Leeds City, Leeds United

Record at Elland Road
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Nov 29, 1924Apr 03, 19992464142441
League Tier 2Jan 26, 1907Aug 10, 201927511112846
League Tier 3Feb 12, 2008Feb 12, 20081111
FA CupFeb 17, 1968Jan 05, 198021153
League CupFeb 08, 1978Feb 08, 19781131
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members CupOct 22, 1991Oct 22, 19911131
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
Total (Comp)Jan 26, 1907Aug 10, 2019561416266493
WWI Initial TournamentJan 08, 1916Feb 15, 191941356
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 01, 1992Aug 02, 19922203
Total (Non-Comp)Jan 08, 1916Aug 02, 199261559
TOTALJan 26, 1907Aug 10, 20196215163169102

All Games at Elland Road
# Date Season Game Opponent H/A Score Result Notes
56Aug 10, 20192019-20League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1DrawLive on Sky
55Oct 27, 20182018-19League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1DrawLive on Sky
54Jan 01, 20182017-18League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-0DrawLive on Sky
53Jan 25, 20172016-17League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-2Loss
52Feb 06, 20162015-16League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-0Win
51Mar 14, 20152014-15League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-0Draw
50Apr 21, 20142013-14League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA2-0Win
49Sep 22, 20122012-13League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-2Loss
48Mar 20, 20122011-12League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA7-3Win
47Apr 02, 20112010-11League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-4Loss
46Feb 12, 20082007-08League Tier 3Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
45Aug 21, 20042004-05League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
44Apr 03, 19991998-99League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-3Loss
43Oct 12, 19961996-97League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-2Loss
42Apr 08, 19961995-96League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA3-1Win
41Nov 26, 19941994-95League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
40Dec 05, 19921992-93League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA4-1Win
Aug 02, 19921992-93Pre-Season FriendlyStuttgartN0-1LossMakita Tournament
Aug 01, 19921992-93Pre-Season FriendlySampdoriaN0-2LossMakita Tournament
39Oct 22, 19911991-92Full Members CupLeeds UnitedA3-1Win
38Aug 20, 19911991-92League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
37Nov 03, 19901990-91League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-3Loss
36Mar 20, 19821981-82League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
35Dec 13, 19801980-81League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
34Jan 19, 19801979-80League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-1Win
33Jan 05, 19801979-80FA CupLeeds UnitedA4-1Win
32May 15, 19791978-79League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-1Win
31Feb 08, 19781977-78League CupLeeds UnitedA3-1Win
30Nov 19, 19771977-78League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1LossLast loss before the 42-game unbeaten streak
29Mar 27, 19721971-72League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-6Loss
28May 01, 19711970-71League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-2Loss
27Oct 29, 19691969-70League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-6Loss
26Apr 30, 19691968-69League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
25Mar 13, 19681967-68League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
24Feb 17, 19681967-68FA CupLeeds UnitedA1-2Loss
23Sep 10, 19661966-67League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
22Sep 04, 19651965-66League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-2Loss
21Sep 26, 19641964-65League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-1Win
20Apr 30, 19601959-60League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
19Dec 13, 19581958-59League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
18Sep 14, 19571957-58League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA2-1Win
17Oct 08, 19551955-56League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-3Loss
16Sep 18, 19541954-55League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
15Dec 26, 19531953-54League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA2-0Win
14Apr 22, 19531952-53League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-2Loss
Nov 15, 19521952-53FriendlyLeeds UnitedA0-0AbaAbandoned due to bad light
13Apr 14, 19521951-52League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-0Draw
12Apr 02, 19491948-49League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-1Loss
11Mar 06, 19481947-48League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA2-2Draw
10Apr 16, 19321931-32League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
9Sep 10, 19271927-28League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-4Loss
8Nov 29, 19241924-25League Tier 1Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
7May 06, 19221921-22League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA0-0Draw
6Apr 23, 19211920-21League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw
Feb 15, 19191918-19WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityA4-0Win
Feb 02, 19181917-18WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityA0-2Loss
Nov 11, 19161916-17WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityA1-3Loss
Jan 08, 19161915-16WWI Initial TournamentLeeds CityA0-1Loss
5Apr 10, 19151914-15League Tier 2Leeds CityA0-4Loss
4Nov 29, 19131913-14League Tier 2Leeds CityA0-8Loss
3Apr 05, 19131912-13League Tier 2Leeds CityA0-1Loss
2Dec 30, 19111911-12League Tier 2Leeds CityA1-3Loss
1Jan 26, 19071906-07League Tier 2Leeds CityA4-1Win