Full Name:
Samuel Weller Widdowson


STATS (Competitive games only)
Nov 16, 1878

Last Game:
Jan 07, 1888

24 (Rank: #488)

19 (Rank: #125)

Yellow Cards:

Red Cards:

Apr 16, 1851

Hucknall, Nottingham


May 09, 1927



Intnl. Country:

Forest Caps:
1 (rank: #231)

Forest Goals:

Total Caps:

Total Goals:



Season Stats (competitive games only)
Season Squad Num Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Yellows Reds Went Off Came On Unused Sub Notes

Transfer Details:
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Record for Sam Widdowson
Game First Game Last Game P W D L Goals Yellow Red Started Came On Went Off Unused Sub
League Tier 1
League Tier 2
League Tier 3
FA CupNov 16, 1878Jan 07, 1888241338190024000
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalNov 16, 1878Jan 07, 1888241338190024000
Wednesbury CupApr 02, 1881May 17, 188442113004000
Notts Association CupApr 05, 1884Apr 16, 188766003006000
Birmingham CupOct 29, 1887Oct 29, 188710010001000
FriendlyDec 26, 1868Mar 26, 18871567830467700156005
AbandonedMar 04, 1871Mar 04, 187110000001000
TotalDec 26, 1868Oct 29, 18871678631488300167005
TOTAL OVERALLDec 26, 1868Jan 07, 188819199345610200191005

All Games for Sam Widdowson
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Started Came On Went Off Unused sub Goals scored Yellow Red
Sat Dec 26, 1868FriendlySheffield NorfolkH0-0LossForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Feb 06, 1869FriendlyNottingham Manufacturing CompanyH0-0LossMeadows Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Mar 13, 1869FriendlySawleyH2-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 06, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0DrawStarted
Sat Nov 13, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0LossForest Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Dec 18, 1869FriendlySawleyA1-1DrawStarted
Tue Dec 21, 1869FriendlyNottingham Manufacturing CompanyA0-0WinStarted
Sat Jan 15, 1870FriendlySheffield NorfolkH0-3LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 05, 1870FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIA0-3LossBorrowashStarted
Sat Mar 05, 1870FriendlyDerby GrammarH5-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Mar 12, 1870FriendlySheffield NorfolkA1-3LossQueens Hotel GroundStarted
Sat Mar 26, 1870FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIH0-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 05, 1870FriendlyNottingham Manufacturing CompanyH0-2LossForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 19, 1870FriendlyOckbrookA2-2DrawStarted
Sat Nov 26, 1870FriendlyDerby GrammarA0-0Win
Sat Dec 03, 1870FriendlySt Andrews School (Derby)H2-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 17, 1870FriendlyDerby GrammarH2-0WinForest Cricket Ground
Sat Feb 11, 1871FriendlySheffield NorfolkA2-4LossStartedgoal
Sat Mar 04, 1871FriendlySheffield NorfolkH0-0AbaTrent BridgeStarted
Fri Mar 31, 1871FriendlyMansfieldH2-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 18, 1871FriendlyMansfieldH1-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 02, 1871FriendlyChesterfieldH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 16, 1871FriendlyDerby GrammarH1-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 30, 1871FriendlyNottinghamshire XIA1-2LossStartedgoal
Sat Jan 13, 1872FriendlySheffield NorfolkA1-5LossNorfolk ParkStarted
Sat Jan 27, 1872FriendlyOckbrook and BorrowashH3-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Feb 10, 1872FriendlyChesterfieldA1-1DrawRecreation Ground, ChesterfieldStartedgoal
Tue Feb 13, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyA1-0WinMeadows Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Feb 17, 1872FriendlyTrent CollegeA3-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Feb 24, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyH2-1WinStartedgoal
Sat Mar 09, 1872FriendlySheffield NorfolkH1-0WinForest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 02, 1872FriendlyMansfieldH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 23, 1872FriendlySpondon SchoolH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 30, 1872FriendlyLaw SocietyA0-0DrawMeadows Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Dec 07, 1872FriendlyNottsH1-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 14, 1872FriendlyStokeA0-0DrawStarted
Thu Jan 02, 1873FriendlyLaw SocietyH2-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Jan 04, 1873FriendlyNottsA0-0DrawMeadows Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Jan 18, 1873FriendlyBurton on TrentA1-1DrawBurton Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Jan 25, 1873FriendlyMansfieldA1-0WinStarted
Sat Feb 01, 1873FriendlyStokeH3-1WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoalgoal
Sat Feb 08, 1873FriendlyDerby GrammarA0-0DrawStarted
Sat Mar 15, 1873FriendlySpondon SchoolH0-1LossForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 01, 1873FriendlyDerby GrammarA1-6LossStartedgoal
Tue Dec 23, 1873FriendlyRoyal EngineersH1-2LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Dec 27, 1873FriendlyNottsH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Jan 10, 1874FriendlyNottinghamshire XIH1-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Jan 17, 1874FriendlySheffield NorfolkA1-7LossBramall LaneStarted
Sat Jan 31, 1874FriendlyMansfieldA2-0WinStarted
Sat Feb 07, 1874FriendlyNottsA0-0DrawTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 28, 1874FriendlyMansfieldH3-1WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Nov 07, 1874FriendlyDerwentA1-3LossStartedgoal
Sat Dec 12, 1874FriendlyAmbergate WanderersH0-0DrawGregory GroundStarted
Sat Jan 16, 1875FriendlyDuffieldA2-0WinStartedgoal
Fri Feb 19, 1875FriendlyNottsH5-1WinStarted
Sat Feb 13, 1875FriendlyDerwentH2-0WinStarted
Sat Mar 06, 1875FriendlyDuffieldH4-1WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 18, 1875FriendlyDerwentH3-0WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoal
Sat Jan 08, 1876FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-5LossForest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 05, 1876FriendlyDerwentA2-0WinRacecourse Ground
Sat Feb 26, 1876FriendlyNottsA0-1LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Mar 11, 1876FriendlyBirminghamH0-0DrawForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Mar 18, 1876FriendlySheffield WednesdayA1-9LossBramall LaneStarted
Sat Dec 09, 1876FriendlyPeterboroughA3-3DrawStarted
Sat Dec 23, 1876FriendlyCoventry CityA3-0WinStarted
Tue Dec 26, 1876FriendlyCoventry CityH2-0WinStarted
Sat Jan 13, 1877FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-1WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Tue Feb 13, 1877FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-1LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 24, 1877FriendlyBirmingham CityA2-0WinAston Lower GroundsStarted
Sat Nov 17, 1877FriendlyBirminghamH1-1DrawForest Recreation GroundStartedgoal
Sat Dec 15, 1877FriendlyHertfordshire RangersH0-1LossStarted
Sat Jan 26, 1878FriendlySheffield WednesdayH4-1WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoal
Sat Feb 16, 1878FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-4LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 23, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA1-1DrawAston Lower GroundsStarted
Sat Oct 12, 1878FriendlyStokeH2-1WinStarted
Sat Oct 26, 1878FriendlyGlasgow RangersH0-2LossGregory GroundStarted
Sat Nov 09, 1878FriendlyBirminghamA3-1WinAston Lower GroundsStartedgoalgoal
1Sat Nov 16, 1878FA CupNotts CountyA3-1WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Nov 30, 1878FriendlyChesterfieldH4-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Dec 07, 1878FriendlySheffield WednesdayA0-1LossSheaf HouseStarted
Wed Dec 11, 1878FriendlyLaw SocietyH7-0WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoal
2Sat Dec 21, 1878FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-0WinTown GroundStarted
Sat Jan 18, 1879FriendlyEdinburgh UniversityH4-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoal
3Tue Jan 28, 1879FA CupOld HarroviansA2-0WinKennington OvalStartedgoal
Sat Feb 08, 1879FriendlyChesterfieldA6-0WinStarted
Sat Feb 15, 1879FriendlyBirminghamH6-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoalgoalgoal
Sat Feb 22, 1879FriendlyDerby TownA0-3LossCounty Ground, DerbyStarted
4Tue Feb 25, 1879FA CupOxford UniversityA2-1WinKennington OvalStarted
Sat Mar 08, 1879FriendlyChesterfieldH5-1WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoalgoal
5Sat Mar 22, 1879FA CupOld EtoniansN1-2LossKennington OvalStarted
Sat Sep 27, 1879FriendlyNottinghamshire XIA6-0WinCastle Cricket GroundStartedgoal
Sat Oct 25, 1879FriendlyBirminghamH6-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoal
Sat Nov 01, 1879FriendlyEdinburgh UniversityH6-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoalgoal
6Sat Nov 08, 1879FA CupNotts CountyH4-0WinTown GroundStartedgoalgoal
7Sat Dec 13, 1879FA CupTurtonA6-0WinThomason FoldStartedgoalgoal
Sat Jan 17, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH7-1WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Jan 24, 1880FriendlySheffieldH3-2WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoal
8Sat Jan 31, 1880FA CupBlackburn RoversH6-0WinTown GroundStartedgoalgoal
Sat Feb 07, 1880FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
Tue Feb 10, 1880FriendlyScottish CanadianH0-2LossTrent BridgeStarted
9Thu Feb 19, 1880FA CupSheffield UnitedH2-2DrawTown GroundStartedgoal
Sat Feb 21, 1880FriendlySheffield WednesdayA0-1LossSheaf HouseStarted
10Sat Mar 27, 1880FA CupOxford UniversityN0-1LossKennington OvalStarted
Mon Mar 29, 1880FriendlyEdinburgh UniversityA1-2LossPowder HallStarted
Sat Oct 02, 1880FriendlyAston VillaA0-4LossVilla ParkStarted
Sat Oct 16, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH4-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoal
Sat Oct 23, 1880FriendlyDarwenA4-4DrawStartedgoalgoal
Sat Oct 30, 1880FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-1WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Nov 13, 1880FriendlyAston VillaH0-2LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Nov 20, 1880FriendlyNottingham Forest XIH2-4LossStarted
Sat Nov 27, 1880FriendlyNottingham Forest XIH-Started
11Sat Dec 04, 1880FA CupAston VillaH1-2LossTown GroundStartedgoal
Thu Dec 09, 1880FriendlyCambridge UniversityH3-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Dec 11, 1880FriendlyGlasgow RangersA2-2DrawKinning ParkStartedgoal
Mon Dec 27, 1880FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-4LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Jan 01, 1881FriendlySheffieldA1-2LossBramall LaneStartedgoal
Sat Jan 08, 1881FriendlyLeicestershire RangersH12-0WinForest Recreation GroundStartedgoalgoal
Sat Jan 29, 1881FriendlyDarwenH3-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Feb 12, 1881FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIH2-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 19, 1881FriendlyVale of LevenH2-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Feb 26, 1881FriendlyClapham RoversH3-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoal
Tue Mar 01, 1881FriendlySheffield ClubH1-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Mar 05, 1881FriendlyNotts CountyA0-1LossCastle Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Mar 19, 1881FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIA2-2DrawCounty Ground, DerbyStarted
Sat Apr 02, 1881Wednesbury CupElwellsA4-0WinOval, WednesburyStartedgoalgoal
Mon Sep 05, 1881FriendlySouthwellA9-1WinStarted
Sat Oct 01, 1881FriendlySmall HeathH3-2WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoal
Fri Oct 07, 1881FriendlyNottinghamshire XIH4-1WinCastle Cricket GroundStartedgoal
Sat Oct 15, 1881FriendlyBlackburn OlympicH3-0WinCastle Cricket GroundStartedgoalgoalgoal
Thu Oct 20, 1881FriendlyNottingham BankH5-0WinForest Recreation GroundStarted
Sat Oct 29, 1881FriendlyGlasgow RangersH0-0DrawTrent BridgeStarted
12Sat Nov 05, 1881FA CupAston VillaA1-4LossPerry BarrStarted
Sat Nov 12, 1881FriendlyWalsallH8-3WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoal
Sat Dec 17, 1881FriendlyNottsH0-5LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Dec 24, 1881FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-2LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Dec 31, 1881FriendlyAlexandra AthleticH1-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Jan 21, 1882FriendlyDarwenH4-5LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 04, 1882FriendlyWednesbury StrollersH15-0WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoalgoalgoalgoal
Sat Feb 11, 1882FriendlyNottsA2-1WinCastle Cricket GroundStarted
Tue Feb 21, 1882FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianH2-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoal
Sat Mar 04, 1882FriendlyBolton WanderersH2-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Mar 11, 1882FriendlyDerby TownH4-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Mar 18, 1882FriendlyNottinghamshire XIH4-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Sat Apr 08, 1882FriendlyAccringtonA5-3WinTrent BridgeStartedgoalgoal
Mon Apr 10, 1882FriendlyBlackburn OlympicA4-1WinStarted
Sat Nov 18, 1882FriendlySheffield ClubA5-1WinBramall LaneStarted
Sat Nov 25, 1882Wednesbury CupWednesbury Old AthleticH4-4WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
13Sat Dec 02, 1882FA CupSheffield HeeleyH7-2WinTown GroundStartedgoalgoalgoalgoal
Tue Dec 26, 1882FriendlyBolton WanderersH3-1WinTrent BridgeStarted
Wed Dec 27, 1882FriendlySheffield ClubH0-5LossTrent BridgeStarted
14Sat Jan 06, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayH2-2DrawTrent BridgeStartedgoal
15Sat Jan 13, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayA2-3LossBramall LaneStarted
Sat Jan 20, 1883FriendlyNottsH1-1DrawTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Jan 27, 1883FriendlyClapham RoversA2-1WinKennington OvalStartedgoal
Sat Feb 03, 1883FriendlyDarwenH2-1WinTrent BridgeStartedgoal
Tue Feb 06, 1883FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-0DrawTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 17, 1883FriendlyStafford RoadH6-1WinTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Feb 24, 1883FriendlyStokeA7-2WinStarted
Sat Mar 24, 1883FriendlyDarwenA2-4LossStarted
Sat Oct 13, 1883FriendlySheffield ClubH9-1WinParkside GroundStartedgoal
Sat Oct 20, 1883FriendlyNotts CountyH0-0DrawParkside GroundStarted
Sat Nov 24, 1883FriendlyDumbartonH2-3LossParkside GroundStartedgoalgoal
16Sat Dec 01, 1883FA CupNotts CountyA0-3LossTrent BridgeStarted
Sat Dec 22, 1883FriendlyBlackburn RoversH2-2DrawParkside GroundStartedgoal
Wed Dec 26, 1883FriendlyNottsA1-5LossStarted
Sat Apr 05, 1884Notts Association CupNottingham TrentH5-0WinCastle Cricket GroundStarted
Sat May 03, 1884Wednesbury CupWednesbury TownA2-2DrawStarted
Sat May 17, 1884Wednesbury CupWednesbury TownA0-3LossStarted
17Sat Nov 08, 1884FA CupRotherhamH5-0WinParkside GroundStartedgoalgoalgoal
Sat Nov 15, 1884FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-5LossParkside GroundStarted
Sat Nov 22, 1884FriendlySheffieldH6-0WinStarted
Sat Nov 29, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH0-0DrawParkside GroundStarted
18Sat Dec 06, 1884FA CupSheffield HeeleyH4-1WinParkside GroundStarted
Sat Dec 13, 1884Notts Association CupUnited AmateursH4-0WinParkside GroundStartedgoal
Sat Dec 20, 1884FriendlyWalsallH1-1DrawParkside GroundStarted
Fri Dec 26, 1884FriendlyNottsH3-0WinTrent BridgeStarted
19Sat Jan 03, 1885FA CupThe WednesdayA2-1WinOlive GroveStartedgoal
Sat Jan 10, 1885FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH3-0WinParkside GroundStarted
20Sat Jan 24, 1885FA CupSwiftsA1-0WinDolphin GroundStartedgoal
Sat Jan 31, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyH1-6LossParkside GroundStarted
Sat Feb 07, 1885Notts Association CupNotts OlympicA2-0WinStarted
21Sat Feb 21, 1885FA CupOld EtoniansA2-0WinStarted
22Sat Mar 14, 1885FA CupQueen's ParkN1-1DrawDerby Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Mar 21, 1885FriendlyBasford RoversN6-1WinStartedgoal
23Sat Mar 28, 1885FA CupQueen's ParkN0-3LossMerchiston Castle SchoolStarted
Sat Apr 18, 1885FriendlyNotts CountyA2-3LossCastle Cricket GroundStarted
Sat Oct 10, 1885FriendlyWednesbury Old AthleticH2-2DrawGregory GroundStarted
Sat Nov 28, 1885FriendlyNottsH1-4LossGregory GroundStarted
Sat Feb 13, 1886Notts Association CupJardinesA3-2WinStartedgoal
Sat Feb 20, 1886FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionA0-1LossStarted
Sat Mar 13, 1886FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH1-2LossGregory GroundStarted
Sun Mar 21, 1886Notts Association CupSneinton InstituteA6-0WinCastle Cricket GroundStartedgoal
Sat Mar 26, 1887FriendlyWolverhampton WanderersH0-4LossGregory GroundStarted
Sat Apr 16, 1887Notts Association CupNotts CountyH3-1WinGregory GroundStarted
Sat Oct 29, 1887Birmingham CupStoke On TrentA1-2LossStarted
24Sat Jan 07, 1888FA CupThe WednesdayH2-4LossTown GroundStarted