Full Name:
Salathiel Norman

Nov 05, 1881

Last Game:
Feb 28, 1889



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#493 (26 appearances)

#339 (5 goals)

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#225 (0 caps)



Season Stats (competitive games only)
Season Squad Num Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Yellows Reds Went Off Came On Unused Sub Notes

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Record for Salathiel Norman
Game Parent Game First Game Last Game P W D L Goals Yellow Red Started Came On Went Off Unused Sub
LeagueLeague Tier 1
LeagueLeague Tier 2
LeagueLeague Tier 3
Major CupFA CupNov 05, 1881Feb 28, 188926144850026000
Major CupLeague Cup
EuropeEuropean Cup
EuropeFairs Cup
EuropeUEFA Cup
EuropeSuper Cup
EuropeIntercontinental Cup
Minor CupFull Members Cup
Minor CupAssociate Members Cup
Minor CupCharity Shield
Minor CupAnglo-Scottish Cup
Minor CupAnglo-Italian Cup
Total:Nov 05, 1881Feb 28, 188926144850026000
Other CupWednesbury CupDec 18, 1880May 17, 188497111009000
Other CupNotts Association CupDec 15, 1883Apr 23, 188711101000011000
Other CupBirmingham CupOct 29, 1887Oct 29, 188710010001000
FriendlyFriendlyDec 09, 1880Feb 09, 18891598222542600159000
AbandonedAbandonedDec 28, 1886Dec 28, 188610000001000
Total:Dec 09, 1880Feb 09, 18891809924562700180000
TOTAL:Dec 09, 1880Feb 28, 188920611328643200206000

All Games for Salathiel Norman
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Result Ground Started Came On Went Off Unused sub Goals scored Yellow Red
Thu Dec 09, 1880FriendlyCambridge UniversityH3-1WTrent BridgeY
Sat Dec 11, 1880FriendlyGlasgow RangersA2-2DKinning ParkY
Sat Dec 18, 1880Wednesbury CupStokeA2-1WY
Mon Dec 27, 1880FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-4LTrent BridgeY
Sat Jan 01, 1881FriendlySheffieldA1-2LBramall LaneY
Sat Jan 08, 1881FriendlyLeicestershire RangersH12-0WForest Recreation GroundYgoal
Sat Jan 29, 1881FriendlyDarwenH3-0WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Feb 12, 1881FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIH2-0WTrent BridgeY
Sat Feb 19, 1881FriendlyVale of LevenH2-0WTrent BridgeY
Sat Feb 26, 1881FriendlyClapham RoversH3-0WTrent BridgeY
Tue Mar 01, 1881FriendlySheffield ClubH1-0WTrent BridgeY
Sat Mar 05, 1881FriendlyNotts CountyA0-1LCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat Mar 12, 1881FriendlyBlackburn RoversA3-3DCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat Mar 19, 1881FriendlySouth Derbyshire XIA2-2DCounty Ground, DerbyY
Sat Apr 02, 1881Wednesbury CupElwellsA4-0WOval, WednesburyY
Sat Jul 23, 1881FriendlyAston VillaA1-1DY
Sat Aug 27, 1881FriendlyWollatonA10-1WY
Sat Sep 17, 1881FriendlyBrigg BritanniaA6-0WY
Sat Sep 24, 1881FriendlySmall HeathA2-1WY
Sat Oct 01, 1881FriendlySmall HeathH3-2WTrent BridgeYgoal
Fri Oct 07, 1881FriendlyNottinghamshire XIH4-1WCastle Cricket GroundYgoal
Sat Oct 15, 1881FriendlyBlackburn OlympicH3-0WCastle Cricket GroundY
Thu Oct 20, 1881FriendlyNottingham BankH5-0WForest Recreation GroundY
Sat Oct 22, 1881FriendlyDarwenA1-0WBarley BankY
Sat Oct 29, 1881FriendlyGlasgow RangersH0-0DTrent BridgeY
1Sat Nov 05, 1881FA CupAston VillaA1-4LPerry BarrY
Sat Nov 12, 1881FriendlyWalsallH8-3WTrent BridgeYgoalgoal
Sat Dec 03, 1881FriendlyAccringtonH3-3DTrent BridgeY
Thu Dec 15, 1881FriendlyCambridge UniversityH4-2WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Dec 17, 1881FriendlyNottsH0-5LTrent BridgeY
Sat Dec 24, 1881FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-2LTrent BridgeY
Sat Dec 31, 1881FriendlyAlexandra AthleticH1-0WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Jan 21, 1882FriendlyDarwenH4-5LTrent BridgeYgoalgoal
Sat Feb 04, 1882FriendlyWednesbury StrollersH15-0WTrent BridgeYgoalgoalgoalgoal
Sat Feb 11, 1882FriendlyNottsA2-1WCastle Cricket GroundYgoal
Tue Feb 21, 1882FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianH2-1WTrent BridgeY
Sat Mar 04, 1882FriendlyBolton WanderersH2-1WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Mar 11, 1882FriendlyDerby TownH4-0WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Mar 18, 1882FriendlyNottinghamshire XIH4-1WTrent BridgeY
Sat Apr 08, 1882FriendlyAccringtonA5-3WTrent BridgeY
Mon Apr 10, 1882FriendlyBlackburn OlympicA4-1WY
Sat Sep 02, 1882FriendlyShepshedA4-0WY
Sat Sep 23, 1882FriendlySmall HeathA4-0WYgoalgoal
Sat Sep 30, 1882FriendlyHalliwellA1-3LY
Sat Oct 07, 1882FriendlyStokeH2-4LTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Oct 14, 1882FriendlyBlackburn OlympicH1-0WTrent BridgeYgoal
Sat Oct 21, 1882FriendlyBlackburn RoversA0-6LLeamington RoadY
Sat Nov 11, 1882FriendlyBolton WanderersA1-9LY
Sat Nov 18, 1882FriendlySheffield ClubA5-1WBramall LaneY
Sat Nov 25, 1882Wednesbury CupWednesbury Old AthleticH4-4WTrent BridgeY
2Sat Dec 02, 1882FA CupSheffield HeeleyH7-2WTown GroundY
Tue Dec 26, 1882FriendlyBolton WanderersH3-1WTrent BridgeY
Wed Dec 27, 1882FriendlySheffield ClubH0-5LTrent BridgeY
3Sat Jan 06, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayH2-2DTrent BridgeY
4Sat Jan 13, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayA2-3LBramall LaneY
Sat Jan 20, 1883FriendlyNottsH1-1DTrent BridgeY
Sat Jan 27, 1883FriendlyClapham RoversA2-1WKennington OvalY
Sat Feb 03, 1883FriendlyDarwenH2-1WTrent BridgeY
Tue Feb 06, 1883FriendlyBlackburn RoversH0-0DTrent BridgeY
Sat Feb 17, 1883FriendlyStafford RoadH6-1WTrent BridgeY
Sat Feb 24, 1883FriendlyStokeA7-2WY
Sat Mar 10, 1883Wednesbury CupWednesbury Old AthleticH3-1WCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat Mar 24, 1883FriendlyDarwenA2-4LY
Sat Apr 07, 1883FriendlySmall HeathA2-0WY
Sat May 19, 1883Wednesbury CupWest Bromwich AlbionA5-3WPerry BarrY
Sat Sep 22, 1883FriendlySmall HeathH3-2WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 13, 1883FriendlySheffield ClubH9-1WParkside GroundY
Sat Oct 20, 1883FriendlyNotts CountyH0-0DParkside GroundY
Thu Oct 25, 1883Wednesbury CupWednesbury StrollersH9-2WParkside GroundYgoal
Sat Oct 27, 1883FriendlyStokeH2-1WParkside GroundY
Sat Nov 17, 1883FriendlySheffield AttercliffeH5-0WParkside GroundY
Sat Nov 24, 1883FriendlyDumbartonH2-3LParkside GroundY
5Sat Dec 01, 1883FA CupNotts CountyA0-3LTrent BridgeY
Sat Dec 08, 1883FriendlyDarwenH8-0WParkside GroundY
Sat Dec 15, 1883Notts Association CupNotts RangersA6-0WY
Sat Dec 22, 1883FriendlyBlackburn RoversH2-2DParkside GroundY
Wed Dec 26, 1883FriendlyNottsA1-5LY
Mon Jan 07, 1884FriendlyCambridge UniversityH1-2LParkside GroundY
Sat Jan 19, 1884FriendlySheffield AttercliffeA8-1WOld Forge GroundY
Sat Jan 26, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH1-1DParkside GroundY
Sat Feb 02, 1884FriendlyDumbartonA1-3LBogheadY
Sat Feb 09, 1884Wednesbury CupWolverhampton WanderersA2-0WAlliance GroundY
Sat Feb 16, 1884Notts Association CupNotts OlympicA4-0WY
Sat Feb 23, 1884FriendlySmall HeathA2-3LY
Sat Mar 08, 1884FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-2LParkside GroundY
Sat Mar 22, 1884Notts Association CupNottingham TrentA1-1DY
Sat Mar 29, 1884FriendlyAston VillaH0-2LParkside GroundY
Sat Apr 05, 1884Notts Association CupNottingham TrentH5-0WCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat May 03, 1884Wednesbury CupWednesbury TownA2-2DY
Sat May 17, 1884Wednesbury CupWednesbury TownA0-3LY
Sat Sep 27, 1884FriendlyStokeA4-6LY
Sat Oct 04, 1884FriendlyBolton AssociationH5-1WParkside GroundY
Sat Oct 18, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsA1-3LThe ChuckeryY
Sat Oct 25, 1884FriendlyBlackburn RoversA1-3LLeamington RoadY
6Sat Nov 08, 1884FA CupRotherhamH5-0WParkside GroundY
Sat Nov 15, 1884FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-5LParkside GroundY
Sat Nov 22, 1884FriendlySheffieldH6-0WY
Sat Nov 29, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH0-0DParkside GroundY
7Sat Dec 06, 1884FA CupSheffield HeeleyH4-1WParkside GroundY
Sat Dec 13, 1884Notts Association CupUnited AmateursH4-0WParkside GroundY
Fri Dec 26, 1884FriendlyNottsH3-0WTrent BridgeY
8Sat Jan 03, 1885FA CupThe WednesdayA2-1WOlive GroveY
Thu Jan 08, 1885FriendlyLondon CasualsH3-0WTrent BridgeY
Sat Jan 10, 1885FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH3-0WParkside GroundY
9Sat Jan 24, 1885FA CupSwiftsA1-0WDolphin GroundY
Sat Jan 31, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyH1-6LParkside GroundY
Sat Feb 07, 1885Notts Association CupNotts OlympicA2-0WY
Sat Feb 14, 1885FriendlySheffield WednesdayA5-0WOld Forge GroundY
Wed Feb 18, 1885FriendlyGreat LeverH3-2WTrent BridgeY
10Sat Feb 21, 1885FA CupOld EtoniansA2-0WY
Sat Feb 28, 1885FriendlyBlackburn RoversH3-0WParkside GroundY
11Sat Mar 14, 1885FA CupQueen's ParkN1-1DDerby Cricket GroundY
Sat Mar 21, 1885FriendlyBasford RoversN6-1WY
12Sat Mar 28, 1885FA CupQueen's ParkN0-3LMerchiston Castle SchoolY
Mon Apr 06, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyA1-1DCounty Ground, DerbyY
Sat Apr 18, 1885FriendlyNotts CountyA2-3LCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat Sep 26, 1885FriendlyStoke On TrentH4-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 03, 1885FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH3-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 10, 1885FriendlyWednesbury Old AthleticH2-2DGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 24, 1885FriendlyAston VillaH0-0DGregory GroundY
13Sat Oct 31, 1885FA CupMellorsH6-2WGregory GroundY
Sat Nov 14, 1885FriendlyBlackburn RoversH4-0WGregory GroundY
14Sat Nov 21, 1885FA CupNotts OlympicH4-1WGregory GroundYgoal
Sat Nov 28, 1885FriendlyNottsH1-4LGregory GroundY
Sat Dec 05, 1885FriendlyDerby CountyH2-1WGregory GroundY
15Sat Dec 12, 1885FA CupStaveleyA1-2LForest Recreation GroundY
Sat Dec 19, 1885FriendlySheffield WednesdayA1-1DBramall LaneY
Sat Dec 26, 1885FriendlyCrewe AlexandraA3-2WY
Thu Dec 31, 1885FriendlyCasualsH2-0WGregory GroundY
Sat Jan 02, 1886FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH4-1WY
Sat Jan 09, 1886FriendlyDerby CountyA0-1LY
Sat Jan 16, 1886FriendlyNottsA0-5LTrent BridgeY
Sat Jan 23, 1886FriendlyBolton WanderersH0-7LGregory GroundY
Sat Jan 30, 1886FriendlyPreston North EndH1-4LGregory GroundY
Sat Feb 06, 1886FriendlyHalliwellH0-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Feb 20, 1886FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionA0-1LY
Sat Feb 27, 1886FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-2DGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 13, 1886FriendlySmall Heath AllianceH1-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 20, 1886FriendlySheffieldH6-0WGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 27, 1886Notts Association CupNotts RangersA1-0WY
Fri Apr 23, 1886FriendlyBurnleyA4-2WY
Sat Apr 24, 1886FriendlyGlasgow RangersA1-2LKinning ParkY
Mon Apr 26, 1886FriendlyNewcastle and DistrictA5-1WTyne GroundY
Sat Sep 18, 1886FriendlySmall Heath AllianceA2-0WCoventry RoadY
Sat Sep 25, 1886FriendlyWednesbury Old AthleticH10-0WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 02, 1886FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH3-0WGregory GroundYgoal
Thu Oct 07, 1886FriendlySheffield WednesdayH4-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 09, 1886FriendlyStaveleyH2-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 16, 1886FriendlyStokeA0-2LY
16Sat Oct 30, 1886FA CupNotts OlympicH3-0WGregory GroundY
Sat Nov 06, 1886FriendlyCambridge UniversityH3-0WGregory GroundYgoal
17Sat Nov 13, 1886FA CupGrimsby TownH2-2DGregory GroundY
18Sat Nov 20, 1886FA CupGrimsby TownA1-0WBlundell ParkY
Sat Dec 04, 1886Notts Association CupKimberley TownH7-0WGregory GroundY
19Sat Dec 11, 1886FA CupLockwood BrothersA1-2LBramall LaneYgoal
Sat Dec 18, 1886Notts Association CupNotts Rangers?2-1WY
Mon Dec 27, 1886FriendlyNotts CountyA2-0WTrent BridgeY
Tue Dec 28, 1886FriendlyStoke On TrentH2-0AbaGregory GroundY
Sat Jan 01, 1887FriendlyAccringtonA2-4LY
Sat Jan 22, 1887FriendlyBirmingham ExcelsiorH6-3WGregory GroundYgoal
Sat Feb 12, 1887FriendlyNotts CountyH1-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 05, 1887FriendlyBirmingham ExcelsiorA2-2DFentham RoadY
Sat Mar 12, 1887FriendlyDerby CountyH2-1WY
Sat Mar 19, 1887FriendlyNotts CountyA1-1DCastle Cricket GroundY
Sat Mar 26, 1887FriendlyWolverhampton WanderersH0-4LGregory GroundY
Sat Apr 09, 1887FriendlyGlasgow RangersA0-1LCatkin ParkY
Mon Apr 11, 1887FriendlyBootleA2-1WY
Sat Apr 16, 1887Notts Association CupNotts CountyH3-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Apr 23, 1887Notts Association CupNotts OlympicH3-0WGregory GroundY
Sat Sep 17, 1887FriendlyPreston North EndA2-5LY
Sat Sep 24, 1887FriendlyWednesbury Old AthleticH3-2WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 01, 1887FriendlyLong Eaton RangersH1-0WGregory GroundY
Thu Oct 06, 1887FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 08, 1887FriendlyStokeH2-1WGregory GroundY
20Sat Oct 15, 1887FA CupNotts SwiftsH2-1WTown GroundYgoal
Sat Oct 29, 1887Birmingham CupStoke On TrentA1-2LY
21Sat Nov 05, 1887FA CupMellorsH2-0WTown GroundY
Sat Nov 12, 1887FriendlyLincoln CityA1-1DJohn O'GauntsY
22Sat Nov 26, 1887FA CupNotts CountyH2-1WTown GroundY
Sat Dec 03, 1887FriendlyNottsH0-1LGregory GroundY
23Sat Dec 17, 1887FA CupOld EtoniansH6-0WTown GroundYgoal
Mon Dec 26, 1887FriendlyNottsA0-0DY
24Sat Jan 07, 1888FA CupThe WednesdayH2-4LTown GroundY
Sat Jan 21, 1888FriendlyGrimsby TownH2-0WGregory GroundYgoal
Sat Jan 28, 1888FriendlyCambridge UniversityA1-5LClare College GroundY
Sat Feb 04, 1888FriendlyLincoln CityH2-0WGregory GroundY
Tue Feb 14, 1888FriendlyBurnleyH1-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Feb 18, 1888FriendlyCambridge UniversityH0-3LGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 03, 1888FriendlyStoke On TrentA0-3LY
Sat Mar 10, 1888FriendlyAston UnityA4-3WGregory GroundY
Sat Mar 31, 1888FriendlyBolton WanderersA1-3LY
Sat Apr 21, 1888FriendlyBurslem Port ValeA2-7LY
Sat Sep 08, 1888FriendlySheffield WednesdayA2-2DOlive GroveY
Sat Sep 22, 1888FriendlyWarwick CountyH5-0WGregory GroundY
Thu Oct 04, 1888FriendlyAston VillaH1-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 06, 1888FriendlyLong Eaton RangersH0-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 20, 1888FriendlySheffield WednesdayH1-3LGregory GroundY
Sat Oct 27, 1888FriendlyMitchell St. George'sH1-0WGregory GroundYgoal
Sat Nov 17, 1888FriendlyDerby CountyA0-3LY
Sat Nov 24, 1888FriendlyBlackburn OlympicH2-3LGregory GroundY
Sat Dec 08, 1888FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH1-2LGregory GroundY
Sat Dec 15, 1888FriendlySheffield HeeleyH4-1WGregory GroundY
Sat Dec 22, 1888FriendlyDerby JunctionH3-0WGregory GroundY
25Sat Feb 02, 1889FA CupLinfield AthleticH2-2DGregory GroundYgoal
Sat Feb 09, 1889FriendlyLinfield AthleticH1-3LUlster GroundY
26Thu Feb 28, 1889FA CupChathamN2-3LKennington OvalY