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Lincoln Rovers, Lincoln City
John O'Gaunts, Sincil Bank

Record against Lincoln City
Overall Home Away
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A P W D L F A P W D L F A
League Tier 1
League Tier 2Mar 29, 1907Jan 12, 19572612955235136612919136342316
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 11, 1947Nov 27, 2007321052110031211021
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalMar 29, 1907Nov 27, 200729141055737147613220157442517
Football AllianceFeb 06, 1892Feb 20, 1892211041101000110041
World War IOct 23, 1915Oct 12, 1918851216104211644301106
World War IINov 25, 1939Nov 25, 194419748433995222613102261726
FriendlyOct 11, 1884May 08, 198810730281322005185302312
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 20, 1973Jul 31, 201195221570000009522157
TestimonialSep 25, 1946Apr 16, 1980210142000000210142
TotalOct 11, 1884Jul 31, 2011502611131107216943371834177107354
TOTALOct 11, 1884Jul 31, 20117940211816710930161046938492411149871

Competitive games against Lincoln City since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winNov 27, 2007111 years, 2 months, 24 daysNov 27, 2007111 years, 2 months, 24 daysJan 12, 1957262 years, 1 month, 8 days
Last drawNov 10, 2007211 years, 3 months, 10 daysSep 08, 1956262 years, 5 months, 12 daysNov 10, 2007111 years, 3 months, 10 days
Last lossSep 04, 1954864 years, 5 months, 16 daysOct 26, 191213106 years, 3 months, 25 daysSep 04, 1954464 years, 5 months, 16 days
Last goal scoredNov 27, 2007111 years, 2 months, 24 daysNov 27, 2007111 years, 2 months, 24 daysNov 10, 2007111 years, 3 months, 10 days
Clean sheetJan 12, 1957362 years, 1 month, 8 daysJan 12, 1957262 years, 1 month, 8 days
Conceded Own GoalMar 06, 1954964 years, 11 months, 14 daysMar 06, 1954564 years, 11 months, 14 daysDec 25, 19191199 years, 1 month, 26 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Conceded penalty
Scored penalty
Missed Penalty
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Lincoln City
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
John Crawford Billy Younger Bert Bowery
Eric Hulme David Morgan
James Reid Eric Hulme
William Taylor Tony Woodcock
May 1955Alan HolderAug 2006Nicky EadenNov 2006
Dec 1997Paul Smith (1997)Jan 2007Nicky EadenMay 2007
Jul 2019Jorge GrantJul 2008Hamza Bencherif
Jun 2009Joe HeathDec 2009
Aug 2019Tyler WalkerMay 2020

All 251 games against Lincoln City (Competitive: 96, Other: 155)
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
Sun Jul 31, 2011Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA1-0WinSincil Bank
96Tue Nov 27, 2007FA CupLincoln CityH3-1Win
95Sat Nov 10, 2007FA CupLincoln CityA1-1DrawSincil Bank
Wed Jul 26, 2006Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA0-1LossSincil Bank
Sat Jul 24, 2004Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA0-0DrawSincil Bank
Mon Aug 03, 1998Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA1-0WinSincil Bank
Sat Jul 19, 1997Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA1-1DrawSincil Bank
Sat Aug 05, 1995Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA3-1WinSincil Bank
Wed Aug 04, 1993Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA5-1WinSincil Bank
Wed Aug 17, 1988Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA4-1WinSincil Bank
Sun May 08, 1988FriendlyLincoln CityA2-2DrawSincil Bank
Wed Apr 16, 1980TestimonialLincoln CityA1-2LossSincil BankBert Loxley Testimonial
Mon Aug 20, 1973Pre-Season FriendlyLincoln CityA0-2LossSincil Bank
94Sat Jan 12, 1957League Tier 2Lincoln CityA2-0WinSincil Bank
93Sat Sep 08, 1956League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
92Tue Apr 03, 1956League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-2Draw
91Mon Apr 02, 1956League Tier 2Lincoln CityA3-1WinSincil Bank
90Sat Jan 15, 1955League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
89Sat Sep 04, 1954League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-2LossSincil Bank
88Sat Mar 06, 1954League Tier 2Lincoln CityH4-2Win
87Sat Oct 17, 1953League Tier 2Lincoln CityA2-2DrawSincil Bank
86Wed Sep 17, 1952League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
85Wed Sep 10, 1952League Tier 2Lincoln CityA3-2WinSincil Bank
84Sat Mar 12, 1949League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-1Draw
83Sat Oct 16, 1948League Tier 2Lincoln CityA3-1WinSincil Bank
82Sat Jan 11, 1947FA CupLincoln CityA1-0WinSincil Bank
Wed Sep 25, 1946TestimonialLincoln CityA3-0Win W Bean Testimonial
Sat Nov 25, 1944WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA2-2DrawSincil Bank
Sat Nov 18, 1944WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH2-2Draw
Sat Dec 11, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH1-1Draw
Sat Dec 04, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA2-2DrawSincil Bank
Sat Sep 18, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH8-1Win
Sat Sep 11, 1943WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA0-3LossSincil Bank
Sat Feb 27, 1943WWII Combined LeagueLincoln CityH3-2WinResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Feb 20, 1943WWII Combined LeagueLincoln CityA0-4LossSincil BankResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Dec 12, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA1-4LossSincil Bank
Sat Dec 05, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH4-1Win
Sat Sep 05, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH0-1Loss
Sat Aug 29, 1942WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA3-2WinSincil Bank
Mon Apr 06, 1942WWII Wartime CupLincoln CityH4-2WinResult also contributed to the League
Sat Apr 04, 1942WWII Wartime CupLincoln CityA5-6LossSincil BankResult also contributed to the League
Sat Feb 14, 1942WWII Combined LeagueLincoln CityA3-0WinSincil BankResult also contributed to League Cup Qualifying
Sat Jan 18, 1941WWII Midland CupLincoln CityA1-2LossSincil BankResult also counted towards League total
Sat Jan 11, 1941WWII Midland CupLincoln CityH4-2WinResult also counted towards League total
Sat Oct 19, 1940FriendlyLincoln CityA3-2WinSincil Bank
Sat Mar 23, 1940WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA0-1LossSincil Bank
Sat Nov 25, 1939WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH0-1Loss
Sat Sep 30, 1939FriendlyLincoln CityA6-0Win
81Sat Mar 17, 1934League Tier 2Lincoln CityH6-2Win
80Sat Nov 04, 1933League Tier 2Lincoln CityA0-0DrawSincil Bank
79Sat Apr 08, 1933League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-2Draw
78Sat Nov 26, 1932League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-1DrawSincil Bank
Fri May 04, 1923FriendlyLincoln CityA2-1Win
77Fri Dec 26, 1919League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-1Win
76Thu Dec 25, 1919League Tier 2Lincoln CityA4-1WinSincil Bank
Sat Oct 12, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityA3-1WinSincil Bank
Sat Oct 05, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH1-1Draw
Sat Nov 03, 1917WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityA1-3LossSincil Bank
Sat Oct 27, 1917WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH0-1Loss
Sat Dec 30, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH2-0Win
Sat Sep 23, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityA2-1WinSincil Bank
Sat Jan 22, 1916WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityA4-1WinSincil Bank
Sat Oct 23, 1915WWI Initial TournamentLincoln CityH3-2Win
75Mon Apr 05, 1915League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-2LossSincil Bank
74Thu Oct 01, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH3-2Win
73Sat Feb 14, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-1Win
72Sat Oct 11, 1913League Tier 2Lincoln CityA0-1LossSincil Bank
71Sat Mar 01, 1913League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-2LossSincil Bank
70Sat Oct 26, 1912League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-2Loss
69Wed Apr 24, 1907League Tier 2Lincoln CityH3-1Win
68Fri Mar 29, 1907League Tier 2Lincoln CityA2-1WinSincil Bank
Sat Apr 24, 1897FriendlyLincoln CityA2-2DrawSincil Bank
Wed Sep 14, 1892FriendlyLincoln CityA3-2WinJohn O'Gaunts
Thu Sep 08, 1892FriendlyLincoln CityH3-1WinTown Ground
Sat Feb 20, 1892Football AllianceLincoln CityA4-1WinJohn O'Gaunts
Sat Feb 06, 1892Football AllianceLincoln CityH0-0DrawTown Ground
Sat Feb 04, 1888FriendlyLincoln CityH2-0WinGregory Ground
Sat Nov 12, 1887FriendlyLincoln CityA1-1DrawJohn O'Gaunts
Sat Oct 11, 1884FriendlyLincoln CityA4-2WinJohn O'Gaunts

Home and away victories against Lincoln City
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1906-07Lincoln CityFri Mar 29, 1907A2-1Wed Apr 24, 1907H3-1
1919-20Lincoln CityThu Dec 25, 1919A4-1Fri Dec 26, 1919H2-1