Baseball Ground



Derby County

Record at Baseball Ground
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Dec 07, 1895Apr 23, 1997228772834
League Tier 2Apr 09, 1912Apr 27, 1994740387
League Tier 3
FA CupMar 09, 1892Jan 08, 19835014213
League CupOct 30, 1985Oct 30, 1985110021
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian CupSep 08, 1993Sep 08, 1993100123
World War ISep 18, 1915Apr 08, 1916210157
World War IIOct 13, 1942Oct 13, 19457007722
FriendlyMay 09, 1945May 05, 1986513177
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 13, 1967Aug 20, 1984210133
TestimonialApr 03, 1978Apr 03, 1978110021

All Games at Baseball Ground
# Date Season Game Opponent H/A Score Result Notes
36Apr 23, 19971996-97League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0Draw
35Apr 27, 19941993-94League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-0Win
34Sep 08, 1993Anglo-Italian CupDerby CountyA2-3LossAnglo-Italian Cup Qualifying Group 3
33Nov 24, 19901990-91League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-2Loss
32Jan 20, 19901989-90League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0Win
31Mar 25, 19891988-89League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0Win
30Oct 10, 19871987-88League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-0Win
May 05, 19861985-86FriendlyDerry CityA2-1Win
29Oct 30, 1985League CupDerby CountyA2-1Win
Aug 20, 19841984-85Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyA0-2Loss
Oct 11, 19831983-84FriendlyDerby CountyA2-2Draw
28Jan 08, 19831982-83FA CupDerby CountyA0-2Loss
27Nov 24, 19791979-80League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-4Loss
26Apr 14, 19791978-79League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-1Win
Apr 03, 19781977-78TestimonialDerby CountyA2-1WinHenry Newton Testimonial
25Jan 14, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0Draw
May 09, 19771976-77FriendlyDerby CountyA0-1Loss
Sep 26, 19731973-74FriendlyDerby CountyA1-1Draw
24Feb 19, 19721971-72League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-4Loss
23Mar 31, 19711970-71League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-1Win
22Nov 29, 19691969-70League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0Win
Aug 13, 19671967-68Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyA3-1Win
21Apr 02, 19551954-55League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1Win
20Apr 10, 19541953-54League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1Win
Oct 13, 19451945-46WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-3Loss
May 09, 19451944-45FriendlyDerby CountyA2-2DrawVE Day celebration game
Jan 13, 1945WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA0-3LossResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sep 02, 1944WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA0-5Loss
Dec 26, 19431943-44WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-2LossResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Oct 30, 1943WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA1-3Loss
Feb 13, 19431942-43WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-3LossResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Oct 13, 1942WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-3Loss
19Jan 25, 19361935-36FA CupDerby CountyA0-2Loss
18Jan 28, 19281927-28FA CupDerby CountyA0-0Draw
17Feb 06, 19261925-26League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-2Loss
16Sep 24, 19211921-22League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1Win
Apr 08, 19161915-16WWI Second TournamentDerby CountyA1-4Loss
Sep 18, 1915WWI Initial TournamentDerby CountyA4-3Win
15Dec 26, 19141914-15League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1Loss
14Apr 09, 19121911-12League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LossJim Bagshaw benefit
13Mar 13, 19091908-09FA CupDerby CountyA0-3Loss
12Dec 26, 19051905-06League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-2Draw
11Feb 25, 19051904-05League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-3Loss
10Nov 14, 19031903-04League Tier 1Derby CountyA6-2Win
9Jan 17, 19031902-03League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-0Win
8Nov 02, 19011901-02League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-1Draw
7Mar 16, 19011900-01League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0Draw
6Oct 28, 18991899-00League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-2Draw
5Apr 20, 18991898-99League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-2Loss
4Apr 11, 18981897-98League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-5Loss
3Sep 05, 18961896-97League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-1Draw
2Dec 07, 18951895-96League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-4Loss
1Mar 09, 18921891-92FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionN2-6Loss