Town Ground


Nottingham Forest, Nottingham Forest

Record at Town Ground
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Sep 10, 1892Apr 10, 1897764692016698
League Tier 2
League Tier 3
FA CupDec 21, 1878Mar 03, 18972013345120
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
Football AllianceSep 28, 1889Mar 19, 189229141057934
United Counties LeagueJan 06, 1894Apr 29, 18958602169
FriendlyOct 02, 1890Mar 25, 189733252612639
AbandonedOct 03, 1896Oct 03, 1896100011

All Games at Town Ground
# Date Season Game Opponent H/A Score Result Notes
96Apr 10, 18971896-97League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-2Loss
95Apr 08, 1897League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-0Draw
Mar 25, 1897FriendlyGrimsby TownH3-0WinBurford Cup
94Mar 10, 1897League Tier 1EvertonH3-0Win
93Mar 06, 1897League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-4Loss
92Mar 03, 1897FA CupLiverpoolH0-1Loss
91Jan 16, 1897League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH2-0Win
90Jan 02, 1897League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-1Loss
89Dec 28, 1896League Tier 1BuryH3-0Win
88Dec 12, 1896League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-1Win
87Nov 28, 1896League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-0Win
86Nov 21, 1896League Tier 1SunderlandH2-1Win
85Nov 18, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-2Loss
84Oct 31, 1896League Tier 1The WednesdayH2-2Draw
83Oct 24, 1896League Tier 1BurnleyH4-1Win
82Oct 03, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1AbaAbandoned due to crowd issues
81Sep 26, 1896League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH2-2Draw
80Sep 12, 1896League Tier 1Stoke CityH4-0Win
Sep 03, 1896FriendlyBurton WanderersH8-0Win
79Apr 07, 18961895-96League Tier 1The WednesdayH1-0Win
78Apr 04, 1896League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-2Win
77Apr 03, 1896League Tier 1Aston VillaH0-2Loss
76Mar 07, 1896League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1Win
Feb 27, 1896FriendlyGrimsby TownH4-2WinBenefit game for Adam Scott
Feb 15, 1896FriendlyNotts CountyH3-1Win
75Feb 01, 1896FA CupEvertonH0-2Loss
74Jan 18, 1896League Tier 1SunderlandH3-1Win
73Jan 11, 1896League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH0-0Draw
Jan 04, 1896FriendlyCorinthiansH5-1Win
72Dec 28, 1895League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH4-2Win
71Dec 14, 1895League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH3-1Win
70Nov 28, 1895League Tier 1Stoke CityH4-0Win
69Nov 16, 1895League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-0Win
Oct 31, 1895FriendlyLeicester FosseH5-2Win
68Oct 26, 1895League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-1Loss
67Oct 12, 1895League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
66Oct 05, 1895League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-5Loss
65Sep 21, 1895League Tier 1Small HeathH3-0Win
64Sep 05, 1895League Tier 1BuryH5-0Win
Apr 29, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueNotts CountyH1-0Win
Apr 18, 1895United Counties LeagueSheffield UnitedH0-1Loss
63Apr 13, 1895League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH0-2Loss
62Apr 06, 1895League Tier 1LiverpoolH3-0Win
61Mar 16, 1895League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH3-3Draw
Mar 09, 1895United Counties LeagueDerby CountyH2-0Win
60Feb 23, 1895League Tier 1Stoke CityH3-1Win
59Jan 26, 1895League Tier 1Small HeathH2-0Win
58Jan 19, 1895League Tier 1The WednesdayH2-1Win
57Dec 29, 1894League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH2-3Loss
56Dec 27, 1894League Tier 1SunderlandH2-1Win
Dec 26, 1894FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1Draw
55Dec 08, 1894League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH5-3Win
54Nov 17, 1894League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH3-0Win
53Nov 03, 1894League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1Win
52Oct 06, 1894League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-1Win
51Oct 04, 1894League Tier 1Preston North EndH0-2Loss
50Sep 22, 1894League Tier 1EvertonH2-3Loss
Sep 13, 1894FriendlyJardinesH7-0Win
Sep 06, 1894FriendlyNotts OlympicH9-0Win
49Sep 01, 1894League Tier 1BurnleyH2-1Win
Apr 21, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueSheffield WednesdayH5-1Win
Apr 19, 1894United Counties LeagueNotts CountyA4-3Win
Apr 12, 1894United Counties LeagueDerby CountyH0-3Loss
48Apr 07, 1894League Tier 1Newton HeathH2-0Win
47Mar 24, 1894League Tier 1Preston North EndH4-2Win
46Mar 15, 1894League Tier 1DarwenH4-1Win
45Feb 24, 1894FA CupNotts CountyH1-1Draw
Feb 15, 1894United Counties LeagueSheffield UnitedH3-1Win
44Feb 10, 1894FA CupMiddlesbrough IronopolisH2-0Win
43Jan 27, 1894FA CupHeanor TownH1-0Win
42Jan 18, 1894League Tier 1EvertonH3-2Win
41Jan 13, 1894League Tier 1SunderlandH1-2Loss
Jan 06, 1894United Counties LeagueNotts CountyH1-0Win
40Dec 30, 1893League Tier 1Derby CountyH4-2Win
Dec 14, 1893FriendlySheffield WednesdayH3-1WinAlex (Sandy) Higgins benefit
39Nov 25, 1893League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-0Draw
38Nov 18, 1893League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw
Nov 11, 1893FriendlyNotts CountyH1-2Loss
37Oct 28, 1893League Tier 1The WednesdayH1-0Win
36Oct 21, 1893League Tier 1Stoke CityH2-0Win
35Oct 07, 1893League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-2Loss
34Oct 05, 1893League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-0Win
33Sep 30, 1893League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-3Loss
32Sep 16, 1893League Tier 1BurnleyH5-0Win
31Sep 02, 1893League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH7-1Win
Apr 20, 18931892-93FriendlyDerby CountyH4-1Win
30Mar 11, 1893League Tier 1Blackburn RoversH0-1Loss
29Mar 02, 1893League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-4Loss
28Feb 25, 1893League Tier 1Notts CountyH3-1Win
Feb 18, 1893FriendlyDerby CountyH3-2Win
27Jan 28, 1893League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0Win
26Jan 21, 1893FA CupCasualsH4-0Win
25Jan 12, 1893League Tier 1EvertonH2-1Win
24Jan 07, 1893League Tier 1Accrington StanleyH3-0Win
23Dec 24, 1892League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-1Win
22Dec 10, 1892League Tier 1BurnleyH2-2Draw
21Dec 03, 1892League Tier 1SunderlandH0-5Loss
20Dec 01, 1892League Tier 1The WednesdayH2-0Win
19Nov 12, 1892League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-5Loss
Nov 03, 1892FriendlySheffield UnitedH0-1Loss
18Oct 29, 1892League Tier 1Newton HeathH1-1Draw
17Oct 20, 1892League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH2-0Win
16Sep 24, 1892League Tier 1Preston North EndH1-2Loss
15Sep 10, 1892League Tier 1Stoke CityH3-4Loss
Sep 08, 1892FriendlyLincoln CityH3-1Win
Mar 26, 18921891-92FriendlyDarwenH3-0Win
Mar 24, 1892FriendlyEvertonH1-2Loss
Mar 19, 1892Football AllianceNewton HeathH3-0Win
14Feb 13, 1892FA CupPreston North EndH2-0Win
Feb 06, 1892Football AllianceLincoln CityH0-0Draw
13Jan 16, 1892FA CupNewcastle East EndH2-1Win
Dec 03, 1891FriendlyStokeH2-0Win
Nov 21, 1891Football AllianceGrimsby TownH3-3Draw
Nov 19, 1891Football AllianceArdwickH4-0Win
Nov 12, 1891FriendlyBolton WanderersH5-0Win
Nov 07, 1891Football AllianceThe WednesdayH1-1Draw
Oct 17, 1891Football AllianceCrewe AlexandraH5-0Win
Oct 10, 1891FriendlySunderland AlbionH5-3Win
Oct 08, 1891Football AllianceSmall HeathH2-0Win
Oct 03, 1891FriendlyNottsH3-1Win
Oct 01, 1891FriendlyCanadiansH5-0Win
Sep 24, 1891Football AllianceBirmingham St George'sH3-0Win
Sep 12, 1891Football AllianceWalsall Town SwiftsH5-1Win
Sep 03, 1891Football AllianceBurton SwiftsH7-0Win
Apr 18, 18911890-91FriendlyNottsH2-4Loss
Apr 11, 1891FriendlyGlasgow RangersH3-0Win
Apr 02, 1891FriendlyBlackburn RoversH4-0Win
Mar 21, 1891Football AllianceThe WednesdayH0-0Draw
Mar 14, 1891Football AllianceWalsall Town SwiftsH2-0Win
Mar 12, 1891FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionH2-3Loss
Feb 26, 1891Football AllianceSmall HeathH4-5Loss
12Feb 07, 1891FA CupSunderland AlbionH3-3Draw
Jan 24, 1891Football AllianceSunderland AlbionH1-1Draw
Jan 03, 1891FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianH8-2Win
Dec 27, 1890Football AllianceGrimsby TownH1-1Draw
Dec 18, 1890FriendlyBurnleyH3-4Loss
Nov 27, 1890FriendlyBolton WanderersH7-1Win
Nov 22, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathH8-2Win
Nov 13, 1890FriendlyWolverhampton WanderersH5-0Win
Nov 08, 1890Football AllianceBirmingham St George'sH4-0Win
Oct 23, 1890FriendlyAston VillaH3-0Win
Oct 18, 1890Football AllianceBootleH7-0Win
Oct 03, 1890FriendlyStokeH2-2Draw
Oct 02, 1890FriendlyQueen's ParkH4-2WinInaugural game at The Town Ground
Mar 29, 18901889-90Football AllianceWalsall Town SwiftsH3-0Win
Mar 20, 1890Football AllianceBirmingham St George'sH2-2Draw
Feb 22, 1890Football AllianceLong Eaton RangersH1-1Draw
Feb 15, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathH1-3Loss
Feb 01, 1890Football AllianceDarwenH3-1Win
Jan 04, 1890Football AllianceThe WednesdayH1-3Loss
Dec 14, 1889Football AllianceCrewe AlexandraH2-5Loss
Dec 07, 1889Football AllianceSunderland AlbionH3-1Win
Nov 02, 1889Football AllianceSmall HeathH0-0Draw
Oct 05, 1889Football AllianceGrimsby TownH1-2Loss
Sep 28, 1889Football AllianceBootleH2-2Draw
11Jan 07, 18881887-88FA CupThe WednesdayH2-4Loss
10Dec 17, 1887FA CupOld EtoniansH6-0Win
9Nov 26, 1887FA CupNotts CountyH2-1Win
8Nov 05, 1887FA CupMellorsH2-0Win
7Oct 15, 1887FA CupNotts SwiftsH2-1Win
6Dec 02, 18821882-83FA CupSheffield HeeleyH7-2Win
5Dec 04, 18801880-81FA CupAston VillaH1-2Loss
4Feb 19, 18801879-80FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-2DrawSheffield disqualified
3Jan 31, 1880FA CupBlackburn RoversH6-0Win
2Nov 08, 1879FA CupNotts CountyH4-0Win
1Dec 21, 18781878-79FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-0Win