It's pretty rare to have an unchanged starting lineup from one game to another but we have (surprisingly) done it in 1153 of the 4968 league games we've played.

The most recent game with an unchanged starting lineup was against Sheffield United on May 17, 2022.

The Longest Streak Of League Games
The longest streak of League games that we went unchanged was an amazing 13 games that ended back on May 07, 1977. These were the last 13 games of the 1976-77 season; we finished in third place in the Second Division and were promoted to the top flight (that we won the next season).

The starting lineup for those 13 games was:
Num Player
1John Middleton
2Viv Anderson
3Frank Clark
4Sammy Chapman
5Larry Lloyd
6Ian Bowyer
7John McGovern
8Martin O'Neill
9Peter Withe
10Tony Woodcock
11John Robertson

The 13 games played by the lineup were:
Date Opponent Score
Mar 19, 1977Sheffield United0-2
Mar 22, 1977Southampton2-1
Mar 26, 1977Blackpool3-0
Mar 29, 1977Leyton Orient3-0
Apr 02, 1977Burnley1-0
Apr 06, 1977Bolton Wanderers3-1
Apr 09, 1977Notts County1-1
Apr 16, 1977Chelsea1-2
Apr 23, 1977Cardiff City0-1
Apr 27, 1977Oldham Athletic3-0
Apr 30, 1977Bristol Rovers1-1
May 02, 1977Plymouth Argyle2-1
May 07, 1977Millwall1-0