Derby County


Competitive games against Derby County since:
Overall Home Away
Since Date Games Time Date Games Time Date Games Time
Last winNov 06, 201562 years, 5 months, 8 daysNov 06, 201532 years, 5 months, 8 daysJan 17, 201543 years, 2 months, 28 days
Last drawMar 11, 201811 month, 3 daysMar 11, 201811 month, 3 daysJan 19, 201365 years, 2 months, 26 days
Last lossOct 15, 201725 months, 30 daysSep 30, 201265 years, 6 months, 15 daysOct 15, 201715 months, 30 days
Last goal scoredMar 18, 201731 year, 27 daysMar 18, 201721 year, 27 daysJan 17, 201543 years, 2 months, 28 days
Clean sheetMar 11, 201811 month, 3 daysMar 11, 201811 month, 3 daysJan 22, 201187 years, 2 months, 23 days
Conceded Own GoalNov 02, 2008229 years, 5 months, 12 daysNov 02, 2008119 years, 5 months, 12 days
Opponent Conceded Own Goal
Scored penaltySep 17, 2011146 years, 6 months, 28 daysSep 17, 201176 years, 6 months, 28 days
Missed Penalty
Conceded penaltyNov 16, 19983019 years, 4 months, 29 daysNov 16, 19981519 years, 4 months, 29 days
Saved penalty
Red cardSep 30, 2012125 years, 6 months, 15 daysSep 30, 201265 years, 6 months, 15 daysMar 13, 201276 years, 1 month, 1 day
Opponent red cardMar 11, 201811 month, 3 daysMar 11, 201811 month, 3 days

Transfers between Forest and Derby County
Bought Loan In Sold Loan Out
Date Player Fee Date Player Until Date Player Fee Date Player Until
Bob Jardine Mikkel Beck John Middleton Ronnie Sinclair
Edwin Neve Steve Sutton Steve Sutton
Frank Forman Trevor Christie
Fred FormanSep 1967Alan Hinton£26,000
Harry LinacreJan 1970Terry Hennessey
Harry PlackettNov 1977Terry Curran£50,000
Randolph GallowayJan 1986John Robertson
Tom Hinchcliffe
Aug 1890Alex Higgins
Jun 1935Oswald Bowden
Aug 1955Stewart Imlach£5,000
Sep 1977Archie Gemmill£25,000
Jul 2008Robert Earnshaw£2,650,000
Jul 2015Jamie Ward

Record against Derby County
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
LeagueLeague Tier 1Oct 01, 1892Apr 10, 1999532213178685
LeagueLeague Tier 2Dec 26, 1911Oct 15, 2017391410165156
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupApr 16, 1898Feb 04, 20098224812
Major CupLeague CupOct 30, 1985Oct 30, 1985110021
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian CupSep 08, 1993Sep 08, 1993100123
Total:Oct 01, 1892Oct 15, 2017102392538149157
Minor LeagueUnited Counties LeagueApr 12, 1894Apr 16, 1895411226
WartimeWorld War ISep 18, 1915Apr 08, 19164301137
WartimeWorld War IIOct 10, 1942Oct 13, 1945143472330
World War IInitial TournamentSep 18, 1915Dec 18, 1915220093
World War ISecond TournamentMar 04, 1916Apr 08, 1916210144
World War IIMain LeagueOct 10, 1942Oct 13, 194582241519
World War IICombined LeagueFeb 06, 1943Jan 13, 19456123811
Other CupBrian Clough TrophyJul 31, 2007Oct 15, 20172266102333
Other CupBass Charity VaseAug 02, 1985Aug 02, 1985100101
FriendlyFriendlyJan 31, 1885Sep 14, 1992205692639
FriendlyPre-Season FriendlyAug 13, 1967Jul 31, 2007311133
FriendlyTestimonialApr 03, 1978May 01, 1978220042
AbandonedAbandonedOct 03, 1896Oct 03, 1896100011
Total:Jan 31, 1885Jul 31, 2007481512217188
TOTAL:Jan 31, 1885Oct 15, 2017150543759220245

All games against Derby County
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Notes
105Sat Feb 23, 2019League Tier 2Derby CountyH-
104Mon Dec 17, 2018League Tier 2Derby CountyA-Pride Park
103Sun Mar 11, 2018League Tier 2Derby CountyH0-0DLive on Sky
102Sun Oct 15, 2017League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-2LPride ParkLive on Sky
101Sat Mar 18, 2017League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2D
100Sun Dec 11, 2016League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-3LiPro Stadium
99Sat Mar 19, 2016League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LiPro Stadium
98Fri Nov 06, 2015League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-0W
97Sat Jan 17, 2015League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1WPride Park
96Sun Sep 14, 2014League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1D
95Sat Mar 22, 2014League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-5LPride Park
94Sat Sep 28, 2013League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-0W
93Sat Jan 19, 2013League Tier 2Derby CountyA1-1DPride Park
92Sun Sep 30, 2012League Tier 2Derby CountyH0-1L
91Tue Mar 13, 2012League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LPride Park
90Sat Sep 17, 2011League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-2L
89Sat Jan 22, 2011League Tier 2Derby CountyA1-0WPride Park
88Wed Dec 29, 2010League Tier 2Derby CountyH5-2W
87Sat Jan 30, 2010League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LPride Park
86Sat Aug 29, 2009League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-2W
85Sat Feb 21, 2009League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-3L
84Wed Feb 04, 2009FA CupDerby CountyH2-3L
83Fri Jan 23, 2009FA CupDerby CountyA1-1DPride Park
82Sun Nov 02, 2008League Tier 2Derby CountyA1-1DPride Park
Tue Jul 31, 2007Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyA0-0DPride Park
81Sat Feb 26, 2005League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2D
80Sat Dec 11, 2004League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-3LPride ParkJoe Kinnear's last game as manager
79Sat Mar 20, 2004League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-4LPride Park
78Sat Sep 27, 2003League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1D
77Wed Mar 19, 2003League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0W
76Sun Oct 20, 2002League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-0DPride Park
75Sat Apr 10, 1999League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-1LPride Park
74Mon Nov 16, 1998League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-2D
73Wed Apr 23, 1997League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0DBaseball Ground
72Sat Oct 19, 1996League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1D
71Wed Apr 27, 1994League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-0WBaseball Ground
70Wed Sep 08, 1993Anglo-Italian CupDerby CountyA2-3LBaseball GroundAnglo-Italian Cup Qualifying Group 3
69Wed Aug 18, 1993League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-1D
Mon Sep 14, 1992FriendlyDerby CountyH0-2L
68Wed Apr 10, 1991League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0W
67Sat Nov 24, 1990League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-2LBaseball Ground
66Sat Jan 20, 1990League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0WBaseball Ground
65Wed Aug 30, 1989League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1W
64Sat Mar 25, 1989League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0WBaseball Ground
63Sat Sep 17, 1988League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1D
62Wed Mar 30, 1988League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1W
61Sat Oct 10, 1987League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-0WBaseball Ground
Fri May 15, 1987FriendlyDerby CountyH1-1D
60Wed Oct 30, 1985League CupDerby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
Fri Aug 02, 1985Bass Charity VaseDerby CountyA0-1LEton Park
Mon Aug 20, 1984Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyA0-2LBaseball Ground
Tue Oct 11, 1983FriendlyDerby CountyA2-2DBaseball Ground
59Sat Jan 08, 1983FA CupDerby CountyA0-2LBaseball Ground
58Sat Apr 19, 1980League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0W
57Sat Nov 24, 1979League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-4LBaseball Ground
56Sat Apr 14, 1979League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
55Tue Dec 26, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1D
Mon May 01, 1978TestimonialDerby CountyH2-1WBrian Clough & Peter Taylor Testimonial
Mon Apr 03, 1978TestimonialDerby CountyA2-1WBaseball GroundHenry Newton Testimonial
54Sat Jan 14, 1978League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0DBaseball Ground
53Sat Aug 27, 1977League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-0W
Mon May 09, 1977FriendlyDerby CountyA0-1LBaseball Ground
Wed Sep 26, 1973FriendlyDerby CountyA1-1DBaseball Ground
52Sat Feb 19, 1972League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-4LBaseball Ground
51Sat Oct 30, 1971League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-2L
50Wed Mar 31, 1971League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
49Sat Nov 28, 1970League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-4L
48Sat Mar 14, 1970League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-3L
47Sat Nov 29, 1969League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-0WBaseball Ground
Tue Mar 05, 1968FriendlyDerby CountyH1-2L
Sun Aug 13, 1967Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyA3-1WBaseball Ground
46Sat Apr 02, 1955League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
45Sat Nov 13, 1954League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0W
44Sat Apr 10, 1954League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
43Sat Nov 07, 1953League Tier 2Derby CountyH4-2W
Sat Oct 13, 1945Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-3LBaseball Ground
Sat Oct 06, 1945Main LeagueDerby CountyH1-1D
Thu Aug 16, 1945FriendlyDerby CountyH1-4L
Wed May 09, 1945FriendlyDerby CountyA2-2DBaseball GroundVE Day celebration game
Sat Jan 13, 1945Combined LeagueDerby CountyA0-3LBaseball GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Jan 06, 1945Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-1DResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Sep 02, 1944Main LeagueDerby CountyA0-5LBaseball Ground
Sat Aug 26, 1944Main LeagueDerby CountyH0-0D
Sat Jan 01, 1944Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-1DResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sun Dec 26, 1943Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-2LBaseball GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Oct 30, 1943Main LeagueDerby CountyA1-3LBaseball Ground
Sat Oct 23, 1943Main LeagueDerby CountyH4-3W
Sat Feb 13, 1943Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-3LBaseball GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Feb 06, 1943Combined LeagueDerby CountyH4-1WResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Tue Oct 13, 1942Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-3LBaseball Ground
Sat Oct 10, 1942Main LeagueDerby CountyH5-1W
42Sat Jan 25, 1936FA CupDerby CountyA0-2LBaseball Ground
Thu May 03, 1928FriendlyDerby CountyN1-1DHeanor Town benefit
41Wed Feb 01, 1928FA CupDerby CountyH2-0W
40Sat Jan 28, 1928FA CupDerby CountyA0-0DBaseball Ground
39Sat Feb 06, 1926League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-2LBaseball Ground
38Sat Sep 26, 1925League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-2L
37Sat Oct 01, 1921League Tier 2Derby CountyH3-0W
36Sat Sep 24, 1921League Tier 2Derby CountyA2-1WBaseball Ground
Sat Apr 08, 1916Second TournamentDerby CountyA1-4LBaseball Ground
Sat Mar 04, 1916Second TournamentDerby CountyH3-0WMeadow Lane
Sat Dec 18, 1915Initial TournamentDerby CountyH5-0W
Sat Sep 18, 1915Initial TournamentDerby CountyA4-3WBaseball Ground
35Sat Dec 26, 1914League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LBaseball Ground
34Fri Dec 25, 1914League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-2D
33Tue Apr 09, 1912League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-1LBaseball GroundJim Bagshaw benefit
32Tue Dec 26, 1911League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-3L
31Sat Mar 13, 1909FA CupDerby CountyA0-3LBaseball Ground
30Tue Apr 17, 1906League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-0D
29Tue Dec 26, 1905League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-2DBaseball Ground
28Sat Feb 25, 1905League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-3LBaseball Ground
27Sat Oct 29, 1904League Tier 1Derby CountyH0-1L
26Sat Mar 12, 1904League Tier 1Derby CountyH5-1W
25Sat Nov 14, 1903League Tier 1Derby CountyA6-2WBaseball Ground
24Sat Jan 17, 1903League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-0WBaseball Ground
23Sat Sep 20, 1902League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-3L
22Sat Mar 01, 1902League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-1W
21Sat Nov 02, 1901League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-1DBaseball Ground
20Sat Mar 16, 1901League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-0DBaseball Ground
19Sat Nov 10, 1900League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0W
18Sat Mar 03, 1900League Tier 1Derby CountyH4-1W
17Sat Oct 28, 1899League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-2DBaseball Ground
16Thu Apr 20, 1899League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-2LBaseball Ground
15Sat Dec 17, 1898League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-3D
14Sat Apr 16, 1898FA CupDerby CountyN3-1WCrystal PalacePlayed at Crystal Palace
13Mon Apr 11, 1898League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-5LBaseball Ground
Sat Dec 18, 1897FriendlyDerby CountyA4-2W
12Sat Oct 30, 1897League Tier 1Derby CountyH3-4LCity Ground (Town Ground)
11Wed Nov 18, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-2LTown Ground
10Sat Oct 03, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-1AbaTown GroundAbandoned due to crowd issues
9Sat Sep 05, 1896League Tier 1Derby CountyA1-1DBaseball Ground
8Sat Dec 07, 1895League Tier 1Derby CountyA0-4LBaseball Ground
7Sat Oct 05, 1895League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-5LTown Ground
Tue Apr 16, 1895United Counties LeagueDerby CountyA0-3L
Sat Mar 09, 1895United Counties LeagueDerby CountyH2-0WTown Ground
6Sat Nov 03, 1894League Tier 1Derby CountyH2-1WTown Ground
5Sat Sep 08, 1894League Tier 1Derby CountyA2-4LDerby Racecourse
Wed Apr 25, 1894United Counties LeagueDerby CountyA0-0D
Thu Apr 12, 1894United Counties LeagueDerby CountyH0-3LTown Ground
4Sat Dec 30, 1893League Tier 1Derby CountyH4-2WTown Ground
3Sat Dec 09, 1893League Tier 1Derby CountyA4-3WDerby Racecourse
Thu Apr 20, 1893FriendlyDerby CountyH4-1WTown Ground
Sat Feb 18, 1893FriendlyDerby CountyH3-2WTown Ground
2Sat Jan 28, 1893League Tier 1Derby CountyH1-0WTown Ground
1Sat Oct 01, 1892League Tier 1Derby CountyA3-2WDerby Racecourse
Mon Dec 28, 1891FriendlyDerby CountyA0-3L
Sat Nov 17, 1888FriendlyDerby CountyA0-3L
Sat Mar 12, 1887FriendlyDerby CountyH2-1W
Sat Feb 19, 1887FriendlyDerby CountyA0-2L
Sat Jan 09, 1886FriendlyDerby CountyA0-1L
Sat Dec 05, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyH2-1WGregory Ground
Mon Apr 06, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyA1-1DCounty Ground, Derby
Sat Jan 31, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyH1-6LParkside Ground

Home and away victories against Derby County
Season Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
1892-93Derby CountySat Oct 01, 1892A3-2Sat Jan 28, 1893H1-0
1893-94Derby CountySat Dec 09, 1893A4-3Sat Dec 30, 1893H4-2
1903-04Derby CountySat Nov 14, 1903A6-2Sat Mar 12, 1904H5-1
1921-22Derby CountySat Sep 24, 1921A2-1Sat Oct 01, 1921H3-0
1953-54Derby CountySat Nov 07, 1953H4-2Sat Apr 10, 1954A2-1
1954-55Derby CountySat Nov 13, 1954H3-0Sat Apr 02, 1955A2-1
1987-88Derby CountySat Oct 10, 1987A1-0Wed Mar 30, 1988H2-1
1989-90Derby CountyWed Aug 30, 1989H2-1Sat Jan 20, 1990A2-0
2010-11Derby CountyWed Dec 29, 2010H5-2Sat Jan 22, 2011A1-0