Summary for Steve Coppell
Opposition First Game Last Game P W D L F A
Crystal PalaceOct 29, 1986Feb 19, 200026101064025
Brighton and Hove AlbionNov 27, 2002Mar 15, 2003210133
ReadingJan 17, 2004Feb 28, 2009521222

All Games against Steve Coppell
# Date Game Type Opponent H/A Score Ground Notes
1Wed Oct 29, 1986League CupCrystal PalaceA2-2Selhurst Park
2Wed Nov 05, 1986League CupCrystal PalaceH1-0City Ground
3Sun Jan 11, 1987FA CupCrystal PalaceA0-1Selhurst Park
4Wed Feb 22, 1989Full Members CupCrystal PalaceH3-1City Ground
5Sat Sep 23, 1989League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA0-1Selhurst Park
6Tue Oct 24, 1989League CupCrystal PalaceA0-0Selhurst Park
7Wed Nov 01, 1989League CupCrystal PalaceH5-0City Ground
8Sat Feb 03, 1990League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH3-1City Ground
9Sat Sep 15, 1990League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA2-2Selhurst Park
10Sun Jan 06, 1991FA CupCrystal PalaceA0-0Selhurst Park
11Mon Jan 21, 1991FA CupCrystal PalaceH2-2City Ground
12Mon Jan 28, 1991FA CupCrystal PalaceH3-0City Ground
13Sat Feb 02, 1991League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH0-1City Ground
14Sat Nov 23, 1991League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH5-1City Ground
15Wed Jan 08, 1992League CupCrystal PalaceA1-1Selhurst Park
16Wed Feb 05, 1992League CupCrystal PalaceH4-2City Ground
17Tue Mar 03, 1992League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA0-0Selhurst Park
18Sat Nov 21, 1992League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA1-1Selhurst Park
19Wed Mar 03, 1993League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH1-1City Ground
20Tue Aug 24, 1993League Tier 2Crystal PalaceA0-2Selhurst Park
21Sat Feb 19, 1994League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH1-1City Ground
22Mon Jan 02, 1995League Tier 1Crystal PalaceH1-0City Ground
23Sat Jan 28, 1995FA CupCrystal PalaceH1-2City Ground
24Sat Apr 29, 1995League Tier 1Crystal PalaceA2-1Selhurst Park
25Sat Nov 27, 1999League Tier 2Crystal PalaceA0-2Selhurst Park
26Sat Feb 19, 2000League Tier 2Crystal PalaceH2-0City Ground
27Wed Nov 27, 2002League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionH3-2City Ground
28Sat Mar 15, 2003League Tier 2Brighton and Hove AlbionA0-1Withdean Stadium
29Sat Jan 17, 2004League Tier 2ReadingH0-1City Ground
30Sat Nov 20, 2004League Tier 2ReadingH1-0City Ground
31Sat Apr 16, 2005League Tier 2ReadingA0-1Madejski Stadium
32Sun Aug 10, 2008League Tier 2ReadingH0-0City Ground
33Sat Feb 28, 2009League Tier 2ReadingA1-0Madejski Stadium