Notts Association Cup Record
Cup First Game Last Game Seasons P W D L F A
Notts Association CupDec 15, 1883Apr 14, 1964102320127718

Round by round
Cup Round Name First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
Notts Association Cup11st roundOct 17, 1885Oct 17, 18851100400
Notts Association Cup22nd roundDec 15, 1883Dec 04, 188622001300
Notts Association CupFinalFinalMar 22, 1884Jan 31, 191465101721

All Notts Association Cup games
1883-84Sat Dec 15, 1883Notts Rangers2A6-0Win
Sat Feb 16, 1884Notts OlympicA4-0Win
Sat Mar 22, 1884Nottingham TrentFinalA1-1Draw
Sat Apr 05, 1884Nottingham TrentFinalRH5-0WinCastle Cricket GroundForest win the Notts Association Cup
1884-85Sat Dec 13, 1884United AmateursH4-0WinParkside GroundOne of two games on this day
Sat Feb 07, 1885Notts OlympicA2-0Win
1885-86Sat Oct 17, 1885Eastwood1H4-0WinGregory Ground
Sat Feb 13, 1886JardinesA3-2Win
Sun Mar 21, 1886Sneinton InstituteA6-0WinCastle Cricket GroundOne of two games played on same day
Sat Mar 27, 1886Notts RangersFinalA1-0WinForest win the Notts Association Cup
1886-87Sat Dec 04, 1886Kimberley Town2H7-0WinGregory Ground
Sat Dec 18, 1886Notts RangersFinal?2-1Win
Sat Apr 16, 1887Notts CountySemi FinalH3-1WinGregory Ground
Sat Apr 23, 1887Notts OlympicFinalH3-0WinGregory GroundForest win the Association Cup
1913-14Sat Jan 31, 1914Notts CountyFinalA5-0Win
1934-35Mon May 06, 1935Notts CountyA2-3LossMeadow Lane
1960-61Fri May 05, 1961Mansfield TownH1-0Win
Mon May 08, 1961Notts CountyH4-3Win
1961-62Tue May 08, 1962Notts CountyA2-1Win
Fri May 11, 1962Mansfield TownH3-2Win
1962-63Mon May 27, 1963Notts CountyH1-2Loss
1963-64Sat Jan 25, 1964Mansfield TownA3-1Win
Tue Apr 14, 1964Notts CountyA5-1Win