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We've faced 317 (known) penalties. Out of those, these are the 258 penalties I know we let in:
Season Date Opponent Game H/A Score Minute Scorer Goalkeeper
1892-93Mon Apr 03, 1893West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1A2-2ReynoldsDan Allsop
1899-00Sat Feb 17, 1900EvertonLeague Tier 1H4-225W BalmerDan Allsop
1900-01Sat Oct 27, 1900EvertonLeague Tier 1H2-189J SettleHarry Linacre
1902-03Sat Nov 08, 1902West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1A0-2KiffordHarry Linacre
1904-05Sat Jan 14, 1905Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H1-1Billy GarratyHarry Linacre
1905-06Sat Oct 14, 1905Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H2-2Billy GarratyHarry Linacre
1923-24Sat Oct 06, 1923MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 1A2-5WilsonSam Hardy
1946-47Wed Feb 12, 1947MiddlesbroughFA CupA2-680MannionGriff Roberts
Sat Mar 01, 1947Leicester CityLeague Tier 2A1-121RevieReg Savage
1949-50Sat Sep 10, 1949Swindon TownLeague Tier 3H2-149Morris JonesHarry Walker
1952-53Sat Sep 27, 1952Swansea TownLeague Tier 2H6-422LucasHarry Walker
Sat Nov 01, 1952Rotherham UnitedLeague Tier 2A3-230GraingerHarry Walker
Sat Dec 13, 1952SouthamptonLeague Tier 2A2-278SillettHarry Walker
Sat Dec 20, 1952Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2A1-211EckersleyHarry Walker
20EckersleyHarry Walker
Sat Jan 31, 1953EvertonFA CupA1-415ClintonHarry Walker
Sat Apr 25, 1953BuryLeague Tier 2A0-214DanielHarry Walker
1953-54Sat Aug 29, 1953Swansea TownLeague Tier 2A1-25AllchurchHarry Walker
75AllchurchHarry Walker
Mon Sep 07, 1953Hull CityLeague Tier 2A0-368JensenHarry Walker
Sat Oct 24, 1953Bristol RoversLeague Tier 2H3-138BushHarry Walker
Sat Apr 17, 1954Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2H0-136LangtonHarry Walker
1954-55Sat Jan 29, 1955Hartlepool UnitedFA CupA1-1Jackie NewtonBill Farmer
1957-58Wed Jan 29, 1958West Bromwich AlbionFA CupH1-5HoweChic Thomson
Sat Apr 19, 1958SunderlandLeague Tier 1A0-3Billy ElliottChic Thomson
1958-59Sat Dec 06, 1958West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1H1-1Ronnie AllenChic Thomson
Mon Mar 16, 1959Preston North EndLeague Tier 1A5-3Jimmy BaxterChic Thomson
1959-60Sat Apr 30, 1960Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 1A0-1John McColeChic Thomson
1960-61Fri Mar 31, 1961BurnleyLeague Tier 1A1-4Jimmy McIlroyPeter Grummitt
Sat Apr 29, 1961ChelseaLeague Tier 1A3-490Jimmy GreavesPeter Grummitt
1961-62Sat Oct 28, 1961West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1H4-4Don HowePeter Grummitt
Mon Apr 23, 1962Aston VillaLeague Tier 1A1-5Harry BurrowsPeter Grummitt
1962-63Sat Sep 29, 1962Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A2-9Les AllenPeter Grummitt
1963-64Thu Dec 26, 1963Sheffield UnitedLeague Tier 1H3-3Len AllchurchPeter Grummitt
Sat Feb 01, 1964Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 1A3-2Francis LeePeter Grummitt
1964-65Sat Aug 22, 1964Birmingham CityLeague Tier 1H4-3Stan LynnPeter Grummitt
Fri Aug 28, 1964West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1A3-2Johnny ByrnePeter Grummitt
Tue Sep 15, 1964BurnleyLeague Tier 1H3-1Andy LochheadPeter Grummitt
Sat Nov 07, 1964Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H4-2Harry BurrowsPeter Grummitt
Sat Nov 21, 1964Sheffield WednesdayLeague Tier 1H2-2Colin DobsonPeter Grummitt
1965-66Sat Oct 30, 1965LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A0-446Willie StevensonPeter Grummitt
Sat Feb 05, 1966West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 1A3-560Bobby CramPeter Grummitt
Sat Feb 19, 1966Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 1H0-451Johnny GilesPeter Grummitt
1966-67Sat Dec 17, 1966Stoke CityLeague Tier 1A2-166Harry BurrowsPeter Grummitt
Sat May 06, 1967SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A1-265Terry PainePeter Grummitt
1967-68Sat Jan 06, 1968Manchester CityLeague Tier 1H0-340Tony ColemanPeter Grummitt
1968-69Mon Mar 31, 1969Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1H0-150George BestAlan Hill
1969-70Sat Aug 16, 1969Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-473Johnny GilesAlan Hill
Sat Sep 20, 1969SunderlandLeague Tier 1A1-247Gordon HarrisAlan Hill
1970-71Tue Oct 06, 1970Birmingham CityLeague CupA1-217SummerillJim Barron
Mon Jan 11, 1971Luton TownFA CupA4-382Malcolm MacDonaldJim Barron
1971-72Sat Aug 14, 1971LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A1-316Tommy SmithJim Barron
Sat Sep 18, 1971Manchester CityLeague Tier 1H2-256Francis LeeJim Barron
Sat Oct 16, 1971LiverpoolLeague Tier 1H2-379Tommy SmithEric Hulme
Sat Oct 23, 1971Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A1-626Martin PetersEric Hulme
Sat Oct 30, 1971Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H0-259Alan HintonEric Hulme
Sat Jan 01, 1972Manchester CityLeague Tier 1A2-244Francis LeeJim Barron
Sat Jan 15, 1972MillwallFA CupA1-319Gordon BollandJim Barron
Tue Mar 14, 1972ChelseaLeague Tier 1H2-154John HollinsJim Barron
Sat Apr 01, 1972ArsenalLeague Tier 1A0-370Charlie GeorgeJim Barron
1972-73Sat Dec 16, 1972FulhamLeague Tier 2A1-361Alan MulleryJim Barron
Sat Apr 14, 1973MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 2H1-351John HicktonJim Barron
Sat Apr 28, 1973Brighton and Hove AlbionLeague Tier 2A2-258Eddy SpearritDennis Peacock
1973-74Sat Jan 19, 1974Luton TownLeague Tier 2A2-290Jimmy RyanJim Barron
Sat Mar 09, 1974Newcastle UnitedFA CupA3-466Terry McDermottJim Barron
1974-75Sat Sep 28, 1974SunderlandLeague Tier 2H1-163Billy HughesDennis Peacock
1975-76Tue Aug 19, 1975Rotherham UnitedLeague CupA2-182Alan CrawfordJohn Middleton
Sat Sep 27, 1975Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 2H1-257Paul JonesJohn Middleton
1976-77Tue Sep 14, 1976KilmarnockAnglo-Scottish CupH2-161SmithPeter Wells
Tue Sep 21, 1976Coventry CityLeague CupH0-330Mick CoopPeter Wells
Sat Oct 09, 1976Sheffield UnitedLeague Tier 2H6-140HamiltonJohn Middleton
Wed Oct 20, 1976Ayr UnitedAnglo-Scottish CupH2-188John GrahamJohn Middleton
Tue Mar 08, 1977Notts CountyLeague Tier 2H1-263Steve CarterJohn Middleton
1977-78Sat Sep 03, 1977ArsenalLeague Tier 1A0-369Liam BradyJohn Middleton
Sat Sep 10, 1977Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A3-282Steve DaleyJohn Middleton
Mon Jan 02, 1978EvertonLeague Tier 1H1-185Trevor RossPeter Shilton
Sat Feb 25, 1978Norwich CityLeague Tier 1A3-343John RyanPeter Shilton
Sat Apr 15, 1978Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-141Frank GrayPeter Shilton
1978-79Sat Sep 30, 1978Aston VillaLeague Tier 1A2-120Tommy CraigPeter Shilton
Sat Oct 14, 1978Bristol CityLeague Tier 1A3-111Thomas RitchiePeter Shilton
Wed Oct 18, 1978AEK AthensEuropean CupA2-159Tassos ConstantinouPeter Shilton
Sat Dec 09, 1978LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A0-229Terry McDermottPeter Shilton
Tue Dec 26, 1978Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H1-144Gerry DalyPeter Shilton
Wed Mar 21, 1979Grasshoppers ZurichEuropean CupA1-129Claudio SulserPeter Shilton
1979-80Sat Oct 06, 1979Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1H3-289Peter DanielPeter Shilton
Sat Oct 20, 1979Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 1H5-280Willie MorganPeter Shilton
Wed Nov 07, 1979Arges PitestiEuropean CupA2-160Ilie BarbulescuPeter Shilton
Tue Feb 05, 1980BarcelonaSuper CupA1-125Roberto DinamitaPeter Shilton
Wed Mar 19, 1980Dynamo BerlinEuropean CupA3-148Frank TerletzkiPeter Shilton
Mon May 12, 1980Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A1-35Kenny HibbittPeter Shilton
1980-81Sat Aug 16, 1980Tottenham HotspurLeague Tier 1A0-249Glenn HoddlePeter Shilton
Tue Oct 28, 1980WatfordLeague CupA1-441Luther BlissettSteve Sutton
Sat Nov 22, 1980Ipswich TownLeague Tier 1H1-279John WarkPeter Shilton
Sat Nov 29, 1980Coventry CityLeague Tier 1A1-150Gerry DalyPeter Shilton
Fri Dec 26, 1980Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A4-170John RichardsPeter Shilton
Sat Apr 18, 1981Aston VillaLeague Tier 1A0-230Gordon CowansPeter Shilton
1981-82Wed Mar 17, 1982Ipswich TownLeague Tier 1H1-181John WarkPeter Shilton
1982-83Sat Aug 28, 1982West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1A2-137Ray StewartSteve Sutton
Sat Sep 11, 1982Aston VillaLeague Tier 1A1-4Gordon CowansHans van Breukelen
Sat Nov 13, 1982SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A1-158Steve MoranHans van Breukelen
Tue Dec 28, 1982EvertonLeague Tier 1A1-323Graeme SharpSteve Sutton
Sat Jan 22, 1983Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A0-264Steve CoppellSteve Sutton
Sat Apr 16, 1983WatfordLeague Tier 1A3-119Luther BlissettHans van Breukelen
1983-84Wed Sep 07, 1983Aston VillaLeague Tier 1H2-269Gary ShawHans van Breukelen
Sat Sep 17, 1983Norwich CityLeague Tier 1A3-237John DeehanHans van Breukelen
Sun Oct 16, 1983Notts CountyLeague Tier 1H3-19Trevor ChristieHans van Breukelen
Wed Oct 19, 1983PSV EindhovenUEFA CupA2-184Jurrie KoolhofHans van Breukelen
Wed Mar 21, 1984Sturm GrazUEFA CupA1-144Bozo BakotaHans van Breukelen
Wed Apr 25, 1984AnderlechtUEFA CupA0-358Kenneth BrylleHans van Breukelen
Sat May 12, 1984West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1A2-120Ray StewartHans van Breukelen
1984-85Sat Sep 01, 1984SunderlandLeague Tier 1H3-116Colin WestSteve Sutton
Sat Nov 17, 1984Coventry CityLeague Tier 1A3-156Terry GibsonHans Segers
Sat Mar 02, 1985LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A0-149John WarkHans Segers
Wed Apr 24, 1985Luton TownLeague Tier 1A2-118David MossHans Segers
1985-86Tue Aug 27, 1985Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 1A1-237Terry FenwickHans Segers
Wed Oct 30, 1985Derby CountyLeague CupA2-19Jeff ChandlerSteve Sutton
Sat Nov 09, 1985ChelseaLeague Tier 1A2-434Micky HazardSteve Sutton
Mon Nov 25, 1985Queens Park RangersLeague CupA1-38Terry FenwickSteve Sutton
Sat Jan 18, 1986Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A3-246Jesper OlsenSteve Sutton
Tue Apr 08, 1986ArsenalLeague Tier 1A1-118Ian AllinsonSteve Sutton
1986-87Sat Oct 11, 1986Leicester CityLeague Tier 1A1-379Gary McAllisterSteve Sutton
Sat Feb 14, 1987West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-166Ray StewartSteve Sutton
Sat Apr 25, 1987WimbledonLeague Tier 1A1-228Glyn HodgesSteve Sutton
1987-88Sat Aug 15, 1987Charlton AthleticLeague Tier 1A2-19Mark ReidSteve Sutton
Sat Feb 13, 1988SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A1-138Colin ClarkeSteve Sutton
Sat Apr 02, 1988LiverpoolLeague Tier 1H2-170John AldridgeSteve Sutton
Sat Apr 09, 1988LiverpoolFA CupN1-212John AldridgeSteve Sutton
1988-89Wed Nov 02, 1988Coventry CityLeague CupH3-238Brian KilclineMark Crossley
Wed May 10, 1989LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A0-181John AldridgeSteve Sutton
1989-90Fri Dec 22, 1989Aston VillaFull Members CupA1-260David PlattSteve Sutton
1990-91Sat Sep 01, 1990Coventry CityLeague Tier 1A2-247Brian KilclineMark Crossley
88Brian BorrowsMark Crossley
Sat Nov 03, 1990Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 1A1-343Gordon StrachanMark Crossley
Sat Dec 15, 1990Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 1A2-154Roy WegerleMark Crossley
Sat Apr 06, 1991Manchester CityLeague Tier 1A1-37Mark WardMark Crossley
Mon May 06, 1991LiverpoolLeague Tier 1H2-156Jan MolbyMark Crossley
1991-92Sat Sep 14, 1991WimbledonLeague Tier 1H4-276John FashanuMark Crossley
Sat Sep 28, 1991West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 1H2-244Mike SmallMark Crossley
Sat Oct 26, 1991SouthamptonLeague Tier 1H1-371Matt Le TissierMark Crossley
Sun Feb 09, 1992Tottenham HotspurLeague CupH1-124Gary LinekerMark Crossley
Tue Mar 31, 1992ArsenalLeague Tier 1A3-35Lee DixonAndy Marriott
1992-93Sat Sep 05, 1992Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 1A1-459Alan ShearerMark Crossley
Sat Apr 10, 1993Queens Park RangersLeague Tier 1A3-445Clive WilsonMark Crossley
Sat May 08, 1993Ipswich TownLeague Tier 1A1-252Simon MiltonAndy Marriott
1993-94Sat Sep 11, 1993BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A0-121ArchdeaconMark Crossley
Sun Sep 19, 1993Stoke CityLeague Tier 2H2-326SteinMark Crossley
Tue Sep 21, 1993WrexhamLeague CupA3-353Gary BennettMark Crossley
Sun Jan 16, 1994Tranmere RoversLeague Tier 2A2-129John AldridgeMark Crossley
1994-95Sat Apr 01, 1995Sheffield WednesdayLeague Tier 1A7-152Mark BrightMark Crossley
1995-96Sat Aug 19, 1995SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A4-310Matt Le TissierMark Crossley
69Matt Le TissierMark Crossley
Mon Nov 27, 1995Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-166Eric CantonaMark Crossley
1996-97Sat Sep 14, 1996Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A1-490Eric CantonaMark Crossley
Wed Oct 23, 1996West Ham UnitedLeague CupA1-473Julian DicksMark Crossley
Sat Feb 15, 1997ChesterfieldFA CupA0-154Tom CurtisMark Crossley
Sat Mar 08, 1997ArsenalLeague Tier 1A0-279Dennis BergkampMark Crossley
1997-98Fri Oct 24, 1997ReadingLeague Tier 2A3-357Martin WilliamsDave Beasant
Sat Mar 21, 1998Birmingham CityLeague Tier 2A2-160Peter NdlovuDave Beasant
Sat Mar 28, 1998Charlton AthleticLeague Tier 2A2-489Clive MendoncaDave Beasant
Sun May 03, 1998West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2A1-188Lee HughesDave Beasant
1998-99Sat Aug 29, 1998SouthamptonLeague Tier 1A2-189Matt Le TissierDave Beasant
Sat Sep 26, 1998Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1A0-289Alan ShearerDave Beasant
Sat Oct 24, 1998LiverpoolLeague Tier 1A1-571Michael OwenDave Beasant
Tue Oct 27, 1998Cambridge UnitedLeague CupH3-384John TaylorDave Beasant
Mon Nov 16, 1998Derby CountyLeague Tier 1H2-255Tony DorigoDave Beasant
Sat Dec 12, 1998Leicester CityLeague Tier 1A1-355Matt ElliottDave Beasant
Wed Mar 10, 1999Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-245Alan ShearerMark Crossley
1999-00Sat Aug 14, 1999Grimsby TownLeague Tier 2H2-150Paul GrovesMark Crossley
Sat Sep 25, 1999Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 2A2-365Dean HoldsworthDave Beasant
Sat Oct 30, 1999BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A0-156Craig HignettMark Crossley
Sun Dec 26, 1999Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2A1-268Lee CarsleyDave Beasant
Sat Jan 15, 2000Grimsby TownLeague Tier 2A3-467Lee AshcroftDave Beasant
Sat Mar 04, 2000Swindon TownLeague Tier 2H3-153Chris HayDave Beasant
2000-01Tue Aug 22, 2000DarlingtonLeague CupA2-215Stuart ElliottDave Beasant
Sat Sep 09, 2000Blackburn RoversLeague Tier 2A0-320David DunnDave Beasant
Sat Sep 16, 2000FulhamLeague Tier 2H0-358Louis SahaDave Beasant
Sat Dec 02, 2000BurnleyLeague Tier 2A0-179Andy PaytonDave Beasant
2001-02Wed Nov 28, 2001PortsmouthLeague Tier 2A2-383Lee BradburyDarren Ward
Sat Mar 02, 2002Rotherham UnitedLeague Tier 2A2-167Mark RobinsDarren Ward
Sat Mar 30, 2002Manchester CityLeague Tier 2A0-384Darren HuckerbyDarren Ward
2002-03Sat Aug 24, 2002WalsallLeague Tier 2A1-225Danny SonnerDarren Ward
Sat Feb 08, 2003Crystal PalaceLeague Tier 2H2-175Andy JohnsonDarren Ward
Sat May 10, 2003Sheffield UnitedPlayoffsH1-156Michael BrownDarren Ward
2003-04Sat Sep 13, 2003Sheffield UnitedLeague Tier 2H3-154Peter NdlovuDarren Ward
Sun Jan 25, 2004Sheffield UnitedFA CupH0-333Jack LesterDarren Ward
2004-05Mon Aug 30, 2004Plymouth ArgyleLeague Tier 2A2-390Paul WottonBarry Roche
Sat Nov 27, 2004GillinghamLeague Tier 2A1-276Darius HendersonPaul Gerrard
Mon Jan 03, 2005Cardiff CityLeague Tier 2A0-355Peter ThornePaul Gerrard
Sat Mar 12, 2005Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2A0-664Tommy MillerPaul Gerrard
Wed Apr 06, 2005Coventry CityLeague Tier 2A0-224Gary McSheffreyPaul Gerrard
2005-06Sat Aug 06, 2005Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 3H2-164Pawel AbbottRune Pedersen
Tue Aug 09, 2005WalsallLeague Tier 3A2-361Matty FryattRune Pedersen
Sat Dec 03, 2005Chester CityFA CupA0-340Ryan LowePaul Gerrard
Sat Mar 18, 2006Doncaster RoversLeague Tier 3A2-186James CoppingerRune Pedersen
2006-07Tue Dec 05, 2006BournemouthLeague Tier 3A0-289Brett PitmanRune Pedersen
Sat Dec 09, 2006Crewe AlexandraLeague Tier 3A4-136Gary RobertsPaul Smith (2006)
Mon Jan 01, 2007Oldham AthleticLeague Tier 3A0-543Andy LiddellPaul Smith (2006)
68Andy LiddellPaul Smith (2006)
Tue Feb 20, 2007BlackpoolLeague Tier 3H1-190Wes HoolahanPaul Smith (2006)
2007-08Tue Feb 12, 2008Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 3A1-183Jermaine BeckfordPaul Smith (2006)
2008-09Sat Sep 13, 2008BurnleyLeague Tier 2H1-270Graham AlexanderPaul Smith (2006)
Tue Oct 21, 2008Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2H1-152Tommy MillerLee Camp
Sat Oct 25, 2008Cardiff CityLeague Tier 2H0-154Ross McCormackLee Camp
Sat Feb 21, 2009Derby CountyLeague Tier 2H1-367Steve DaviesPaul Smith (2006)
2009-10Sat Dec 05, 2009Leicester CityLeague Tier 2H5-164Martyn WaghornLee Camp
Sat Mar 13, 2010Preston North EndLeague Tier 2A2-329Callum DavidsonLee Camp
Sat Apr 17, 2010BlackpoolLeague Tier 2A1-332Charlie AdamLee Camp
Sat May 08, 2010BlackpoolPlayoffsA1-257Charlie AdamLee Camp
2010-11Sat Oct 16, 2010BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A1-355Andy GrayLee Camp
Sun Jan 30, 2011West Ham UnitedFA CupA2-352Victor ObinnaLee Camp
Sat Feb 19, 2011Cardiff CityLeague Tier 2H2-165Peter WhittinghamLee Camp
Sat Apr 30, 2011Scunthorpe UnitedLeague Tier 2H5-136Michael O'ConnorLee Camp
2011-12Tue Sep 20, 2011Newcastle UnitedLeague CupH3-460Peter LovenkrandsLee Camp
Mon Jan 02, 2012Ipswich TownLeague Tier 2A3-175Grant LeadbitterLee Camp
Sat Jan 21, 2012West Ham UnitedLeague Tier 2A1-245Mark NobleLee Camp
63Mark NobleLee Camp
Tue Mar 20, 2012Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 2A7-36Robert SnodgrassLee Camp
Sat Apr 07, 2012Bristol CityLeague Tier 2H0-155Chris WoodLee Camp
Sat Apr 21, 2012Hull CityLeague Tier 2A1-281Matty FryattLee Camp
2012-13Tue Aug 21, 2012Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2A1-190Jordan RhodesLee Camp
Sat Dec 01, 2012Hull CityLeague Tier 2H1-234Robert KorenLee Camp
2013-14Sat Nov 23, 2013BurnleyLeague Tier 2H1-128Sam VokesKarl Darlow
Sun Feb 16, 2014Sheffield UnitedFA CupA1-390Chris PorterDorus de Vries
Sat Mar 22, 2014Derby CountyLeague Tier 2A0-569Craig BrysonKarl Darlow
Tue Apr 08, 2014Sheffield WednesdayLeague Tier 2H3-315Chris MaguireKarl Darlow
Sat Apr 26, 2014BournemouthLeague Tier 2A1-470Lewis GrabbanDorus de Vries
2014-15Tue Oct 21, 2014WatfordLeague Tier 2A2-252Matej VydraKarl Darlow
Sat Nov 29, 2014Birmingham CityLeague Tier 2A1-289Paul CaddisKarl Darlow
Sat Dec 20, 2014Leeds UnitedLeague Tier 2H1-154Billy SharpKarl Darlow
Fri Dec 26, 2014MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 2A0-388Grant LeadbitterKarl Darlow
Sat Jan 03, 2015RochdaleFA CupA0-112Peter VincentiDorus de Vries
Sat Feb 21, 2015Bolton WanderersLeague Tier 2H4-145Adam Le FondreKarl Darlow
Sat Mar 21, 2015Norwich CityLeague Tier 2A1-359Wes HoolahanKarl Darlow
2016-17Tue Sep 20, 2016ArsenalLeague CupH0-460Lucas PerezVladimir Stojkovic
2017-18Tue Aug 08, 2017Shrewsbury TownLeague CupH2-180Shaun WhalleyDimitar Evtimov
Tue Dec 26, 2017Sheffield WednesdayLeague Tier 2H0-345Jordan RhodesJordan Smith
Tue Jan 30, 2018Preston North EndLeague Tier 2H0-383Daniel JohnsonJordan Smith
2018-19Sat Aug 18, 2018Wigan AthleticLeague Tier 2A2-230William GriggCostel Pantilimon
Tue Feb 12, 2019West Bromwich AlbionLeague Tier 2A2-289Jay RodriguezCostel Pantilimon
2019-20Tue Dec 10, 2019MiddlesbroughLeague Tier 2H1-181Patrick McNairBrice Samba
Sun Jun 28, 2020Huddersfield TownLeague Tier 2H3-195Karlan GrantBrice Samba
Wed Jul 15, 2020Swansea CityLeague Tier 2H2-245Andre AyewBrice Samba
2020-21Tue Oct 20, 2020Rotherham UnitedLeague Tier 2H1-151Daniel BarlaserBrice Samba
Tue Nov 24, 2020BournemouthLeague Tier 2A0-251Junior StanislasBrice Samba
Sat Dec 05, 2020ReadingLeague Tier 2A0-215Lucas JoaoBrice Samba
Sat Mar 20, 2021BrentfordLeague Tier 2A1-112Ivan ToneyBrice Samba
2021-22Wed Sep 29, 2021BarnsleyLeague Tier 2A3-120Cauley WoodrowBrice Samba
Sun Oct 24, 2021FulhamLeague Tier 2H0-467Aleksandar MitrovicBrice Samba
Sat Feb 12, 2022Stoke CityLeague Tier 2H2-288Lewis BakerBrice Samba
Fri Apr 15, 2022Luton TownLeague Tier 2A0-137Kal NaismithBrice Samba
2022-23Sat Oct 15, 2022Wolverhampton WanderersLeague Tier 1A0-156Rben NevesDean Henderson
Sun Mar 05, 2023EvertonLeague Tier 1H2-210Demarai GrayKeylor Navas
Fri Mar 17, 2023Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1H1-293Alexander IsakKeylor Navas
Mon May 08, 2023SouthamptonLeague Tier 1H4-396James Ward-ProwseKeylor Navas
2023-24Sat Aug 26, 2023Manchester UnitedLeague Tier 1A2-376Bruno FernandesMatt Turner
Sat Nov 25, 2023Brighton and Hove AlbionLeague Tier 1H2-358Joo PedroOdysseas Vlachodimos
Tue Dec 26, 2023Newcastle UnitedLeague Tier 1A3-123Alexander IsakMatt Turner
Sat May 04, 2024Sheffield UnitedLeague Tier 1A3-117Ben BreretonMatz Sels