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Rotherham Town, Rotherham County, Rotherham United
Millmoor, Don Valley Stadium, New York Stadium

Competitive games against Rotherham United since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winSep 22, 201810 daysSep 22, 201810 daysMar 02, 2002916 years, 6 months, 20 days
Last drawSep 14, 201632 years, 8 daysApr 09, 2007511 years, 5 months, 13 daysSep 14, 201612 years, 8 days
Last lossSep 15, 19562462 years, 7 daysApr 08, 19551563 years, 5 months, 14 daysSep 15, 19561162 years, 7 days
Last goal scoredSep 22, 201810 daysSep 22, 201810 daysSep 14, 201612 years, 8 days
Clean sheetSep 22, 201810 daysSep 22, 201810 daysApr 16, 201622 years, 5 months, 6 days
Conceded Own Goal
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Scored penaltySep 22, 201810 daysSep 22, 201810 days
Missed Penalty
Conceded penalty
Saved penalty
Red cardJan 21, 19223896 years, 8 months, 1 dayJan 21, 19221996 years, 8 months, 1 day
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Rotherham United
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Aug 1949Wally Ardron Billy Palmer Paul Crichton
Nov 1966Barry Lyons£45,000 Ernie Smith Paul Evans
Mar 1969Alan Hill Gary BowyerMar 1990Stuart CashMay 1990
Mar 1934Billy Dickinson
May 2014Matt Derbyshire
Jan 2016Chris Burke

Record against Rotherham United
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1
LeagueLeague Tier 2Aug 30, 1919Jan 31, 20173218966040
LeagueLeague Tier 3Sep 17, 2005Apr 09, 2007413053
Major CupFA CupJan 11, 1930Dec 06, 1950210163
Major CupLeague CupAug 19, 1975Sep 22, 2004330093
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Aug 30, 1919Jan 31, 201741231278049
WartimeWorld War ISep 09, 1916Sep 28, 191862131111
WartimeWorld War IIDec 02, 1939Nov 11, 1944420275
World War IInitial TournamentSep 09, 1916Sep 28, 191862131111
World War IIMain LeagueDec 02, 1939Nov 11, 1944420275
FriendlyFriendlyMar 01, 1892Dec 29, 1981201124
FriendlyPre-Season FriendlyJul 22, 2009Jul 23, 2014210111
Total:Mar 01, 1892Jul 23, 2014145272121
TOTAL:Mar 01, 1892Jan 31, 20175528141410170

All games against Rotherham United
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
43Sat Apr 06, 2019League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA-New York Stadium
42Sat Sep 22, 2018League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH1-0W
41Tue Jan 31, 2017League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0W
40Wed Sep 14, 2016League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-2DNew York Stadium
39Sat Apr 16, 2016League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-0DNew York Stadium
38Sat Aug 15, 2015League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-1W
37Wed Mar 18, 2015League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0W
36Sat Dec 13, 2014League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-0DNew York Stadium
Wed Jul 23, 2014Pre-Season FriendlyRotherham UnitedA0-1LNew York Stadium
Wed Jul 22, 2009Pre-Season FriendlyRotherham UnitedA1-0WDon Valley StadiumPlayed two pre-season friendlies at same time
35Mon Apr 09, 2007League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedH1-1D
34Sat Nov 18, 2006League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedA1-1DMillmoor
33Sat Jan 21, 2006League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedA1-1DMillmoor
32Sat Sep 17, 2005League Tier 3Rotherham UnitedH2-0W
31Sat Feb 05, 2005League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-0DMillmoor
30Wed Nov 03, 2004League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-2D
29Wed Sep 22, 2004League CupRotherham UnitedH2-1W
28Sat Feb 21, 2004League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA1-1DMillmoor
27Tue Oct 14, 2003League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-2D
26Sun May 04, 2003League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-2DMillmoor
25Sat Sep 28, 2002League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH3-2W
24Sat Mar 02, 2002League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-1WMillmoor
23Mon Sep 17, 2001League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH2-0W
Tue Dec 29, 1981FriendlyRotherham UnitedA0-2LMillmoor
22Wed Aug 27, 1975League CupRotherham UnitedH5-1WWon 7-2 on aggregate
21Tue Aug 19, 1975League CupRotherham UnitedA2-1WMillmoor
20Sat Jan 19, 1957League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH3-1W
19Sat Sep 15, 1956League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-3LMillmoor
18Sat Mar 03, 1956League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH1-0W
17Sat Oct 22, 1955League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA1-2LMillmoor
16Mon Apr 11, 1955League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-3LMillmoor
15Fri Apr 08, 1955League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH0-2L
14Sat Jan 16, 1954League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-3LMillmoor
13Sat Sep 05, 1953League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-1W
12Sat Mar 21, 1953League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-3W
11Sat Nov 01, 1952League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA3-2WMillmoor
10Sat Dec 15, 1951League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedH4-2W
9Sat Aug 18, 1951League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA2-1WMillmoor
8Wed Dec 06, 1950FA CupRotherham UnitedA1-3LMillmoor
Sat Nov 11, 1944Main LeagueRotherham UnitedH1-2L
Sat Nov 04, 1944Main LeagueRotherham UnitedA2-1WMillmoor
Sat Mar 30, 1940Main LeagueRotherham UnitedH4-1W
Sat Dec 02, 1939Main LeagueRotherham UnitedA0-1LMillmoor
7Sat Jan 11, 1930FA CupRotherham UnitedA5-0WMillmoor
6Wed Feb 08, 1922League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH1-0W
5Sat Jan 21, 1922League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA1-0WMillmoor
4Mon Dec 27, 1920League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-0DMillmoor
3Sat Dec 25, 1920League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH6-1W
2Sat Sep 06, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH4-1W
1Sat Aug 30, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham UnitedA0-2LMillmoor
Sat Sep 28, 1918Initial TournamentRotherham UnitedA1-1DMillmoor
Sat Sep 21, 1918Initial TournamentRotherham UnitedH3-1W
Sat Oct 20, 1917Initial TournamentRotherham CountyA3-1WMillmoor
Sat Oct 13, 1917Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH1-3L
Sat Dec 16, 1916Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH2-3L
Sat Sep 09, 1916Initial TournamentRotherham CountyA1-2LMillmoor
Tue Mar 01, 1892FriendlyRotherham TownA2-2D

Home and away victories against Rotherham United
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1951-52Rotherham UnitedSat Aug 18, 1951A2-1Sat Dec 15, 1951H4-2
1952-53Rotherham UnitedSat Nov 01, 1952A3-2Sat Mar 21, 1953H4-3
2001-02Rotherham UnitedMon Sep 17, 2001H2-0Sat Mar 02, 2002A2-1