Barley Bank

Competitive games against Darwen since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winMar 15, 18941124 years, 30 daysMar 15, 18941124 years, 30 daysDec 23, 18931124 years, 3 months, 22 days
Last draw
Last loss
Last goal scoredMar 15, 18941124 years, 30 daysMar 15, 18941124 years, 30 daysDec 23, 18931124 years, 3 months, 22 days
Clean sheetDec 23, 18932124 years, 3 months, 22 daysDec 23, 18931124 years, 3 months, 22 days
Conceded Own Goal
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Scored penalty
Missed Penalty
Conceded penalty
Saved penalty
Red card
Opponent red card

Transfers between Forest and Darwen
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until

Record against Darwen
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Dec 23, 1893Mar 15, 1894220081
LeagueLeague Tier 2
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA Cup
Major CupLeague Cup
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Dec 23, 1893Mar 15, 1894220081
Minor LeagueFootball AllianceFeb 01, 1890Dec 13, 189042111216
FriendlyFriendlyOct 18, 1879Mar 26, 1892117223717
Total:Oct 18, 1879Mar 26, 1892159334933
TOTAL:Oct 18, 1879Mar 15, 18941711335734

All games against Darwen
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
2Thu Mar 15, 1894League Tier 1DarwenH4-1WTown Ground
1Sat Dec 23, 1893League Tier 1DarwenA4-0WBarley Bank
Sat Mar 26, 1892FriendlyDarwenH3-0WTown Ground
Sat Jan 02, 1892FriendlyDarwenA2-2D
Sat Dec 13, 1890Football AllianceDarwenA4-4DBarley Bank
Sat Sep 13, 1890Football AllianceDarwenH5-2WGregory Ground
Sat Mar 22, 1890Football AllianceDarwenA0-9LBarley Bank
Sat Feb 01, 1890Football AllianceDarwenH3-1WTown Ground
Sat Dec 08, 1883FriendlyDarwenH8-0WParkside Ground
Sat Mar 24, 1883FriendlyDarwenA2-4L
Sat Feb 03, 1883FriendlyDarwenH2-1WTrent Bridge
Sat Jan 21, 1882FriendlyDarwenH4-5LTrent Bridge
Sat Oct 22, 1881FriendlyDarwenA1-0WBarley Bank
Sat Jan 29, 1881FriendlyDarwenH3-0WTrent Bridge
Sat Oct 23, 1880FriendlyDarwenA4-4D
Sat Feb 28, 1880FriendlyDarwenH5-0WTrent Bridge
Sat Oct 18, 1879FriendlyDarwenA3-1W

Home and away victories against Darwen
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1893-94DarwenSat Dec 23, 1893A4-0Thu Mar 15, 1894H4-1