Nottingham Forest, Nottingham Forest

Forest Opponent Penalties
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A Yellows Reds Own Goals Yellows Reds Own Goals Scored Conceded Saved Missed
League Tier 1Sep 10, 1892Apr 10, 189775469201659700100120
League Tier 2
League Tier 3
FA CupDec 21, 1878Mar 03, 1897191333491600100000
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
EFL Trophy
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalDec 21, 1878Apr 10, 18979459122321411300200120
Football AllianceSep 28, 1889Mar 19, 18923014115813600200010
United Counties LeagueJan 06, 1894Apr 29, 1895970219900000000
FriendlyOct 02, 1890Mar 25, 18973225161243700100010
TotalSep 28, 1889Mar 25, 1897714612132248200300020
TOTALDec 21, 1878Apr 10, 1897165105243643819500500140

Last Game Since
Statistic Date H/A Score Num

Last gameApr 10, 1897H1-20126 years, 7 months, 25 days
Last winMar 10, 1897H3-02126 years, 8 months, 25 days
Last drawApr 08, 1897H0-01126 years, 7 months, 27 days
Last lossApr 10, 1897H1-20126 years, 7 months, 25 days
ScoredApr 10, 1897H1-20126 years, 7 months, 25 days
Did not scoreApr 08, 1897H0-01126 years, 7 months, 27 days
Clean sheetApr 08, 1897H0-01126 years, 7 months, 27 days

We scored an own goalSep 02, 1893H7-165130 years, 3 months, 3 days
Opponent scored an own goalMar 06, 1897H2-43126 years, 8 months, 29 days
Scored penaltyMar 02, 1893H3-467130 years, 9 months, 3 days
Missed penalty-----
Conceded penalty-----
Saved penalty-----
Red card-----
Opponent Red card-----

# Date Season Game Opponent Att Result Notes
94Apr 10, 18971896-97League Tier 1Wolverhampton Wanderers5,0001-2
93Apr 08, 18971896-97League Tier 1Preston North End3,0000-0
Mar 25, 18971896-97FriendlyGrimsby Town2,0003-0Burford Cup
92Mar 10, 18971896-97League Tier 1Everton2,0003-0
91Mar 06, 18971896-97League Tier 1Aston Villa10,0002-4
90Mar 03, 18971896-97FA CupLiverpool10,0000-1
89Jan 16, 18971896-97League Tier 1Bolton Wanderers5,0002-0
88Jan 02, 18971896-97League Tier 1West Bromwich Albion6,0000-1
87Dec 28, 18961896-97League Tier 1Bury8,0003-0
86Dec 12, 18961896-97League Tier 1Blackburn Rovers3,0002-1
85Nov 28, 18961896-97League Tier 1Liverpool7,0002-0
84Nov 21, 18961896-97League Tier 1Sunderland4,0002-1
83Nov 18, 18961896-97League Tier 1Derby County5,0001-2
82Oct 31, 18961896-97League Tier 1The Wednesday8,0002-2
81Oct 24, 18961896-97League Tier 1Burnley4,0004-1
80Oct 03, 18961896-97League Tier 1Derby County20,0001-1Abandoned due to crowd issues
79Sep 26, 18961896-97League Tier 1Sheffield United8,0002-2
78Sep 12, 18961896-97League Tier 1Stoke City5,0004-0
Sep 03, 18961896-97FriendlyBurton Wanderers08-0
77Apr 07, 18961895-96League Tier 1The Wednesday8,0001-0
76Apr 04, 18961895-96League Tier 1Wolverhampton Wanderers4,0003-2
75Apr 03, 18961895-96League Tier 1Aston Villa10,0000-2
74Mar 07, 18961895-96League Tier 1Burnley5,0002-1
Feb 27, 18961895-96FriendlyGrimsby Town04-2Benefit game for Adam Scott
Feb 15, 18961895-96FriendlyNotts County03-1
73Feb 01, 18961895-96FA CupEverton00-2
72Jan 18, 18961895-96League Tier 1Sunderland10,0003-1
71Jan 11, 18961895-96League Tier 1Bolton Wanderers7,0000-0
Jan 04, 18961895-96FriendlyCorinthians3,0005-1
70Dec 28, 18951895-96League Tier 1Blackburn Rovers6,0004-2
69Dec 14, 18951895-96League Tier 1Sheffield United4,0003-1
68Nov 28, 18951895-96League Tier 1Stoke City2,5004-0
67Nov 16, 18951895-96League Tier 1West Bromwich Albion6,0002-0
Oct 31, 18951895-96FriendlyLeicester Fosse1,5005-2
66Oct 26, 18951895-96League Tier 1Preston North End4,0000-1
65Oct 12, 18951895-96League Tier 1Everton5,0002-1
64Oct 05, 18951895-96League Tier 1Derby County9,0002-5
63Sep 21, 18951895-96League Tier 1Small Heath5,0003-0
62Sep 05, 18951895-96League Tier 1Bury5,0005-0
Apr 29, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueNotts County01-0
Apr 18, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueSheffield United5000-1
61Apr 13, 18951894-95League Tier 1Wolverhampton Wanderers8,0000-2
60Apr 06, 18951894-95League Tier 1Liverpool4,0003-0
Apr 04, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueLeicester Fosse5003-0
59Mar 16, 18951894-95League Tier 1Bolton Wanderers5,0003-3
Mar 09, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueDerby County2,5002-0
58Feb 23, 18951894-95League Tier 1Stoke City5,0003-1
57Jan 26, 18951894-95League Tier 1Small Heath4,0002-0
56Jan 19, 18951894-95League Tier 1The Wednesday4,0002-1
55Dec 29, 18941894-95League Tier 1Blackburn Rovers5,0002-3
54Dec 27, 18941894-95League Tier 1Sunderland02-1
Dec 26, 18941894-95FriendlyNotts County7,0001-1
53Dec 08, 18941894-95League Tier 1West Bromwich Albion5,0005-3
52Nov 17, 18941894-95League Tier 1Sheffield United6,0003-0
51Nov 03, 18941894-95League Tier 1Derby County6,0002-1
50Oct 06, 18941894-95League Tier 1Aston Villa6,0002-1
49Oct 04, 18941894-95League Tier 1Preston North End5,0000-2
48Sep 22, 18941894-95League Tier 1Everton7,0002-3
Sep 13, 18941894-95FriendlyJardines3007-0
Sep 06, 18941894-95FriendlyNotts Olympic4009-0
47Sep 01, 18941894-95League Tier 1Burnley9,0002-1
Apr 21, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueSheffield Wednesday05-1
Apr 19, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueNotts County3,0004-3
Apr 12, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueDerby County1,5000-3
46Apr 07, 18941893-94League Tier 1Newton Heath7,0002-0
45Mar 24, 18941893-94League Tier 1Preston North End6,0004-2
44Mar 15, 18941893-94League Tier 1Darwen1,0004-1
43Feb 24, 18941893-94FA CupNotts County15,0001-1
Feb 15, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueSheffield United3,0003-1
42Feb 10, 18941893-94FA CupMiddlesbrough Ironopolis6,0002-0
41Jan 27, 18941893-94FA CupHeanor Town5,0001-0
40Jan 18, 18941893-94League Tier 1Everton4,0003-2
39Jan 13, 18941893-94League Tier 1Sunderland12,0001-2
Jan 06, 18941893-94United Counties LeagueNotts County4,0001-0
38Dec 30, 18931893-94League Tier 1Derby County10,0004-2
Dec 14, 18931893-94FriendlySheffield Wednesday2,0003-1Alex (Sandy) Higgins benefit
37Nov 25, 18931893-94League Tier 1Blackburn Rovers5,0000-0
36Nov 18, 18931893-94League Tier 1Sheffield United1,5001-1
Nov 11, 18931893-94FriendlyNotts County15,0001-2
35Oct 28, 18931893-94League Tier 1The Wednesday8,0001-0
34Oct 21, 18931893-94League Tier 1Stoke City7,0002-0
33Oct 07, 18931893-94League Tier 1Aston Villa11,0001-2
32Oct 05, 18931893-94League Tier 1Bolton Wanderers5,0001-0
31Sep 30, 18931893-94League Tier 1West Bromwich Albion5,0002-3
30Sep 16, 18931893-94League Tier 1Burnley8,0005-0
29Sep 02, 18931893-94League Tier 1Wolverhampton Wanderers12,0007-1
Apr 20, 18931892-93FriendlyDerby County1,0004-1
28Mar 11, 18931892-93League Tier 1Blackburn Rovers5,0000-1
27Mar 02, 18931892-93League Tier 1West Bromwich Albion4,0003-4
26Feb 25, 18931892-93League Tier 1Notts County10,0003-1
Feb 18, 18931892-93FriendlyDerby County03-2
25Jan 28, 18931892-93League Tier 1Derby County12,0001-0
24Jan 21, 18931892-93FA CupCasuals04-0
23Jan 12, 18931892-93League Tier 1Everton5,0002-1
22Jan 07, 18931892-93League Tier 1Accrington Stanley3,0003-0
21Dec 24, 18921892-93League Tier 1Wolverhampton Wanderers6,0003-1
20Dec 10, 18921892-93League Tier 1Burnley8,0002-2
19Dec 03, 18921892-93League Tier 1Sunderland10,0000-5
18Dec 01, 18921892-93League Tier 1The Wednesday4,0002-0
17Nov 12, 18921892-93League Tier 1Aston Villa8,0004-5
Nov 03, 18921892-93FriendlySheffield United00-1
16Oct 29, 18921892-93League Tier 1Newton Heath8,0001-1
15Oct 20, 18921892-93League Tier 1Bolton Wanderers4,0002-0
14Sep 24, 18921892-93League Tier 1Preston North End12,0001-2
13Sep 10, 18921892-93League Tier 1Stoke City9,0003-4
Sep 08, 18921892-93FriendlyLincoln City2,0003-1
Mar 26, 18921891-92FriendlyDarwen2,0003-0
Mar 24, 18921891-92FriendlyEverton1,5001-2
Mar 19, 18921891-92Football AllianceNewton Heath LYR8,0003-0
12Feb 13, 18921891-92FA CupPreston North End14,5002-0
Feb 06, 18921891-92Football AllianceLincoln City3,0000-0
11Jan 16, 18921891-92FA CupNewcastle East End02-1
Dec 03, 18911891-92FriendlyStoke02-0
Nov 21, 18911891-92Football AllianceGrimsby Town5,0003-3
Nov 19, 18911891-92Football AllianceArdwick2,0004-0
Nov 12, 18911891-92FriendlyBolton Wanderers4,0005-0
Nov 07, 18911891-92Football AllianceThe Wednesday3,0001-1
Oct 17, 18911891-92Football AllianceCrewe Alexandra3,0005-0
Oct 10, 18911891-92FriendlySunderland Albion5005-3
Oct 08, 18911891-92Football AllianceSmall Heath2,0002-0
Oct 03, 18911891-92FriendlyNotts1,0003-1
Oct 01, 18911891-92FriendlyCanadians2,0005-0
Sep 24, 18911891-92Football AllianceBirmingham St George's1,5003-0
Sep 12, 18911891-92Football AllianceWalsall Town Swifts3,0005-1
Sep 03, 18911891-92Football AllianceBurton Swifts3,0007-0
Apr 18, 18911890-91FriendlyNotts9,5002-4
Apr 11, 18911890-91FriendlyGlasgow Rangers4,0003-0
Apr 02, 18911890-91FriendlyBlackburn Rovers3,0004-0
Mar 21, 18911890-91Football AllianceThe Wednesday00-0
Mar 14, 18911890-91Football AllianceWalsall Town Swifts3,0002-0
Mar 12, 18911890-91FriendlyWest Bromwich Albion3,0002-3
Feb 26, 18911890-91Football AllianceSmall Heath2,5004-5
10Feb 07, 18911890-91FA CupSunderland Albion8,0003-3
Jan 24, 18911890-91Football AllianceSunderland Albion5,0001-1
Jan 03, 18911890-91FriendlyHeart Of Midlothian3,0008-2
Dec 27, 18901890-91Football AllianceGrimsby Town3,0001-1
Dec 18, 18901890-91FriendlyBurnley1,5003-4
Nov 27, 18901890-91FriendlyBolton Wanderers07-1
Nov 22, 18901890-91Football AllianceNewton Heath LYR2,0008-2
Nov 13, 18901890-91FriendlyWolverhampton Wanderers05-0
Nov 08, 18901890-91Football AllianceBirmingham St George's4,0004-0
Oct 23, 18901890-91FriendlyAston Villa3,5003-0
Oct 18, 18901890-91Football AllianceBootle3,0007-0
Oct 03, 18901890-91Football AllianceStoke3,0002-2
Oct 02, 18901890-91FriendlyQueen's Park3,5004-2Inaugural game at The Town Ground
Mar 29, 18901889-90Football AllianceWalsall Town Swifts03-0
Mar 20, 18901889-90Football AllianceBirmingham St George's1,0002-2
Feb 22, 18901889-90Football AllianceLong Eaton Rangers8001-1
Feb 15, 18901889-90Football AllianceNewton Heath LYR01-3
Feb 01, 18901889-90Football AllianceDarwen03-1
Jan 04, 18901889-90Football AllianceThe Wednesday01-3
Dec 14, 18891889-90Football AllianceCrewe Alexandra02-5
Dec 07, 18891889-90Football AllianceSunderland Albion03-1
Nov 02, 18891889-90Football AllianceSmall Heath00-0
Oct 05, 18891889-90Football AllianceGrimsby Town2,0001-2
Sep 28, 18891889-90Football AllianceBootle02-2
9Dec 17, 18871887-88FA CupOld Etonians6,0006-0
8Nov 26, 18871887-88FA CupNotts County11,5002-1
7Nov 05, 18871887-88FA CupMellors02-0
6Oct 15, 18871887-88FA CupNotts Swifts02-1
5Dec 02, 18821882-83FA CupSheffield Heeley1,0007-2
4Dec 04, 18801880-81FA CupAston Villa5,0001-2
3Feb 19, 18801879-80FA CupSheffield FC2,0002-2Sheffield disqualified
2Jan 31, 18801879-80FA CupBlackburn Rovers2,5006-0
1Nov 08, 18791879-80FA CupNotts County2,0004-0
0Dec 21, 18781878-79FA CupSheffield FC4002-0