, 1893League Tier 1Preston North EndA2-0WDeepdale
3Sat Sep 24, 1892League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-2LTown Ground
2Sat Sep 17, 1892League Tier 1Preston North EndA0-1LDeepdale
1Sat Feb 13, 1892FA CupPreston North EndH2-0WTown Ground
Thu Oct 24, 1889FriendlyPreston North EndH2-1WGregory Ground
Thu Oct 25, 1888FriendlyPreston North EndH0-2LGregory Ground
Sat Jan 14, 1888FriendlyPreston North EndH2-1W
Sat Sep 17, 1887FriendlyPreston North EndA2-5L
Sat Apr 10, 1886FriendlyPreston North EndA0-7L
Sat Jan 30, 1886FriendlyPreston North EndH1-4LGregory Ground

Home and away victories against Preston North End
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1893-94Preston North EndSat Dec 02, 1893A2-0Sat Mar 24, 1894H4-2
1960-61Preston North EndSat Dec 24, 1960H2-0Mon Dec 26, 1960A1-0