The Bass Charity Vase tournament has been held annually since 1890. Forest have won it three times, in 1899, 2001 and 2002.

Bass Charity Vase Record
Cup First Game Last Game Seasons P W D L F A
Bass Charity VaseApr 06, 1899Aug 02, 20078104152015

Round by round
Cup Round Name First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
Bass Charity VaseSemiSemi-finalApr 06, 1899Apr 17, 18992110821
Bass Charity VaseFinalFinalApr 26, 1899Aug 02, 2007830512130

All Bass Charity Vase games
1898-99Thu Apr 06, 1899Leicester FosseSemiA1-1Draw
Mon Apr 17, 1899Leicester FosseSemiN7-1WinPlayed at Burton
Wed Apr 26, 1899Burton SwiftsFinalA2-1WinBass Charity Vase Final
1985-86Fri Aug 02, 1985Derby CountyFinalA0-1LossEton Park
1986-87Fri Aug 08, 1986Burton AlbionFinalA0-1LossEton Park
2000-01Wed Aug 02, 2000West Bromwich AlbionFinalA0-1LossEton Park
2001-02Wed Aug 01, 2001West Bromwich AlbionFinalA5-3WinEton ParkBass Charity Vase
2002-03Wed Jul 31, 2002Burton AlbionFinalA3-2WinEton ParkBass Charity Vase
2006-07Thu Aug 03, 2006Burton AlbionFinalA1-2LossEton Park
2007-08Thu Aug 02, 2007Burton AlbionFinalA1-2LossEton Park