The Dell

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Record at The Dell
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1May 06, 1967Aug 29, 19982578102941
League Tier 2Sep 12, 1925Sep 18, 19762254132644
League Tier 3
FA CupApr 03, 1963Feb 25, 1991302156
League CupDec 17, 1991Dec 17, 1991110010
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
TotalSep 12, 1925Aug 29, 1998511314246191
World War IISep 22, 1945Sep 22, 1945100125
TestimonialMay 11, 1979May 11, 1979110041
TotalSep 22, 1945May 11, 1979210166
TOTALSep 12, 1925Aug 29, 1998531414256797

All Games at The Dell
Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground
Aug 29, 1998League Tier 1SouthamptonA2-1WinThe Dell
Sep 04, 1996League Tier 1SouthamptonA2-2DrawThe Dell
Aug 19, 1995League Tier 1SouthamptonA4-3WinThe Dell
Sep 17, 1994League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Mar 24, 1993League Tier 1SouthamptonA2-1WinThe Dell
Apr 08, 1992League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-0WinThe Dell
Dec 17, 1991League CupSouthamptonA1-0WinThe Dell
Feb 25, 1991FA CupSouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Jan 19, 1991League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Apr 21, 1990League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
Dec 10, 1988League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Feb 13, 1988League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Sep 06, 1986League Tier 1SouthamptonA3-1WinThe Dell
Dec 20, 1985League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-3LossThe Dell
Nov 03, 1984League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-1LossThe Dell
Jan 23, 1984League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-0WinThe Dell
Nov 13, 1982League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Feb 13, 1982League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
Apr 04, 1981League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
Nov 10, 1979League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-4LossThe Dell
May 11, 1979TestimonialSouthamptonA4-1WinThe Dell
Oct 28, 1978League Tier 1SouthamptonA0-0DrawThe Dell
Feb 01, 1977FA CupSouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
Sep 18, 1976League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Nov 22, 1975League Tier 2SouthamptonA3-0WinThe Dell
Oct 05, 1974League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-0WinThe Dell
Jan 29, 1972League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-4LossThe Dell
Dec 05, 1970League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-4LossThe Dell
Dec 13, 1969League Tier 1SouthamptonA2-1WinThe Dell
Dec 07, 1968League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-1DrawThe Dell
Sep 30, 1967League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
May 06, 1967League Tier 1SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
Apr 03, 1963FA CupSouthamptonA3-3DrawThe Dell
Dec 13, 1952League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-2DrawThe Dell
Aug 29, 1951League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-5LossThe Dell
Dec 27, 1948League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
Mar 26, 1948League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
Sep 14, 1946League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-5LossThe Dell
Sep 22, 1945WWII Main LeagueSouthamptonA2-5LossThe Dell
Sep 17, 1938League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-2DrawThe Dell
Nov 13, 1937League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
May 01, 1937League Tier 2SouthamptonA3-0WinThe Dell
Feb 15, 1936League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-7LossThe Dell
Mar 02, 1935League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-1WinThe Dell
Dec 02, 1933League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
Dec 10, 1932League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-0WinThe Dell
Mar 28, 1932League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-4LossThe Dell
Sep 01, 1930League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-0DrawThe Dell
Feb 01, 1930League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell
Mar 23, 1929League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
May 05, 1928League Tier 2SouthamptonA1-2LossThe Dell
Apr 30, 1927League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-1LossThe Dell
Sep 12, 1925League Tier 2SouthamptonA0-2LossThe Dell