Filbert Street



Leicester City, Leicester Fosse

Record at Filbert Street
Game First Game Last Game P W D L F A
League Tier 1Nov 07, 1908Dec 12, 19982365123639
League Tier 2Apr 20, 1907Oct 24, 19931916121840
League Tier 3
FA CupFeb 23, 1959Jan 29, 1973210163
League CupNov 30, 1988Nov 30, 1988101000
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members CupFeb 12, 1992Feb 12, 1992101011
Associate Members Cup
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
United Counties LeagueApr 04, 1895Apr 22, 1895211041
World War INov 06, 1915Apr 12, 1919831499
World War IISep 21, 1940Oct 20, 1945132651724
FriendlySep 02, 1895Oct 20, 1982220031
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 15, 1989Aug 15, 1989101022

All Games at Filbert Street
# Date Season Game Opponent H/A Score Result Notes
46Dec 12, 19981998-99League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-3Loss
45Dec 28, 19961996-97League Tier 1Leicester CityA2-2Draw
44Mar 11, 19951994-95League Tier 1Leicester CityA4-2Win
43Oct 24, 19931993-94League Tier 2Leicester CityA0-1Loss
42Feb 12, 19921991-92Full Members CupLeicester CityA1-1Draw
Aug 15, 19891989-90Pre-Season FriendlyLeicester CityA2-2Draw
41Nov 30, 19881988-89League CupLeicester CityA0-0Draw
40Oct 11, 19861986-87League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-3Loss
39Sep 08, 19851985-86League Tier 1Leicester CityA3-0Win
38Apr 27, 19851984-85League Tier 1Leicester CityA0-1Loss
37May 05, 19841983-84League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-2Loss
Oct 20, 19821982-83FriendlyLeicester CityA2-1Win
36Feb 28, 19811980-81League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-1Draw
35Sep 24, 19771977-78League Tier 1Leicester CityA3-0Win
34Jan 29, 19731972-73FA CupWest Bromwich AlbionN1-3LossPlayed at Leicester City
33Aug 18, 19711971-72League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-2Loss
32Nov 09, 19681968-69League Tier 1Leicester CityA2-2Draw
31May 04, 19681967-68League Tier 1Leicester CityA2-4Loss
30Oct 08, 19661966-67League Tier 1Leicester CityA0-3Loss
29Apr 30, 19661965-66League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-2Loss
28Oct 17, 19641964-65League Tier 1Leicester CityA2-3Loss
27Feb 29, 19641963-64League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-1Draw
26Aug 25, 19621962-63League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-2Loss
25Apr 28, 19621961-62League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-2Loss
24Dec 03, 19601960-61League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-1Draw
23Apr 02, 19601959-60League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-0Win
22Feb 23, 19591958-59FA CupBirmingham CityN5-0WinPlayed at Leicester City
21Nov 29, 1958League Tier 1Leicester CityA3-0Win
20Oct 19, 19571957-58League Tier 1Leicester CityA1-3Loss
19Nov 17, 19561956-57League Tier 2Leicester CityA0-0Draw
18Aug 22, 19551955-56League Tier 2Leicester CityA2-5Loss
17Sep 12, 19531953-54League Tier 2Leicester CityA0-1Loss
16Feb 28, 19531952-53League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-1Draw
15Jan 05, 19521951-52League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-3Loss
14Nov 13, 19481948-49League Tier 2Leicester CityA2-4Loss
13Oct 11, 19471947-48League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-3Loss
12Mar 01, 19471946-47League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-1Draw
Oct 20, 19451945-46WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA0-0Draw
Mar 03, 19451944-45WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityA1-1DrawResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Feb 26, 19441943-44WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityA1-1DrawResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Nov 27, 1943WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA3-3Draw
Mar 13, 19431942-43WWII Wartime CupLeicester CityA2-0WinAlso contributed to Combined League
Jan 30, 1943WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityA4-1WinResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Nov 21, 1942WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA1-2Loss
Dec 25, 19411941-42WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA0-2LossOne of two games played on same day
Nov 22, 1941WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA0-3Loss
Jun 02, 19411940-41WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA0-2Loss
Mar 08, 1941WWII Wartime CupLeicester CityA1-1Draw
Feb 01, 1941WWII Midland CupLeicester CityA2-6LossResult also counted towards League total
Sep 21, 1940WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA2-2Draw
11Apr 24, 19371936-37League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-2Loss
10Sep 21, 19351935-36League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-2Loss
9Oct 08, 19211921-22League Tier 2Leicester CityA2-2Draw
8Feb 19, 19211920-21League Tier 2Leicester CityA0-2Loss
7Mar 13, 19201919-20League Tier 2Leicester CityA0-0Draw
Apr 12, 19191918-19WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseA0-1Loss
Jan 18, 1919WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseA1-0Win
Mar 30, 19181917-18WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseA0-1Loss
Jan 05, 1918WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseA0-2Loss
Apr 21, 19171916-17WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseA1-2Loss
Mar 10, 1917WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseA1-1Draw
Apr 29, 19161915-16WWI Second TournamentLeicester FosseA3-1Win
Nov 06, 1915WWI Initial TournamentLeicester FosseA3-1Win
6Oct 17, 19141914-15League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-3Loss
5Sep 11, 19131913-14League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-5Loss
4Sep 07, 19121912-13League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-3LossBob Masters's first game as manager
3Feb 29, 19121911-12League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-1Draw
2Nov 07, 19081908-09League Tier 1Leicester FosseA3-0Win
1Apr 20, 19071906-07League Tier 2Leicester FosseA2-1WinChampionship won
Sep 02, 18951895-96FriendlyLeicester FosseA1-0Win
Apr 22, 18951894-95United Counties LeagueLeicester FosseA1-1Draw
Apr 04, 1895United Counties LeagueLeicester FosseA3-0Win