Summary for Eric Taylor
Opposition First Game Last Game P W D L F A
Sheffield WednesdayMay 02, 1942Dec 28, 1957124351717

All Games against Eric Taylor
# Date Game Type Opponent H/A Score Ground Notes
Sat May 02, 1942WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayH2-1City Ground
Sat May 09, 1942WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-3Hillsborough
Sat Jan 09, 1943WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-1City GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Jan 16, 1943WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-1HillsboroughResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Mar 20, 1943WWII Wartime CupSheffield WednesdayH1-0City GroundAlso contributed to Combined League
Sat Mar 27, 1943WWII Wartime CupSheffield WednesdayA1-5HillsboroughAlso contributed to Combined League
Sat Jan 08, 1944WWII Combined LeagueSheffield WednesdayA0-0HillsboroughResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Dec 02, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-2Hillsborough
Sat Dec 09, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-0City Ground
1Sat Dec 07, 1946League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-2City Ground
2Sat Apr 12, 1947League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-2Hillsborough
3Sat Sep 27, 1947League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Hillsborough
4Sat Feb 14, 1948League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-0City Ground
5Sat Oct 23, 1948League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH1-2City Ground
6Sat Mar 19, 1949League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-2Hillsborough
7Tue Dec 25, 1951League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-1Hillsborough
8Wed Dec 26, 1951League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-1City Ground
9Sat Sep 24, 1955League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA2-1Hillsborough
10Sat Feb 04, 1956League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-1City Ground
11Sat Aug 31, 1957League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayA2-1Hillsborough
12Sat Dec 28, 1957League Tier 1Sheffield WednesdayH5-2City Ground