Full Name:
John Neilson Robertson


STATS (Competitive games only):
Oct 24, 1970
Last Game:
Jan 11, 1986
514 (Rank: #5)
95 (Rank: #9)
Yellow Cards:
Red Cards:
Jan 20, 1953






Intnl. Country:

Caps while at Forest:
26 (Rank: #4)

Goals while at Forest:

Total Caps:

Total Goals:

Penalties scored:
Penalties scored:

Shirt numbers:
11 (410 appearances) , 8 (38) , 6 (27) , 10 (22) , 12 (15) , 7 (5)
Matt Gillies (23 appearances) , Dave Mackay (28) , Allan Brown (13) , Brian Clough (453)


Barry Hugman:



SEASON STATS (Competitive games only)
Season Squad Num Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Yellows Reds Own
Went Off Came On Unused

# Date Type Club Fee Loan until Manager
1Mar 03, 1974BoughtDrumchapel Allan Brown
2Jun 01, 1983SoldDerby CountyBrian Clough
3Aug 01, 1985BoughtDerby CountyBrian Clough
4Jan 11, 1986SoldCorby TownBrian Clough

Game First Game Last Game P W D L Goals Yellows Reds Own Goals Started Came On Went Off Unused Sub
League Tier 1Oct 24, 1970Jan 11, 19862581236867462256272
League Tier 2Aug 12, 1972May 07, 19771395137501513094
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 13, 1973Jan 04, 1986371015111036121
League CupAug 19, 1975Jan 19, 19834631871646
European CupSep 13, 1978Oct 01, 19802012445120
Fairs Cup
Super CupJan 30, 1980Nov 25, 198032113
Intercontinental CupFeb 11, 1981Feb 11, 1981111
Full Members Cup
EFL Trophy
Charity ShieldAug 12, 1978Aug 12, 19781111
Anglo-Scottish CupAug 07, 1976Dec 15, 1976963291
Anglo-Italian Cup
Total (Comp)Oct 24, 1970Jan 11, 198651423613614095450212143
County CupMay 04, 1971May 18, 1983128315111
FriendlyJun 20, 1973Jan 15, 1986352357632361
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 07, 1972Aug 12, 198543231199140331
TestimonialMay 10, 1971Apr 25, 19832113622212
TOTAL (Non-Comp)May 04, 1971Jan 15, 19861116725192211047112
TOTAL OVERALLOct 24, 1970Jan 15, 19866253031611591174160619255
League TotalOct 24, 1970Jan 11, 198639717410511761238611112
AbandonedJan 16, 1973Feb 16, 1977221

# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Num Started Came
Yellow Red
Sat Oct 10, 1970League Tier 1BlackpoolH3-112
1Sat Oct 24, 1970League Tier 1Huddersfield TownA0-06Started
Tue May 04, 1971County CupMansfield TownH0-112
Mon May 10, 1971TestimonialNotts CountyH3-18Started
Sat Oct 16, 1971League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-312
2Sat Oct 23, 1971League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA1-610Started
3Tue Oct 26, 1971League Tier 1Huddersfield TownA1-010Started
4Sat Oct 30, 1971League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-210Started
5Sat Nov 06, 1971League Tier 1ChelseaA0-210Started
6Sat Nov 13, 1971League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH4-110Started
7Sat Nov 27, 1971League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-28Started
8Sat Dec 04, 1971League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA2-38Started
9Sat Jan 22, 1972League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-28Started
10Sat Jan 29, 1972League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-48Started
11Sat Mar 25, 1972League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-06Started
12Mon Mar 27, 1972League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-66Started
13Sat Apr 01, 1972League Tier 1ArsenalA0-36Started
Mon Aug 07, 1972Pre-Season FriendlyKaiserslauternH2-212
14Sat Aug 12, 1972League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-06Started
15Sat Sep 09, 1972League Tier 2Luton TownH0-110Started
16Sat Sep 16, 1972League Tier 2Queens Park RangersA0-312
17Sat Sep 30, 1972League Tier 2SunderlandA1-412
18Sat Oct 07, 1972League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-18Started
19Sat Oct 14, 1972League Tier 2Bristol CityA1-18Started
20Sat Oct 21, 1972League Tier 2Swindon TownH2-28Startedgoal
21Sat Oct 28, 1972League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-18Started
22Sat Nov 04, 1972League Tier 2MillwallH3-28Startedgoal
23Sat Nov 11, 1972League Tier 2Cardiff CityA1-28Started
24Sat Nov 18, 1972League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-18Started
25Sat Nov 25, 1972League Tier 2BurnleyA0-110Started
26Sat Dec 02, 1972League Tier 2Leyton OrientH2-110Started
27Sat Dec 09, 1972League Tier 2MiddlesbroughA0-010Started
28Sat Dec 16, 1972League Tier 2FulhamA1-310Started
29Sat Dec 23, 1972League Tier 2BlackpoolH4-08Started
30Tue Dec 26, 1972League Tier 2Aston VillaA2-28Started
31Sat Jan 06, 1973League Tier 2Oxford UnitedA0-18Started
32Sat Jan 13, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionA1-18Started
33Tue Jan 16, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH1-18Started
34Sat Jan 20, 1973League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH2-18Startedgoal
35Mon Jan 22, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionH0-08Started
36Sat Jan 27, 1973League Tier 2Luton TownA0-18Started
37Mon Jan 29, 1973FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionN1-38Started
38Sat Feb 17, 1973League Tier 2PortsmouthA0-28Started
39Sat Feb 24, 1973League Tier 2FulhamH2-18Started
40Sat Mar 03, 1973League Tier 2Huddersfield TownA1-18Started
41Sat Mar 10, 1973League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-08Started
42Tue Mar 13, 1973League Tier 2Hull CityH1-28Startedgoal
43Sat Mar 24, 1973League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH3-012
44Sat Apr 07, 1973League Tier 2Leyton OrientA0-38Started
45Sat Apr 14, 1973League Tier 2MiddlesbroughH1-312
46Sat Apr 21, 1973League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-26Started
47Mon Apr 23, 1973League Tier 2BlackpoolA0-26Started
48Tue Apr 24, 1973League Tier 2SunderlandH1-06Started
49Sat Apr 28, 1973League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionA2-26Started
Wed May 02, 1973County CupNotts CountyA1-16Started
Sat May 05, 1973County CupMansfield TownA1-16Started
Wed Jun 20, 1973FriendlyBenficaA0-37Started
50Sun Mar 03, 1974League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-06Started
51Sat Mar 09, 1974FA CupNewcastle UnitedA3-46Started
52Sat Mar 16, 1974League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-010Started
53Mon Mar 18, 1974FA CupNewcastle UnitedN0-010Started
54Tue Mar 26, 1974League Tier 2PortsmouthH2-010Started
55Sat Mar 30, 1974League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH1-210Started
56Sat Apr 06, 1974League Tier 2SunderlandH2-210Started
57Wed Apr 24, 1974League Tier 2Aston VillaA1-311Started
Mon May 13, 1974TestimonialLeicester CityH1-17Started
58Sat Aug 17, 1974League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-010Started
59Mon Aug 19, 1974League Tier 2MillwallA0-310Started
60Sat Sep 14, 1974League Tier 2Hull CityH4-012
61Tue Sep 17, 1974League Tier 2PortsmouthH1-26Started
62Sat Dec 14, 1974League Tier 2Bristol CityA0-112
63Tue Jan 28, 1975FA CupFulhamA0-06Started
64Sat Feb 01, 1975League Tier 2Oldham AthleticA0-26Started
65Mon Feb 03, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-16Started
66Wed Feb 05, 1975FA CupFulhamA1-16Startedgoal
67Sat Feb 08, 1975League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH2-36Started
68Mon Feb 10, 1975FA CupFulhamH1-26Started
69Fri Feb 14, 1975League Tier 2York CityA1-16Started
70Sat Feb 22, 1975League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-08Started
71Fri Feb 28, 1975League Tier 2Oxford UnitedA1-18Started
72Sat Mar 08, 1975League Tier 2Aston VillaH2-38Started
73Sat Mar 15, 1975League Tier 2SunderlandA0-08Started
74Sat Mar 22, 1975League Tier 2Manchester UnitedH0-18Started
75Tue Mar 25, 1975League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-28Started
76Sat Mar 29, 1975League Tier 2BlackpoolA0-06Started
77Tue Apr 01, 1975League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-06Started
78Sat Apr 05, 1975League Tier 2Bristol RoversA2-48Started
79Sat Apr 12, 1975League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-06Started
Mon Apr 14, 1975FriendlyWorksop TownA2-16Started
80Sat Apr 19, 1975League Tier 2Norwich CityA0-36Started
Mon Apr 21, 1975FriendlyGrantham TownA2-16Started
81Sat Apr 26, 1975League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH2-112
Sat Aug 09, 1975Pre-Season FriendlyBallymenaA3-110Started
Mon Aug 11, 1975Pre-Season FriendlyColeraineA3-210Started
82Sat Aug 16, 1975League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH2-010Started
83Tue Aug 19, 1975League CupRotherham UnitedA2-17Started
84Sat Aug 23, 1975League Tier 2PortsmouthA1-17Started
85Wed Aug 27, 1975League CupRotherham UnitedH5-17Started
86Sat Aug 30, 1975League Tier 2Notts CountyH0-110Started
87Sat Sep 06, 1975League Tier 2ChelseaA0-06Started
88Wed Sep 10, 1975League CupPlymouth ArgyleH1-011Started
89Sat Sep 13, 1975League Tier 2Hull CityH1-210Startedgoal
90Sat Sep 20, 1975League Tier 2Oxford UnitedA1-010Started
91Wed Sep 24, 1975League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-211Startedgoal
92Sat Sep 27, 1975League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH1-211Started
93Sat Oct 04, 1975League Tier 2Bristol RoversA2-410Startedgoal
94Wed Oct 08, 1975League CupManchester CityA1-211Started
95Tue Oct 21, 1975League Tier 2Luton TownH0-011Started
96Sat Nov 01, 1975League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH4-012
97Tue Nov 04, 1975League Tier 2BlackpoolA1-17Started
98Sat Nov 08, 1975League Tier 2SunderlandA0-38Started
99Sat Nov 15, 1975League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-08Started
Mon Nov 17, 1975FriendlyHartlepool UnitedA0-07Started
100Sat Nov 22, 1975League Tier 2SouthamptonA3-08Started
101Sat Nov 29, 1975League Tier 2York CityH1-08Started
102Sat Dec 06, 1975League Tier 2Leyton OrientA1-16Started
Tue Dec 09, 1975FriendlyQatar XIA1-16Started
103Sat Dec 13, 1975League Tier 2PortsmouthH0-16Started
104Sat Dec 20, 1975League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleA0-112
105Fri Dec 26, 1975League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionH0-211Started
106Sat Dec 27, 1975League Tier 2Blackburn RoversA4-16Startedgoal
107Thu Jan 01, 1976FA CupPeterborough UnitedH0-011Started
108Wed Jan 07, 1976FA CupPeterborough UnitedA0-112
109Sat Jan 10, 1976League Tier 2Hull CityA0-18Started
110Sat Jan 17, 1976League Tier 2ChelseaH1-311Started
Fri Jan 23, 1976County CupMansfield TownH2-111Started
111Sat Jan 31, 1976League Tier 2Luton TownA1-111Started
Mon Feb 02, 1976FriendlyCorby TownA2-111Started
112Sat Feb 07, 1976League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-011Started
113Sat Feb 21, 1976League Tier 2Bristol CityA2-011Started
114Tue Feb 24, 1976League Tier 2Charlton AthleticA2-211Started
115Sat Feb 28, 1976League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH4-311Started
116Sat Mar 06, 1976League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedA1-111Started
117Sat Mar 13, 1976League Tier 2FulhamH1-011Started
118Wed Mar 17, 1976League Tier 2SunderlandH2-111Started
119Sat Mar 20, 1976League Tier 2York CityA2-311Started
120Sat Mar 27, 1976League Tier 2Leyton OrientH1-011Started
121Sat Apr 03, 1976League Tier 2Bolton WanderersA0-011Started
Tue Apr 06, 1976FriendlyLouth UnitedA6-111Started
122Sat Apr 10, 1976League Tier 2Oxford UnitedH4-011Startedgoal
123Tue Apr 13, 1976League Tier 2Notts CountyA0-011Started
124Sat Apr 17, 1976League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionA0-211Started
125Tue Apr 20, 1976League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH1-011Started
126Sat Apr 24, 1976League Tier 2Bristol RoversH3-011Started
Mon Apr 26, 1976TestimonialDon Revie's All-StarsH3-211Started
Fri Apr 30, 1976FriendlyCD SeverenceA10-111Started
Tue Jul 27, 1976Pre-Season FriendlySV FurthA2-311Started (45)
Wed Jul 28, 1976Pre-Season FriendlyJahn RegensburgA5-011Started
Fri Jul 30, 1976Pre-Season FriendlyAugsburgA1-011Started
Sun Aug 01, 1976Pre-Season FriendlySC FurstenfeldbruckA4-27Started
Tue Aug 03, 1976Pre-Season FriendlyHSB HeidenheimA3-112
127Sat Aug 07, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupNotts CountyH0-011Started
128Wed Aug 11, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupWest Bromwich AlbionH3-211Started
129Sat Aug 14, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupBristol CityH4-211Started
130Sat Aug 21, 1976League Tier 2FulhamA2-211Started
131Wed Aug 25, 1976League Tier 2Charlton AthleticH1-111Started
132Sat Aug 28, 1976League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-311Started
133Tue Aug 31, 1976League CupWalsallA4-211Started
134Sat Sep 04, 1976League Tier 2Luton TownA1-111Started
135Sat Sep 11, 1976League Tier 2Hereford UnitedH4-311Startedgoal
136Tue Sep 14, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupKilmarnockH2-111Startedgoal
137Sat Sep 18, 1976League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-111Started
138Tue Sep 21, 1976League CupCoventry CityH0-311Started
139Sat Sep 25, 1976League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedH5-111Started
140Tue Sep 28, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupKilmarnockA2-211Started
141Sat Oct 02, 1976League Tier 2Hull CityA0-111Started
142Sat Oct 09, 1976League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedH6-111Started
Wed Oct 13, 1976FriendlyGrantham TownA3-011Started
143Sat Oct 16, 1976League Tier 2BlackpoolA0-111Started
144Wed Oct 20, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupAyr UnitedH2-111Started
145Sat Oct 23, 1976League Tier 2BurnleyH5-211Startedgoal
146Sat Oct 30, 1976League Tier 2Oldham AthleticA0-111Started
147Wed Nov 03, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupAyr UnitedA2-011Started
148Sat Nov 06, 1976League Tier 2Blackburn RoversH3-011Started
149Sat Nov 13, 1976League Tier 2Leyton OrientA1-011Started
150Sat Nov 20, 1976League Tier 2ChelseaH1-111Started
151Sat Nov 27, 1976League Tier 2Cardiff CityA3-011Started
152Sat Dec 04, 1976League Tier 2Bristol RoversH4-211Startedgoalgoal
153Sat Dec 11, 1976League Tier 2MillwallA2-011Started
154Mon Dec 13, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupLeyton OrientA1-111Startedgoal
155Wed Dec 15, 1976Anglo-Scottish CupLeyton OrientH4-011Started
156Mon Dec 27, 1976League Tier 2Bolton WanderersA1-111Started
157Sat Jan 01, 1977League Tier 2Blackburn RoversA3-111Started
158Sat Jan 08, 1977FA CupBristol RoversH1-111Startedgoal
159Tue Jan 11, 1977FA CupBristol RoversA1-111Started
160Fri Jan 14, 1977League Tier 2Charlton AthleticA1-211Started
161Tue Jan 18, 1977FA CupBristol RoversN6-011Started
162Sat Jan 22, 1977League Tier 2FulhamH3-011Started
163Sat Jan 29, 1977FA CupSouthamptonH3-311Startedgoalgoal
164Tue Feb 01, 1977FA CupSouthamptonA1-211Started
165Sat Feb 05, 1977League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersA1-211Started
166Sat Feb 12, 1977League Tier 2Luton TownH1-211Started
167Wed Feb 16, 1977League Tier 2SouthamptonH0-111Started
168Wed Mar 02, 1977League Tier 2Hereford UnitedA1-011Started
169Sat Mar 05, 1977League Tier 2Carlisle UnitedA1-111Startedgoal
170Tue Mar 08, 1977League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-211Started
171Sat Mar 12, 1977League Tier 2Hull CityH2-011Started
Wed Mar 16, 1977FriendlyGrantham TownA2-013 (45)
172Sat Mar 19, 1977League Tier 2Sheffield UnitedA0-211Started
173Tue Mar 22, 1977League Tier 2SouthamptonH2-111Started
174Sat Mar 26, 1977League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-011Started
175Tue Mar 29, 1977League Tier 2Leyton OrientH3-011Started
176Sat Apr 02, 1977League Tier 2BurnleyA1-011Started
177Wed Apr 06, 1977League Tier 2Bolton WanderersH3-111Started
178Sat Apr 09, 1977League Tier 2Notts CountyA1-111Started
179Sat Apr 16, 1977League Tier 2ChelseaA1-211Started
180Sat Apr 23, 1977League Tier 2Cardiff CityH0-111Started
181Wed Apr 27, 1977League Tier 2Oldham AthleticH3-011Started
182Sat Apr 30, 1977League Tier 2Bristol RoversA1-111Startedgoal
183Mon May 02, 1977League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleA2-111Started
184Sat May 07, 1977League Tier 2MillwallH1-011Started
Mon May 09, 1977TestimonialDerby CountyA0-111Started (45)
Tue May 10, 1977County CupMansfield TownA2-111Started
Mon Aug 01, 1977Pre-Season FriendlySt GallenA3-211Started
Wed Aug 03, 1977Pre-Season FriendlyWacker InnsbruckA2-111Startedgoal
Sat Aug 06, 1977Pre-Season FriendlyNeuburgA5-111Started
Tue Aug 09, 1977Pre-Season FriendlySW BregenzA3-111Started
Sat Aug 13, 1977Pre-Season FriendlySkegness TownA4-011Startedgoal
Mon Aug 15, 1977County CupNotts CountyH1-111Started
185Sat Aug 20, 1977League Tier 1EvertonA3-111Startedgoal
186Tue Aug 23, 1977League Tier 1Bristol CityH1-011Started
187Sat Aug 27, 1977League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-011Startedgoal
188Tue Aug 30, 1977League CupWest Ham UnitedH5-011Started
189Sat Sep 03, 1977League Tier 1ArsenalA0-311Started
190Sat Sep 10, 1977League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA3-211Started
Mon Sep 12, 1977TestimonialLeicester CityH0-011Started
191Sat Sep 17, 1977League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-011Startedgoal
192Sat Sep 24, 1977League Tier 1Leicester CityA3-011Startedgoal
193Sat Oct 01, 1977League Tier 1Norwich CityH1-111Started
194Tue Oct 04, 1977League Tier 1Ipswich TownH4-011Started
195Sat Oct 08, 1977League Tier 1West Ham UnitedA0-011Started
196Sat Oct 15, 1977League Tier 1Manchester CityH2-111Started
Mon Oct 17, 1977TestimonialSheffield UnitedA6-111Startedgoal
197Sat Oct 22, 1977League Tier 1Queens Park RangersA2-011Started
198Tue Oct 25, 1977League CupNotts CountyH4-011Startedgoal
199Sat Oct 29, 1977League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH4-011Started
200Sat Nov 05, 1977League Tier 1ChelseaA0-111Started
201Sat Nov 12, 1977League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-111Started
Mon Nov 14, 1977TestimonialHartlepool UnitedA2-211Started
202Sat Nov 19, 1977League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-111Started
Tue Nov 22, 1977FriendlyMaccabi Tel AvivA6-111Started
203Sat Nov 26, 1977League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-011Started
204Tue Nov 29, 1977League CupAston VillaH4-211Started
205Sat Dec 03, 1977League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-011Started
206Sat Dec 10, 1977League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-111Started
207Sat Dec 17, 1977League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA4-011Startedgoal
208Mon Dec 26, 1977League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-111Started
209Wed Dec 28, 1977League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedA2-011Started
210Sat Dec 31, 1977League Tier 1Bristol CityA3-111Started
211Mon Jan 02, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH1-111Startedgoal
212Sat Jan 07, 1978FA CupSwindon TownH4-111Startedgoal
213Sat Jan 14, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-011Started
214Tue Jan 17, 1978League CupBuryA3-011Startedgoal
215Sat Jan 21, 1978League Tier 1ArsenalH2-011Started
216Tue Jan 31, 1978FA CupManchester CityH2-111Startedgoal
217Sat Feb 04, 1978League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH2-011Started
218Wed Feb 08, 1978League CupLeeds UnitedA3-111Started
219Sat Feb 18, 1978FA CupQueens Park RangersA1-111Started
220Wed Feb 22, 1978League CupLeeds UnitedH4-211Started
221Sat Feb 25, 1978League Tier 1Norwich CityA3-311Started
222Mon Feb 27, 1978FA CupQueens Park RangersH1-111Startedgoal
223Thu Mar 02, 1978FA CupQueens Park RangersH3-111Started
224Sat Mar 04, 1978League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH2-011Startedgoal
225Sat Mar 11, 1978FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionA0-211Started
226Tue Mar 14, 1978League Tier 1Leicester CityH1-011Startedgoal
227Sat Mar 18, 1978League CupLiverpoolN0-011Started
228Wed Mar 22, 1978League CupLiverpoolN1-011Startedgoal
229Sat Mar 25, 1978League Tier 1Newcastle UnitedH2-011Startedgoal
230Wed Mar 29, 1978League Tier 1MiddlesbroughA2-211Started
231Sat Apr 01, 1978League Tier 1ChelseaH3-111Startedgoal
Mon Apr 03, 1978TestimonialDerby CountyA2-111Started (45)
232Wed Apr 05, 1978League Tier 1Aston VillaA1-011Started
233Tue Apr 11, 1978League Tier 1Manchester CityA0-011Started
Wed Apr 12, 1978TestimonialNotts CountyA1-111Started
234Sat Apr 15, 1978League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH1-111Started
235Tue Apr 18, 1978League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH1-011Startedgoal
236Sat Apr 22, 1978League Tier 1Coventry CityA0-011Started
237Tue Apr 25, 1978League Tier 1Ipswich TownA2-011Started
238Sat Apr 29, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH0-011Started
Mon May 01, 1978TestimonialDerby CountyH2-111Started
239Tue May 02, 1978League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA2-211Startedgoal
240Thu May 04, 1978League Tier 1LiverpoolA0-011Started
Tue Jul 25, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyRed Star BelgradeA2-311Started
Thu Jul 27, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyDynamo ZagrebA1-111Started
Sun Jul 30, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyNK OsijekA1-111Started
Wed Aug 02, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyAEK AthensA1-111Started
241Sat Aug 12, 1978Charity ShieldIpswich TownN5-011Startedgoal
Mon Aug 14, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyCelta VigoA1-111Started
Wed Aug 16, 1978Pre-Season FriendlyFC PortoA0-112 (46)
242Sat Aug 19, 1978League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-111Started
243Tue Aug 22, 1978League Tier 1Coventry CityA0-011Started
244Sat Aug 26, 1978League Tier 1Queens Park RangersA0-011Started
245Tue Aug 29, 1978League CupOldham AthleticA0-011Started
246Sat Sep 02, 1978League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-011Started
Mon Sep 04, 1978TestimonialMansfield TownA6-111Started
247Wed Sep 06, 1978League CupOldham AthleticH4-211Startedgoal
248Sat Sep 09, 1978League Tier 1ArsenalH2-111Startedgoal
249Wed Sep 13, 1978European CupLiverpoolH2-011Started
250Sat Sep 16, 1978League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA1-111Started
Tue Sep 19, 1978County CupMansfield TownH4-111Startedgoal
251Sat Sep 23, 1978League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-211Started
252Wed Sep 27, 1978European CupLiverpoolA0-011Started
253Sat Sep 30, 1978League Tier 1Aston VillaA2-111Startedgoal
254Wed Oct 04, 1978League CupOxford UnitedA5-011Startedgoal
255Sat Oct 07, 1978League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-111Started
256Sat Oct 14, 1978League Tier 1Bristol CityA3-111Startedgoalgoal
257Wed Oct 18, 1978European CupAEK AthensA2-111Started
258Sat Oct 21, 1978League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-011Started
259Sat Oct 28, 1978League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-011Started
260Wed Nov 01, 1978European CupAEK AthensH5-111Started
261Sat Nov 04, 1978League Tier 1EvertonH0-011Started
262Tue Nov 07, 1978League CupEvertonA3-211Started
263Sat Nov 11, 1978League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA3-111Startedgoal
264Sat Nov 18, 1978League Tier 1Queens Park RangersH0-011Started
265Sat Nov 25, 1978League Tier 1Bolton WanderersA1-011Startedgoal
Tue Dec 05, 1978FriendlyDynamo ZagrebA2-011Started
266Sat Dec 09, 1978League Tier 1LiverpoolA0-211Started
267Wed Dec 13, 1978League CupBrighton and Hove AlbionH3-111Startedgoal
268Sat Dec 16, 1978League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-011Started
269Sat Dec 23, 1978League Tier 1Manchester CityA0-011Started
270Tue Dec 26, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-111Started
271Wed Jan 10, 1979FA CupAston VillaH2-011Started
272Sat Jan 13, 1979League Tier 1ArsenalA1-211Startedgoal
273Wed Jan 17, 1979League CupWatfordH3-111Startedgoal
274Sat Jan 27, 1979FA CupYork CityH3-111Started
275Tue Jan 30, 1979League CupWatfordA0-011Started
276Sat Feb 03, 1979League Tier 1MiddlesbroughA3-111Startedgoal
Mon Feb 19, 1979TestimonialExeter CityA5-011Started
Wed Feb 21, 1979TestimonialWest Bromwich AlbionA0-011Started
277Sat Feb 24, 1979League Tier 1Bristol CityH2-011Started
278Mon Feb 26, 1979FA CupArsenalH0-111Started
279Sat Mar 03, 1979League Tier 1Ipswich TownA1-111Started
280Wed Mar 07, 1979European CupGrasshoppers ZurichH4-111Startedgoal
281Sat Mar 10, 1979League Tier 1EvertonA1-111Started
282Wed Mar 14, 1979League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-111Started
283Sat Mar 17, 1979League CupSouthamptonN3-211Started
284Wed Mar 21, 1979European CupGrasshoppers ZurichA1-111Started
285Sat Mar 24, 1979League Tier 1Coventry CityH3-011Started
286Wed Mar 28, 1979League Tier 1ChelseaH6-011Started
287Sat Mar 31, 1979League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH1-111Started
288Wed Apr 04, 1979League Tier 1Aston VillaH4-011Started
289Sat Apr 07, 1979League Tier 1ChelseaA3-111Started
290Wed Apr 11, 1979European CupCologneH3-311Startedgoal
291Sat Apr 14, 1979League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-111Started
292Mon Apr 16, 1979League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-011Started
293Wed Apr 18, 1979League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-111Started
294Sat Apr 21, 1979League Tier 1Birmingham CityA2-011Startedgoal
295Wed Apr 25, 1979European CupCologneA1-011Started
296Sat Apr 28, 1979League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-011Started
297Mon Apr 30, 1979League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA0-111Started
298Wed May 02, 1979League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-011Started
299Sat May 05, 1979League Tier 1Norwich CityA1-111Started
300Wed May 09, 1979League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-111Started
Fri May 11, 1979TestimonialSouthamptonA4-111Started
301Tue May 15, 1979League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-111Started
302Fri May 18, 1979League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA1-011Started
Wed May 23, 1979County CupMansfield TownH3-111Startedgoal
303Wed May 30, 1979European CupMalmo FFN1-011Started
Mon Jul 30, 1979Pre-Season FriendlyHolsterbro BKA5-111Startedgoal
Wed Aug 01, 1979Pre-Season FriendlyBayern MunichA0-511Started
Thu Aug 09, 1979Pre-Season FriendlyBotafogoN2-111Started
Fri Aug 10, 1979Pre-Season FriendlyDynamo BucharestN2-111Startedgoalgoal
Tue Aug 14, 1979Pre-Season FriendlyMontpelierA1-111Startedgoal
304Sat Aug 18, 1979League Tier 1Ipswich TownA1-011Started
305Wed Aug 22, 1979League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-011Started
306Sat Aug 25, 1979League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-111Startedgoal
307Wed Aug 29, 1979League CupBlackburn RoversA1-111Started
308Sat Sep 01, 1979League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA5-111Started
309Wed Sep 05, 1979League CupBlackburn RoversH6-111Startedgoalgoal
310Sat Sep 08, 1979League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH0-011Started
311Sat Sep 15, 1979League Tier 1Norwich CityA1-311Started
312Wed Sep 19, 1979European CupOsters VaxjoH2-011Started
313Sat Sep 22, 1979League Tier 1Bristol CityA1-111Started
314Tue Sep 25, 1979League CupMiddlesbroughA3-111Started
315Sat Sep 29, 1979League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-011Started
316Wed Oct 03, 1979European CupOsters VaxjoA1-111Started
317Sat Oct 06, 1979League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH3-211Startedgoal
318Wed Oct 10, 1979League Tier 1Stoke CityA1-111Started
319Sat Oct 13, 1979League Tier 1Manchester CityA0-111Started
320Sat Oct 20, 1979League Tier 1Bolton WanderersH5-211Startedgoal
321Wed Oct 24, 1979European CupArges PitestiH2-011Started
322Sat Oct 27, 1979League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA0-111Started
323Tue Oct 30, 1979League CupBristol CityA1-111Started
324Sat Nov 03, 1979League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-011Started
325Wed Nov 07, 1979European CupArges PitestiA2-111Started
326Sat Nov 10, 1979League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-411Started
Mon Nov 12, 1979TestimonialPlymouth ArgyleA2-111Started
327Wed Nov 14, 1979League CupBristol CityH3-011Started
328Sat Nov 17, 1979League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-111Started
329Sat Nov 24, 1979League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-411Startedgoal
Tue Nov 27, 1979FriendlyCairo XIA3-111Started
330Sat Dec 01, 1979League Tier 1ArsenalH1-111Started
331Tue Dec 04, 1979League CupWest Ham UnitedA0-011Started
332Sat Dec 08, 1979League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA0-111Started
333Wed Dec 12, 1979League CupWest Ham UnitedH3-011Started
334Sat Dec 22, 1979League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA0-311Started
335Wed Dec 26, 1979League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-111Startedgoal
336Sat Dec 29, 1979League Tier 1Coventry CityA3-011Startedgoalgoal
337Tue Jan 01, 1980League Tier 1EvertonA0-111Started
338Sat Jan 05, 1980FA CupLeeds UnitedA4-111Startedgoal
Tue Jan 08, 1980FriendlyGravesend and NorthfleetA6-111Startedgoal
339Sat Jan 12, 1980League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH3-111Started
340Sat Jan 19, 1980League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-111Started
341Tue Jan 22, 1980League CupLiverpoolH1-011Startedgoal
342Sat Jan 26, 1980FA CupLiverpoolH0-211Started
343Wed Jan 30, 1980Super CupBarcelonaH1-011Started
344Tue Feb 05, 1980Super CupBarcelonaA1-111Started
345Sat Feb 09, 1980League Tier 1Bristol CityH0-011Started
346Tue Feb 12, 1980League CupLiverpoolA1-111Startedgoal
347Sat Feb 16, 1980League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH2-211Startedgoal
348Tue Feb 19, 1980League Tier 1LiverpoolA0-211Started
349Sat Feb 23, 1980League Tier 1Manchester CityH4-011Started
350Sat Mar 01, 1980League Tier 1Bolton WanderersA0-111Started
351Wed Mar 05, 1980European CupDynamo BerlinH0-111Started
352Tue Mar 11, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH4-011Started
353Sat Mar 15, 1980League CupWolverhampton WanderersN0-111Started
354Wed Mar 19, 1980European CupDynamo BerlinA3-111Startedgoal
355Sat Mar 22, 1980League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-011Startedgoal
356Sat Mar 29, 1980League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionA0-111Started
357Wed Apr 02, 1980League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH2-011Startedgoal
358Sat Apr 05, 1980League Tier 1Aston VillaA2-311Started
359Wed Apr 09, 1980European CupAjaxH2-011Startedgoal
Fri Apr 11, 1980FriendlyEmirates SCA4-111Started
Sun Apr 13, 1980FriendlyMuharraq SCA8-211Startedgoal
Wed Apr 16, 1980TestimonialLincoln CityA1-211Started
360Sat Apr 19, 1980League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-011Started
361Wed Apr 23, 1980European CupAjaxA0-111Started
362Sat Apr 26, 1980League Tier 1MiddlesbroughA0-011Started
363Wed Apr 30, 1980League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-011Started
364Sat May 03, 1980League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH4-011Startedgoal
365Mon May 05, 1980League Tier 1ArsenalA0-011Started
Tue May 06, 1980County CupNotts CountyA2-111Startedgoal
366Fri May 09, 1980League Tier 1EvertonH1-011Started
Sat May 10, 1980FriendlyStade BrestoisA1-011Started
367Mon May 12, 1980League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA1-311Started
Fri May 16, 1980TestimonialLeicester CityH0-011Started
368Wed May 28, 1980European CupHamburg SVN1-011Startedgoal
Wed Jul 23, 1980Pre-Season FriendlyVancouver WhitecapsA1-111Started
Tue Aug 05, 1980Pre-Season FriendlyP Mulligan XIA3-211Started
Fri Aug 08, 1980Pre-Season FriendlyAlkmaar AZ67N1-211Started
Sun Aug 10, 1980Pre-Season FriendlyBayern MunichN0-311Started
Mon Aug 11, 1980Pre-Season FriendlyGrasshoppers ZurichA0-011Started
369Sat Aug 16, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA0-211Startedyellow
370Wed Aug 20, 1980League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-111Started
371Sat Aug 23, 1980League Tier 1EvertonA0-011Started
372Wed Aug 27, 1980League CupPeterborough UnitedH3-011Startedgoal
373Sat Aug 30, 1980League Tier 1Stoke CityH5-011Startedgoal
374Wed Sep 03, 1980League CupPeterborough UnitedA1-111Started
375Sat Sep 06, 1980League Tier 1MiddlesbroughA0-011Started
376Sat Sep 13, 1980League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-211Started
377Wed Sep 17, 1980European CupCSKA SofiaA0-111Startedyellow
378Sat Sep 20, 1980League Tier 1Leicester CityH5-011Startedgoal
379Tue Sep 23, 1980League CupBuryA7-011Started
380Sat Sep 27, 1980League Tier 1ArsenalA0-111Started
381Wed Oct 01, 1980European CupCSKA SofiaH0-111Started
382Sat Oct 04, 1980League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH1-211Started
383Wed Oct 08, 1980League Tier 1SunderlandA2-211Started
384Sat Oct 11, 1980League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionA1-011Started
385Sat Oct 18, 1980League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH2-111Started
386Wed Oct 22, 1980League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH2-111Started
387Sat Oct 25, 1980League Tier 1Norwich CityA1-111Startedgoal
388Tue Oct 28, 1980League CupWatfordA1-411Started
389Sat Nov 01, 1980League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-111Startedgoal
390Sat Nov 08, 1980League Tier 1LiverpoolA0-011Started
391Tue Nov 11, 1980League Tier 1Birmingham CityA0-211Started
392Sat Nov 15, 1980League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH0-311Started
393Sat Nov 22, 1980League Tier 1Ipswich TownH1-211Started
394Tue Nov 25, 1980Super CupValenciaH2-111Startedyellow
395Sat Nov 29, 1980League Tier 1Coventry CityA1-111Started
396Sat Dec 27, 1980League Tier 1Aston VillaH2-211Started
397Sat Jan 03, 1981FA CupBolton WanderersH3-311Started
398Tue Jan 06, 1981FA CupBolton WanderersA1-011Started
399Sat Jan 10, 1981League Tier 1Ipswich TownA0-211Started
Sun Jan 11, 1981FriendlyParis St GermainA0-211Started
400Sat Jan 24, 1981FA CupManchester UnitedH1-011Started
401Sat Jan 31, 1981League Tier 1EvertonH1-011Started
Wed Feb 04, 1981FriendlyRed Star BelgradeH1-311Started
402Sat Feb 07, 1981League Tier 1Manchester CityA1-111Started
403Wed Feb 11, 1981Intercontinental CupNacional MontevideoN0-111Started
404Sat Feb 14, 1981FA CupBristol CityH2-111Startedgoal
405Wed Feb 18, 1981League Tier 1Stoke CityA2-111Started
406Sat Feb 21, 1981League Tier 1ArsenalH3-111Started
407Sat Feb 28, 1981League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-111Started
408Tue Mar 03, 1981League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-011Started
409Sat Mar 07, 1981FA CupIpswich TownH3-311Startedgoal
410Tue Mar 10, 1981FA CupIpswich TownA0-111Started
411Sat Mar 14, 1981League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH4-111Startedgoal
412Wed Mar 18, 1981League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA1-111Started
413Sat Mar 21, 1981League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA1-211Started
414Sat Mar 28, 1981League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-111Started
415Sat Apr 04, 1981League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-211Started
Tue Apr 07, 1981FriendlyKettering TownA5-211Startedgoalgoal
416Sat Apr 11, 1981League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-011Started
Tue Apr 14, 1981FriendlyCardiff CityA2-111Startedgoalgoal
417Sat Apr 18, 1981League Tier 1Aston VillaA0-211Started
418Mon Apr 20, 1981League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH1-011Started
419Sat Apr 25, 1981League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA3-111Started
420Sat May 02, 1981League Tier 1Coventry CityH1-111Startedgoal
Mon May 04, 1981County CupMansfield TownH2-111Started
Thu May 07, 1981TestimonialNotts CountyH3-111Started
Sun May 10, 1981FriendlyReal MadridA0-211Started
Tue Aug 11, 1981Pre-Season FriendlyLinfield AthleticA5-111Startedgoal
Thu Aug 20, 1981Pre-Season FriendlyOsasunaA2-111Started
Fri Aug 21, 1981Pre-Season FriendlyReal ZaragozaA1-111Started
Tue Aug 25, 1981Pre-Season FriendlyNapoliA0-011Started
421Sat Aug 29, 1981League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-111Started
422Mon Aug 31, 1981League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA0-011Started
423Sat Sep 05, 1981League Tier 1Birmingham CityA3-411Started
424Sat Sep 12, 1981League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionH0-011Started
425Wed Sep 23, 1981League Tier 1SunderlandH2-011Started
426Sat Sep 26, 1981League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH2-111Started
427Sat Oct 03, 1981League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA0-311Started
428Tue Oct 06, 1981League CupBirmingham CityA3-211Started
429Sat Oct 10, 1981League Tier 1MiddlesbroughA1-111Started
430Sat Oct 17, 1981League Tier 1Coventry CityH2-111Started
431Sat Oct 24, 1981League Tier 1Manchester CityA0-011Started
432Wed Oct 28, 1981League CupBirmingham CityH2-111Startedgoal
433Sat Oct 31, 1981League Tier 1Leeds UnitedH2-111Startedgoal
434Sat Nov 07, 1981League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH0-011Started
435Wed Nov 11, 1981League CupBlackburn RoversA1-011Started
436Sat Nov 21, 1981League Tier 1ArsenalH1-211Started
437Wed Nov 25, 1981League Tier 1SunderlandA3-211Started
438Sat Nov 28, 1981League Tier 1Aston VillaA1-311Started
439Wed Dec 02, 1981League CupTranmere RoversH2-011Started
440Sat Dec 05, 1981League Tier 1LiverpoolH0-211Started
441Sat Dec 12, 1981League Tier 1Swansea CityA2-111Startedgoal
Tue Dec 29, 1981FriendlyRotherham UnitedN0-211Started
442Sat Jan 02, 1982FA CupWrexhamH1-311Started
Mon Jan 04, 1982FriendlyLuton TownH5-111Started
443Sat Jan 09, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH2-111Started
Fri Jan 15, 1982FriendlyTorquay UnitedA1-211Started
444Mon Jan 18, 1982League CupTottenham HotspurA0-111Started
445Sat Jan 23, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-211Started
Tue Jan 26, 1982FriendlyScunthorpe UnitedA2-111Started
446Sat Jan 30, 1982League Tier 1Stoke CityH0-011Started
447Sat Feb 06, 1982League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA1-211Started
448Sat Feb 13, 1982League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-211Started
449Tue Feb 16, 1982League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersA0-011Started
450Sat Feb 20, 1982League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionA1-011Started
451Sat Mar 27, 1982League Tier 1West Ham UnitedA1-011Started
452Sat Apr 03, 1982League Tier 1EvertonH0-111Started
453Sat Apr 10, 1982League Tier 1Wolverhampton WanderersH0-111Started
454Mon Apr 12, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-111Started
455Sat Apr 17, 1982League Tier 1ArsenalA0-211Started
456Tue Apr 20, 1982League Tier 1EvertonA1-211Started
457Sat Apr 24, 1982League Tier 1Aston VillaH1-111Started
458Sat May 01, 1982League Tier 1LiverpoolA0-211Started
459Wed May 05, 1982League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-111Started
460Sat May 08, 1982League Tier 1Swansea CityH0-211Started
461Wed May 12, 1982League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-011Started
462Sat May 15, 1982League Tier 1Ipswich TownA3-111Started
Tue May 18, 1982County CupNotts CountyH7-111Startedgoal
Wed May 19, 1982TestimonialBurton AlbionA7-111Started
Sat Jul 31, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyMalaysia SelectA3-111Started
Sat Aug 07, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyAthletico BilbaoA1-311Startedred
Sun Aug 08, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyVojvodina Novi SadA1-212
Fri Aug 13, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyDukla PragueA2-111Startedgoal
Sat Aug 14, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyNuremburgA4-211Startedgoal
Sat Aug 21, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyAthletico BilbaoA3-17Started
Sun Aug 22, 1982Pre-Season FriendlyRecreativo de HuelvaA1-07Started
463Sat Aug 28, 1982League Tier 1West Ham UnitedA2-111Startedgoal
464Wed Sep 01, 1982League Tier 1Manchester UnitedH0-311Started
465Sat Sep 04, 1982League Tier 1Brighton and Hove AlbionH4-011Startedgoal
466Tue Sep 07, 1982League Tier 1LiverpoolA3-411Started
467Sat Sep 11, 1982League Tier 1Aston VillaA1-411Startedgoal
468Sat Oct 02, 1982League Tier 1Stoke CityH1-011Started
469Wed Oct 06, 1982League CupWest Bromwich AlbionH6-111Startedgoalgoal
470Sat Oct 09, 1982League Tier 1West Bromwich AlbionA1-211Started
471Sat Oct 16, 1982League Tier 1Birmingham CityH1-111Started
Wed Oct 20, 1982TestimonialLeicester CityA2-111Startedgoal
472Sat Oct 23, 1982League Tier 1ArsenalH3-011Started
473Tue Oct 26, 1982League CupWest Bromwich AlbionA1-311Started
474Sat Oct 30, 1982League Tier 1Luton TownA2-011Started
Mon Nov 01, 1982FriendlyAl-QadsiyaA1-111Started
Wed Nov 03, 1982FriendlyAl-HilalA8-112
475Sat Nov 06, 1982League Tier 1Ipswich TownH2-111Startedgoal
476Wed Nov 10, 1982League CupWatfordH7-311Started
477Sat Nov 13, 1982League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-111Started
478Sat Nov 20, 1982League Tier 1SunderlandA1-011Started
479Sat Nov 27, 1982League Tier 1Manchester CityH3-011Started
480Wed Dec 01, 1982League CupBrentfordH2-011Startedgoal
481Sat Dec 04, 1982League Tier 1Notts CountyA2-311Started
Mon Dec 06, 1982FriendlyStamfordA8-211Started
482Sat Dec 11, 1982League Tier 1Swansea CityH2-111Started
483Sat Dec 18, 1982League Tier 1Norwich CityA1-011Started
484Mon Dec 27, 1982League Tier 1Coventry CityH4-211Startedgoal
485Tue Dec 28, 1982League Tier 1EvertonA1-311Startedyellow
486Sat Jan 01, 1983League Tier 1SunderlandH0-011Started
487Sat Jan 08, 1983FA CupDerby CountyA0-211Started
488Sat Jan 15, 1983League Tier 1West Ham UnitedH1-011Started
489Wed Jan 19, 1983League CupManchester UnitedA0-411Started
490Sat Jan 22, 1983League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA0-27Started
491Wed Mar 16, 1983League Tier 1Stoke CityA0-112
492Sat Mar 19, 1983League Tier 1Ipswich TownA0-211Started
493Sat Mar 26, 1983League Tier 1SouthamptonH1-211Started
494Sat Apr 02, 1983League Tier 1EvertonH2-011Started
495Tue Apr 05, 1983League Tier 1Coventry CityA2-111Startedgoal
496Sat Apr 09, 1983League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH2-211Started
497Sat Apr 16, 1983League Tier 1WatfordA3-111Started
Tue Apr 19, 1983FriendlyGrimsby TownA0-011Started
498Sat Apr 23, 1983League Tier 1Notts CountyH2-111Started
Sun Apr 24, 1983FriendlyDarlingtonA2-111Started
Mon Apr 25, 1983TestimonialGatesheadA3-111Started
499Sat Apr 30, 1983League Tier 1Manchester CityA2-111Started
500Mon May 02, 1983League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-011Started
501Sat May 07, 1983League Tier 1Norwich CityH2-211Started
Tue May 10, 1983FriendlyKettering TownA5-111Started
502Sat May 14, 1983League Tier 1Swansea CityA3-011Started
Wed May 18, 1983County CupNotts CountyH4-311Startedgoal
Sat Aug 03, 1985Pre-Season FriendlyBournemouthA3-310Started
Wed Aug 07, 1985Pre-Season FriendlyPortsmouthA3-111Started
Fri Aug 09, 1985Pre-Season FriendlyBrighton and Hove AlbionA2-511Started
Mon Aug 12, 1985Pre-Season FriendlyBarnsleyA2-111Started
503Sat Aug 17, 1985League Tier 1Luton TownA1-111Started
504Wed Aug 21, 1985League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH0-111Started
505Sat Aug 24, 1985League Tier 1SouthamptonH2-111Started
506Tue Aug 27, 1985League Tier 1Queens Park RangersA1-211Started
507Sat Oct 05, 1985League Tier 1Ipswich TownH3-111Started
Mon Oct 14, 1985FriendlyBristol RoversA1-112
Tue Oct 22, 1985FriendlyBorrowash VictoriaA3-111Started
508Sat Dec 14, 1985League Tier 1Luton TownH2-011Started
509Fri Dec 20, 1985League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-311Started
510Thu Dec 26, 1985League Tier 1Birmingham CityA1-011Started
511Sat Dec 28, 1985League Tier 1LiverpoolH1-111Started
512Wed Jan 01, 1986League Tier 1Coventry CityH5-211Started
513Sat Jan 04, 1986FA CupBlackburn RoversH1-111Started
514Sat Jan 11, 1986League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA3-012 (79)
Mon Jan 13, 1986FA CupBlackburn RoversA2-312
Wed Jan 15, 1986FriendlyPSV EindhovenH0-47Started (45)
Fri Jan 24, 1986FriendlyNewcastle UnitedN3-112